May 26, 2009

STACKS Kids on their Year-End Reading Round-Up

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Live Chat Transcript, May 26, 2009:6-7 p.m. ET

_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Hi, guys! Thanks for joining the chat! We’ll get started at 6:00 (ET).
_LuckyXStar_: Hi everybody!!!
_LuckyXStar_: @Karen_Stacks_Staffer: Okay!
_best secret99_: hi
_LuckyXStar_: @best secret99: hi ;)
_Farid_of_fire_: heyyyyy
_fabchick_: hi everyone!
_LuckyXStar_: Oooh!!!! I’m really excited!!!!!!!! Is anyone else?
_Farid_of_fire_: wait the theme is reading roundup?
Yup, the theme is “Reading Round-Up” — all about your favorite books
from this school year and what you plan to read this summer. We’ll get
started at 6:00 (ET).
_Farid_of_fire_: okay thanks
_LuckyXStar_: Yeah, I don’t think there’s going to be as man people, cuz it’s during the week…but you never know!
_LuckyXStar_: many* sorry!
_Stacks_Admin_: Hi everyone! If you’re signed in as a Guest, just click “Sign In” under where it says “STACKS Chat” to participate.
_best secret99_: @-LuckyXStar-: yo wat up man
_LuckyXStar_: @ best secret99: the roof? :P lol ,kidding!
_Farid_of_fire_: my friend will be on righhhhht now as booklover7
_LuckyXStar_: @Farid_of_fire: that’s good! Are you an Inkheart fan? I am! Go Farid! =)
While we’re waiting for others to join, let me ask you early birds: As
LuckyXStar points out, we might not get as many participants today
since the chat is on a weekday. Are weekends better for you guys?
_Panthergirl21_: hi peoples!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: We asked this before, but I figured I’d ask again since the crowd is a little different this time. :-)
_Farid_of_fire_: oh….yeah ok
_LuckyXStar_: @Karen_Stacks_Staffer: Well, I don’t have that many things on,it doesn’t matter, but for some kids it might be harder…
_Nova Scotia_: omg
_best secret99_: 3 Minuts
_LuckyXStar_: @Panthergirl21: Hi! =)
_Panthergirl21_: @Karen_Stacks_Staffer weekend, definetly
_Farid_of_fire_: it may be easier with less people though
_Nova Scotia_: okay what is going on?
_Panthergirl21_: i’m hyper!
_LuckyXStar_: 1 minute!
_Panthergirl21_: 1 minute!
_best secret99_: @-LuckyXStar-:you into the gregor books
_Canda NS_: hi
_harryobsessed_: I can’t wait!
_Panthergirl21_: @LuckyXStar: hola!
_Farid_of_fire_: @panthergirl21 me too!!!
_LuckyXStar_: @best secret99: sorry, no…
_best secret99_: and now
_purplebunny123_: Hi everyone
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Okay, thanks to those of you who weighed in about timing. We’ll get started in just a minute.
_Panthergirl21_: yay hyperness
_harryobsessed_: I’ve missed the past couple of chats. Major bummer, I know.
_purplebunny123_: This is cool
_LuckyXStar_: 5:00 (6:00 ET)!!!!!!!!!!!!
_harryobsessed_: @Karen: Shweet avatar.
_Farid_of_fire_: booklover7 is having a fit cuz it’s not working…
_purplebunny123_: this is my first live chat
_Canda NS_: start what?
_cavyheart_: Hi!!!!!
_LuckyXStar_: Ooooooh! Hi cavyheart!
_Panthergirl21_: :)
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Okay, chat time! :-)
_Panthergirl21_: @harryobsessed: me too
_best secret99_: americane timing is way off
_Farid_of_fire_: sweet!
_purplebunny123_: What do you do for a live chat?
_LuckyXStar_: @cavyheart: I read Forgotten! Awesome job!
_Nova Scotia_: ok so is the live chat started now or not?
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: So, what was your favorite book you read this year?
_Nova Scotia_: okay you all should read the book Swindle by gordan korman
_best secret99_: hey gues wats on my reading list halo fall of the reach
_harryobsessed_: I can’t wait to read the new Percy Jackson book!
_harryobsessed_: So, read any good books?
_cavyheart_: QLuckyXStar: OMGOSH! Thanks! :D
_BookLover7_: hi1
_Panthergirl21_: :) i’m smiling too much
_Farid_of_fire_: my favorite book of te year was the inkheart trilogy!!!!
_Panthergirl21_: HARRY POTTER!!!!!!
_best secret99_: holo the flood is a good book
_LuckyXStar_: @Karen: PJATO (Percy Jackson & the Olympians) DEFINITELY!!!!!!
_harryobsessed_: I really don’t know. My least fav was the Twilight series.
_Canda NS_: defienitley swindle
_purplebunny123_: Mine was Cloral by DJ MacHale
_Panthergirl21_: and Warriors
_Nova Scotia_: omg canada ns?
_LuckyXStar_: @harryobsessed: I agree, sorry Twilight fans…
_Canda NS_: what?
_best secret99_: mine was the gregor series
_purplebunny123_: Mine was Cloral from Pendragon by DJ Machale
_harryobsessed_: I really liked “A Mango-Shaped Space.” It made me cry.
_Farid_of_fire_: @harryobsessed yeah i like twilight but yet i hate it
_BookLover7_: Inkheart, Inkspell, and Inkdeth!
_cavyheart_: Hmmm… this seems to be frozen… *ponders*
_Canda NS_: lol jk real bff
_Farid_of_fire_: and the hunger games! loved that too
_purplebunny123_: Hi
_Panthergirl21_: @purplebunny: my friend loved that book
_best secret99_: ha me to
_harryobsessed_: @luckyxstar: I read all four so I could fully critisize them!
_Farid_of_fire_: @booklover7 you’re here!
_Canda NS_: I also like dear canada books
_i-luv-cheese_: @farid i liked hunger games too
_best secret99_: lol
_purplebunny123_: Hello
_harryobsessed_: I’ve been meaning to read The Hunger Games. I probably should.
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Is everyone else here familiar with all those books? I haven’t read them all.
_LuckyXStar_: Well, actually I had a lot…Warriors series, Harry Potter series, PJATO series…etc. I read a lot!
_cavyheart_: Is this ting working?
_purplebunny123_: Hi
_Nova Scotia_: oh
_BookLover7_: Yes, you nub
_LuckyXStar_: I’ve read some Dear Canada books…
_Nova Scotia_: i g2g
_purplebunny123_: Why isnt anyone talking
_BookLover7_: Just kidding!
_harryobsessed_: I read the third and fourth Percy Jackson books; planning on getting the fifth soon!
_LuckyXStar_: Not the Hunger Games
_Panthergirl21_: @KArennot PJATO
_best secret99_: i hate hunger games they stole the gregor series
_Farid_of_fire_: @booklover7 where is your icon/
_LuckyXStar_: @Nova Sc
otia: okay…bye!
_BookLover7_: Why, yes I am! What a convienece!
_Panthergirl21_: @ and the Hunger Games
_Farid_of_fire_: @luckystar you should
_LuckyXStar_: @Panthergirl21: You didn’t like the PJATO series???
_Canda NS_: who is A Mango-Shaped Space by anyway?
_library1355_: Hello
_harryobsessed_: I read a good book called “Give Me Liberty” for my online class.
_purplebunny123_: :)
_purplebunny123_: Hi
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Ooh, I see a Hunger Games vs. Gregor fight brewing. And Twlight vs. Harry!
_library1355_: How long do we wait?
_Panthergirl21_: @LuckyXStar: no, i haven’t read them
_Farid_of_fire_: have any of you read the secret life of bees? i am now
_cavyheart_: Oh, there we go… it’s working now! :)
_harryobsessed_: @Canada NS: It’s a really sweet book by Wendy Mass.
_BookLover7_: @Farid_of_Fire I have no idea where my icon went! *runs to go find it!*
_Panthergirl21_: @Karen: HARRY!!!!!!!!!
_Farid_of_fire_: i say hunger games and harry potter!
_Stacks_Admin_: @library1355 — what are you referring to/
_Stacks_Admin_: ?
_LuckyXStar_: @Panthergirl21: Ohhh! I thought you said you didn’t like them…oops!
_purplebunny123_: What
_best secret99_: @LuckyXStar-: gtg bbl
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @Farid_of_Fire: Why do you prefer those books over the others?
_purplebunny123_: Hello?
_harryobsessed_: @Karen: There is no competition for HP. Some people like to think so, but they are wrong (jk)
_Stacks_Admin_: Hi, purplebunny123
_Canda NS_: who is “A Mango-Shaped Space” by?
