June 17, 2009

STACKS Kids on Summer Reading Challenge

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Sc-live-chat-header Live Chat Transcript,
Saturday, June 13, 2009
4-5 P.M. (ET)

Congratulations to the BLUE and PURPLE teams, who tied for the most number of participants in the chat! Blue and Purple teams were each awarded 1,000 bonus points.

_doglovegirl_: Cool!

_All40ne_: Hi.
_doglovegirl_: This is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Hi, everyone!
_Readiac_: How does this work?
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: We’ll get started in just a minute.
_Readiac_: WOW
_Readiac_: This is cool!
_All40ne_: I’ve finally made it!!
_doglovegirl_: Hi!
_Firekitty_: Hello everbody!!!!
_H_Granger123_: hi!!
_doglovegirl_: Hi
_Readiac_: I’ve never done one of this before! This is exciting! Hi Firekitty!
_H_Granger123_: so, what do u guys like to read?
_Firekitty_: Hi Readiac! This is so cool
_Readiac_: I love to read Harry Potter! Oh and Inkheart! What about you?
_doglovegirl_: I know it is
_Firekitty_: My favorite book EVER is Inkheart.
_All40ne_: @H Granger123 Books about everyday life… and planes.
_H_Granger123_: yeah i like harry potter too
_doglovegirl_: I love the 39 Clues books
_H_Granger123_: but i also like the i survived middle school books
_H_Granger123_: and candy apple
Hi, everyone. Thanks for joining the chat! Let’s wait a few more
minutes to start talking Summer Challenge, just to give other folks a
chance to log on.
_Readiac_: Inkheart is great book! Ioved the last one, Inkdeath, it was really exciting and I loved the ending!
_All40ne_: The Hazlewood High Trilogy (youg adult) is pretty good.
_H_Granger123_: @all4one that’s cool. me too.
_doglovegirl_: ok!
_H_Granger123_: thanks @_karen_stacks_staffer
_doglovegirl_: This is my first chat!!!!!
Btw, when you guys recommend books to each other, please note if it’s
YA, just so younger reads know! I noticed that All4One already did this
(which is awesome!).
_H_Granger123_: me too
_doglovegirl_: Hi everybody!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Oops, I mean “readers,” not “younger reads.” I’m just too excited for this chat, I guess! I’m typing too fast!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: I’m making no sense! Ha ha.
_All40ne_: @H Granger 123 Wow! Someone else who likes it too!!! :)
_bookworm_86_: ooh how exciting!
_H_Granger123_: thanks for setting this up @_Karen_Stacks_Staffer its great!!
_Readiac_: Haha I know what you mean!
_H_Granger123_: @all4one likes what?
_bookworm_86_: this is my very first chat. hi everyone!
_doglovegirl_: mine too
_H_Granger123_: hi!
_bookworm_86_: cool
_Readiac_: Have any of you read the book Pirates!?
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Alright, let’s get started!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: How many of you are taking the Summer Challenge?
_All40ne_: @doglovegirl Same Here!
_bookworm_86_: okay!
_Readiac_: YAY
_doglovegirl_: Me!!!!!!!!!!
_H_Granger123_: @_readiac_ no
_bookworm_86_: i am!
_Firekitty_: GO BLUE TEAM!!!! =]
_doglovegirl_: me!
_All40ne_: I am! I already read 620 minutes!!!
_H_Granger123_: i am!! and i am doing very well!
_H_Granger123_: yellow team rocks!
_Readiac_: GO GREEN!
_doglovegirl_: me!!!!!!!!
_bookworm_86_: @all4one wow!
_H_Granger123_: yellow will win!!!
_doglovegirl_: me
_Readiac_: How many minutes have you all read?
_All40ne_: Green team rules!
_H_Granger123_: even though we’re losing :(
_bookworm_86_: @Readiac yes go green!
_jexx200_: hello who here us from the purple team?
_afropuffhippie_: BLUE TEAM WILL WIN IN JULY NO DOUBT!!!
_Readiac_: All4One high five! Go green!
Btw, did you guys all know that whichever team has the most members
join the chat today will earn 1,000 bonus points? We’ll make a note of
all your usernames today and announce the results sometime next week.
