May 20, 2010

STACKS Live Chat: Summer Movies

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_Stacks_Admin_: Thanks for joining today’s chat. We’ll get started in about 10 minutes.
_green queen 09_: Okay!
_penguin2009_: Cool
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Hi everyone!
_green queen 09_: HI PEEPLES
_shortbluebird_: hi
_fabchick_: hi
_shortbluebird_: Hi!
_Carly_H_Stacks_Staffer_: Hi
_shortbluebird_: just 10 more minutes!
_green queen 09_: one minute, brb, okay?
_shortbluebird_: k
_mattone_: whats up
_penguin2009_: It’s not 2009 anymore, do you guys think I should change my username?
_soccergregory_: yes
_shortbluebird_: yeah :)
_soccergregory_: doin goood?
_fabchick_: @penguin2009: Don’t change it! Then you’ll lose all your stuff!
_playfish_: hi it’s my first time having a live chat
_Stacks_Admin_: Hi, playfish! Welcome!
_shortbluebird_: This is my first ever live chat!
_Stacks_Admin_: And welcome to you too, shortbluebird!
_Stacks_Admin_: It’s fun to have first-timers!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Yay first time chatters!
_shortbluebird_: 6 more minutes
_shortbluebird_: can’t wait
_playfish_: stacks_admin who are you
_AVATAR103_: My first time chatting to.
_mirialin_moon_knight4789_: Hi everyone!
_Stacks_Admin_: @playfish: It’s me! You’re friendly admin for the STACKS website. :-)
_Stacks_Admin_: Oops, I mean “your friendly admin.” I’m so embarrassed…
_AVATAR103_: What should we talk about
_Stacks_Admin_: Hee he
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: In five minutes we will officially start the chat, so feel to talk amongst yourselves until then.
_playfish_: okay i am kind of new so everything is new to me
_mirialin_moon_knight4789_: Is my first time here. No one listened on the 39 Clues chat.
_AVATAR103_: duh
_green queen 09_: Me is back!
_shortbluebird_: can we say what state we live in?
_AVATAR103_: I am new too.
_Stacks_Admin_: @mirialin_moon: Welcome!
_mirialin_moon_knight4789_: So… Wow, we have like 3 mintues!
_gohper111_: This is my first time chatting
_penguin2009_: I come to every chat, it’s awesome
_mirialin_moon_knight4789_: Oh, green queen 09! Hi!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @ mirialin What do you mean no one listened?
_AVATAR103_: cool
_gohper111_: cool
_Stacks_Admin_: @shortbluebird: Yep, you can say your state. But no city!
_green queen 09_: @gopher111 Cool! Have a good time!
_shortbluebird_: k thx
_playfish_: who are we going to talk to
_AVATAR103_: Iowa
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: We are all going to talk to each other about the movies we want to see this summer
_shortbluebird_: I live in California so It’s 2:58pm right now
_mirialin_moon_knight4789_: Oh, none of my posts got posted except this unfinished embarrasing reply to Gordon Korman…
_AVATAR103_: I’m being random
_green queen 09_: I live in New York.
_shortbluebird_: 2 more minutes!
_bigodie456_: Ca
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @mirialin oh. sorry. that chat was really busy and the moderators had a hard time keeping up with all the questions.
_playfish_: in 10 min i need to go to sleep
_shortbluebird_: I’m actually doing homework while i’m online
_gohper111_: I want to watch diary of a wimpy kid
_green queen 09_: @shortbluebird well, the chat kinda started already…
_AVATAR103_: Keep on chatting
_mirialin_moon_knight4789_: VA – Here, it’s 5:59… 5:59! It’s going to start in LESS THAN ONE MINTUE!
_shortbluebird_: @greenqueen09 oops
_GryffindorGrowl_: can’t wait until summer
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: OK let’s start the chat!!
_gohper111_: AGHHHHH
_shortbluebird_: YAY!!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I have a list of movies that are coming out this summer.
_fabchick_: Yay!
_mirialin_moon_knight4789_: @Sonja Yeah… I guess so. I just always seem to have a bad day. My ankle was twisted in my friend’s front yard.
_green queen 09_: YAY
_GryffindorGrowl_: yahoo!
_mirialin_moon_knight4789_: Okay… Now, I’m focused. On topic.
_shortbluebird_: oh cool
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: We can talk about any movies you want but please no rated R
_didjexpert_: What are they?
_playfish_: yeah
_green queen 09_: @sonja what are they???
_mirialin_moon_knight4789_: Who thinks the PJO movie is going to kill the books? Say “I”!
_AVATAR103_: What r the movies
_shortbluebird_: oh ok
_GryffindorGrowl_: movies!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: and if the movie is PG-13 we will say that too as a warning
_AVATAR103_: i
_green queen 09_: ok i love clueless it’s pg13
_bigodie456_: I want to see toy story 3
_AVATAR103_: i
_stuffedbear3_: what are you talking about?!!?!?
_shortbluebird_: k
_penguin2009_: I know it’s kind of babyish but I am excited for Toy Story 3
_playfish_: okay
_AVATAR103_: What r we soposeto talk about
_green queen 09_: @bigodie yeah me too
_didjexpert_: i don’t even like anyhting pg13
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: 2 movies coming out in May are Shrek Forever After and Prince of Persia (PG 13)
_fallbookgirl_: I want to see Beastly in July.
_Carly_H_Stacks_Staffer_: Beastly is PG13
_green queen 09_: @avatar movies.
_didjexpert_: scholastic movies
_playfish_: movies
_shortbluebird_: I would love to see shrek forever after
_mirialin_moon_knight4789_: @stuffedbear Who, me?
_AVATAR103_: @gopher cool
_penguin2009_: @AVATAR103, are you a fan of the movie Avatar?
_gohper111_: YAY Shrek
_fallbookgirl_: I actually want to see Toy Story 3 even though I am kind old to be watching Disney.
_bigodie456_: I also want to see the sorcerer’s apprentice
_Carly_H_Stacks_Staffer_: You’re never too old for Disney!
_mirialin_moon_knight4789_: Diary of a Wimpy Kid? I consider it somewhat embarrassing. I took tae-kwan-do (martial arts), got to an orange belt, then had to quit.
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: You’re never too old for Toy Story!
_Stacks_Admin_: @fallbookgirl: You’re never too old for Disney! I’m ancient compared to you, and I still love Pixar movies.
_playfish_: i really want to watch shrek. i even have the dolls
_GryffindorGrowl_: prince of persia looks awesome
_Carly_H_Stacks_Staffer_: Prince of Persia is PG13
_didjexpert_: what’s beastly
_fallbookgirl_: Beastly is an adaptation of the book called Beastly by Alex Flinn. It’s like Beauty and the Beast but from the beast’s point of view.