_Panthergirl21_: @LuckyXStar: lol
_BookLover7_: I say Hunger games and Harry Potter!
_Farid_of_fire_: i think they are just better written and more creative. i looove thee stories!
_library1355_: How long do we watch?
_harryobsessed_: @Canada NS: Wendy Mass
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @harryobsessed: Ha ha!
_purplebunny123_: My favourite book was Allie Finkle Rules Book One Moving Day
_Stacks_Admin_: @library1355: You’re put into “watching” when your message has been approved, and you’re just watching the chat.
_cavyheart_: @Canda NS: Ooh! I know this one… ummm… um… never mind. :p
_Panthergirl21_: @purplebunny123: me,too
_BookLover7_: I’ll be right back! I’m literally going to find my icon!
_harryobsessed_: I’ve never read Allie Finkle. They sound sort of young for me; I’m 14.
_Stacks_Admin_: but you can submit more messages to be approved
_Canda NS_: is anyone talking?
_barablue_: Hiya guys
_LuckyXStar_: Has anyone else read the PJATO series here? Anyone? *calls desperately*
_Stacks_Admin_: Hi, barablue
_Farid_of_fire_: @booklover7 this would only happen to you
_best secret99_: @-Stacks-Admin-When is it over
_harryobsessed_: Lots of people are talking. Just wait.
_cavyheart_: QBookLover7: Lol! Good luck!
_barablue_: @stacks admin : hey
_Canda NS_: I am having a problem
_harryobsessed_: I LOVE Percy Jackson series! It rocks!
_Stacks_Admin_: @best secret 99: the chat ends today at 7pm ET (in about… 53 minutes
@harryobsessed: Yeah, I think the Allie books wouldn’t be that exciting
for you. But you know Meg Cabot has books for teens too!
_Stacks_Admin_: )
_Canda NS_: i think this site froze
_Farid_of_fire_: have any of you read pinnochio? i am planning too
I haven’t read the Percy Jackson books yet (although I have the first
one out from the library right now!). Lots of you guys seem to love the
series. What do you like best about it?
@Booklover7: Just open a new tab, then go to the ‘My Icons’, cuz I
think you might be on the ‘Blank Icon’ thingy…maybe? Just try!
_best secret99_: @stacks admin-kk ttyl
_Panthergirl21_: @Canda NS: mine isn’t frozen
_cavyheart_: Has anyone on here read Warriors???
_Stacks_Admin_: @Canda NS: what is the problem you’re seeing? We’re receiving and approving your messages
_BookLover7_: Wait… how do I find my icon?
_LuckyXStar_: @cavyheart: YES!!!!!!! it’s awesome!
_appleshopper_: PErcy jackson rockss! i LOve it
_Panthergirl21_: @cavyheart: ME,ME,ME!!!!!!!I LOVE WARRIORS!!!
_BookLover7_: PLEASE HELP!
_barablue_: has anyone read my sister is a vampire series?
_Stacks_Admin_: @BookLover7: you can go to “My Icon” under the blue bar and update it
_harryobsessed_: @Karen: I like how Percy Jackson has Greek mythology in it, but in a fun way.
_Farid_of_fire_: @bl7 sign in and click my icon at the top of the screen
_cavyheart_: @LuckyXStar: YAY! :D Warriors rocks!
_Stacks_Admin_: remember to come back if you leave!
_appleshopper_: Its like a help since Harry Potters long gone
_BookLover7_: Thanks!
_Farid_of_fire_: yeah don’t foget!
_Nova Scotia_: I am back.
_harryobsessed_: They’re also hilarious.
Warriors? With the cats? Those are cool.
_Farid_of_fire_: yep
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: huh?
_cavyheart_: @Pantergirl21: Whoohoo! Three cheers for Warriors! ;)
_LuckyXStar_: @Karen: I really like Rick Riordan’s writing style. It just really intrigued me! =)
_Farid_of_fire_: @givealittle bit
_Panthergirl21_: @Stack_Adinm: yes, i will remember,sound like something i would do
_Nova Scotia_: I got to go to supper ttyl I will be back to let y’all know.
_LuckyXStar_: @cavyheart: Why not 4 cheers?Or 5? lol
_harryobsessed_: I just finished a cat book similar to the Warrior series. It’s called Tailchaser’s Song, by Tad Williams
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: aww i feel so left out! i don’t know what you’re talking about
_appleshopper_: I used 2 read Warriors but i sorta left it
_Panthergirl21_: HI GIVE_A_LITTLE-bIT!!!
_Farid_of_fire_: love your icon signature give a little bit
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @LuckyXStar: Did you know that Rick Riordan wrote the first book in The 39 Clues series too? It’s a fun read!
_harryobsessed_: @Givealittle: You’ll get used to it.
_BookLover7_: Okay! We’re all good!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @Give_A_Little_Bit: We’re talking about favorite books!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: HEY PANTHERGIRL!!! thanks farid of fire!
_Farid_of_fire_: how come there are different authors in the 39 clues? i haven’t read them
_Panthergirl21_: @Give_A_Little_Bit: we’re disscussing books like HP
_Stacks_Admin_: Great, BookLover7!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: okay
_harryobsessed_: Thanks Karen! I should also start reading the 39 Clues series this summer.
@Karen: Yes! I’ve read all the 39 Clues books, that are out so far, and
I’m waiting for the new one! I’m an Ekat(erina)! Go EKATS!!!!! =)
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: And now I have another question for everyone: What books are you planning to read this summer?
_Farid_of_fire_: haha good job bl7
_cavyheart_: @LuckXStar: Ummm…. *thinks hard* I have no idea… :p
_best secret99_: 2LuckyXStar-read gregor it is my fav serries look at the message boards
_Panthergirl21_: *waves hands so fast you can’t see*
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: Harry potter is okay. a little challenging
_BookLover7_: @Givealittlebit I love ur username!
_best secret99_: Halo
_BookLover7_: Hi!
_Farid_of_fire_: i plan to read …alot…..i have a huge list
_cavyheart_: @Panthergirl21: *waves back* Hi!!!!!!!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @Booklover: thanks!
_barablue_: hey
_harryobsessed_: I’m not real sure. I’ll read tons, though
_Panthergirl21_: @Karen: i am going to finish ALL the Harry Potter books, hopefiully
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: im pretty much forced to read this summer. READING LIST!
_appleshopper_: Well, has anyone read the YA novel The Falls?
_gavdar1_: I’m going to read Breaking Through
_cavyheart_: @BookLover7: Yay! You found your icon!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: I read on my own and all tthough
_i-luv-cheese_: @Panthergirl21: which book are you at in HP series?
_best secret99_: @Karen-Halo are good books
@Karen: I’m still not sure…does anyone know any good series? (I like
reading series)…I’ve already read HP, Twilight, PJATO ,39 Clues…
_appleshopper_: I GTG now
_BookLover7_: I plan to read the whole Harry Potter Series this summer… I know… it sounds far fetched, but I read A LOT!
_harryobsessed_: Has anyone read the Uglies series (YA)?
_Panthergirl21_: @Karen: oh and some new Warriors books when they come out
_harryobsessed_: Bye, appleshopper!
i will read—–pinnochio-the jungle book-narnia books-mysterious
benedict society-dragon rider-to kill a mockingbird….many more!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: HP is a little to much for me
_Panthergirl21_: @appleshopper: BYE!!! :(
_LuckyXStar_: I’m a really big fan of reading, and I read a lot! =)
_cavyheart_: @Panthergirl21: Yay Warriors! I can’t wait for the new books out in June!
_BookLover7_: I just recently bought a Seeker’s book. Anybody read it???
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @appleshoper: SEE YA!
_Farid_of_fire_: @luckyxstar read inkheart!
_LuckyXStar_: @cavyheart: me neither!!!
_Panthergirl21_: LuckyXStar: me,too!!!!!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: inkheart is AMAZING!!!
_LuckyXStar_: @BookLover7: I have! I have all 3 books!
_best secret99_: @LucktXStar-Gregor books are a good read if you like adventure
_cavyheart_: @BookLover7: No. Is it good??? If it’s anything like Warriors, I might get into the series, if I have any time this summer…
_Stacks_Admin_: Hey everyone — The weather’s so nice during the summer – don’t stay cooped up! Where do you like to read outdoors?
_BookLover7_: Yeah, Inkheart IS amazing!
_Farid_of_fire_: @ givealttlebit i know! i am OBSESSED!
_harryobsessed_: Inkheart is good, but I didn’t really like Inkspell.