_bookworm_86_: @Readiac yeah green team!
_All40ne_: @Rediac Thanks!
_H_Granger123_: NO! yellow will!
_Firekitty_: @afropuffhippie: Yay! Blues rock! I love your user name =]
_H_Granger123_: darn. then yellow will lose.
_bookworm_86_: @Karen awesome!
_Readiac_: I have logged 1411 minutes!
_doglovegirl_: yes!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: I have the same questions as Readiac: How many minutes have you guys logged so far?
_All40ne_: I bet green will win
_doglovegirl_: yes green team!
_bookworm_86_: yeah green!
_doglovegirl_: something is happening!
_fabchick_: green team!
_bookworm_86_: Send: @Karen i think like 500
_H_Granger123_: 720 mins
_All40ne_: Green is good!!
_Readiac_: I have logged 1411 but I have 360 more minutes that I need to log,haha.
_bookworm_86_: @fabchick yeah! another green!
_H_Granger123_: yellow is better
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Have you guys been reading the featured books? Which ones are your favorites?
_H_Granger123_: got to go :(
_jexx200_: Purple team, are you out there?
_H_Granger123_: no i haven’t.
_H_Granger123_: see ya later!
_penguin2009_: i am on the blue team
_bookworm_86_: @fabchick did you see what karen said about the team with most chat membersgets extra points?
_Readiac_: I haven’t read the featured books because I haven’t been able to go to the library to get them!
_333penguin_: hello everybody! I am the green team captain for july!
_fabchick_: @bookwrom_86: yup! cool!
_Firekitty_: @Karen I read Hugo Cabret, but that’s it for featured books!
_doglovegirl_: me too
_bookworm_86_: @Readiac me too!
_All40ne_: @Karen Stacks Staffer I’ve only read The Invention Of Hugo Cabret
_afropuffhippie_: U ROCK @penguin2009 I love your username!!!
_doglovegirl_: cool!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Welcome to any team captains who are joining today’s chat!
_doglovegirl_: cool!
_Readiac_: Hello Captain!
_bookworm_86_: @333penguin hi! i’m on green team! woo!
_afropuffhippie_: Thank you @Karen nice to be here
_333penguin_: hi, is everybody ready for july?!
_bookworm_86_: @fabchick i like your username too
_Readiac_: ‘What is your favorite book?
_jexx200_: Hi, I’m the Purple team Capitan for the month of August
_bookworm_86_: @333penguin you bet!
_Readiac_: I’ll be ready for July!!
_doglovegirl_: The 39 Clues
_Readiac_: My fav book is Harry Potter!
_bookworm_86_: @Readiac ditto!
_doglovegirl_: I’m also ready for July
_All40ne_: @Readiac Good luck with that!
_333penguin_: great, everybody! what are you guys reading?
_afropuffhippie_: July is going 2 rock!!!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @Readiac: Harry Potter is my fave series of all-time. But right now I’m reading the Percy Jackson series and loving it!
_bookworm_86_: @doglovegirl hi!
_doglovegirl_: HI!
_jexx200_: Hi, I’m the Purple team captain for the month of August.
_bookworm_86_: @333penguin so what does a team captain do?
_doglovegirl_: ok
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: I’m so excited to see the team captains on here! You guys are doing a great job pumping up your team members.
_jexx200_: Sorry if i said that twice
_333penguin_: i just finished the capture by kathryn lasky
_All40ne_: @333penguin The other day I read the IYSA Referee Handbook for 80 min!!!
_Readiac_: @ Karen_Stacks_Staffer: Percy Jackson is good too! I haven’t read the new book yet though!
_superninja1234_: Hey guys what’s up? I’m the team captian of the Purple Team
_afropuffhippie_: Oh, cool! My sister reads the Percy Jackson series! But I’m reading The Yearling, by Marjorie Rawlings
_Firekitty_: Right now I’m reading Swords of the Six by scott appleton. It’s so great!
_doglovegirl_: its ok
_333penguin_: the team captains, i’m one of them, coordinate the teams to read, and encourage them to read
_commanderepicw00k13_: I love percy jackson series
_bookworm_86_: @333penguin i love kathryn lasky!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Lots of fiction. Is anyone reading nonfiction this summer?