_didjexpert_: i am NOT
_AVATAR103_: @sonja I really want to see prince of persia
_green queen 09_: @Shortbluebird Yeah, I love Shrek.
_fallbookgirl_: When is the Prince of Persia coming out? I may want to see it.
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Prince of Persia is coming out May 28
_stuffedbear3_: i think green is cool what do you think of green
_mirialin_moon_knight4789_: Well… I have to go. I’ll check for the chat transcript, but it’s dinner time and I have to help Mum make pesto.
_mirialin_moon_knight4789_: Bye!
_green queen 09_: Yeah Disney rocks.
_Stacks_Admin_: Bye, mirialin_moon! Sorry you couldn’t stay longer!
_shortbluebird_: Letters to Juliet sounds really touching
_GryffindorGrowl_: oh
_gohper111_: I probably won’t watch prince of persia
_green queen 09_: @stacksadmin you are THAT old
_green queen 09_: oops i meant to say you are not that old… sorry!!!
_stuffedbear3_: i ave a crush do any of you have a crush
_green queen 09_: @stuffedbear no…….. ew.
_GryffindorGrowl_: i can’t wait for the diary of the wimpy kid dvd
_bigodie456_: Who wants to see the new twilight movie?
_GryffindorGrowl_: not me!
_Carly_H_Stacks_Staffer_: Eclipse is PG13
_AVATAR103_: @ green I luv disney
_gohper111_: @marilin bye!
_ThePhantomAuthor_: I can’t wait for The Last Airbender!
_playfish_: i really need to go to sleep i will check the transcript i dnt live in usa
_Stacks_Admin_: Bye, playfish. Thanks for joining!
_stuffedbear3_: sorry that was my mistake my dog jumped on the computer and started pressing things
_penguin2009_: I don’t want to see Eclipse at all
_bigodie456_: Me neither
_gohper111_: @penguin2009 me too I don’t really like the twilight saga
_fallbookgirl_: Letters to Jul
iet actually looks good, but I do not want to see Eclipse.
_gohper111_: @gryffindorGrowl ME TOO!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @playfish Good night!
_AVATAR103_: @Shortbluebird I want to see letters to juliet
_shortbluebird_: OMG OMG!!!! I’m on a website that lists movies coming out soon. And, It’s not in Summer, but a Harry Potter movie is coming out again!
_gohper111_: cool. A harry potter movie! when’s it coming out?
_GryffindorGrowl_: it doesn’t come out until november
_Nickspaz73_: cannot wait for Toy Story 3
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Toy Story 3 is coming out on June 18
_ThePhantomAuthor_: Who wants to see The Last Airbender?
_ThePhantomAuthor_: @AVATAR103 Is that why your username is Avatar?
_AVATAR103_: @thephantomauther because i like AVATAR
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Last Airbender yay!
_Nickspaz73_: mee
_GryffindorGrowl_: harry potter is better than twilight i think
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I met the actress who plays katara. She’s really nice
_shortbluebird_: that’s so cool @sonja
_AVATAR103_: @SONGA YOU MET HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: She came to Scholastic to do a STACKS video, so you’ll get to see her too.
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Her name is Nicola Peltz and she had her own makeup and hairstylist that go everywhere with her
_ThePhantomAuthor_: OMG!! Sonja I can’t beleive you met her!!
_Nickspaz73_: I like it.
_didjexpert_: does my icon look better?
_fallbookgirl_: Why did they make The Last Airbender a movie when it is already a tv show?
_Stacks_Admin_: For those of you who want to see The Last Airbender, are you already fans of the original TV show?
_ultimate_muse_fan_: harry potter is so much better than twilight
_Nickspaz73_: It would be unbelieveable if Amulet were an actual movie
_didjexpert_: what’s the last airbender
_gohper111_: I think air bender will be cool
_shortbluebird_: @stacks admin definitely <33 love the series
_ThePhantomAuthor_: I love The TV show of Avatar The Last Airbender!! My fave show!
_shortbluebird_: @gohper111 it comes out in November
_Stacks_Admin_: @gohper111: GryffindorGrowl got it right. The next HP movie comes out November 19.
_GryffindorGrowl_: the part 2 comes out in july next year
_ultimate_muse_fan_: YES!!!!!!!! can’t wait
_Nickspaz73_: I cried in Harry Potter 6 last year… It was a sad ending
_Nickspaz73_: This is a fun chat
_didjexpert_: I’m not getting anything!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @didjexpect Hi
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I mean @didjexpert
_gohper111_: @dijiexpert it’s basically it’s about guys who have superpowers of the earth elements
_boxer4356_: YAY! I AM HERE! @Sonja: are we talking about the last air bender?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Yes Nicola is the actress in Last Airbender
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: She was so nice. She gave me a hug after the video shoot!
_fallbookgirl_: Anybody know any good books being made into movies anytime soon?
_ultimate_muse_fan_: the hobbit is going to be out in 2012

_gohper111_: the hobbit! cool!
_penguin2009_: @ultimate_muse_fan I hope the Hobbit is as good as the LOTR trilogy
_bigodie456_: Who wants to see the sorcerer’s apprentice?
_ultimate_muse_fan_: i do
_fallbookgirl_: What’s the Sorcerer’s apprentice?
_Stacks_Admin_: @fallbookgirl: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is a new Disney movie, coming out July 16. You can dress up your STACKS avatar in outfits from the movie!
_GryffindorGrowl_: cool!
_didjexpert_: nice
_GryffindorGrowl_: that movie looks so cool
_fallbookgirl_: That’s cool.
_shortbluebird_: Who’s gonna be watching Karate Kid?
_gohper111_: @bigodie456 MEEEEEE!
_Carly_H_Stacks_Staffer_: @shortbluebird I loved the original Karate Kid movie, have you seen it?
_bigodie456_: Who wants to see ramona and beezus?
_fabchick_: Ramona and Beezus! I want to see it!
_ultimate_muse_fan_: yeah me too i would be sad if the movie was really bad
_fallbookgirl_: I may see Karate Kid even though I never saw the orginal.
_Nickspaz73_: @shortbluebird I DO
_ThePhantomAuthor_: Those of you who like the show Avatar The Last Airbender, who is your fave character?
_ThePhantomAuthor_: Mine is Zuko and Toph.
_ThePhantomAuthor_: I <3 Zuko!
_gohper111_: @thephantomaauthor Ang and the girl waterbender
_ThePhantomAuthor_: @gohper111 You mean Aang and Katara?
_didjexpert_: What’s Karate Kid?
