March 26, 2013

STACKS Word Scramble

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BrainyAthena30 from the STACK Back Message Board created this STACKS-themed word scramble game for you. Can you unscramble these words? Think STACKS!

Sorry if they’re hard ^_^

  1. kni olspt 62 lobg
  2. ssaemeg orbasd
  3. oboks
  4. tskasc
  5. solchtacsi
  6. ropleif
  7. ormdetoars

These are a little bit hard, but they are GREAT! Here are the official answers. Be sure to friend BrainyAthena30 and say “Hi” on the Message Boards! Thank you, BrainyAthena!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer


  1. earlyfairy3

    1. ink splot 26 blog
    3. Books
    4. stacks
    5. schoastic
    the other ones are kind of hard and thanks it is really cool

  2. Lucecita

    dream home there would be stacks of books. Right now, I have my fitcion, poetry, and memoir/biography stuff in bookcases but my design books are scattered in pretty (I hope) piles throughout the house. As for the hordes of magazines…I did make a rule that I was no longer allowed to buy a book unless I was going to read it right away. I lasted about a month. And while I do want an e-reader, I don’t think it’ll impact my buying of physical books too much cause of the gorgeous covers, and old out-of-print editions and stuff I swoon over. Uhm, this is the longest comment I’ve ever written on a blog. Yeah, so I guess I’m an addict, er I mean a collector, too.

  3. Mikhail

    I still remember all the aizamng costumes and armors Clark brings with him when he models for the long pose classes.Such a great guy and great model. Even til now, it is still really hard to find a costume model that can recreate the unique atmosphere & inspiration Clark brings to the class. Thanks for everything Clark and you are greatly missed by everyone who got a chance to meet you.

  4. TT splot blog
    2.message boards
    (did NOT look at the other commets!)

  5. aquadog1122

    1.Ink Splot 26 Blog
    2.Message Boards
    (I Think!)

  6. s00

    I think the word scramble game would be fun to play because of the challenge that comes with it.

  7. Adventurepegasus10 splot blog 26
    2.message boards
    7.?????????????i tried so hard but i can’t think of it :(

  8. laptopfashionista10

    1. ink splot 26 blog
    2.message boards
    (1st 1 I think!)

  9. Asdffdsa

    Cool! :) I’m not going to answer this because I already saw the answers on the STACK Back Board. But it’s a great word scramble! (:

  10. ian

    I could find the answer to 3 and 4 (3 was books, 4 was stacks) but the others were really hard.

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