February 3, 2009

STACKS Kids on the Inauguration

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Live Chat Transcript, January 22, 2009: 6-7p.m.

_Nancy_Stacks_Staffer_: Hey there early birds! We’ll get started right at 6AM!
_Stacks_Admin_: Haha! She means 6PM, not 6AM. ignore her.
_Nancy_Stacks_Staffer_: I’m really stressed.
_dewpoint_: am i the first?
_dewpoint_: it’s 12:35am here in Lebanon!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Hi, Dewpoint! Yes, you ARE the first!
_Rob_Stacks_Staffer_: @dewpoint – you are definitely the first!
_harryobsessed_: Hello? What’s up?
_Rob_Stacks_Staffer_: Hi everyone, still a few minutes until the chat officially starts, so feel free to talk about whatever…
_dizzyd512_: hey everyone! we are the early brds
_harryobsessed_: Okay then. So . . . how’s the weather? It’s cold in WI.
_dewpoint_: so, this is the first time i join a chat, and i was wondering, Obama, himself, personally will be talking?
_Rob_Stacks_Staffer_: @dewpoint – Hey, Obama won’t be on the chat but we’ll be talking about him and the inauguration.
_dewpoint_: okay!
_dizzyd512_: its freeeeeezing in ny
_saveearth29_: hey
_saveearth29_: im so excited
_dewpoint_: Hello saveearth29
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Yay, I’m excited too!
_saveearth29_: hey ive been waiting 4 this
_dewpoint_: @saveearth29: i’m counting down!
_dizzyd512_: 10 more minutes
_harryobsessed_: @ dizzyd512: I don’t think I can wait much longer!
_ladiesman15_: i cant wait
_ladiesman15_: when can we start
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome everyone! We’ll get started right at 6PM.
_iluvtwilight44_: Hi!
_iluvtwilight44_: Ok!
_dewpoint_: (7 more min)
_ladiesman15_: ok
_iluvtwilight44_: Wait..is my message sending or not?
_harryobsessed_: @ Stacks_Admin: 5 CST, right?
_Stacks_Admin_: Yup, that’s right!
_ladiesman15_: yes
_dewpoint_: hey Lioness-Keladry
_harryobsessed_: @ iluvtwilight44: The Mods have to approve messages, so it’s not going to pop up right away.
_Lioness-Keladry_: Oh hi!
_iluvtwilight44_: Yea..I figured that out! Thanks!
_Stacks_Admin_: We’ll try to approve them as fast as we can ;)
_iluvtwilight44_: Ok! Thanks :) )))))
_harryobsessed_: @ Lioness-Keladry: You’re on the HP boards, right?
_Lioness-Keladry_: Thanks!
_ladiesman15_: ok thanks
_dizzyd512_: will sasha and malia be on this chat? i would luv to talk to them!!
_iluvtwilight44_: Ha-ha! We need more people! Well…it’s probably because they’ll be on RIGHT at 6!
_Frodo88_: I hope so….
_Rob_Stacks_Staffer_: Hi everyone, just a reminder, Obama, Sasha, and Malia won’t be on the chat tonight. We are just talking about the inauguration and the next four years!
_ladiesman15_: 2 more minutes
_iluvtwilight44_: Lol!
_dewpoint_: 1 min
_iluvtwilight44_: Wait..who’s on the Allie Finkle boards?
_dizzyd512_: one minute!!!!!
_Lioness-Keladry_: @dewpoint: You there?
_iluvtwilight44_: 1 minute!
_dewpoint_: @iluvtwilight44: moi!
_harryobsessed_: Bummer that no Obamas will be on tonight. It’s still awesome that they’re having this though!
_fabchick_: Yay, I can’t wait! It’s about to start!
_dewpoint_: @Lioness-Keladry: i was the first one here! :D
_dizzyd512_: i luv allie 2
_iluvtwilight44_: It’s 6!
_Lioness-Keladry_: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_Rob_Stacks_Staffer_: @Everyone! Time to start! I wanted to ask all of you if you had a chance to watch the inauguration!
_Stacks_Admin_: Hey everyone, we’re going to get started. Just a reminder for the rules — moderators have to approve messages before they go live, so give it a sec. Remember to be polite and respectful!
_Stacks_Admin_: (Rob beat me to the punch)
_ladiesman15_: yes i did
_dewpoint_: nopes
_Lioness-Keladry_: I did! At school! It was AWESOME!
_dewpoint_: it was at night (Lebanese time)
_dewpoint_: but i heard the sum up on the news….or part of it
_iluvtwilight44_: Well…since I was at school I watched some of it! Mostly around the part where Aretha Franklin sang!
_Lioness-Keladry_: I just thought the jury was a bit foolish to mess up
_Lioness-Keladry_: haha
_ladiesman15_: i saw it at school to
_Lioness-Keladry_: @dewpoint: was it on the news?