_boxer4356_: @shortbluebird ME! I wanna watch the original first, though.
_GryffindorGrowl_: i didn’t like the tv show
_ThePhantomAuthor_: @AVATAR103 How can you think Zuko is weird?!?!?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Karate Kid is coming out June 11
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: It has Will Smith’s son in it
_green queen 09_: HELLO????
_shortbluebird_: @carly yeah and I loved it
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: and Jackie Chan
_GryffindorGrowl_: i think he will be a good actor
_boxer4356_: @shortblue bird ME! I wanna watch the original first, though
_didjexpert_: All right, all right, I know what the Karate Kid is. But they made it into a tv show?
_fallbookgirl_: The Karate Kid looks good from the previews I saw.
_August115_: Who is going to watch eclipse?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Remember Eclipse is rated PG 13
_28mellowyellow_: i dont really like twilight
_didjexpert_: @fallbookgirl That’s how I learned about it.
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: People either love Twilight or hate it. Have you noticed that?
_ultimate_muse_fan_: not me although i just heard the new Muse song that’s going to be in it. Neutron Star Collision
_DustfingerRules_: @august115 I AM!
_gohper111_: i might watch karate kid
_green queen 09_: I reallY want to see Toy Story 3. I hear it’s going to be awesome.
_fallbookgirl_: I’m not going to watch Eclipse no matter how many girls and teachers at my school like it.
_28mellowyellow_: huh
_August115_: I LOVE twilight
_didjexpert_: @Sonja No.
_boxer4356_: I wish they would make “The Name of This Book is Secret” into a movie. I wonder who would play Cass and Max-Ernest?
_28mellowyellow_: ya me 2
_Nickspaz73_: I have a feeling that Pirates of the Carribean 4 is coming this year
_penguin2009_: @green queen 09: are you going to watch Toy Story 3 in 3D?
_28mellowyellow_: i wanna see letters to juliet
_gohper111_: @thephantomauthor yeah!
_ultimate_muse_fan_: my english teacher does parodies of twilight in class
_boxer4356_: I wish they would make “The Name of This Book is Secret” into a book. Who would play Cass?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I want to read that book. is it good?
_ultimate_muse_fan_: @boxer yeah that would be cool
_shortbluebird_: @Boxer oh yea I Love that book they should MAKE IT INTO A MOVIE
_ThePhantomAuthor_: @boxer4356 I think Jessie Flower (Who plays Toph on Avatar The Last Airbender) should play Cass. I’ve seen a picture of her. She looks like I think Cass would.
_bigodie456_: The new pirates movie is in 3D
_gohper111_: I want to watch toy story 3
_28mellowyellow_: who wants to see letters to juliet
_shortbluebird_: who watched Princess Kaiulani
_fallbookgirl_: Yes I have notice either people either like Twilight or hate it. It’s kind of funny actually. Nothing like The Hunger Games. Everybody I know like it.
_28mellowyellow_: not me
_Nickspaz73_: I have been hearing that Toy Story 3 will be rated G..
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I love Hunger Games, but I don’t know if I would like it as a movie
_ultimate_muse_fan_: yeah it would be too much in movie form
_August115_: @_ultimate_muse_fan_ my teachers are crazy about twilight they ac
tually scream sometimes
_ultimate_muse_fan_: @august wow my teacher hates it
_didjexpert_: This time I’m not joking. What are The Hunger Games.
_gohper111_: down with twilight
_didjexpert_: Boy
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Hunger games is the best book ever for YA
_dj17green_: Who went and saw diary of a wimpy kid?
_Stacks_Admin_: @dj17green: I saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid! In fact, three of your STACKS staffers went to see it together.
_gohper111_: I don’t like twilight at all
_ultimate_muse_fan_: Send: @ gopher i agree
_28mellowyellow_: nope
_bigodie456_: I did it was good and funny
_fallbookgirl_: I have to agree The Hunger Games is one of the bestt books ever.
_bubba2211_: girl
_28mellowyellow_: i like avatar and the blind side
_Carly_H_Stacks_Staffer_: The Blind Side is PG13
_didjexpert_: @dj17green I didn’t even know it was out yet!
_penguin2009_: @dj17green: i saw wimpy kid, it was ok. i would give it a B
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: And we all met Zach Gordon and Jeff Kinney when they came to Scholastic
_28mellowyellow_: cool!
_fallbookgirl_: The Blind Side was such a good movie bubba2211.
_shortbluebird_: @stacks admin cool
_didjexpert_: @Stacks_Admin REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_gohper111_: down with twilight
_28mellowyellow_: yeah sorry it is pg 13 stacks staffer
_dj17green_: I loved fragley! LOL!!!
_boxer4356_: I liked Avatar. The Na’vi were like very very very tall smurfs.
_ultimate_muse_fan_: @boxer yeah they were without the hoods though lol
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Zach is really nice and funny in real life
_gohper111_: hello
_ThePhantomAuthor_: Do you people think I’m a boy or a girl?
_didjexpert_: down with twilight
_August115_: @gopher111 i so agreee
_didjexpert_: fregley’s weird
_ThePhantomAuthor_: Well, of course I’m a girl.
_fallbookgirl_: Yes I agree with you August115.
_dj17green_: I would like to know, what book whoul u like to be a movie?
_didjexpert_: btw ThePhantomAuthor Girl
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Diary of a Wimpy Kid dvd is coming out sometime in July
_ThePhantomAuthor_: My avatar gives me away
_28mellowyellow_: who has seen the blind side
_August115_: @28mellowyellow i did
_fallbookgirl_: I have seen the Blind Side.
_shortbluebird_: The Blind side is PG 13!!!!
_bigodie456_: Has anyone seen how to train your dragon or furry vengeance?
_shortbluebird_: I know this has nothing to do with movies but Greg Trine is coming to my school
_Carly_H_Stacks_Staffer_: I loved How to Train Your Dragon
_boxer4356_: @Carly me and my friend are going to see that this weekend
_Carly_H_Stacks_Staffer_: @boxer Awesome!
_fallbookgirl_: PhantomAuthor I thought you were a boy.
_dj17green_: I want a mario movie.
_didjexpert_: i guess i’m too late
_28mellowyellow_: really?
_ThePhantomAuthor_: Say I if you like Zuko?
_street dawg_: hi
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: has anyone read the book How to Train Your Dragon?
_ultimate_muse_fan_: i started it sonja but i moved onto the hunger games
_28mellowyellow_: nope have u
_bigodie456_: I have
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: And once you start Hunger Games, you can’t stop!
_August115_: i saw how to train your dragon
_ultimate_muse_fan_: I
_Stacks_Admin_: Send to All: @bigodie456: I’ve seen How to Train Your Dragon. If it’s a movie based on a kids’ book, you can just assume I’ve watched it. :-) And it was awesome!