_LuckyXStar_: @Farid_of_fire: I already have…
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: I call HP and inkheart fan “Harry Hearts” get it?
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: I think inkdeath is pretty good
_barablue_: i love to read lying down on the grass but only when there r no bugs!
_i-luv-cheese_: yeah i hate bugs
_BookLover7_: My Dad just built a swing for me (and my stepmom) to read on. Yeah!
_Farid_of_fire_: @harryobsessed i love inkspell and inkdeath even more than inkheart
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: bugs are digusting
_Panthergirl21_: @Stacks_Admin: i like to read under the tree in the back and in the drive way just before the sun sets
_harryobsessed_: @Admin: I love reading on the dock of a cabin up north.
_barablue_: booklover dats cool
_fabchick_: i like reading in a hammock. but we don’t have a hammock at home, so it would have to be on vacation.
_Farid_of_fire_: i like to read by funtains—trickle trickle—-it sounds sooothin
_barablue_: i luv to swing on swings
_best secret99_: @Stacks admin-you know halo99
_harryobsessed_: @Give: Esp. mosquitoes
@Stacks_Admin: In my backyard, we have this one big tree, that I like
to climb, and I’ve got a blanket up there, and paper and stuff. It’s my
own personal world!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: hey has anyone read Rats Of Nimh?
_Panthergirl21_: @Give_A_Little_Bit: yes,i agree!!! especially in Florida when it’s humid
_Farid_of_fire_: @galbit no what are they about?
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @LuckyXStar: That sounds AWESOME!
_gavdar1_: Does anybody like to read something different then HP and Warriors
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @harryobsessed: I KNOW! it looks like I have WARTS OR SOMETHING
_harryobsessed_: I read Rats of NIMH last year. I’m trying to read all the Newberry winners.
@Stacks Admin: I like to read on one of our swings in the backyard, or
while sitting on our bench. My ultimate fave outdoors reading place has
to be this really quiet park located in my neighborhood. Sometimes, you
can hear trickling water (which is really awesome), but otherwise it’s
totally. and competely. silent.
_barablue_: luckyxstar : dats like ur own tree house
I also like reading in trees…. I will not mention what happened last
time I did that… let’s just say that I am too clumsy to read in
trees… it didn’t turn out well…
_cavyheart_: @Give_A_Little_Bit: I think I read part of it once. It was really awesome!
_LuckyXStar_: @ best secret99: I’ll take you’re suggestion up, and read the Gregor series!
_LuckyXStar_: @Karen: It is! ;)
_gymnastics lover_: hey plzz
_best secret99_: @LuckyxStar-Lol still here want to be friends
_harryobsessed_: I don’t really have any trees to read in.
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: its okay but really old fashioned. I love to hear about the rats and their technology
_gymnastics lover_: hello
_LuckyXStar_: @best secret99: sure!
_Panthergirl21_: LuckyXStar: lucky!!! you have a big tree!! i have a tiny tree!
_Farid_of_fire_: i wanna read the sixth hp again this summer
_Stacks_Admin_: Hi there, gynmastics lover
_harryobsessed_: It’s sometimes hard to get into.
_BookLover7_: @harryobsessed Be glad!
_harryobsessed_: I am currently reading the sequel to Harriet the Spy.
_barablue_: anyone know of the beacon street book series?
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: l love to read outdoors too. My favorite spot is in Central Park in NYC.
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @harryobsessed: THERE’S A SEQUEL?
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: I have a huge tree but its an ant farm practically!
_Farid_of_fire_: anyone read the ember series?
_BookLover7_: @barablue No, are they any good?
@LuckyXStar: I used to have a huge climbing tree before I moved back in
1st grade. We’d do all kinds of stuff up there, and it was always
really peaceful. *sighs wistfully*
But I also like to be indoors during the summer — in the movie
theater! What book-based movies are you guys excited for this summer?
_Panthergirl21_: @Farid_of_Fire: i will hopefully READ the 6th HP this summer!!!! :)
_harryobsessed_: I like reading in trees, though. Not that I’ve ever done it, but I imagine it would be nice.
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @farid of fire: like the movie?
_barablue_: i read the first book of ember but not the wholeseries
_gavdar1_: Does anybody like Hardy Boys?
_Farid_of_fire_: i am expecting half blood prince!!! wooooooo!
_cavyheart_: Has anyone ever heard of the Wind on Fire trilogy?
_harryobsessed_: @Give: Yes. The Long Secret, same author as the first, Louise Fitzhugh.
_BookLover7_: Harry potter, the 6th!
_harryobsessed_: I can’t wait till HBP comes out!
_barablue_: booklover : ya they are good so far i read to the 12th book
_Farid_of_fire_: @GALB yeah
@harryobsessed: yeah but what if you get so into the book you fall out?
or think your in your bed or something and fall out again?
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: thanks
_Panthergirl21_: @harryobsessed: me too. but if you climb in the tree in my backyard, the limbs will brake :(
_LuckyXStar_: @Karen: the 6th Harry Potter movie!!!!!
_Farid_of_fire_: i am going nuts waiting for it! it’ll be the best yet i think!
_BookLover7_: @Barablue How many ARE there?
_best secret99_: @Karen-Stacks-Staffer-Nyc!!!
_gymnastics lover_: hello
_harryobsessed_: @Give: Well then i guess it’s good there aren’t any I can climb.
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: I’m also really excited for the new HP movie! Anyone planning to see it opening night like me?
_Panthergirl21_: @BookLover7: of what series? HP?
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @farid of fire: the movies pretty good. only me and my friends like it :-(
_LuckyXStar_: @gymnastics lover: hey!
_cavyheart_: @ymnastics lover: Hey!
neyw: Tale of Desperaux and Edward Tulane
_harryobsessed_: The branches are too high up.
_Panthergirl21_: @Karen: maybe
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @harryobsessed: same here
_missvanaynay_: has anyone read the sisterhood of the traveling pants series?
_gymnastics lover_: has anyone read doll in the garden
_barablue_: booklover: there are at least 2 books that come out every year so as far as i know i think there is like 14 books
_LuckyXStar_: @Karen: I’m going to try, but I’ll probably end up going a few days after, as there are a lot of HP MANIACS here!
_harryobsessed_: I really want to go to the midnight showing, esp. since it’s during the summer, so no school!
neyw: I am going to be reading Flat Stanley books and Arthur books.
_cavyheart_: @neyw: I LOVED the Tale of Desperaux! It’s so twisted…!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: yes its good. doll in the garden i mean
_Panthergirl21_: @missvanynay: nope
_best secret99_: me to
_gavdar1_: I like The Tale of Desperaux
_harryobsessed_: I read Sisterhood last summer. I might read Anne Brashare’s new novel this summer.
_LuckyXStar_: @missvanaynay: I’ve read the first Traveling Pants
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: I love the Tale Of Desperaux
_Farid_of_fire_: i need to read bunch of books this summer
_BookLover7_: @Panthergirl Wha?
neyw: I liked the book better than the movie.
_Panthergirl21_: LuckyXStar: i will be one of those HP maincs proably! :P
_LuckyXStar_: @Give_A_Little_Bit: Me too!!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: The traveling pants are a little advanced aren’t they???
neyw: The movie was meaner.
_harryobsessed_: I love Tale of Desperaux! I didn’t get to see the movie, though. It had Emma Watson in it!
_BookLover7_: @Givealittlebit Me too!
_Farid_of_fire_: @GIVe love that book! read it a long time ago though
_barablue_: they made the tale of dex. into a movie!! anyone see it yet or did it not come out yet?
_LuckyXStar_: @Panthergirl21: LOL!!!
_Farid_of_fire_: @give they are’t kids books at all
_cavyheart_: @neyw: I never got to see the movie. How was it? Did it stick very close to the original plot?
_missvanaynay_: @_harryobsessed what is her new novel?
_harryobsessed_: @Give: Yes, they’re very teen-concept oriented. I was 13.
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @Give_A_Little_Bit: Yup, you’re right! The Traveling Pants books and movie are YA.
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @farid of fire: I KNOW THATS MY POINT
_barablue_: i remember reading tale of dexperaux in 4th grade
_Farid_of_fire_: @barablue i am mad it’s a cartoon. it was an emotional book and shouldn’t have been that way
neyw: the movie came out at Christmas time.
_harryobsessed_: @miss: It has something to do with willows in the title I believe.
_LuckyXStar_: @Karen: Yup! I’ve seen parts of the movie, but I’ve read the first book
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: yeah I asked my mom if I could read it and she was like “ummmm no”
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: The new Ann Brashares novel is called “3 Willows.” But like the Traveling Pants books, it’s YA!