_ladiesman15_: obama is cool
_ladiesman15_: i hope he changes the usa
_dewpoint_: @Lioness-Keladry:yeah, it should be
_Rob_Stacks_Staffer_: @dewpoint – did you get to hear his whole speech?
_i-luv-cheese_: I watched it online
_Frodo88_: We watched it in our school auditorium!
_Lioness-Keladry_: @Ladiesman15: I agree!
_dizzyd512_: i heard it on the radio with my mom
_harryobsessed_: I just saw it on the news. Bits and pieces, that is.
_kid reporter Caitlin_: My class watched it with another class!
_ladiesman15_: yes i dis it was awosome i cry alot
_ladiesman15_: teachers even cry it was good speech
_dewpoint_: @Rob: it was on news, but i wasn’t able to hear it, i heard what his goals were, heard and saw the short documentary about his life
_totalharrypotterfan_: Did you see Obama forget part of the oath? :D
_harryobsessed_: I agree. Obama’s awesome! I glad he was elected.
_Lioness-Keladry_: I just wish I could live in the white house!
_Rob_Stacks_Staffer_: @totalharrypotterfan – that was pretty funny, i couldn’t figure out if the judge messed up or if he did
_fabchick_: It was Judge Roberts who messed up!
_fabchick_: I read in the newspaper today that they did a second oath, like a re-do.
_kid reporter Caitlin_: @totalharrypotterfan : I did see him forget part of the oath. Did you hear he took the oath again yesterday?
_dizzyd512_: the judge forgot the oath first. i think obama got confused!
_totalharrypotterfan_: @fabchick I don’t care it was still hilarious!!!
_Lioness-Keladry_: I liked the inagaration a lot
_princessdaisha_: Hi!
_dizzyd512_: hi princessdaisha!
_dizzyd512_: @fabchick does the redo mean he’s now pres 2x?
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome, princessdaisha!
_fabchick_: No, I think they just did it over again to be on the safe side.
_totalharrypotterfan_: @kidreportercaitlin Really? I didn’t know that.
_totalharrypotterfan_: @harryobsessed Why do you like Obama????
_princessdaisha_: I love OBAMA!
_princessdaisha_: I love obama guys i think he reallydeserved to win
_totalharrypotterfan_: @princessdaisha: You and everybody else (except for me).
_princessdaisha_: Cause he is awsome
_totalharrypotterfan_: @princessdaisha: Why do you say so?
_princessdaisha_: you dont like him?
_totalharrypotterfan_: @princessdaisha: Uh, no. I really liked Palin though.
_princessdaisha_: cause he is the first african american and he is bringing back history and letting everyone know that african americans can do anything caucasion ppl could do
_kid reporter Caitlin_: @totalharrypotterfan: I liked Palin too!
_dewpoint_: when he became the president, on a Lebanese local channel had this whole documentary on Obama, and what pple did around the world as a reaction, so if i recall a person in Indonesia, or somewhere there, looked exactly like Obama! they made an interview with him(the guy)!
_Lioness-Keladry_: @deepoint: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_Frodo88_: @harryobsessed: Are you in a band? I loved to music with YoYo Ma
_totalharrypotterfan_: @kidreportercaitlin: We are awesome.
_Stacks_Admin_: I read about that in the news also. Really interesting!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @dewpoint and Stacks_Admin: I never heard about that. What happened, exactly?
_dizzyd512_: i think there will be a lot of obama impresonators
_Lioness-Keladry_: I thought it was funny he had to do the oath again
_totalharrypotterfan_: I, Barack Hussein Obama, . . . .uh . . .
_dewpoint_: @dizzyd512: the guy is not impersonating Obama
_Nancy_Stacks_Staffer_: LOL
_kid reporter Caitlin_: @dizzy512: Yeah. I aggree completly.
_princessdaisha_: Does anyone here like Obama?
_twilight_addict_: ya apparently it was the new chief justice’s fault
_dewpoint_: the guy just looked really like Obama, same features, you know like Obama’s face, if you meet him on the street you may think he is Obama!
_Stacks_Admin_: Moving on. to next topic — Rob?
_twilight_addict_: I like obama!!!!
_twilight_addict_: uhhh. Probably his speech! It really got to me!
_dizzyd512_: poem was too s l o w
_ladiesman15_: it was very sad
_kid reporter Caitlin_: I liked the inagural speech.
_princessdaisha_: I talked to sasha before…
_totalharrypotterfan_: Btw, did you people know that for a few minutes bush was pres and biden was vice pres
_i-luv-cheese_: wow COOL
_princessdaisha_: She is very nice!
_dewpoint_: the dancing part was cool
_totalharrypotterfan_: @princessdaisha: OMG really?
_ladiesman15_: you did to @princess
_princessdaisha_: Btw thats Obamas daughter
_dewpoint_: and i got excited when Denzel Whashington was there!