_didjexpert_: btw thephantomauthor maybe you should use one of the categorized pics instead of your avatar
_dj17green_: I cant wait for the 2012 movies! I heard there going to be good!!!
_28mellowyellow_: WHO HAS SEEN AVATAR
_didjexpert_: boy
_dj17green_: And cars2 and kungfupanda2 r coming out in 2011!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Oh I just heard this week that the 2nd Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie is coming out in March 2011
_fallbookgirl_: Ultimate muse fan I hope you like The Hunger Games.
_28mellowyellow_: idk
_didjexpert_: girl
_ultimate_muse_fan_: by the way you write i’m guessing guy
_boxer4356_: @Everyone is the hunger games good? I must know…
_28mellowyellow_: COOL
_dj17green_: I didn’t like the hunger games.
_dj17green_: I think it’s too violent.
_shortbluebird_: anyone heard of Yogi Bear?
_didjexpert_: boy
_fabchick_: Totally excited for Kung Fu Panda 2!!!!!
_August115_: @fabchick me too!
_28mellowyellow_: when is this chat over
_ultimate_muse_fan_: @fallbookgirl yeah it was amazing. mockingjay is coming out the 3rd one
_didjexpert_: boyboyboyboyboyboyboyboy
_Nickspaz73_: I would be the bunny maybe in the Amulet movie
_fallbookgirl_: @Boxer The Hunger Games are amazing.
_bigodie456_: Who thinks that that they are going to make another indiana jones?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: In the Hunger games a group of kids are put in a ring and they have to fight to the death
_shortbluebird_: @sonja WOW
_ThePhantomAuthor_: @ultimate_muse_fan YEAH!! Someone else likes Zuko!!
_Stacks_Admin_: @boxer4356: Hunger Games is a really exciting, but it’s got lots of violence and disturbing parts. So beware!
_28mellowyellow_: how do you change your pic on the icon thingy
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: There is a lot more to it than that, but yes, it is violent. That’s why it’s YA
_didjexpert_: AVATAR103!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Youre a girl????????????????????????
_Nickspaz73_: 7.
_ThePhantomAuthor_: ZUKO RULES!!!!!!!!!
_dj17green_: I want a new aristocats movie!
_ThePhantomAuthor_: Sorry I was hyper.
_28mellowyellow_: ME I HOPE THEY do
_didjexpert_: @bigodie456 me
_ultimate_muse_fan_: hopefully not just leave the legacy alone
_28mellowyellow_: i hope they make another indiana jones
_boxer4356_: @bigodie456 I hope not… Not my thing
_dj17green_: who wants a new aristocats movie?!
_street dawg_: hey shortbluebird i hav heard of yoge bear
_28mellowyellow_: i REALLY wanna see letters to juliet
_shortbluebird_: Who will c Just Wright
_dj17green_: Who has seen the aristocats?
_didjexpert_: @boxer4356 Me too
_28mellowyellow_: biggest loser is on tonight
_fallbookgirl_: Is anyone still on this chat?
_dj17green_: Staffers! u probably saw the aristocats! right!!!
_boxer4356_: Letters to Juliet looked really sweet…
_shortbluebird_: @streetdawg reall?
_bigodie456_: Who thinks they are making another Journey to the center of the earth?
_ThePhantomAuthor_: Please. I’m begging you. Who knows who Zuko is????
_ThePhantomAuthor_: I know but I want to know who else does
_28mellowyellow_: BIGGEST LOSER IS ON TONIGHT!!!!!! who is gonna watch it
_boxer4356_: @AVATAR103 I know. He has many mood swings. sort of annoying.
_Nickspaz73_: a firebender
_28mellowyellow_: duh
_dj17green_: I want to see the new Shrek movie!
_ThePhantomAuthor_: I love the Aristocats!
_Stacks_Admin_: @28mellowyellow: If you want your STACKS avatar to show up in the chat, you’ll have to leave and come back. Here are the instructions: In the message boards, go to the link that says “My Icon.” Scroll to the very bottom and you’ll see a link that says “Click here to use your STACKS profile icon.”
_28mellowyellow_: thanks so much stacks admin!!!!!! :)
_Stacks_Admin_: @28mellowyellow: Whoops, you can also click the “My Icon” link at the top of this page to change your icon to your avatar.
_street dawg_: I wanna watch prince of persia the sands of time._didjexpert_: disconnected again
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Should I watch the Percy Jackson DVD when it comes out? i didn’t see it in the theaters
_shortbluebird_: @sonja definitely it’s great
_shortbluebird_: anyone watch top model?
_dj17green_: It’s sad there’s going to be no more shreks : (
_28mellowyellow_: @boxer and avatar it looks awesome and sweet like boxer said
_August115_: @sonja i think you should it looks cool
_didjexpert_: dj17green Me too!!!!!!
_August115_: @dj17green me too!!
_boxer4356_: @ Sonja YES! very good, but very different from the book.
_28mellowyellow_: who’s gonna watch biggest loser tonight
_ThePhantomAuthor_: @Sonja Have you read the books of PJO? The movie is WAAAAAAAAY different!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I’m afraid to see Percy Jackson movie because the book was so good. Is it as good as the book?
_boxer4356_: @Sonja As good? yes. The same? No.
_ThePhantomAuthor_: @Sonja NOOOO The movie is not as good! I should know! I’ve read the series 3 times over!!
_fallbookgirl_: The movie in my opinion does no justice for The Lighting Thief. It is not even the same plot really.
_penguin2009_: @fallbookgirl: i agree, but it was better than no movie!
_shortbluebird_: ughhhhh cant finish homework!!!
_dj17green_: Who do u think is winning american idol!
_dj17green_: I LIKE IKE!!!
_bigodie456_: I like percy jackson
_Nickspaz73_: dj17green@ there will be a prequel next year, then no more shrek
_bigodie456_: Yes i even saw it
_ultimate_muse_fan_: no it’s not
_28mellowyellow_: CRYSTAL BOWERSOX
_28mellowyellow_: ok thanks
_penguin2009_: @bigodie456: PERCY JACKSON IS ON AMERICAN IDOL?! WHA!!!??!! … just kidding.
_street dawg_: I think the new Shrek movie is going to be good
_bear111_: I like percy jackson too
_Nickspaz73_: I saw it
_ultimate_muse_fan_: demigods and monsters like the old greek gods zeus, artemis, and athena
_street dawg_: Casy James
_dj17green_: i WANT cRYSTAL TO WIN IDOL!!!