_barablue_: yeah
_Farid_of_fire_: @Give haha yeah i read them and quit….
neyw: no, the movie didn’t follow the book very closely.
_BookLover7_: Anybody excited to read Reckless (Cornelia Funke’s new novel) ?
_Panthergirl21_: i wanted to see the Traveling Pants movie but i never got to :(
_LuckyXStar_: @Give: lol
_best secret99_: lol
_Farid_of_fire_: haha yeah my mom read them all and told me not to
_barablue_: but in the tale of dexpeaux i hated how the fat gurl took the princess into the dungoen
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: 3 willows is a pretty title
_harryobsessed_: @Karen: Thanks for the exact title! I was close.
_BookLover7_: I saw the 1st movie of the Traveling pants! So sad!
_Panthergirl21_: lol
_cavyheart_: @neyw: That stinks. I hate it when they do that.
_LuckyXStar_: @BookLover7: I’m looking forward to reading it!
_missvanaynay_: i know that kind of got on my nerves
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: ya
_Farid_of_fire_: i am nuts waiting for reckless! it doesn’t come out for a whole year!
_gavdar1_: Does anyone read the Hardy Boys mystery series?
neyw: it was the rat who took the princess to the dungeon in the book.
_BookLover7_: Yeah! I know!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: well everyone loves twilight! its really YA!!!
_best secret99_: bye guys
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @everyone: If you could only recommend one book or series for everybody else to read this summer, what would it be?
_Farid_of_fire_: grr must have reckless….
_Panthergirl21_: @gavdar1: no,but some boys in my class do
_best secret99_: Gregor serries
_barablue_: 0.
_Farid_of_fire_: i recommend..inkheart! of course! nd the secret life of bees….and harry potter….and wilight
_missvanaynay_: i know
_LuckyXStar_: @Karen: PJATO SERIES!!!! Please!!! Become a PJATO fan!! We need some of those on the boards!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: even though there are currently only 2 books “The Mother Daughter Book Club”. its really interesting
_cavyheart_: WARRIORS! Warriors all the way! :)
_BookLover7_: Ummm… mine would be the Ink series. But if I had to choose one, then… Inkspell. (the 2nd)
_harryobsessed_: What was your favorite book you had to read for school this year?
_Panthergirl21_: @Karen: On the Run!!!!!!!! and Hp
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: Dragon Rider is goood
_Panthergirl21_: and Warriors!!
neyw: I love Junie B. Jones books.
_gavdar1_: What other books do you like?
neyw: She is very funny.
_LuckyXStar_: @harryobsessed: well, my teacher doesn’t assign books to read…
_Farid_of_fire_: @hobsesed inkdeath! ! and inkheart and inkspell
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: I read the Junie B Jones book back in 1st grade. good times
_Farid_of_fire_: @give yeah i haven’t read it but am gonna this sumer
_Farid_of_fire_: @give
_Farid_of_fire_: me too!
Wow, On the Run! I haven’t chatted about that series in awhile. Did you
guys know that a lot of the series/books that have come up, we have
websites for?
_Panthergirl21_: @Give_A_Little_Bit: Dragon Rider is VERY good. they should make a movie of it
_barablue_: give a ittle bit : i read them in 2nd grade
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @farid of fire: huh???
_best secret99_: @-Stacks-Admin-when can we leav
_LuckyXStar_: @Everyone: Does anyone else except me like the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series??
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @panthergirl: I know. wasn’t Inkheart supposed to be a movie?
@best secret 99: you can leave the chat whenever you feel like, but
stay on if you want to participate! we’ll be posting the chat
transcript in a couple days.
neyw: Yes. We checked out a few this morning.
_Farid_of_fire_: @give dragon rider i will read and junie b jone i read in grade 1 too!
neyw: We also printed off the summer reading lists.
Btw, guys, some of you guys seem to be recommending YA books. And there
are a lot of great ones out there, so that’s totally okay! But if you
can, just say that it’s YA when you recommend it so that everyone knows.
_Panthergirl21_: @Stacks_Admin: that’s EXACTLY how i found On the Run!!!!
_LuckyXStar_: @Give: It is a movie! I’ve seen it!
_Farid_of_fire_: @give it is a movie! it came out in janurary and is on dvd on june 23
_BookLover7_: @givealittlebit It is a movie! At least where I live…
_cavyheart_: @Give: Yeah. It was released a few months ago. Did anyone get to see it???
_Panthergirl21_: @Give_A_Little_Bit: they already made movie,i think
_LuckyXStar_: @Karen: Okay! Everyone, the PJATO series is not YA. There we go! ;)
_BookLover7_: I did!
_cavyheart_: @Karen: Yeah… haha. SPEAK was definitely YA.
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: WHAT! I DIDNT KNOWWW
_Farid_of_fire_: i sw it twice! in theaters! once opening day and then two days later
_LuckyXStar_: @cavy: I saw it! Meggie is awesome!
_Panthergirl21_: @Farid_of_Fire: inkheart’s on DVD?!
_barablue_: pjato?
_BookLover7_: What does YA stand for? I know what it means… but what does it stand for???
_barablue_: young adult
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: UH! I feel so stupid. I NEED to watch Inkheart!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Speaking of PJATO, I decided I wanted to read it based on Jack’s review on our Ink Splot 26 blog. Do you guys read that?
_Farid_of_fire_: @panthergirl it will be out june 3
_BookLover7_: Okay!
_Panthergirl21_: wow,it’s already been 26 min
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: oops no
_best secret99_: @-LuckyXStar-Bye chat later
_Farid_of_fire_: @give yeah its amazing!
_LuckyXStar_: @Barablue: PJATO stands for Percy Jackson & the Olympians
@everyone replying about the Inkheart movie! LOL: I want to see it so
bad! I’ve been really busy, and now it’s out of theatres, but not on
DVD as far as I know… the wait is KILLING me! :p
_BookLover7_: Bye!
_Panthergirl21_: @Farid:sweeto!!!
_LuckyXStar_: @Karen: I read that!
_LuckyXStar_: @best secret99: bye
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @Farid: okay i will definity watch it!
_Farid_of_fire_: @cavy its on dvd june 23 i reordered it! i am sooo obsessed!
You can find out about new books there. Someone else reviewed The
Sisters Grimm series on Ink Splot 26, and that’s why I started reading
_Farid_of_fire_: @give ok good! lol
_Panthergirl21_: @BookLover7: bye!!!!! i hope you cna come back on!!!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: but how did I not know that?!!! Inkheart….how did I NOT KNOW???!!!!!!
_89999harrypotter99998_: Ermm..Hello? I’ve never done this before…is there stuff on PJATO?
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @cavyheart: Speaking of Ink Splot 26, we have a review of the Inkheart movie on there too!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Ha ha, am I totally obvious about trying to sell this blog to you guys or what?
_Farid_of_fire_: @karen i plan to read sisters grimm someday but i have other books to read this summer so idk if i can
_cavyheart_: @Farid of Fire: Thanks for telling me! First thing I’m doing that day is heading over to Best Buy to get it!
_Farid_of_fire_: @karen really! sweet
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @Karen: no way am I reading that! there might be spoilers to the movie!
_LuckyXStar_: @Karen: Do you know if Jack_Stacks_Staffer_ is done reading the 2nd PJATO book (The Sea of Monsters)?
_barablue_: wat does pjato mean or stand 4???
_cavyheart_: @Karen: Cool! I’ll make sure to check that out!
_Farid_of_fire_: haha giv yeah
_Panthergirl21_: @cavyheart: they sell books at Best Buy? the store near me doesn’t
_cavyheart_: @Karen: *sarcastically* Noooo…! Never!
_LuckyXStar_: @barablue: The Percy Jackson And The Olympians series
_Farid_of_fire_: ee you bl7
_barablue_: thanks
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Ink Splot 26 is here, btw:
_Farid_of_fire_: YA you should read the secret life of bees
_Panthergirl21_: i have to go!!!!! bye peeps!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @everyone: huh I’d expect lots of more kids to come…
_Farid_of_fire_: swwet a link@
_89999harrypotter99998_: I cannot wait until the lightning theif is a movie! althoufg im not sure about the cast…anyone else wanna talk about this?
neyw: Do you like the Ology books? My favorite is the Spyology and the Fairology books.
neyw: I want the wizardology book for my birthday.
_BookLover7_: How come I posted a few things a while ago, and they are still in red letters on the right, but they won’t show up?
