October 24, 2008

Stars from High School Musical 3

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HM3_poster[1]Grab your caps and gowns and head off to the movies — it’s time for our favorite high schoolers to graduate in High School Musical 3: Senior Year. We got the HSM stars talking about high school, books (including Harry Potter!), elections, and more.

Check out these words of wisdom from Ashley Tisdale, Monique Coleman, Vanessa Hudgens, Oleysa Rulin, Justin Martin, KayCee Stroh, Ryne Sanborn, Zac Efron, and Corbin Bleu:

What were your parents like?
Ashley: My dad was very overprotective, and so was my mom, but my dad is definitely the overprotective father . . . Now I understand because, obviously, my parents love me so much, and, so you do understand once you get older why they are like that, and I’m glad they’re like that.

541_D_19413Did you go to your own prom?
Monique: I did. I went to my junior and senior prom. My junior year I looked like a Cinderella Princess. My godmother made my dress both years. I just went really girly; it had super poofy bottom, it was iridescent, shimmers in it, it was white. My senior prom, I did actually wear a purple dress; the top of it was similar to the dress that I wear in the movie. It was a tube top and purple and kind of mermaid-ed out. It was pretty serious. [laughs]

Vanessa: I was actually home-schooled so I never went to high school. That’s another reason High School Musical means so much to me — I got to my prom for the first time, but it’s a lot better to have the prom that every girl wishes they had. And I got to wear a cap and gown for the very first time and graduate with people who I love dearly, the cast who have become my closest friends, so it’s been a lot of fun.

HSM3_at_the_pianoWhat are your favorite subjects in school?
Olesya: Biology. My parents are taxidermists, so growing up in that kind of household, I think most people are like, “Eww, gross,” but no. It’s not a dirty business. I grew up with skinning animals my entire life. And I know how the body works; I knew how animal’s bodies work from a young age . . . It’s amazing how in this life just little things like atoms and neurons and things like that actually work together. And sometimes if I think about it too much, I actually get overwhelmed. “How does this work?” And if one little thing goes wrong, everything falls apart. So life, to me, is a miracle. The fact that you’re breathing is a miracle

Justin: I like English and writing and stuff because when you’re reading and writing you don’t have to go by any specific rules and formulas. You’re allowed a lot more freedom, and I like that.

What was your favorite book from childhood?
Kaycee: It’s called Wait Till Helen Comes. And it’s totally appropriate for kids and it’s my favorite book.
Justin: I liked the Dr. Seuss books. Yeah, I was in love with those.
Monique: When I was little, I loved the R. L. Stine books. There was one called Curtains. It was about a murder that happened in a theater. I loved The Baby-sitters Club. I liked series, like Sweet Valley Twins. I think my most favorite book might have been Charlotte’s Web when I was really little. Littler than that was the one with the rabbit, Guess How Much I Love You.
Olesya: Stellaluna . . . It’s about a fruit bat and she gets lost because she was holding on to her mommy while flying and she has a fall, and she’s raised by birds. And the whole time she’s like, “Why don’t I look the same?” and “I can’t fly as well” until she finds out she’s really a bat.

HSM3_troy_gabrielaIs there a character that you would like to play the part of?
Kaycee: One that stands out to me is Glinda from Wicked. She’s very over-the-top, outgoing, spontaneous, and very opposite of me — I mean the outgoing part’s the same and the spunkiness, but her brattiness is very opposite of me. I like to play characters who are opposite me because it’s a good challenge.

Ryne: I would definitely want to meet Severus Snape. Everyone who’s read the books knows how he turns out, but out of all the characters, he’s the most interesting to me. He has the most depth. He’s very two-faced, which is kind of cool because that’s real. He changed so much, and I thought that was really cool because that’s how life is. You change constantly, so I thought that was really cool.

— Morgan, Scholastic Staffer

Photo around the piano: Chris Warren, Jr., Alyson Reed, Corbin Bleu, Ryne Sanborn, Olesya Rulin, Lucas Grabeel and Ashley Tisdale in a scene from High School Musical 3 (Photo: ©John Bramley/Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved)

All photos Courtesy of Disney Channel

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