_BlackieBoy_: I liked when he messed up, but i didn’t watch the whole thing
_kid reporter Caitlin_: @princessdaisha: How did you talk to her?
_totalharrypotterfan_: @blackieboy: LOL
_Frodo88_: I thought it was cool that Malia was video tapping her dad the whole time!
_princessdaisha_: Yeah
_ladiesman15_: yeah
_princessdaisha_: I was her friend a long time ago…Lol
_Lioness-Keladry_: @dizzyd512: I agree about the poem! My entire class did!
_BlackieBoy_: @frodo I wouldve too if he was my dad!
_totalharrypotterfan_: @princessdaisha: *mouthfallsopen* Are you going to visit her at the white house?
_ladiesman15_: i wish malia was here she is very cute
_dizzyd512_: i want that camera!! she could sell the ftg for $$$
_dewpoint_: there’s something i really liked about Obama, it was during the elections, he took his daughters and explained the whole election process, i dont think someone did that before
_princessdaisha_: Lol idk if i can the body guardes will be like who are you
_Lioness-Keladry_: this funny
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome, cookiedough07!
_dewpoint_: @princessdaisha: wow, that’s really cool!
_princessdaisha_: Yeah.
_dewpoint_: (i feel the time is moving fast!)
_Lioness-Keladry_: funny
_princessdaisha_: Well it was last year actually it wasnt that long ago
_totalharrypotterfan_: @dewpoint: Yeah it is!
_Rob_Stacks_Staffer_: @everyone – was there anything in his speech that you thought was interesting or especially meaningful?
_Lioness-Keladry_: The part about standing about and never giving up!
_totalharrypotterfan_: @rob: No. It was actually kind of boring.
_ladiesman15_: yeah when he said we are a strong nation
_dizzyd512_: he is serious on the econmy
_dewpoint_: i focused mostly on what he said about Islam and Iraq and Afghanistan
_dewpoint_: and terrorism
_BlackieBoy_: I didn’t actually watch the speech….I just waited til my mom was off the computer
_ladiesman15_: i like about all his liberty with cuba
_dizzyd512_: he said we are a friend of everyone but i don’t know if its really true
_totalharrypotterfan_: @mods: Why do our usernames all have underscores before and after them?
_Rob_Stacks_Staffer_: @blackieboy – I think you can find the speech online now if you are interested
_Lioness-Keladry_: totalharrypotterfan: what do u mean?
_ladiesman15_: cuba is a good country
_princessdaisha_: I was in school the whole time so idk and can we change the question lol
_Stacks_Admin_: @totalharrypotterfan: when you sign into the boards or chat, you get the underscores added automatically
_Rob_Stacks_Staffer_: @ladiesman – I think it will be interesting to see what happens with Cuba, it has been years since anything has changed with them
_Lioness-Keladry_: I’m actually learning about communism!
_dizzyd512_: do you think he can stop the war?
_Lioness-Keladry_: dizzyd512: Yes he can!!!!!!!!!!!
_princessdaisha_: I think he can if he trys
_princessdaisha_: I have ppl really close that are in Iraq right now its sad
_BlackieBoy_: @lioness-keladry we just had a test on the book Animal Farm…Its about communism
_ladiesman15_: i know but i am cuban i know he is going to change it
_Lioness-Keladry_: OBAMA IS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_totalharrypotterfan_: @lionesskeladry: Ahem. Nobody is perfect and certainly not Obama!
_BlackieBoy_: @lioness-keladry i dont think he’s perfect, but i dont think he’s bad either
_totalharrypotterfan_: @blackieboy: I thought I was the only person who read that!
_Lioness-Keladry_: BlakieBoy: Do u live in NY? I had test on it too
_Lioness-Keladry_: totalharrypotterfan: it was a joke
_Rob_Stacks_Staffer_: @everyone – Did anyone have a chance to see any of the footage of the concerts and balls that were going on?
_Lioness-Keladry_: A bit
_dewpoint_: yep!
_dewpoint_: but part of the concerts not all
_totalharrypotterfan_: @rob: Nope. And I don’t think I would if I could.
_ladiesman15_: no i did not
_dizzyd512_: they cant really dance
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: I watched the Kids Inaugural Concert the night before. Did anyone see that?
_i-luv-cheese_: i missed all of them, i’ll have to find them online alter
_dewpoint_: they were fast on news, like Obama did that, and that and that…you know!
_kid reporter Caitlin_: I saw a picture, but not the videos.
_Lioness-Keladry_: OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Remember the first song was at last? because bush is gone!
_dewpoint_: if it was on american channel than no!
_totalharrypotterfan_: @karen: I’ve never heard of that…
_dizzyd512_: 1 shoulder dress
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: To
_dizzyd512_: @totalharrypotterfan: It was on the Disney Channel. Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers were among the performers.
_dewpoint_: i’m glad bush is gone!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Sorry, I meant to write that to totalharrypotterfan!