_superninja1234_: I’m reading the City of Ember Series. Great books! I’m also planning to read some Mike Lupica books
_doglovegirl_: I just finished reading 39 Clues and for some reason I can’t post that well.
_333penguin_: cool! she is awesome
_doglovegirl_: Yes maybe
_jexx200_: I need a good laugh. What is the funniest book you’ve ever read?
_333penguin_: well, i do.
_doglovegirl_: never mind I’m posting good now
_commanderepicw00k13_: I have to read tons of non-fiction this summer for school reading
_bookworm_86_: @Karen doesn’t look like it
_Readiac_: I’m reading some stuff about Japanse Americans in WW 2 for my summer project. That’s non-fiction.
_superninja1234_: No not really any nonfiction, but if you have any ideas, i’ll read them
_All40ne_: @Karen Stacks Staffer Well… I’m reading magizines, does that count?
_doglovegirl_: Uhh… Diary of the Wimpy Kid!!!!!!!!
_333penguin_: the penderwicks
_commanderepicw00k13_: thats was at karen btw
_Firekitty_: @Karen: For school I have to read a noonfiction book, The Perfect Storm, over the summer. I haven’t started it yet…. =P
_superninja1234_: the funniest book i’ve ever read would probably be diary of a wimpy kid. read it!
_doglovegirl_: Who likes The 39 Clues?
_bookworm_86_: @commanderepicwOOk13 school books? in summer? that sucks.
_superninja1234_: what’s the penderwicks?
_bookworm_86_: @firekitty what team are you on?
_333penguin_: who likes the hardy boys?
_commanderepicw00k13_: never read 39 Clues but i like the author
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @All4One: I think magazines count. They have words, right? :-)
_jexx200_: I like the 39 clues
_superninja1234_: i got 39 clues for my birthday but i haven’t read it yet
_All40ne_: @bookworm 86 ditto
_doglovegirl_: yeah
_commanderepicw00k13_: @bookwork_86 yeah. it does suck
_Firekitty_: @Bookworm86 I’m on the Blue team.
If anyone is a geek like me, they should read The Book(s) of Useless
Information. You can’t miss them; they have cute little squirrels on
_333penguin_: its about 4 girls, they like to prank people
_superninja1234_: i’m the captain of the purple team
_jexx200_: I’ve read Diary of a Wimpy Kid read any other funny books
_penguin2009_: @firekitty yay blue team!
_333penguin_: go green!
_bookworm_86_: @afropuffhippie haha squirrels
_superninja1234_: oh yeah my friend read the books of useless info. he said they were good
_Firekitty_: @afropuffhippie: I love those books! =]
_commanderepicw00k13_: GREEN! <chewbacca call>
_jexx200_: hey super ninja im the purple team camtian for august
_doglovegirl_: Who likes InkHeart?
_bookworm_86_: @333penguin yup! green all the way!
_doglovegirl_: me too
_Readiac_: I LOVE Inkheart!!!
_superninja1234_: cool jexx 200
_afropuffhippie_: Wow I’m not the only nerd out there. You guys rock!
_Firekitty_: @doglovegirl: I am obsessed with Inkheart!!
_bookworm_86_: @commander chewbacca? what do wookies have to do with summer reading?
_333penguin_: what is inkheart about
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: I think the Series of Unfortunate Events books are pretty funny — but also kind of dark and twisted.
_commanderepicw00k13_: I liked the first book. I think it was inkspell?
_bookworm_86_: @Karen i know! they’re sad!
_All40ne_: I only read the first book.
_doglovegirl_: Wasn’t it Inkheart?
_superninja1234_: i really like series of unfortunate events, good book
_Readiac_: Inkheart is the first then Inkspell and finally Inkdeath!
_commanderepicw00k13_: wookies have absoluttely nothing to do with summer reading. it was a show of support for our team
_superninja1234_: the fist book was inkheart not inkspell
_commanderepicw00k13_: ok. so i was wrong. i loved inkheart
_afropuffhippie_: @Karen I still haven’t read the last two books in that series! It’s been like, 2 or 3 years now!
_Readiac_: Inkdeath was my favorite!