_cavyheart_: @Pantergirl21: Haha, no, I’m talking about the movie. Though my Best Buy does sell some books… it’s pretty strange actually!
_LuckyXStar_: @Panther: Bye!!!!!! Nice chatting with you!
_Nova Scotia_: hi
_Farid_of_fire_: see you panther girl
_barablue_: i have the wizardolgy book
_Stacks_Admin_: We’re moderating all of the messages, so bear with us! It’ll be posted soon if it’s appropriate/relevant.
_Farid_of_fire_: @bl7 some dont
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @farid: ummm a little out of my age group (at least to my MOM)
_barablue_: and also the egpty one
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @panther: bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_cavyheart_: By Panther!
_Stacks_Admin_: Thanks for joining, panther
_cavyheart_: Oops, I mean “Bye!” :p
_LuckyXStar_: 89harrypotter98: I agree! But I don’t think Logan suits Percy…But we have to wait till next February!!!!!! TORTURE!
_Farid_of_fire_: @give how old are you?
_bigfruit_: Did anyone like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?
_Nova Scotia_: I REALLY recomend that everyone read “Swindle”, by Gordan Korman!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Yup, I agree with Give_A_Little_Bit. “Secret Life of Bees” is definitely for YA readers (or older — like me, ha ha).
_Farid_of_fire_: @bifruit I HAVE! 4 TIMES!
_bigfruit_: I read that!!!!!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @farid: 11
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @karen: o
_cavyheart_: @Nova Scotia: Oh! I remember Swindle! We read that back in elementary school… it’s still one of my favorite books, today!
_Nova Scotia_: Karen?…
_Farid_of_fire_: @karen yeah i’mm 12 and i agree but it’s still good
_Nova Scotia_: lol
@Stacks_Admin: Ok, somethings wrong…when I type, nearly every time,
while I type, it takes me back to where it says ‘Send:’, and has
another ‘send’ that I have to erase…
_89999harrypotter99998_: Yeah. my fave character is grover. every time i talk about him i blush!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @farid: if anything, i’ll watch the movie
_barablue_: is everyone here all in middle school or higher??
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @Nova Scotia: Sorry, did you have a question or are you laughing at how I’m old? :-)
_Nova Scotia_: _caveyheart_ Iwill add u
_best secret99_: swindle is a good book
_cavyheart_: @LuckyXStar: It did that to me earlier, too.
_bigfruit_: -Farid-Of-Fire– you rock!
_appleshopper_: k i’m back
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @barablue: i guess i am
_Farid_of_fire_: @give haven’t seen it yet but i plan to!!!!!
_Farid_of_fire_: @barablue i go to hs next year
_barablue_: lol
_cavyheart_: @Nova Scotia: Awesome! :)
_appleshopper_: seen what?
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: I love “Swindle.” What did you guys like best about it?
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: I liked that it reminded me of a caper movie like “Oceans 11.”
_Farid_of_fire_: @bigruit why do i rock? thanks
_Nova Scotia_: Karen, no I wanted to tell you my mother and father read that book and watched the movie, it was one of their favourites
_cavyheart_: @Farid: HS rocks! Good luck!
_barablue_: i am in middle school soo…..
@89harrypotter98: LOL!!! I like Annabeth! She’s awesome! But it’s
ironic with Thalia, as I’m sometimes called ‘Thalia’, as a nickname, as
I’m ‘Natalia’…yeah!
neyw: no. I am in 2nd grade and will be in 3rd grade next year.
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: yay I got the chips out of my braces!! :-)
_appleshopper_: Me Too
_Farid_of_fire_: @cavyheart hah thanks
_LuckyXStar_: I’m in middle school, junior high (grade 7) next year!
_cavyheart_: @Karen: I like how a kid makes a big difference in his community, and in the end, around the world.
_Nova Scotia_: neyw: I am in fith grade
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @cavyheart: ?
_Farid_of_fire_: @neyw oh that is cool! my rother is in second grade! it’s coool you’re here!
_appleshopper_: I’m in 7 next year
_89999harrypotter99998_: does anyone like the companions quartet series? im on the gorgon’s gaze
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @cavyheart: Have you read “Hoot” and “Flush” by Carl Hiaasen? Those are both about kids who make a big difference.
_BookLover7_: I’m back!
_Farid_of_fire_: ySend: @luckyxstar me too
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome back, BookLover7!
_LuckyXStar_: @Karen: I’ve read Hoot!
neyw: Hi Nova Scotia :o )
_cavyheart_: @Give: Huh?
_appleshopper_: Hoot IS AWSOME! i luv that book its amazing
neyw: glad to know not everyone is way older than me.
_Farid_of_fire_: @karen i have!
_cavyheart_: @appleshopper: I’m going to be in the 10th grade next year. Yippee!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: MAN!! I have to go!! BYE!
_Nova Scotia_: Have any of you read: “Surviving The Applewhites”?
_89999harrypotter99998_: ive red both
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @cavyheart: nevermind
_barablue_: any1 read the sisters club book by meg ??
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: i have!
_Farid_of_fire_: girl in my clas wrote to arl H and he wrote back!
_BookLover7_: I have read Hoot, Flush, and Scat! I highly recommend Scat to anyone who liked Hoot or Flush!
_Farid_of_fire_: @novascot i was gonna but i didn’t
_LuckyXStar_: @cavy: nice! I’m only going into 7th grade next year!
_bigfruit_: Has anyone read wRRIOR BOOKS
_appleshopper_: @ cavyheart r u excited?
_bigfruit_: I only have 2 days of school!
_LuckyXStar_: @bigfruit: I have!
_bigfruit_: Has anyone read Warrior books?
_Nova Scotia_: fraid of fire: you should it is good and kinda funny
@Karen: Yeah. Those are awesome. (Once again,) I haven’t seen the movie
for “Hoot”, but that’s actually what got me to read that book, and then
that got me interested in reading “Flush”. Both are great books, btw!
_Farid_of_fire_: did you guys read twilight? YA
_BookLover7_: Everyone is talking about the Warrior books. Should I read them?
_Nova Scotia_: bigfruit how?
_cavyheart_: @appleshopper: Totally!
_89999harrypotter99998_: i love squirrelflight! thats a yes bigfuit
_LuckyXStar_: @bigfruit: AWWWWW!!! You’re so lucky!!!! I still have like 23 days!!
_cavyheart_: @BookLover7: My answer is a resounding YES!
_fly_skyler_high_: I read twilight!
_appleshopper_: wow i still have like a month.. bummer
My friend is an editor who works on the Warriors books! Why don’t you
guys tell me what you like about them, and I’ll pass on what you say to
_bigfruit_: I love twilight!!!
neyw: We are done in 2 weeks.
_Farid_of_fire_: 3Send: @lucyxstar 23???? omg i only have 6
_LuckyXStar_: @BookLover7: if you like cats, I recommend them, if you don’t well…since they’re ALL about cats…do you see my point?
_fly_skyler_high_: Same here read each 3 xs
_BookLover7_: Why should I read Warroirs? Warriour fas?
_89999harrypotter99998_: okay! i absolutely love warriors!
_BookLover7_: *warrior
neyw: are the warrior books hard to read?
_barablue_: bye guys
_bigfruit_: You should really read warriors, dude!
_89999harrypotter99998_: no
@Karen: I like all the intricacies (or however you spell that, lol) of
the cats’ world. And the huge surprise at the end of Sunrise totally
shocked me and made me beg for more! :D
_fly_skyler_high_: bye i guess
_Lily4ever123_: Hiya!
_Stacks_Admin_: Thanks for joining, barablue
_Farid_of_fire_: have you guys read pictures of hollis woods?
_Stacks_Admin_: Hi, Lily4ever123!
_appleshopper_: I know this is sorta off topic and sorta a few years late but what did u guys think of the HP epilogue?
_Nova Scotia_: What exactly are the “warrior” books anyway?
@Karen: OMG!!!!!! You’re friend is an editor for the WARRIOR
BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SWEEEET!!!!! Ooh! I really
liked…liked…liked….how Jayfeather, despite his blindness, it
seems like he can “see” better then everyone else!!
_bigfruit_: Harry pOTTER DUDE YOU ARE NOT COOL!
_appleshopper_: BYe barablue!
_BookLover7_: @LuckyXstar Yeah, but I mean, what makes people LOVE them?
_cavyheart_: @BookLover7: They’re interesting, exciting, all about cats, etc. Overall, awesome!
_Lily4ever123_: Hi????
_89999harrypotter99998_: dont ruin it! i have not red sunrise yet
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Thanks, cavyheart and LuckyXStar! I’m going to tell my friend.
