June 8, 2010

STACKS Profile Scavenger Hunt Answers

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Ink Splot 26Last week I posted a Scavenger Hunt trivia quiz sending you to the far reaches of . . . your Profile in THE STACKS. If you are a seasoned member, newbie, or just interested in learning more – check out the answers below. And if you're not already a STACKS member, what are you waiting for? Join now!

How many Avatar backgrounds have a flying pig in them?
(You can find them all in the Avatar Maker.)
A: Only one, but man is it worth it!

What is YOUR Avatar's mood today?

A: Mine is relaxed.

What was the Top Title in the Clash of the Titles widget "Books on Friendship" category?
(Check out the results of this week's Clash.)
A: Bridge to Terabithia

What's your favorite rule in the Allie Finkle's Rules Notebook widget?
(Vote for your favorite Rules of the Month.)
A: My personal favorite is "Stand up for what's right, even if you're standing alone," submitted by miss jay.

According to the Candy Apple Sweet or Sour Top 50 polls, what are the top 3 sweet items?
(You can see the Top 50 here.)
A: Puppy, a laptop & a waterpark. Sign me up for those!

PART 2: What are the bottom 3 sour items?

A: Dirty boots, wet floor, tomatoes. Like, ew!

What is the most popular eco-friendly STACKS signature?
(Check out all the STACKS signatures here.)
A: "Go Green. It's the new black."

Name your favorite STACKS Message Board.

A: Take your pick! Buzz Board, Save the Planet Board, The 39 Clues Board, Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls Board, Goosebumps Board, & Harry Potter Board. (You’ll never be bored with these!)

How many widgets are there on the "Add Widgets" page?
(Check out all the widgets.)
A: 26! But new ones get added all the time, so check back often!

And remember, only STACKS members can create a Profile, make an Avatar, post on the boards, enter contests, collect widgets and more! So. . . see you on the STACKS!

Chocolategal30 (aka Ratha, STACKS Writer)

  1. grace

    taking polls are one of my favorite things to do it’s like a hobby of mine, that I do almost everyday. When I take polls and I see the people who voted for my same vote I think the people are very smart because they made a good choice! Also I think polls are fun!

  2. jellybeans3588

    omg this is so…. cool!!! this is like well idk but im so….HAPPY!!!!!
    IM NICE, KIND, &

  3. prettygirlswag

    Hi king 246 how are you doing i just whanted to talk so my name is well my username is prettygirlswag and your kind of well see you

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