_totalharrypotterfan_: @karen: *shudders* I would definitely not watch that! Those bands are alltime lows!
_princessdaisha_: I know miley cyrus and the jonas brothers!
_princessdaisha_: I love them soo much!!
_totalharrypotterfan_: @dewpoint: -_-
_kid reporter Caitlin_: I have it taped. Haven’t seen it yet. How was it?
_dewpoint_: oh! disney channel is showtime, so we need to like subscribe, we have an independent satellite, dad put it on the roof not a sat guy, so i don’t have disney
_totalharrypotterfan_: @princessdaisha: Did you get Cruciated lately?
_Lioness-Keladry_: hmmmmmmmmm
_princessdaisha_: What?
_Lioness-Keladry_: im really tired
_i-luv-cheese_: did you know in china some of the speech was cut out
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @kid reporter Caitlin: I didn’t love the whole thing, but I really enjoyed when they shot t-shirts out to the audience!
_Lioness-Keladry_: @iluvchesse: NO WAY!
_totalharrypotterfan_: @lionesskeladry: But it’s only 6:30!
_dizzyd512_: what part, i-luv-cheese?
_ladiesman15_: obama is real good as president
_dewpoint_: @totalharrypotterfan: i’m sleep…its 1:30am here, so express your feeling wordly
_princessdaisha_: @totallyharrypotterfan What?
_totalharrypotterfan_: @iluvcheese: That’s weird
_i-luv-cheese_: i don’t know, i was didn’t read the whole article
_ladiesman15_: he is closeing guantanabo bay cuba
_totalharrypotterfan_: @princessdaisha: Not a harry potter fan?
_Lioness-Keladry_: Totalharrypotterfan: we had the standadized tests today, i had to write 3 essays in 45 min
_dewpoint_: @ladiesman15: you can’t judge completely now, may next year ok, coz then you’ll see how good he is
_Nancy_Stacks_Staffer_: Hi there, if you’re signed in as a Guest and want to particpate, you’ll have to Sign In with a username
_totalharrypotterfan_: @lionesskeladry: Oh jeez. That sounds really bad
_Frodo88_: @totalharrypotterfan I’m not
_ladiesman15_: hello
_totalharrypotterfan_: @frodo: You’re not what?
_Lioness-Keladry_: @totalharrypotterfan: its HORRIBLE
_Rob_Stacks_Staffer_: @lioness – sounds rough – thanks for coming on here even though you’re probably worn out
_Lioness-Keladry_: @Rob: I know
_Lioness-Keladry_: I LOVE OBAMA
_ladiesman15_: why is nobody chating?
_Rob_Stacks_Staffer_: @everyone – what do you think Obama should do in the next four years?
_dizzyd512_: obama has been in power for 2 days…
_Frodo88_: @totalharrypotterfan I meant i don’t LOVE HP
_Stacks_Admin_: Rob’s gonna post another topic . . . Rob?
_Stacks_Admin_: Dang, you beat me again
_totalharrypotterfan_: @lionesskeladry: You’ve made yourself pretty clear on that…
_Ponyboy99_: Save our economy for starters!
_Lioness-Keladry_: He should make standerdized tests easier and nicer. owwwwwww
_kid reporter Caitlin_: He should help the economy.
_Frodo88_: Get my dad a job!
_i-luv-cheese_: @Lioness-Keladry: that would be awsome but i dont know if thats hispower
_dizzyd512_: he should stop the killing of animals
_Lioness-Keladry_: I like everyones icon!
_totalharrypotterfan_: @lionesskeladry: Yeah, I like mine cuz it looks like Bush.
_fabchick_: Education!
_Ponyboy99_: Lower taxes! haha, that’ll never happen
_Rob_Stacks_Staffer_: @caitlin and ponyboy – have you heard of anything that he wants to do to help out the economy?
_kid reporter Caitlin_: @harrypotterfan: LOL
_Lioness-Keladry_: @iluvcheese: if only……. WAIT HE CANT??????????????
_dewpoint_: @totalharrypotterfan: you like bush?
_Lioness-Keladry_: Totalharrypotterfan: Im laughing like a pysco
_ladiesman15_: obama is awsome
_totalharrypotterfan_: @dewpoint: Yes I do, thank you very much!!!
_Lioness-Keladry_: ladiesman: totally
_totalharrypotterfan_: @lionesskeladry” bout what?
_i-luv-cheese_: LOL
_totalharrypotterfan_: @ponyboy: Lol no. That’s the problem with him…
_Ponyboy99_: no, he won’t lower taxes, democrats never do
_dizzyd512_: i used to liv in dc
_totalharrypotterfan_: @ponyboy: oh sweet a republican!
_Lioness-Keladry_: ponyboy99: tahts offensive to democarts
_kid reporter Caitlin_: @harrypotterfan: I agree. He’s kept us safe.
_dewpoint_: @totalharrypotter: i’m simply asking a normal question. what do you like about him?