_fly_skyler_high_: who’s read the percy jackson series?
_cavyheart_: @Farid: Yeah! I couldn’t put that one down! It’s just TOO good!
_Lily4ever123_: Has anyone read twilight?
_89999harrypotter99998_: MEEEE!
_fly_skyler_high_: Yeah
_LuckyXStar_: @Karen: Also tell her, she’s doing an AWESOME JOB!!! Does she also talk to Erin Hunter?
_Farid_of_fire_: @karen omg! does she edit anything else?
_89999harrypotter99998_: I love that series
_Nova Scotia_: Fly skyler higher: not me yet I will look for ‘em
_Lily4ever123_: Im only 9 and i have read the whole the series
_Farid_of_fire_: @ lilly4ever i have! all 4!
_LuckyXStar_: I’ve read the Percy Jackson series, and Twilight series
_appleshopper_: that series is amazing i still have 2 read the new book
_Nova Scotia_: Hold on a secong
_Nova Scotia_: a second
_BookLover7_: Percy Jackso Series???
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @Farid: She does work on some other books, but she’s mainly working on Warriors right now.
_fly_skyler_high_: nova scotia: you should they’re great
_Farid_of_fire_: that is awesome!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Do you guys like reading series or stand-alone books more? A lot of your faves seem to be series.
_LuckyXStar_: @Karen: So does you’re friend also talk to Erin Hunter? Sorry, I’m going to be torturing you with questions now!
_cavyheart_: @Karen: That’s so cool!
_Farid_of_fire_: @bigfruit iread hem all!
_BookLover7_: Who’s Percy Jackson?
_LuckyXStar_: @Karen: Series! I like reading books with sequels
_Farid_of_fire_: them*
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @LuckyXStar: Actually…….. Erin Hunter is not a real person. It’s a pen name!
_BookLover7_: Well, I guess that he’s an author…
_fly_skyler_high_: Character
_BookLover7_: But what does he write?
_appleshopper_: I’d say series, there are sub-plots and they’re waay more itersesting
_Nova Scotia_: back
_Lily4ever123_: Ugh my keyboard inst working right!
_Stacks_Admin_: welcome back, nova scotia
_cavyheart_: @Karen: I like reading series more, I guess. It can grip you and become a part of your life for longer.
_fly_skyler_high_: hey
_Farid_of_fire_: @karen REALLLLLY? OMG! OMG! THAT IS WEIRD!
_LuckyXStar_: @Karen: I know! She’s really 3 people, but I can’t remember their names right now…
_appleshopper_: sorry interesting
_bigfruit_: wHO LIKES hm?
_purplebunny123_: Hi
_Lily4ever123_: It was a good book.
_Nova Scotia_: thx stacks admin lol
_fly_skyler_high_: hi
_cavyheart_: @Karen: Yeah! Lol, I was so surprised when I found out that Erin Hunter was actually 3 (now 4) people! :p
_LuckyXStar_: @Karen: But does she talk to “Erin Hunter”?
_purplebunny123_: So what are we taking about
_appleshopper_: hi purplebunny123!
neyw: I like to read series books because you get to know the characters really well.
_BookLover7_: WHO IS PERCY JACKSON????
_purplebunny123_: Hi!
_LuckyXStar_: @cavy: Erin’s now 4 people?
_Farid_of_fire_: are any of you guys totally OBSESSED with a book like i am with inkheart?
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @LuckyXStar: Oh, I get what you’re asking now. Yes, she does!
_appleshopper_: so how did they pick the name Erin Hunter?
neyw: they get to go on cool adventures.
_LuckyXStar_: @BookLover7: Percy Jackson is a star character in the Percy Jackson series
_fly_skyler_high_: booklover7 (he’s a character in an awesome series)
_BookLover7_: Hey! Everyone, I know that we’re all readers, but does anyone like to write?
_appleshopper_: The ink series was gr8
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: And did you also know that one of the Warriors authors is
writing a series for Scholatic too? It’s called “Pet Trouble.”
@LuckyXStar: Yeah, when they started Seekers, they picked up a fourth
person… I don’t know if the new one is working on Warriors at all,
_purplebunny123_: I am obsessed with the Pendragon Series bby DJ MacHale
_Canda NS_: Hello
_fly_skyler_high_: booklover yeah
neyw: I like to write stories and songs.
_Lily4ever123_: Hi
_BookLover7_: @LuckyXStar Thanks!
_LuckyXStar_: @Karen: YAY!!!! Can you ask her to tell “Erin” that she is a awesome writer, please?!
_Farid_of_fire_: i love inkheart! nd bl7, you know me! i looooove to write! i writelike crayyyzzzee!
_appleshopper_: HI!
_cavyheart_: @Karen: That’s awesome! I’m going to check it out, sometime!
_Nova Scotia_: There u r Canda NS
_fly_skyler_high_: canda nc (r u seriusly from canada?)
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: LuckyXStar: Yep, I will.
neyw: I am scared to write essays though.
_LuckyXStar_: @BookLover7: I love reading & writing!
neyw: We have to do that next year and they sound hard.
_cavyheart_: @neyw: Me too! I’m obsessed with writing… it’s my life! Have you ever ben on the Write It boards???
_purplebunny123_: Have any of you read the Pendragon Series by DJ MacHale?
_Nova Scotia_: huh?
_appleshopper_: Canada IS Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
neyw: you have to do lots of research.
_Farid_of_fire_: i love to read and write!
_BookLover7_: I write novels all the time!
_Panthergirl21_: hi!!!! i’m back!!!!!!!!
_Canda NS_: what?
neyw: not yet.
_purplebunny123_: I LIVE IN CANADA
_cavyheart_: @Karen: I second what LucyXStar asked! :D
_purplebunny123_: IN ONTARIO
_appleshopper_: hi!
_Farid_of_fire_: where did the write it boards go?
_LuckyXStar_: @Karen: YES!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! WAHOOO!!!!! *does a happy dance* =)
_appleshopper_: ME 2
_Canda NS_: i live in Nova Scotia Canda
_Panthergirl21_: @Farid: writing ROCKSS!!!!
_cavyheart_: @BookLover7: Me too!
_LuckyXStar_: I live in Canada!!!! GO CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!
neyw: My mom just found about this site today.
_BookLover7_: La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la laaaa!
neyw: She saw the chat and said I could do it.
_fly_skyler_high_: canda ns: r u relly from canda?
_appleshopper_: like i said, canada is awsome
_Lily4ever123_: I only have 8 days of school left
_BookLover7_: That was my marvolous singing!
_fly_skyler_high_: COOL
neyw: What are the Write Boards like.
_Farid_of_fire_: i am writing a book called mending dreamland and just finisheda fanfic called inkflame
_Nova Scotia_: I live In Nova Scotia Canda 2 lol cuz we r friends in real life
@Farid: They got moved to another section of the site. If you go onto
the main page for The Stacks boards, you should be able to find a link
to tehm
_Panthergirl21_: @bigfruit: the last Twilight book is Breaking Dawn
_purplebunny123_: @_Canada Ns_ I live in Ontario Canada!
_LuckyXStar_: @FaridofFire: here’s the link
_cavyheart_: @Lily: Lucky! I have 11! Lol
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Since you guys are talking about writing, I have a question: do you prefer writing fan fiction or your own stories?
_purplebunny123_: Hi!
_Canda NS_: fly skyler high: yes
_fly_skyler_high_: COOL nova scotia
_bigfruit_: gOOD FOR YOU cANADIANS. i AM A cALIFORNIAN!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
_Farid_of_fire_: @cavyheart okay thanks ive been looking
_LuckyXStar_: I have all the boards I go on bookmarked.
_Panthergirl21_: i live in FLORIDA!!!!!!!
neyw: my own stories.
_Farid_of_fire_: thanks!
_purplebunny123_: I live in Ontario
_Panthergirl21_: @Karen: fanfiction!!!!!
_LuckyXStar_: @Karen: I like writing mixtures…, but the majority are my own stories!
_Canda NS_: thanks Fly Skyler High
_Panthergirl21_: LuckyXStar: me too!!!
neyw: I have a journal and write something in it every day.
_bigfruit_: kAREN, fICTION!!!!!!
_Lily4ever123_: I like writing my own stories
_fly_skyler_high_: canda: your welcome
@Karen: My own stories, definitely. I feel like I’m stealing someone
else’s work, almost, when I write a fanfic, though I still do it
sometimes. *winks*
_Farid_of_fire_: i like bot it depends. but i only hae written one fanfic, and am working on my own stories more often
_Nova Scotia_: Karen: in the school I’m in we got a five minute write
_LuckyXStar_: Is anyone here considering publishing a book? I might…
_fly_skyler_high_: everyone: gotta go1
_Stacks_Admin_: thanks for joining, fly_skyler_high
_appleshopper_: Publishing?.. wow..