_Firekitty_: @Karen: I like those books, but they’re so… dark. ;)
_doglovegirl_: I never read Inkheart!
_333penguin_: i never read inkheart
_commanderepicw00k13_: @ doglovegirlits good stuff
_All40ne_: @doglovegirl Same here!
_superninja1234_: i’ve never read inkheart either
_Readiac_: @doglovergirl: *gasp* You must read it!
_Carly_H_Stacks_Staffer_: My favorite funny books are the Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Lois Sachar
_doglovegirl_: Ok!
_bookworm_86_: @doglovegirl me too but i want too!
_afropuffhippie_: I think the darkest thing I’ve ever read was this short story by Edgar Allen Poe…it really really scared me alot.
_superninja1234_: *gasp* I probably should read inkheart *gasp*
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @Carly_H: I totally forgot about that series! So good!
_333penguin_: oh i love wayside stories!
_bookworm_86_: @carly_h haha love the potatoe
_All40ne_: @Carly H Stacks Staffer I read those books too. They’re pretty good.
_Carly_H_Stacks_Staffer_: @bookworm Thanks! Me too!
_penguin2009_: i love the wayside stories too
_doglovegirl_: The best book I ever read was 39 Clues. The School Story and Trading Faces!
_superninja1234_: didn’t they make wayside into a show?
_penguin2009_: i didn’t like the math one so much though
_All40ne_: Remember Ms. Zarves?
_Carly_H_Stacks_Staffer_: My favorite part was the 13th story ;)
_bookworm_86_: @allforone: yeah, me too but they’re kinda childish
_penguin2009_: the best was when they all started shouting MORE COWBELLS MORE COWBELLS!!!!!!!!!
_commanderepicw00k13_: i never really like wayside stories. all the upside down and backwards stuff always got me
_Readiac_: Anyone read Fablehaven?
_333penguin_: o yea- me too
_penguin2009_: was Ms. Zarves the teacher on the 13th story
_bookworm_86_: @superninja: yeah, but i don’t think it airs anymore
_commanderepicw00k13_: @ bookworm ur absolutely right
_All40ne_: @Carly The three Erics. They’re my favorite!
_superninja1234_: never read fablehaven
_penguin2009_: @commander: what do you mean “got” you
_bookworm_86_: @Readiac: that sounds cool. what’s it about?
_commanderepicw00k13_: @ penguin???
_Readiac_: Has anyone read the stories one the Write It boards? Some of them ar really good!
_doglovegirl_: How many books did you read for June.
_commanderepicw00k13_: oh! sorry i’m slow. they always bugged me
_penguin2009_: @commander: you said the upside down stuff “got” you
_bookworm_86_: @commander: yeah. there’s 2 penguin people here now/
_penguin2009_: @commander do you mean you didn’t like it? it was confusing?
_penguin2009_: its because penguins are awesome
_superninja1234_: dog love girl i’ve read about 5, i want to log a lot of minutes for the summer
_commanderepicw00k13_: oops. golly gee. sorry penguins. it was confusing
_Hulagurl_: Hi, this is the previous Blue team captain.GO BLUE TEAM!!!
@bookworm_86: It’s about these two siblings whose grandparents run
Fablehave, a place where magical creatures live. They’re pretty good.
_doglovegirl_: ok
_bookworm_86_: @penguin2009: heck yes they are
_penguin2009_: yay there are at laest 3 people from blue team here
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: I know everyone wants to log lots of minutes. But did anyone set a goal on number of books they’ll read this summer?
_Firekitty_: @Hulagirl: GO BLUE!!! =]
_superninja1234_: wazzup blue team captian, i’m the purple team captain
_hellokitty128_: who has read a book called how to be the best at everthing
_bookworm_86_: @Readiac: sounds cool! i’ll check into it!
_commanderepicw00k13_: @ karen at least 10.
_superninja1234_: i set a goal of 16 books this summer
_doglovegirl_: a least 44
_Stacks_Admin_: That’s a great goal, superninja1234!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @doglovegirl: WHOA!
_All40ne_: 1200 minutes. My school has a wii luncheon for anyone who reads that much!