_Lioness-Keladry_: totalharrypotterfan: u do? first kid i know
_Lioness-Keladry_: @totalharrypotterfan: bout standardized, wait is that were ur asking?
_Lioness-Keladry_: @dewpoint: funny question
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome, gigi474
_gigi474_: heyy
_Lioness-Keladry_: hi
_Ponyboy99_: @totalharrypotterfan: i’m in the middle of the road
_Lioness-Keladry_: @mods: ur going so fast! great job!
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome, ajiastarz17
_dizzyd512_: hi gigi474
_Rob_Stacks_Staffer_: @everyone – if you were moving into the white house, what would you be most excited about?
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Aw, thanks, Lioness-Keladry! We’re trying
_totalharrypotterfan_: @ponyboy: Get oout of the way! CAR COMING! lol
_ajiastarz17_: thank you i am so glad to be hear
_totalharrypotterfan_: @rob: the movie theater!!!
_dewpoint_: getting a huge room :P
_kid reporter Caitlin_: The bowling alley!
_Ponyboy99_: I’d definitely redecorate
_Lioness-Keladry_: @ponyboy99: what do u mean middle, litterally or physically?
_dewpoint_: body guards! limo :P
_Lioness-Keladry_: @rob: THE DESKS! MALIA GETS LICONS DESK!!!!!!!!!!!
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome, pinkguitar12! Rob just posted a question, in case you missed it: if you were moving into the white house, what would you be most excited about
_pinkguitar12_: probably all the cool stuff likee the bowling alley && the movie theatre
_BlackieBoy_: @rob HUGE backyard
_ajiastarz17_: room service
_dizzyd512_: cafeteria whenever yu want a snack
_dewpoint_: (15 minutes left :( )
_fabchick_: Movie theater!
_dewpoint_: a HUGE ‘backyard’!
_Rob_Stacks_Staffer_: @lioness – I definitely agree, especially the oval office desk
_pinkguitar12_: ohh and also the personal chefs. i could live with that. lol
_Lioness-Keladry_: U know malia is doing her homework on,icolns desk?
_gigi474_: hello?
_gigi474_: what did you think of the inaugeration?
_dewpoint_: what’s icolns desks?
_Ponyboy99_: personal chefs would be awesome
_dewpoint_: yep
_pinkguitar12_: really. i would love to work on homework on lincolns desk. that would be sweetttt
_ajiastarz17_: hello evry1
_dizzyd512_: i’d have spaghetti evry nite
_Ponyboy99_: @lioness-keladry: haha nope, i meant I’m neither a democrat or republican, i agree with issues on both sides
_Lioness-Keladry_: @dewpoint: licons, sorry!
_Lioness-Keladry_: pinkgauitar: TOTALLY!
_Frodo88_: Isn’t Obama changing the bowling alley into a basketball court- is that true?
_dizzyd512_: @ponyboy99 you are so fair
_dewpoint_: @Loiness_keladry what are these desks?
_dewpoint_: may be Remi in Ratatouille will do!
_dizzyd512_: i would make everyone get healthy
_Lioness-Keladry_: icegirl: awesome!
_pinkguitar12_: nice one Lioness-Keladry!! ;)
_dewpoint_: @Lioness-Keladry seriously?! that’s really teasing if you know what i mean!
_punkychick_: hey people!
_pinkguitar12_: thats important too dizzyd512
_punkychick_: whats up
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome, punkychick!!
_Lioness-Keladry_: @dizzy: yeah
_Lioness-Keladry_: after standadized
_punkychick_: hey
_Lioness-Keladry_: @dewpoint: im not kidding!
_pinkguitar12_: i lovee barack obama
_dizzyd512_: standardized health
_punkychick_: me to
_Stacks_Admin_: Whoa, less than 15 minutes — Rob, next topic!!
_fabchick_: @dizzy: HA HA!
_punkychick_: i loved his speech
_pinkguitar12_: hes awsome.
_Frodo88_: Get rid of greedy wall street ceo’s
_punkychick_: thx admin sry didnt say that little ago
_Frodo88_: peace in the midle east

_Rob_Stacks_Staffer_: @everyone – I love dogs, so I was wondering how everyone felt about the search for the first pup? I heard they are choosing between the labradoodle and the portuguese water dog (I’m a lab guy myself)
_dizzyd512_: obamas should choose a cat.
_pinkguitar12_: me 2. it had really great quotes in it. it kinda reminded me of the I Have A Dream speech.
_dewpoint_: @Lioness-Keladry yeah i know, it’s just the fact of those desks are soo cool to have them or at least see them closely!
_dizzyd512_: i love cats
_Frodo88_: I hate cats!
_punkychick_: me to rob
_Lioness-Keladry_: i want a westie!
_Lioness-Keladry_: they should get a westie!
_iceegirl88_: Yea his speech was pretty awesome. a little long though.