For all you writers, do you guys ever get inspiration from what you’re
reading? When I was a kid, I wrote stories about a club of girls
because I really liked reading the Baby-sitters Club books by Ann M.
neyw: I have to go eat dinner. This was fun. Thanks everybody.
_Farid_of_fire_: @luckyXstar that is my number1 dream! i willllll!
_Panthergirl21_: @LuckyXStar: *raises hand*
_LuckyXStar_: @Farid_of_fire: GREAT!
_Panthergirl21_: @neww: have a dinner!!!
_hellokitty128_: I like writing my own stories because i can express my imagination
@Lucky: Yep! My life is writing, so my goal is to be an author for a
living! Currently, I’m finishing up Forgotten and then I’ll start
looking for an agent, finally! :p
_Canda NS_: I write journals so I would like to edit them way l8r on and publish them yes
_Farid_of_fire_: yeah inkheart inspired me to write more often and also to love books more
_Lily4ever123_: The last book of twilight is about bella having renesmee
_BookLover7_: Oh! I get my insperatio mostly from realistsc fiction horse books.
_hellokitty128_: Van someone talk to me
_Canda NS_: I got a question for u all
_nuzoe_: twilight is my LIFE
_Lily4ever123_: what?
@Cavyheart: Anyways, I loved “Forgotten”. Please post more (if you have
the time!) I have actually bookmarked it! (And The Psychic Story, by
_appleshopper_: @ Karen were they fanfic or ure own?
_cavyheart_: @hellokitty238: Hi!
_Panthergirl21_: the Dear America series inspired me
_BookLover7_: @bigfruit ME!
_cavyheart_: @Canda NS: What???
_nuzoe_: i like jacob black
_Panthergirl21_: i like questions
_Farid_of_fire_: @bigfruitt i have a crush on Farid and Peeta and Jacob black
_Canda NS_: It is if you were only aloud one book forever what would it be?
_appleshopper_: wow, my laptop blanked out 4 a sec
@Lucky: That’ so cool! Thanks for telling me! I’ll be posting some more
once I finish the first draft, so be looking out for it! :)
_hellokitty128_: Who is eward cullen?
_Nova Scotia_: I like the Dear Canada books
_Lily4ever123_: It would be Twilight.
_Farid_of_fire_: @canada inkdeath or breaking dawn or the hunger gmes
_nuzoe_: he is on twilight
_appleshopper_: @ canda, Harru POtter series!!!
_cavyheart_: @hellokitty128: He’s from the Twilight Saga.
_LuckyXStar_: @ACanda NS: A Guide to making books appear of out thin air! :P LOL!
_bigfruit_: yOUR A GIRL fARID-oF- fIRE-?
_Farid_of_fire_: @hellokitty a vampirer!!!!!!
_appleshopper_: lol i mean HArry Potter
_Panthergirl21_: @Canda NS: that is WAY to hard!!!!!! but it would have to be Harry Potter
_Canda NS_: oh cool books you all
_LuckyXStar_: @cavy: YAY!!!! I’ll be looking, and reading it!
_cavyheart_: @Lucky: Lol!
_Farid_of_fire_: @bigruit yeah i am my name is just after a boy character cuz i loe him
_Farid_of_fire_: *love
_cavyheart_: @Lucky: YAY!
_Lily4ever123_: Has anyone ever read The Palace of Mirrors by Margaret Peterson Haddix?
_appleshopper_: Well, last i checked i was alive
_Panthergirl21_: i love Harry Potter
_appleshopper_: and i havent met him
_BookLover7_: Awww! Only 10 mins until we have to quit! It went fast!
_kidfan13_: I read to kill a mockingbird
_LuckyXStar_: @Cavyheart: So, when it’s published (if you decide to publish it), be assured, one of the first buyers will be ME!!!!!
_appleshopper_: Harry Potter rules!
_appleshopper_: one sec GTG
_Nova Scotia_: If you get a change on the scholistic site check out the Dear Canada series
_nuzoe_: who likes a serious of unfortunete events
_Farid_of_fire_: @bigfruit HARRY POTTER
_bigfruit_: I did
_LuckyXStar_: @BookLover7: AWWWW! It went fast!!
_Farid_of_fire_: @kidfan i am gonna read that when i finish the secret life of bees
_Panthergirl21_: @bigfruit: Harry Potter!!!!!
_kidfan13_: How many of you guys read Main Street?
_Stacks_Admin_: Or if you’re in the US, you can check out the Dear America series ;)
_cavyheart_: @Lucky: Awesome! And yes, I’m defiinitely publishing it, even if I have to self publish!
_bigfruit_: Whos in the Summer Reading Challenge?
_LuckyXStar_: @Mods: To all the Stacks_Staffers_, thanks for setting up the live chat for us!! It’s be seriously fin!!!
_appleshopper_: k i’m back
_kidfan13_: I am\
_Nova Scotia_: hold on
_cavyheart_: @bigfruit: I’m not yet, but I’m planning on doing it.
_Panthergirl21_: @kidfan: i read the first chapter of the third manistreet
_LuckyXStar_: Oops! Sorry, been seriously fun*
_gavdar1_: Does anyone like The Graveyard Book By: Neil Gailman
_hellokitty128_: @bigfruit i am
_Panthergirl21_: @bigfruit: no
_bigfruit_: What team color? I’m purple!
_LuckyXStar_: @Cavy: YES!!!! Well, I’ll buy it okay?
_Farid_of_fire_: @bigfruit i am! teeam blue!
_BookLover7_: *sighs* I want a smoothie!
_Nova Scotia_: back
_hellokitty128_: Who has read a book called standing for socks about mix n match socks
_BookLover7_: I’m green!
_cavyheart_: @Mods: Same as Lucky said! This is been the fastest hour of my life… so much fun!
_cavyheart_: @Lucky: I repeat– Awesome! :D
_Panthergirl21_: @BookLover7: me too!!!
_BookLover7_: Anybody here on team green???
_Farid_of_fire_: @bl7 me too….wanna bring me one?
_LuckyXStar_: TEAM YELLOW!!!!!!! We’re losing….awwww….TEAM YELLOW, READ MORE, and PUT DOWN YOU’RE MINUTES!!!!!!
_Farid_of_fire_: whoa! we’re almost done? that felt like 5 mnutes!
_BookLover7_: @Panthergirl21 AWESOME!!! Green buddies!
_LuckyXStar_: I’ve been reading like, 45 minutes every day!
_cavyheart_: @Farid: I know!
_Panthergirl21_: @Farid: i know!!! :( :(
_appleshopper_: How do you join a team?
_Farid_of_fire_: i;m team blue. who else?
_hellokitty128_: @booklover7 not me am on the purple team
_appleshopper_: So whats the next chat on?
_Canda NS_:
OKay so I just stared the book “Elijah Of Buxton” by Christopher Paul
Curtis, have any of you read it if so what do u like and not like about
_Stacks_Admin_: Good question! We haven’t selected a topic for the next chat, so send in your suggestions… NOW!
_Lily4ever123_: Does anyone know about any good books coming out this summer?
_Farid_of_fire_: yyyeea
_Farid_of_fire_: yah what is it on?
_Nova Scotia_: ‘omg
_Nova Scotia_: not again
_nuzoe_: i read 6 hours to day
_appleshopper_: k.. how about teenage actors?
_Canda NS_: what not again?
_Farid_of_fire_: i suggest …………….books we look forard to coming out
_cavyheart_: @Lily: There are a couple new Warriors books!
_BookLover7_: Well, catching Fire is coming out in September…
@Cavy: So, good luck with Forgotten! Also, if you don’t mind, when it’s
posted on the boards (Science Fiction/Fantasy – Peer Review), please
comment on my story, The Transformation!
_Panthergirl21_: @BookLover7: i’m not in the Sunner Challenge :( i was saying i wanted a smoothie too
_Stacks_Admin_: Hunger Games #2: Catching Fire comes out September 1! But it’s YA, so make sure you’re allowed to read it…
_Panthergirl21_: i say……WARRORS!!!!!!
_cavyheart_: @Lucky: Will do!