_August115_: @AVATAR103 nope but my dad will get it 4 me
_dj17green_: WHAT’S PERCY JACKSON!!!
_bigodie456_: I am going to see the new shrek movie next week
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Why are movies never as good as the books?
_28mellowyellow_: ikr?!
_didjexpert_: idk
_28mellowyellow_: i always wonder that 2!
_shortbluebird_: oohhhhh there’s gonna b a spy kids 4
_Stacks_Admin_: @shortbluebird: Will Spy Kids 4 have the same kids in it? They must be pretty old now!
_shortbluebird_: @stacks probably not I heard the main girl is about 21 now
_ThePhantomAuthor_: @Sonja Tell me about it!
_August115_: @sonja idk
_fallbookgirl_: Some movies actually do justice for the book.
_28mellowyellow_: @ sonja stacks staffer i don’t know. i wonder that too
_dj17green_: @Sonja, Because the directors don’t read the books!
_boxer4356_: @ Sonja I don’t know. I sort of want them to make a “The Name of This Book is secret” Movie, but I’m afraid they’ll mess it up.
_ThePhantomAuthor_: Zuko rules!!!!!
_28mellowyellow_: GO CRYSTAL BOWERSOX
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I always get excited when the book is being made into a movie and then I always end up liking the book better
_ThePhantomAuthor_: Zuko is awesome!!
_28mellowyellow_: WHO LIKES DANNY GOKEY
_fallbookgirl_: The movie might have been better if the author wrote the script. I am so glad Suzanne Collins is writing the script for The Hunger Games or I would not see it.
_boxer4356_: @fallbookgirl Yeah. actually, i really like Coraline. That’s one example.
_fallbookgirl_: @Sonja that happens most of the time to me too.
_didjexpert_: shortbluebird I haven’t watched spy kids but i want to and has anybody watched g-force? it’s really cool
_penguin2009_: My sister is really scared of mice and hamsters so i wasn’t able to watch g-force
_street dawg_: The Karate kid is gonna be good
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Oh and Kathryn Lasky is writing the script for the Guardians of Ga’Hoole movie
_green queen 09_: I am back… again. LOL.
_ThePhantomAuthor_: Be my buddy on the stacks if you like the show Avatar The Last Airbender!
_bigodie456_: Who likes journey to the center of the earth?
_ABC12369CP_: i love wimpy kid
_penguin2009_: @Sonja: The GaHoole movie looks awesome!!!
_boxer4356_: @penguin2009 and Sonja Yeah, it looks awesome
_Nickspaz73_: I want to see that!!!!!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I love the trailer for the Ga’Hoole movie!
_dj17green_: I like G rated movies!!!
_ThePhantomAuthor_: OMG!!! I love Guardians of Ga’Hoole!!
_August115_: @didjexpert saw g force kinda cool …i guess it seems like an old movie now no offense
_didjexpert_: sorry august115
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: OMG Sorry I’m late!
_didjexpert_: @bigodie456 I like the original book
_fallbookgirl_: What is danny gonkey?
_ABC12369CP_: isn’t it cool?
_Stacks_Admin_: Hi, Sunshine_girl! Don’t worry, we’re only halfway through the chat!
_shortbluebird_: oh oh who watch The Spy Next door starring Jackie Chan
_green queen 09_: @StacksAdmin Wow, that movie is that old?
_ABC12369CP_: this is awesome
_ABC12369CP_: i like the 39 clues
_ultimate_muse_fan_: me
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I haven’t read the Ga’Hoole books but now I want to
_fallbookgirl_: What is Ga’Hoole about?
_Nickspaz73_: ??
_ultimate_muse_fan_: I unfortunately
_Surfrockgirl_: I saw a screening of Shrek, it’s funny.
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: I knew that something was going on today but I couldn’t remember what!
_bigodie456_: I can’t wait until the journey to the center of the earth sequel comes out.
_street dawg_: Yo bigodie456 journey to the center of the earth is really cool
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @_bigodie456_ There is a sequel?
_August115_: @shortbluebird i saw it
_28mellowyellow_: SAY I IF U LIKE DANNY GOKEY
_shortbluebird_: @greenqueen spy kids?
_fallbookgirl_: The Spy Next Door looks funny, but ir reminds me a lot of another movie.
_August115_: @abc12369cp ME TOO!!!
_green queen 09_: How come none of my messages come up? :(
_Stacks_Admin_: @green queen 09: We just pushed one of your messages through. Do you see it?
_green queen 09_: @stacksadmin Yeah.
_boxer4356_: @ABC12369CP I hope they make a 39 clues mvie. But, then again, they’ll probably mess it up
_August115_: @boxer4356 they are to the first book though, it’s coming out next year
_Surfrockgirl_: @_Nickspaz73 See what?
_shortbluebird_: 2august I did too it was touching I cried at the end
_nunzombie_: have you seen shrek 3
_green queen 09_: @shortbluebird Yeah.
_ultimate_muse_fan_: YES I LOVE HIM
_penguin2009_: @28mellowyellow: Greyson Chance is amazing
_fallbookgirl_: What is the next chat going to be on?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: We are planning some fun chats for the next few months
_bigodie456_: What is next month’s chat on?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I can’t reveal the topic yet of the next chat
_nunzombie_: that doesn’t hurt
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: OOH COOL! YAYYAYYA!
_fallbookgirl_: @Sonja that’s good to know.
_28mellowyellow_: sonja what are the chats in the next few months about?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @mellowyellow if you sign up for our chat reminder, we’ll email you about the next chat
_28mellowyellow_: to sonja how do you sign u
p for the chat reminder
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Here is the link to sign up for the chat email:
_28mellowyellow_: thank you so much sonja!!!!!!
_didjexpert_: I was surprised by the reminder; I hadnt checked my email for a few days and then “You have a new email: Stacks Live chat Reminders” and i was all like “AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!” and my sister got a good laugh out of it.
_dj17green_: HI
_boxer4356_: @28mellowyello I do. He’s got chops. More than JustinBieber.
_August115_: @28mellowyellow yes i do ,he sounds pretty good
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @_nunzombie_ I have and I can’t wait to see Shrek Forever After!!! :D
_dj17green_: Who wants a 39 clues movie?
_didjexpert_: is Ekaterina3 here?
_Stacks_Admin_: @dj17green: There’s actually already a 39 Clues movie in the works!
_28mellowyellow_: REALLY MUSE FAN?! IKR PENGUIN HE IS!
_fallbookgirl_: What is Greyson Chance?
_green queen 09_: Can one chat be on cheese? We could talk about our favorite kinds and stuff.
_fallbookgirl_: Green queen that was random, but how long would that chat be?