_Ponyboy99_: labradoodles are soo cute
_dizzyd512_: @ lioness: do you like cats?
_BlackieBoy_: @dizy512 no, dogs rule! i cant stand cats
_Frodo88_: They shoudl get a pup from the POUND
_i-luv-cheese_: why do they always have cats or dogs, why don’t they ever have something else. but i liked socks the cat
_pinkguitar12_: a cat once bit me when i was lil. so that was kind of goodbye to the cats for me. lol
_kid reporter Caitlin_: @Rob: I like the labradoodle too. We have a bischon b/c there are lots of allergies in my house too
_fabchick_: I think they should adopt a shelter dog, any kind!
_Lioness-Keladry_: ponyboy99: i soooooooo agree!
_Lioness-Keladry_: frodo88: I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_dewpoint_: hey PugHugs!
_PugHugs_: hiii!
_punkychick_: hi
_pinkguitar12_: one prez actually had a pony b4. but i cant remember who.
_Frodo88_: Wow Pughugs is on…
_ireallylovemyself_: dogs are soooooo dumb 2 me!!!
_ireallylovemyself_: heyyyyy
_iceegirl88_: @ireallylovemyself Dogs rule!
_Lioness-Keladry_: PUghugs: the newsletter was awesome!
_ireallylovemyself_: no
_ireallylovemyself_: they do not!!!!
_punkychick_: no they dont
_Lioness-Keladry_: frodo88: buzz boards
_pinkguitar12_: dogs are soo cute.
_Ponyboy99_: cats clean themselves though with they are tongue, how are they cleaner?
_i-luv-cheese_: @PugHugs: if you didn’t think pugs were cute then i would be worred abotu what the deal is with ur login
_Lioness-Keladry_: ireallylovemyself: I LOVE DOGS!!!!!!!!!
_ireallylovemyself_: no dogs are ugly!!
_ireallylovemyself_: so!!! my cat is adorable!!!
_dizzyd512_: back to the obamas …. i think they should get a spaniel
_Lioness-Keladry_: Ponyboy99: tongue=germs from food
_BlackieBoy_: my cousins have a labrador and an australian something or other
_ireallylovemyself_: you all have no idea how cute cats are!!!!
_pinkguitar12_: lol. i agree with ponyboy
_Rob_Stacks_Staffer_: @everyone – does anyone have any thoughts about Obama’s cabinet?
_kid reporter Caitlin_: Malia is allergic to dogs. They need one that doesn’t shed.
_dizzyd512_: dogs are good for exercize
_pinkguitar12_: i love spaniels, but u kno they have to have a dog that doesnt shed.
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome, ‘deathly hallows-7′!
_fabchick_: I love Hillary Clinton!
_Lioness-Keladry_: i absolutly love the cabinet choices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_BlackieBoy_: @rob he kept talking about change, but all his ppl worked under clinton
_kid reporter Caitlin_: I got to talk to Hillary Clinton last year
_i-luv-cheese_: are we talking about decoration again
_pinkguitar12_: Im sorry guys, but i have g2g. bye. see ya laters
_i-luv-cheese_: cabinet?
__’deathly hallows-7′__: Wow…this is my first chat room in my whole life…I am a bit dazed here.
_Lioness-Keladry_: fabchick: I AGREE! I LIVE IN NY STATE SO SHE WAS OUR SENATOR!
_Ponyboy99_: glad they included her into the administration, talk about a dis if they didnt
_Lioness-Keladry_: Kid reporter catlin: AWESOME!!!
_PugHugs_: hi!
_Rob_Stacks_Staffer_: @everyone – we are almost out of time, we’re considering doing more live chats like this in the future. What topics do you want to talk about?
_Frodo88_: @kid reporter Caitlin what was Hilary like
__’deathly hallows-7′__:
_: Anyways… to talk about Obama!!! How many people vote for him??? GOBAMA!!!
_iceegirl88_: I like John McCain.
_dizzyd512_: hi deathly hallows-7! welcome
_ireallylovemyself_: I think the Obamas should get a chihuahua
_Frodo88_: my dad once told me that the people in the white house drink the best spring water even the dogs
_i-luv-cheese_: i cant vote yet
__’deathly hallows-7′__:@_Rob_Stacks_Staffer_: Oh no! I just got on here!
_Lioness-Keladry_: PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS!!!!!!!!!!!
__’deathly hallows-7′__:@_PugHugs_: Hi to you!
_Lioness-Keladry_: Just one on all about the series!
_BlackieBoy_: I think hes okay, but McCain is better
_kid reporter Caitlin_: @Frodo88: She was very nice. I only got to ask one question
_ireallylovemyself_: i dont like john mccain that much iceegirl88
_Rob_Stacks_Staffer_: @deathly hallows – welcome, we can stay on for a few extra minutes just for you.
