September 23, 2016

Star Wars Rebels Would You Rather

STAR WARS REBELSStar Wars Rebels on Disney XD takes place 14 years after the movie Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (where Anakin becomes Darth Vader) and 5 years before Episode IV: A New Hope (where we meet Luke). So basically, in between the old movies and the new movies.

It introduces a whole new cast of characters, plus we get to see some old favorites. The main character is Ezra, a 14-year old orphan/con-artist/pickpocket with surprising abilities to use the Force. He becomes an unlikely member of the Ghost ship crew where he is trained by Jedi Kanan, and helps in missions against the Empire. Along the way we get to see Yoda, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, C3-PO, Ashoka, and more of our old faves in action.

Use the Force for good rather than evil to complete our Star Wars Rebels Would You Rather.

Would you rather:

1. Go undercover as an Imperial cadet (and pretend to be evil) OR train as Darth Vader’s apprentice (and truly be evil)?

2. Blaster OR lightsaber?

3. Lose your droid OR your ship to Lando Calrissian?

4. Make your own lightsaber (like Ezra’s out of Kyber crystal) OR inherit Yoda’s?

5. C1-10P OR R2-D2?

6. Battle Ashoka Tano OR the Seventh Sister?

7. Mind Control skills OR lightsaber skills?

8. Always be a bad guy OR be a once-good-guy-turned-into-a-bad-guy? (like The Grand Inquisitor)

9. In Season 3 see a young Han Solo and Chewy on a mission OR see Ezra join the Dark Side?

Season 3 starts September 24th, so you won’t have to wait long to get your fix, but in the meantime, let us know your answers in he Comments below. And may The Force be with you.


Image courtesy Disney Channel

  1. Mouse

    1. Darth Vader’s apprentice
    2. Lightsaber
    3. Your ship to Lando Calrissan
    4. Inherit Yoda’s
    5. C1-10P
    6. Ashoka Tano
    7. Mind Control
    8. Always be bad
    9. Ezra join the dark side

  2. Rita

    for number 2.totally light saber blasters are cool but with one swipe a light saber can cut some thing in half!

  3. AwesomePerson

    1. Imperial cadet 2. lightsaber 3.lose my droid 4. inherit Yoda’s 5. R2-D2 6. Ashoka Tano 7. mind control 8. once good guy turn into bad guy 9.see Han Solo
    Can’t wait for Season 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Pegasusathena1

    1. Darth Vader’s Apprentice
    2.Lightsaber…duh! lol
    3. Ship, droids are more important
    4. Make my own, that’s how it works
    5. R2-D2!!!
    6. I could never battle ‘Shoka, she’s the best so Seventh Sister
    7. Lightsaber skills
    8. Good-guy-turned-bad. it has a way better back story
    9. young Solo and Chewie although evil Ezra would be cool (and cliche)

  5. Kyle

    1: Go undercover as Imperial cadet
    2: Lightsaber
    3:Lose droid
    4: Inherit Yoda’s lightsaber
    5: R2D2
    6: Ashoka Tano
    7:Mind control
    8: Like the Grand Inquisitor
    9: See Han Solo

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