_street dawg_: yo green queen i like cheese too but i don’t think that’s gonna happen
_Stacks_Admin_: @street dawg: LOL!
_Surfrockgirl_: @_Stacks_Admin_ What is your favorite movie?
_Stacks_Admin_: @Surfrockgirl: It’s so hard to pick just one! I love the Harry Potter movies, but mainly because I love the books, not because I think they’re all that great as films.
_bigodie456_: Who likes Weird Al?
_dj17green_: sweet…
_ultimate_muse_fan_: @dj yes so much
_boxer4356_: @dj17green I do.
_nunzombie_: have you been on this before everybody?
_fallbookgirl_: Is the 39 Clues series any good?
_penguin2009_: @fallbookgirl: Greyson Chance is like a better version of Justin Bieber
_ThePhantomAuthor_: Has anyone read Maximum Ride?
_Carly_H_Stacks_Staffer_: Maximum Ride is YA
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @_green queen 09_ Lol
_penguin2009_: Bieber 2.0
_dj17green_: My favorite movie is all dogs go to heaven
_nunzombie_: i hate that
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @_bigodie456_ I like Wierd Al! He is funny!
_bigodie456_: White and nerdy Ha Ha
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @_bigodie456_ Lol! That is my fave song by him lol!
_dj17green_: If u want to know what its about, ask
_Surfrockgirl_: @_Stacks_Admin Wow! There is? I love the 39 clues!!!!!
_August115_: @falbookgirl YES
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @_ThePhantomAuthor YES I HAVE OMG!
_dj17green_: @fallbookgirl, YES!!!
_didjexpert_: :-S
_giant panther_: what’s up
_sharpworldcarrot_: hi i’m new
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome, sharpworldcarrot!
_dj17green_: Hi sharpworldcarrot! WELCOME!!!
_sharpworldcarrot_: thanks
_green queen 09_: My posts aren
_boxer4356_: I wish hollywood producers would stop messing up
_ThePhantomAuthor_: I love Maximum Ride!
_nunzombie_: i love this
_dj17green_: I’m not allowed to read harry potter or watch the movies
_sharpworldcarrot_: that stinks
_fallbookgirl_: Why are you not allowed to read Harry Potter?
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @_dj17green_ Oh! I’m sorry! You really don
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: Oops!
_fallbookgirl_: @Boxer me too.
_sharpworldcarrot_: me to
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: It might…
_didjexpert_: I am
_nunzombie_: YES!
_Surfrockgirl_: I like the 39 clues and Harry potter, if there’s a movie of the 39 clues, I’m SO seeing it!
_dj17green_: @Sunshine girl 3231, what’s the matter?
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @_dj47green_ It’s cause you can’t watch the movies, nor read the books. It’s kinda sad
_boxer4356_: @fallbookgirl Exactly.
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @-dj177green You really don’t know what you’re missing out on
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: :(
_dj17green_: @Sunshine girl 3231, I’m menonite and my family doesn’t believe in wizardry.
_dj17green_: @Sunshine girl 3231, don’t feel bad, I DONT WANT TO READ THE HARRY PoTTER SERIES
_gohper111_: @dj17green i believe in wizardry
_gohper111_: @dj17green you should! it’s really really good but if you don’t want that’s ok…..I guess
_bigodie456_: Who liked Alice in wonderland?
_28mellowyellow_: i didn’t see alice in wonderland
_rickriordanfan_: ME!!!! That was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen
_August115_: @gigodie456 i did
_dj17green_: I didn’t see alice : (
_sharpworldcarrot_: me too
_ThePhantomAuthor_: I loved Alice in Wonderland!
_sharpworldcarrot_: bye
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @_bigodie456_ OMG I DO I DO I DO I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_rickriordanfan_: There will be a 39 clues movie in 2011. I’m going to see it!
_gohper111_: I’m backkkkkk
_August115_: @surfrockgirl 39 clues movie is coming out 2011
_bigodie456_: Who thinks they are going to make another Percy Jackson movie?
_rickriordanfan_: @bigodie456 I don’t know. The first one didn’t do to well I thought. It didn’t follow the book at all!
_dj17green_: I’m having pizza for dinner now.
_didjexpert_: There is a 39 Clues movie! I read on their Scholastic press page that DreamWorks got the rights and are working on it!
_Surfrockgirl_: I’m looking up 39 clues on IMDB now
_boxer4356_: @bigodie456 I have mixed feelings on the subject
_boxer4356_: @didjexpert Friend over shoulder
_penguin2009_: @bigodie: i thought this version of alice was kind of boring
_boxer4356_: bye
_nunzombie_: I just sign in at school
_DustfingerRules_: has anyone seen clash of the titans?
_28mellowyellow_: nope not me
_ThePhantomAuthor_: @rickriordanfan You’re on my buddy list!
_nunzombie_: hello anyone here
_gohper111_: what’s been the haps?
_28mellowyellow_: i have to go
_Carly_H_Stacks_Staffer_: Clash of the Titans is PG13
_penguin2009_: @Dustfinger: I saw Clash of the Titans!! I give it a B-
_penguin2009_: Actually maybe a C+
_Surfrockgirl_: OMG!!!! There’s going to be one!
_rickriordanfan_: Who wants to see Ramona and Beezuz?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I loved the Beezus and Ramona books when i was in 3rd and 4th grade
_didjexpert_: BYE????!!!!!!!!!!
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: No.
_didjexpert_: AGAIN, SOS!
_August115_: @sonja me too
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I am kind of curious about the movie because Selena Gomez is too old to be Beezus
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @_ThePhantomAuthor_ OMG! Twins?
_gohper111_: when i was in grade 3 or 4 i read them too
_Karissaluvsugar_: hi
_boxer4356_: @Sonja I know. I can’t imagine her as Beezus. Just can’t
_rickriordanfan_: @ sonja stacks staffer I don’t think so. I think Selena looks good as Bezuz. She rocks!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Isn’t beezus supposed to be 9 years old though?
_rickriordanfan_: @ sonja stacks staffer yes, but they do that a lot. Look at stuff like Percy J. They mess ages up there too. I think that bezuz will be ok. Selena is a good actress i think.
_Surfrockgirl_: @_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_ I think she is.
_boxer4356_: @Sonja In some books I think.
_28mellowyellow_: sonja how do i add ppl to my buddy list
_Stacks_Admin_: @28mellowyellow: When you ask about your buddy list, do you mean your STACKS friend list?
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer How do I search for a specific person to add?
_didjexpert_: Click on Add As Friend on anybody’s page and then they have to approve you
_28mellowyellow_: um idk like i think so
_gohper111_: hows doawk
_Surfrockgirl_: ANYONE FROM THE STACKS: Is there going to be a live chat when 39 clues 9 comes out? I missed the last one.