__’deathly hallows-7′__:@_Lioness-Keladry_: Seriously…we’re here to talk ’bout the inauguration…
_kid reporter Caitlin_: @iceegirl88; You Rock! I love McCain too!
_dizzyd512_: thats so nice
_dewpoint_: @deathly hallows-7 we talked about dogs too ;)
_Lioness-Keladry_: @daethly hallows: but they just asked about future chats and i had an idea!
__’deathly hallows-7′__:@everyone: Please answer!!! Did any of you go to the inauguration? My principal was there!
__’deathly hallows-7′__:@_Rob_Stacks_Staffer_: Thank you! You’re so wonderful!
_kid reporter Caitlin_: I actually got to meet John McCain and see Obama speak too
_PugHugs_: (topic suggestions) Harry Potter. =) or writing? ummm. winter olympics are sort of coming up… Oscars?
_Stacks_Admin_: Hey all, we’ll be closing the chat soon. Last chance to submit chat topics for next time. . .
_iceegirl88_: @_kid reporter Caitlin_ You rock too! I thought I was the only one!
_Lioness-Keladry_: @deathlyhallows: ya my cousin!
_Ponyboy99_: what about the Grammy winners?
_Lunalove1123_: HI!!
_Lioness-Keladry_: PERCY JACKSONA ND THE OLYMAPIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_Stacks_Admin_: hey LunaLove1123
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: To
_Lioness-Keladry_: @Lioness-Keladry: Ha ha, you said that already! YOu must be a big fan!
_ireallylovemyself_: @lunalove1123: hi!!
_dewpoint_: something scientific may be
_PugHugs_: book series. fantasy.
__’deathly hallows-7′__:@_kid reporter Caitlin_: Seriously? You must be kidding! What did she say anything to you?
_dewpoint_: or technology!
_Lioness-Keladry_: I cant wait for the next one no matter what topic!
_Stacks_Admin_: @LunaLove1123 — we’re closing up soon, but hopefully you can catch the next chat
_dewpoint_: books!
_Lioness-Keladry_: i agree with pughugs
_Ponyboy99_: Is anyone going to watch the Grammy’s in February?
_dewpoint_: school improvements!
_Lunalove1123_: I really cnt wait!!
_Lioness-Keladry_: yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_dewpoint_: saving the planet
__’deathly hallows-7′__:@_dizzyd512_: Hi! You know what? In school, we have a writing assigment on Obama!
_iceegirl88_: We can have a subject about the future!
_kid reporter Caitlin_: @dealhlyhollows: yes. I am a kid reporter for Scholastic News. I was doing an interview at a rally. She answered my question and i got a pic with her
_Lioness-Keladry_: I AGREE WITH EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_dewpoint_: languages! ;)
__’deathly hallows-7′__:@_Frodo88_: Don’t we all have the same water here?
_Lioness-Keladry_: @Deathlyhallows: cool!
_ireallylovemyself_: @iceegirl88: the future???
_Lunalove1123_: how about books? I love books
_iceegirl88_: @_dewpoint_ I agree totally with dewpoint!
_ireallylovemyself_: wow, that could be interesting!
_Stacks_Admin_: We love books too :)
_i-luv-cheese_: @icegirl88: like robots and stuff?
_Lioness-Keladry_: what time is it in ur place everyone?
_Lunalove1123_: I don’t want to leave!!
__’deathly hallows-7′__:@_kid reporter Caitlin_: How many people did you speak to? Are you a real reporter or what?
_Lioness-Keladry_: this was fun!!!!!!!!
_Stacks_Admin_: Hey all, LAST QUESTION! What did you like about the chat, and what would you like us to change?
_ireallylovemyself_: who likes books? books are okay, but sometimes they’re boring
_Lioness-Keladry_: luna: neither do i!!!!!!!!!
__’deathly hallows-7′__:@_Lioness-Keladry_: Okay…
_dewpoint_: @Lioness-Keladry 2:01am
_Lioness-Keladry_: I LOVED EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Aw, thanks, Lioness-Keladry!
_Lioness-Keladry_: I would change the time
_dewpoint_: the chat was good
_kid reporter Caitlin_: Yep. real press credentials and all. I spoke to McCain twice and Hillary once. It;s been a lot of fun!
_dizzyd512_: 7pm here in ny
_Lioness-Keladry_: i would make it all day
_PugHugs_: the chat is blinking a lot and it’s annoying me. I’m on Safari on a Mac, by the way. *blinkblinkblink*
_iceegirl88_: I love the chat just takes a while for to put the message on the screen
_dewpoint_: i really enjoyed it
_Lunalove1123_: I loved the small chat time i had, and i want some more ctime, like 2 hours!!
_Lioness-Keladry_: this was really short!!!!!!!!!!!
_kid reporter Caitlin_: I loved it all!!
_ireallylovemyself_: the chat was bad
_PugHugs_: this chat is awesome, though!