_bookworm_86_: @Karen: not really. i just go to the library every week and get some stuff
_Readiac_: I don’t really have a book goal but I have read three books so far.
_doglovegirl_: I”m a bookworm!
_commanderepicw00k13_: i’m more into writing than reading. unless its greek stuff
Don’t laugh at me for this, but has anyone read Mary Poppins, because
it was a really good book I just read it not even a month ago
_bookworm_86_: @Allforone: cool!
_superninja1234_: @dog love girl 44?! that’s crazy you must read a lot
_doglovegirl_: I just read a book today and I finished it.
_kidreporteralan_: August Blue Team captain here. I think Blue Team got off to a good start. We just might win.
_bookworm_86_: @doglovegirl: me too!
_penguin2009_: @doglovegirl: do you already know what 44 to read? or do you pick them along the summer
_jexx200_: I am going for 60, we’re taking several driving trips so I’ll read in the backseat.
_333penguin_: how do you read 44 books?
_superninja1234_: @ cog love girl: what book was it?
One of our Summer Challenge mottos is “Four or More” because everyone
should read at least four books over the summer. But it sounds like
everyone is planning to read way more than that!
_hellokitty128_: @all4one your school is so cool
_commanderepicw00k13_: @ doglovegirl how long?
_Firekitty_: @Afropuffhippie: YES! I like the book better than the movie. ;-)
_Readiac_: What books have you all read so far?
_bookworm_86_: has anybody read skeleton creek?
_doglovegirl_: I have like a library in my closet!
_commanderepicw00k13_: @readiac i re-read all of the percy jackson series last week
_bookworm_86_: @doglovegirl: awesome!
_fabchick_: i’m reading the sisters grimm sries.
_afropuffhippie_: @Firekitty all my friends thought that I was so babyish but that book rocked
_doglovegirl_: The book I read is at least about almost 200 pages. It’s the 39 Clues I keep on reading.
_All40ne_: @jexx200 When I read in the backseat of a moving car. I get nausia
_Readiac_: @doglovergirl: Same here!! Well its not actually in my closet its under my bed.
_hellokitty128_: in the summer i will read everyday
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @commanderepicw00k13: Don’t tell me anything about PJ. I’m only on the second book right now!
_kidreporteralan_: Bookworm 86, no but I want to read it.
_totalharrypotterfan_: I’m here! I didn’t know that there was a chat today, but… I’m here! xD
_hellokitty128_: can someone talk to me
_bookworm_86_: @hellokitty: me too
_commanderepicw00k13_: @ karen ok i wont.
_doglovegirl_: Should I read 100 books?
_Stacks_Admin_: Hi there, hellokitty128!
_superninja1234_: @hellokitty128: what’s up?
@All4One: Me too! I get a headache when I read in a car or on the bus,
which is so frustrating. That’s when it’s good to have an audiobook!
_bookworm_86_: @kidreporteralan: it’s kind of scary but you’d probably like it
_jexx200_: @all40ne… then you better bring along air sickness bags
_totalharrypotterfan_: Do you people like Artemis Fowl? I’m right in the middle of reading it for the first time. It rocks!
_commanderepicw00k13_: Anybody read the Island series?
_superninja1234_: @totalharrypotterfan: artemis fowl is cool. read the whole series
_doglovegirl_: Who’s obessed with 39 Clues. For some reason I am!
_All40ne_: @totalharrypotterfan I only read the first one and a little bit of the second one
_333penguin_: no whats it about
Remember everyone, don’t ask for or give out any personal information
in the chat or on the message boards (or anywhere online!)
_totalharrypotterfan_: @commander No. Sounds good though
_bookworm_86_: @Karen: they even have this site where you can put audio books on your iPod ans tuff
The three books I’ve read so far are books that I’ll have to read for
school next year. They are not kids books they’re more like YA.
_superninja1234_: @commander: who’s the island series by?
_333penguin_: ok i wont
If everyone discovers a new series they really love this summer, I bet
they’ll be racking up minutes in no time! When I find a good series, I
know I can’t stop reading.
_kidreporteralan_: Who’s interested in Percy Jackson and the Olympians? I’m reading the 5th one. It is an awesome series, funny too.