_28mellowyellow_: sonja how do u get 2 ppls page
_Stacks_Admin_: @28mellowyellow: To friend people on THE STACKS, go to their profile page, and you’ll see a button that says “Add as Friend.”
_28mellowyellow_: how do you get to people’s pages and then add them as a friend
_28mellowyellow_: where is the stacks
_Stacks_Admin_: @28mellowyellow: THE STACKS is the name of our website. You’re on it! You can always get back to THE STACKS at
_Carly_H_Stacks_Staffer_: To get to someone’s profile, go to this link, but put their us
ername after the =
_Carly_H_Stacks_Staffer_: for example,
_28mellowyellow_: sorry i’m not very good at this website it’s kinda complicated
_Stacks_Admin_: @28mellowyellow: When you’re on the message boards or on your own profile page and you see anyone else’s username, you can click on that and get to their profile page. To get to your profile page, just go to and click on the “Profile” link in the upper right.
_28mellowyellow_: k thanks bye!
_ThePhantomAuthor_: @dj17green I normaly go on the fan fiction and Write it! boards.
_Surfrockgirl_: I love this chat!
_rickriordanfan_: who can’t wait to see furry vengeance?
_bigodie456_: I saw it all ready it was good
_Surfrockgirl_: Oooh! I can’t! I SO want to see it
_dj17green_: I want to see furry vengeance 2!!!
_rickriordanfan_: Brendan Fraser is such a good actor I think.
_boxer4356_: I do not know what to type. I <3 39 clues
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: There is another book that I loved being made into a movie.
_Surfrockgirl_: @_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer Which one? I have to go soon.
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: has anyone read Flipped
_fallbookgirl_: Maybe some movies can be just as good as the books but they are so hard to find.
_nunzombie_: that what i’m try to do that
_penguin2009_: @Sonja: I LOVE FLIPPED! are they making a movie
_rickriordanfan_: @ sonja stacks staffer what’s flipped? sounds interesting.
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Flipped is a movie coming out on Sept. 17
_penguin2009_: @rickriordanfan: It’s Flipped, the book is about a boy and a girl neighbors who might or might not like each other
_rickriordanfan_: @penguin2009 sounds cool!
_fallbookgirl_: penguin2009 Flipped sounds good. I might read it.
_penguin2009_: @fallbookgirl: cooool it’s a really cute book if you like romances
_gohper111_: there’s no more movies to talk about!!!!!!!
_dj17green_: What job does everybody want to have when they grow up?
_nunzombie_: that is not true
_boxer4356_: Lets talk about Mary Poppins!
_rickriordanfan_: @dj17green I want to be a musician. I think music is soo cool
_didjexpert_: computer programmer. I’m even currently working on a program!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @dj17green Stacks staffer
_nunzombie_: A teacher
_dj17green_: I want to be a storm chaser and meteroligist
_bigodie456_: Who wants to see Megamind? Or the other guy’s
_gohper111_: @dj17green somthing to do with computers!
_dj17green_: @rickriordanfan, i like music to! i’m a pianist!!!
_boxer4356_: dj17green cool
_Surfrockgirl_: Aww man! I have to go eat. I love Jane Austen! Peace ppl!
_Stacks_Admin_: Bye, Surfrockgirl! Thanks for joining!
_rickriordanfan_: @ dj17green COOL! Let’s be friends after this.
_boxer4356_: Bye
_nunzombie_: flordia does not have a tornado
_dj17green_: i already ate
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I love Jane Austen too. And I love to eat!~
_gohper111_: BYE
_didjexpert_: i eat after this is done
_Surfrockgirl_: Maybe I’ll be back soon, but bye
_dj17green_: @rickriordanfan, OK!!!!!
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @_Carly_H_Stacks_Staffer It won’t let me go to _ThePhantomAuthor’s ’cause I wanna add him/her
_Carly_H_Stacks_Staffer_: @sunshine, here’s the url:
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @_Carly_H_Stacks_Staffer_ Thanks, Carly!
_28mellowyellow_: sonja where is the add as a friend button on the stacks page
_dj17green_: I love to eat 2
_28mellowyellow_: where does it say add as a friend
_Stacks_Admin_: @28mellowyellow: The “Add as Friend” button is right above the user’s avatar, on the left side. If you don’t see it, it’s either because you’re already friends or you’ve already sent the friend request and the other person hasn’t approved it yet.
_gohper111_: HI!
_nunzombie_: no don’t leave now
_boxer4356_: I must go. Good bye, Earthlings
_didjexpert_: good, grandma out of office
_harryp12345678_: i’m finally here
_rickriordanfan_: Hi harryp12345678
_Surfrockgirl_: JANE AUSTEN RULES!
_gohper111_: who’s she?
_dj17green_: Who’s jane austen?
_fallbookgirl_: Surfrockgirl Jane Austen is awesome.
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Is anyone interested in the Nanny McPhee movie coming out this summer?
_rickriordanfan_: @ sonja stacks staffer they’re remaking it?! COOL! I want to see it now!
_didjexpert_: ?
_dj17green_: How long until this ends?
_DustfingerRules_: there’s a nanny McPhee movie coming out?
_gohper111_: there’s a nanny mcphee movie coming out this summer???!!!???
_green queen 09_: @Sonja Never heard of it. What is it rated?
_nunzombie_: now leave NO! i love chatting
_fallbookgirl_: Didn’t Nanny McPhee come out a couple of years ago?
_aerobicstar_: hi!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @rickriordanfan it’s a sequel to the first Nanny McPhee
_nunzombie_: yes!

_rickriordanfan_: @ sonja COOL!!!! I want to see it now.
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: It’s coming out on August 20 and will be called Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang
_fallbookgirl_: @Sonja what is the sequel about Nanny McPhee about? I loved that movie.
_rickriordanfan_: @ sonja I’m going to see it now!! Sounds so cool
_gohper111_: somebody send me a shout-out after the chat!
_didjexpert_: gohpher11 I’ll make sure to! just look for Didjexpert
_didjexpert_: aerobicstar it’s almost over and SOS
_nunzombie_: a game
_dj17green_: I don’t want a hunger games movie
_rickriordanfan_: What is hunger games anyways? sounds interesting
_aerobicstar_: Fred dies in Harry Potter, right?
_dj17green_: The hunger games are AWFUL!!!
_dj17green_: @rickriordanfan, it’s a fight to the death by 24 kids
_rickriordanfan_: @ dj17green oh….. that sounds….. ugly.
_28mellowyellow_: I CAN’T FIND IT
_ThePhantomAuthor_: Bye!
