September 22, 2013

Starring Jules in Drama-Rama

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Jules 2 Cover_STACKS_130x130Starring Jules in Drama-Rama

Dear Everyone,
I love brand new things, like neon shoelaces fresh out of the package or a mint condition bottle of toothpaste. (Mint condition–that’s funny!) But there is nothing quite as brand new as a brand new, fresh out of the school supply store, school year. A new school year is crisp like an apple. A new school year gives me the same exact feeling I get when Ms. Leon stands up in front of the class and says, “I have an announcement.” Right then and there anything is possible–my little brother Big Henry might get rid of his lisp, my dog Ugly Otis might open up his droolly mouth and speak English–who knows! Maybe I’ll even get the part in that new sitcom I’m auditioning for (more about that bit of drama in my brand new book).

All I do know is at the beginning of things, there’s nothing to worry about yet–like how I might find a way to sing on a counter-top in front of a camera, or how I can get my new best friend Elinor to LOVE New York City as much as I do, or how I can get my ex-best-friend Charlotte to stop being a know-it-all. There’s plenty of time for all of that worry later. For now, no drama-rama–it’s that moment before an announcement…
Happy New School Year!

  1. athenaemerald131

    wow. totally awesome book. thx and i might want to join the scholastic reading club too!

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