_Lunalove1123_: 6 pm in NE
_Lioness-Keladry_: dizzy: i live in ny too
_Ponyboy99_: dont you have school?
_dewpoint_: and scholastic is improving well, so i can’t say anything, especially that the stacks are stil beta
_Lioness-Keladry_: pughugs: me too
_dewpoint_: i hope the chats can be more
__’deathly hallows-7′__:@_Rob_Stacks_Staffer_: Well…no suggestions right now….let me think…how about a new book or something?
_Lunalove1123_: Hi pughugs!
_mollymeg96_: hi
_iceegirl88_: 6 PM here.
_Lioness-Keladry_: icegirl: me too!
_Lioness-Keladry_: dewpoint: yeah!
_dewpoint_: (may be a bit earlier for my time! coz now it’s 2:03am!)
_Stacks_Admin_: Hi mollymeg96! We’ll about to close up the chat =/ but hopefully you’ll be able to join next time
_mollymeg96_: hi
_PugHugs_: weekend chats might work out better for some
_Lioness-Keladry_: I DONT WANNA LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_Lunalove1123_: AAAGH I dont want to leave!!
_Stacks_Admin_: Hm, what does everyone think about that? Weekend chats?
_Lioness-Keladry_: PUghug: yeah……. weekend
_iceegirl88_: ME NEITHER!!
__’deathly hallows-7′__:@_kid reporter Caitlin_: You are so lucky! Who else did you meet? And how do you become a reporter?
_ireallylovemyself_: who would be at school @ 6 pm?
_dewpoint_: i agree with Pughugs!
_Lioness-Keladry_: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_kid reporter Caitlin_: Sounds great!
_iceegirl88_: That would be fine.
_dewpoint_: i agree
_Lunalove1123_: Ohhhh, sorry dewpoint
_Lunalove1123_: I want weekend chats!
_ireallylovemyself_: Yes!!
_dewpoint_: make it more on saturdays too
_Lioness-Keladry_: Weekend! weekend!
_Stacks_Admin_: Hm, we’ll take that into consideration.
__’deathly hallows-7′__:@_Lioness-Keladry_: 4:04 pm here!!! What about you?
_ireallylovemyself_: that would be terrific!!
_Lioness-Keladry_: at a more suitable time cause we have hw
_Nancy_Stacks_Staffer_: That means the staff will have to be here on the weekend. . .
_kid reporter Caitlin_: @deathlyhollows: It is a competition through Scholastic news. I had to write an essay about myself and do an essay on important people in my community.
_ireallylovemyself_: what?! it’s 6 pm here!!
_Lunalove1123_: but not on sundays, cuz some people have church.
_Lioness-Keladry_: desathlyhallows: about 7
_Lioness-Keladry_: mods: its fun though!
_dewpoint_: my weekends are fridays and sundays till school ends! that’s probably at the end of june
_Lioness-Keladry_: for u guys too!
_Lioness-Keladry_: right?
__’deathly hallows-7′__:@_PugHugs_: Uh oh.
_Lioness-Keladry_: i agree with luna
_Stacks_Admin_: Everyone is in different time zones, so hopefully we’ll find a good time for a lot of people
_PugHugs_: weekend might work out better for different time zones, though, because there’s more free time that a lot of people have (because no school)
_Lunalove1123_: I can come any time though. im homeschooled.
_Lioness-Keladry_: yes!!!!!!!!!
_iceegirl88_: My chat keeps going out on me and i can’t get to see other responses…
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: For anyone who was asking about being a Scholastic Kid Reporter, you can find more info here: http://teacher.scholastic.com/scholasticnews/press_corps/
_Lioness-Keladry_: I garee with adina
_Lioness-Keladry_: luna: really?
_dewpoint_: @icegirl88 lol
__’deathly hallows-7′__:@_Stacks_Admin_: Totally! But not in Saturday afternoons! What about Sunday mornings? That’s totally fine with me. But…well, some people have church, so…
_Lunalove1123_: lioness: YES!!
_Lioness-Keladry_: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
_Rob_Stacks_Staffer_: @everyone – Thanks for coming on! Just a quick recap of the topics you suggested: Harry Potter, Writing, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, (other books), Saving the Planet, the Future, and different languages
_Lioness-Keladry_: times almost up!
_Lioness-Keladry_: yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!
_dewpoint_: science Rob!
_Lioness-Keladry_: go PJatO!
__’deathly hallows-7′__:@_kid reporter Caitlin_: Ooooohhh…nice. You must be a good essay writer!
_Lioness-Keladry_: Percy jackson next!
_PugHugs_: ooh! if there was, like, a book club, so the chat would focus on one book each chat… and everyone reads that book…
_Lioness-Keladry_: PUGHUGS IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_kid reporter Caitlin_: @pughugs: that’s a great idea
_dewpoint_: PugHugs, it’s a bit hard coz not all can buy the book
_Lioness-Keladry_: Yeah!!!!!!!!