_LuckyXStar_: @Karen: Maybe just like…what we love about the boards? Or the Boards in general?…
_hellokitty128_: @Stacks_admin_ how about summer vacations
_cavyheart_: @Panther: Me too! :D
_Panthergirl21_: @hellokitty128: good idea
_BookLover7_: @Panthergirl21 Oh! Well, that’s okay. If you love 2 read, then maybe u should try the summer challenge…
_Farid_of_fire_: ONLY 6 MORE MINUTES
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: There are two two 39 Clues books coming out this summer. Book 4 comes out June 2, and Book 5 comes out August 11.
_Lily4ever123_: When is the next live chat thats like not today?
_Canda NS_: _Stacks_Admin_: what si your favourite book?
_Farid_of_fire_: MY KEYBOARD IS MEAN! sorry for the spelling errors
_cavyheart_: Nooo! Only 5 minutes left!! *pouts*
_Stacks_Admin_: The next live chat hasn’t been scheduled, but we’ll announce it on Ink Splot 26 blog
_Panthergirl21_: nooooooooooooo……!!!!!!!! 5 MINUTES!!!!! THE WORLD WILL END!!!!!
_Lily4ever123_: Okay
_Canda NS_: Karen: that is cool
_hellokitty128_: @Panthergirl21 you really think so
_Farid_of_fire_: i realllly want that smoothie
_appleshopper_: all right one question how do you join a team?
@Cavy: when it’s posted on the Science Fiction/Fantasy – Peer Review
board, can you please try and comment, and review my story, The
Transformation? Please?
_BookLover7_: Who else here is in the summer reading challenge?
_AvalonMagicakp_: I am on the purple team
_appleshopper_: ME!
_Farid_of_fire_: me! go blue!
_LuckyXStar_: @BookLover7: Me! I’m TEAM YELLOW!!
_cavyheart_: @Lucky: As said before, will do!
_Canda NS_: Booklover7 say what?
_LuckyXStar_: @Cavy: Thanks!
_BookLover7_: @appleshopper what team u on?
_Farid_of_fire_: anyone ele on team blue?
_Twilight789_: avalon howmany pts do you have?
_AvalonMagicakp_: what are some good fantasy/ si-fi books to read during the summer?
_hellokitty128_: @appleshopper i forgot sorry:(
_Farid_of_fire_: *else
_Panthergirl21_: i am going to (hopefully) join the Summer Challlenge, if i can remember
_BookLover7_: @CanadaNS, I asked if any1 was in the summer reading challenge
_LuckyXStar_: Anyone on TEAM YELLOW (Yellow yellow yellow…*echoes*)
_cavyheart_: @Panther: Ditto!
Since it sounds like a lot of you are doing the Summer Challenge, how
would you guys like a chat related to the Challenge? No promises! Just
_AvalonMagicakp_: or what are you guys favorite authors?
_Canda NS_: I know but what is that Booklover7?
_Lily4ever123_: Im going to join the summer reading challenge….. if i remember
_hellokitty128_: @Panthergirl21 please remember
_cavyheart_: @Karen: That sounds cool! *crosses fingers*
_BookLover7_: @ Cavy and Panther: Cool!
_Farid_of_fire_: oh i would like that! it’d be fun to do!
_Twilight789_: Wariors is a good one ? I AM ON THE PURPLE TEAM
_BookLover7_: That would be cool!
_nuzoe_: dont know
_AvalonMagicakp_: @farid of fire : I read hunger games and can’t wait for next one and i read almost all of inkheart trilogy
_hellokitty128_: does any one think i should read twlight
_Panthergirl21_: Avlon: Erin Hunter, Gordan Korman< and JK Rowling
@Karen: That would be pretty fun! And maybe, you could try and organize
it so when you sign in to the chat, it asks you which team you’re on.
If you don’t have a team yet, then you can take it, and if you do then
you’re typing is in that color! How’s that?
_Farid_of_fire_: my fave authors are: cornelia funke jk rowling suzanne collins sephanie meyer sue monk kidd
_dannyut_: hi
_cavyheart_: @Twilight: Warrior rocks!
_Cleorox526_: Unfornately Im not going to participate in the Summer challenge. Im way too busy!
_vio789_: Im on yellow team
_Canda NS_: Hellokitty128: yes
_appleshopper_: alright, how do u sign up 4 the summer reading challenge?
_Farid_of_fire_: @hellokitty yes but they are YA
_cavyheart_: @Avalon: The Erin Hunters Meg Cabot, etc.
@CanadaNS. It’s like…when there are 4 teams. u enter the minutes that
you have read, and ur team (and school) get points for it!
_AvalonMagicakp_: @ panthergirl what did erin hunter write?
_Lily4ever123_: The chat is over in like one or two minutes!
_dannyut_: me too
_Farid_of_fire_: go to the summer reading page
_Twilight789_: sTEPHANIE mEYE! i FORGOT HER!!
_dannyut_: me too
_AvalonMagicakp_: @cavy heart cool
_Farid_of_fire_: aw we ave to go soon!!!
_vio789_: @stacks admin hi
@Karen: I know! I know! That would be extremely hard, and please,don’t
go straining yourself! We don’t want to lose our Mods/Stack
Staffers/Stacks_ Admin!
_Panthergirl21_: Avalon: she wrote Warriors
_Stacks_Admin_: To join Summer Challenge, just check out the website:
_hellokitty128_: @Twlight789 me 2 am one the purple team
_cavyheart_: @Avalon: The Warriors Saga and the Seakers Series.
_LuckyXStar_: 1 minute then the chat’s over…
_Lily4ever123_: Has anyone read the Kidnapped series by gordan korman?
_Twilight789_: Stephanie Meyer!!!!! I forgot her!!!!
_LuckyXStar_: For me, it’s 5:59 right now.
_AvalonMagicakp_: @ karen when is the chat over?
_Canda NS_: Thanks Stacks admin!
_Cleorox526_: STephanie Meyer Rox!
_BookLover7_: My favorites are Kim Meeder, Cornelia Funke, J.K Rowling, and Susan Collins!
_LuckyXStar_: Now, 6:00
_cavyheart_: NOOO! IT’S OVER!!!!!!!
_Canda NS_: It is over isn’t it?
_cavyheart_: lol
_Twilight789_: @ hELLOkITTY Cool!!11
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Yup, our hour is over.
_Farid_of_fire_: she is awesome!
_dannyut_: me too Frid_of_fire
_LuckyXStar_: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
_BookLover7_: Is it over???
_Twilight789_: NOOOOOOO
_Farid_of_fire_: aw! bye guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_AvalonMagicakp_: by guys
_BookLover7_: No!
_LuckyXStar_: @Karen: No. No it isn’t!!!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: But thanks to everyone who came!
_vio789_: i just got here
_Panthergirl21_: Lily: i have read the 2nd kidnapped book cuz my libary only had it :(
_AvalonMagicakp_: bye
_Twilight789_: BYE
_appleshopper_: bye!
_LuckyXStar_: Well, thanks to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for joining our chat everyone! We’ll be posting the transcript
on Ink Splot 26 in the next couple of days, and we’ll also announce the
next chat there too! So stay tuned:
_BookLover7_: I’m warning you!
_cavyheart_: Well, I guess it’s time to go, then… bye everyone! :D
_LuckyXStar_: I had an AWESOME time!!!
_Farid_of_fire_: okay this is sad byeee! this was so fun! thanks admins and mods!!!!
_AvalonMagicakp_: hope I can make the next chat
_LuckyXStar_: @Stacks Admin: Thanks!
_AvalonMagicakp_: bye
_Farid_of_fire_: ok bye!
_Stacks_Admin_: You’re welcome =-)
_LuckyXStar_: This was really fun!
_Cleorox526_: ok then bye!
_vio789_: @stacks admin this is awesome thanks
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Also check out the Ink Splot 26 blog for info about our next chat!
_AvalonMagicakp_: @ stacks this was awesome!!!
_AvalonMagicakp_: and thanks
_Panthergirl21_: Thank you !!!!!
_BookLover7_: Bye!
_cavyheart_: Thanks mods! :)
_AvalonMagicakp_: bye everyone
_AvalonMagicakp_: bye
_Lily4ever123_: Bye everyone! Have a great summer!
_BookLover7_: Thanks! Bye!
_cavyheart_: Bye! *waves* *cries*
_appleshopper_: thanks everyone! it was gr8
_Panthergirl21_: byez to all the peeps leaving!
_LuckyXStar_: Thanks! Byeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!
_LuckyXStar_: Thanks mods!! Hpe you had a fun time too!!!! Have an awesome summer, and hope you’re school ends soon! :P
_dannyut_: bye everyony i had fun
_BookLover7_: Yeah! Bye!