_green queen 09_: Isn’t there going to be a 39 Clues movie? Or did one already come out?
_nunzombie_: yes i think
_gohper111_: don’t go phantomauthor!
_rickriordanfan_: I don’t think FRED dies. I think he just gets bloody
_Stacks_Admin_: @28mellowyellow: Try friending one of us Staffers. Like Sonja:
_didjexpert_: nah fred dies
_nunzombie_: yay write
_dj17green_: @green queen 09, the 39 clues movie come out in 2011
_didjexpert_: i read the book and that’s what it says
_rickriordanfan_: didjexpert, really? didn’t remember. Thanks for clearing it up though!
_gohper111_: in the fred movie he dies?!?
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @ThePhantomAuthor Aw! Going so soon? Well, I’ll see you! PS: Check your friends requests!
_didjexpert_: yup
_bigodie456_: Who wants to see Megamind?
_bigodie456_: Who wants to see the other guys
_nunzombie_: these books are long
_fallbookgirl_: How do you friend someone who was in this chat?
_aerobicstar_: no…. no the FRED movie.. the harry potter book.
_Stacks_Admin_: Bye, PhantomAuthor!
_harryp12345678_: wen duz this end?
_rickriordanfan_: bigodie456 what’s Megamind?
_gohper111_: GO FRED FIGGLEHORN!!!!!
_rickriordanfan_: FRED FIGGLEHORN ROCKS!!!
_dj17green_: what’s the requirements to be a contributor?
_didjexpert_: I’ll friend you, Sonja!!!!!!!!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Yay! Friend me!
_dj17green_: Me 2, sonja!
_nunzombie_: me i want to see a mermade
_penguin2009_: @dj17green: lots and lots and lots of approved posts, i think
_gohper111_: @harry12345678 7.00 pm
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: like a real mermaid?
_rickriordanfan_: nunzombie what’s mermade?
_dj17green_: I am friends with 39 clues moderator jen b
_gohper111_: when’s the fred movie coming out?
_penguin2009_: maybe it’s mermaid-flavored-lemonade
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @penguin2009 lol!
_nunzombie_: i thot yu lef -penguin2009-
t_: yeah what are the requirements to be a moderator
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Only adults can be moderators. Sorry.
_gohper111_: I know!
_aerobicstar_: hi…
_Carly_H_Stacks_Staffer_: The moderators are adults that work at Scholastic
_rickriordanfan_: FRED’S MAKING A MOVIE ?!?!?!?! AWESOMENESS!!!!
_rickriordanfan_: He is so cool!
_green queen 09_: Who here likes Fred Figglehorn. OMG he is soooo funny!
_gohper111_: Who fred?
_nunzombie_: ya
_dj17green_: @didjexpert, you have to be a moderator
_penguin2009_: hi aerobicstar
_aerobicstar_: i dunno….. IS he funny?
_rickriordanfan_: green queen 09 ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s awesome
_gohper111_: jk I love fredfigglehorn
_didjexpert_: could you please enter some of my comments (by sister)
_rickriordanfan_: He’s funny guy on youtube
_fallbookgirl_: Green queen 09 Yes Fred is so funny.
_didjexpert_: really???????
_aerobicstar_: hi penguin 2009
_nunzombie_: i can’t believe you don’t know fred
_gohper111_: i always checking his website
_didjexpert_: @dj17green why don’t you friend me?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Only 3 more minutes left
_rickriordanfan_: @ sonja awwwwwwwww!!!!
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: Umm… I know this is random and all, but who here likes the Who? And what’s your favorite song by them? Mine is ‘Who Are You’
_beanbagers_: friend me
_didjexpert_: I’ll accept. I promise!!!!!!!!
_green queen 09_: @gohper I dunno.
_aerobicstar_: how do you friend people?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: This was super-fun talking to all of you.
_beanbagers_: Friend Me
_fallbookgirl_: I’ so sad. Only 3 minutes.
_dj17green_: ok didjexpert
_dj17green_: I LIKE IKE!!!
_beanbagers_: I know right
_rickriordanfan_: WHAT IS IKE dj17green?
_dj17green_: Can’t wait ’til the next chat!
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @dj17green I can’t either!
_nunzombie_: how do you
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @Sonja_Stacks_Staffer Aww! This was getting more and more fun by the minute!
_beanbagers_: I know everyone please friend me
_didjexpert_: yeah
_gohper111_: Only 3 left omg i sad
_fallbookgirl_: This chat was fun, and I can’t wait till the next chat/
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Don’t forget to sign up for chat reminders so you will be reminded about the next chat
_dj17green_: A campaign slogan from the 50′s
_penguin2009_: i am actually kind of excited for this to end, i really need to pee but i don’t want to leave the chat early
_didjexpert_: oh btw beanbagers i WILL friend you
_gohper111_: when is the next chat?
_rickriordanfan_: @ dj17green AWESOMENESS
_beanbagers_: So what’s up?
_nunzombie_: i don’t know how to
_dj17green_: I’m crying!!!
_beanbagers_: Thanks
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: the next chat will be in June. Check Ink Splot 26 for details.
_didjexpert_: waawaaawaa
_beanbagers_: why
_gohper111_: i’m really sad
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @dj17green aw don’t cry!
_dillowise_: hey what’s up
_rickriordanfan_: dj17green (says in wendy’s voice) boy, why are you crying?
_green queen 09_: Aw. two more minutes…
_dj17green_: Thanks moderators and scholastic!!
_gohper111_: BYE EVERYBODY!
_fallbookgirl_: Can’t wait for the next chat.
_dj17green_: thanks sunshine!
_gohper111_: me too
_beanbagers_: I know
_nunzombie_: yay right yu guys
_Stacks_Admin_: Thanks to all of you guys for joining today’s chat about summer movies! We’ll have a transcript up on the Ink Splot blog soon: (and then click on “Live Chats” on the right side).
_DustfingerRules_: bye everyone!
_beanbagers_: Bye gopher
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Thank you all for coming to the chat! You’re awesome!
_penguin2009_: byeeeee see you next month!!!
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @dj17green No prob!
_rickriordanfan_: bye!
_dj17green_: by!!!!!!! bonjour!!! avedabenchie!!! sayonara!!!
_nunzombie_: NO
_beanbagers_: BYE
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: Bye guys!
_gohper111_: the summer movies will be great thanks to you guys
_dillowise_: hey dj17green you are cute!!
_didjexpert_: adios! (a little later)
_fallbookgirl_: This chat was fun because of the posts.
_dj17green_: *blushes*
_beanbagers_: Add me
_didjexpert_: i will!
_gohper111_: Bye beanbagers
_nunzombie_: don’t leave every one