_bookworm_86_: @dlg (doglovegirl) me too
_totalharrypotterfan_: @superninja: There’s a WHOLE SERIES??? I thought it was only one book!
_commanderepicw00k13_: @ totalharrypotterfan they are really good books.
_jexx200_: @doglovegirl me too, I can’t wait till the 5th comes out
_bookworm_86_: @kidreporter alan: i’ve heard of those are they good?
_totalharrypotterfan_: @kidreporter: Haven’t heard of that one either. I’m so out of the loop.
_superninja1234_: @totalharrypotterfan: no there’s more than 1
_All40ne_: I never heard of that series
_commanderepicw00k13_: i need to read the percy jackson book 5. been waiting so long!
_totalharrypotterfan_: @superninja: How many are there?
_kidreporteralan_: jexx200, it already came out.
The Island series is by Gordon Korman (who also wrote the second book
of The 39 Clues) and SWINDLE, a featured book in Summer Challenge!
_Stacks_Admin_: (Gordon must be really busy!)
_superninja1234_: @commander: i have to get percy jackson 5 too
_All40ne_: Gordon Korman is a good author!
_bookworm_86_: @commander: ive heard of those. are they good?
_Firekitty_: For summer reading homework I have to read Ethan Frome. Anyone heard of it?
_Hulagurl_: All people on the blue team, just keep reading!!!
_Readiac_: Who is your favorite author?
_jexx200_: @kidreporteralan no the fourth one just came out
_commanderepicw00k13_: i requested it from the library a while ago and it still hasn’t come
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Ethan Fromme is an adult classic.
_superninja1234_: @all4one: did he write island?
_commanderepicw00k13_: @bookworm Percy Jackson or Island?
_All40ne_: @Firekitty Nope
_superninja1234_: @firekitty: nope
_totalharrypotterfan_: @Firekitty: Nope. Surprise, surprise.
_Readiac_: @FireKitty: No never heard of it. I have to read The Old Man and the Sea and Animal Farm.
_bookworm_86_: @commander: Percy Jackson
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Wow, you guys are reading really advanced books! I think you’re smarter than when I was a kid. :-)
_totalharrypotterfan_: How many Artemis Fowl books are there?
_Hulagurl_: Has anyone here read The Inkheart seties?
_jexx200_: @all40ne I got to meet Gordon Korman when i was at the book launch for the second 39 clues
_doglovegirl_: no!
_totalharrypotterfan_: @Readiac: Animal Farm! That’s a great book.
_Hulagurl_: I meant series
Guest-9 A and Guest-10 A, if you want to participate in the chat, just
click on “Sign In” underneath the blue bar that says “STACKS chat”
_commanderepicw00k13_: @ bookworm Percy Jackson is the best series I’ve ever read. little below my reading level but w/e
_superninja1234_: anyone read the bone series. i had to do a review on it
_Readiac_: Inkheart is awesome!
_All40ne_: @totalharrypotterfan I think there are five
_Firekitty_: @Hulagirl: I am an Inkheart obsessive!!!
_bookworm_86_: @commander: ok, thanks :)
_totalharrypotterfan_: @superninja: Charlie Bone? Or just bone?
_doglovegirl_: Hey guys I’m signing into write4ever my other account ok!
For all those young preteen/teen artists and writers out there, like
me, you guys should really check out that PUSH anthology of the best
young writers and artists in America I bought the one from July 2008 it
was very cool! Plus, it’s from Scholastic, so I’m doing promotional
work here :-)
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: The BONE series is one of the featured books/series in the Challenge!
_lily849_: I am currently reading “The Alchemyst” By Michael Scott. I think it is well writen and really good!
@totalharrypotterfan: Yeah it was interesting. My mom explained how it
all related to the Russian revolution. It was interesting.
_bookworm_86_: @doglovegirl: ok!
_superninja1234_: @totalharrypotterfan: just bone, charlie bone is good though
_lily849_: Bone is a really good series!
_Hulagurl_: @firekitty Which is your favorite book?
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @afropuffhippie: Thanks for the plug for Scholastic! Note to everyone else: PUSH is for teens.
_commanderepicw00k13_: is the alchemyst te one w. the auras and stuff?
_superninja1234_: @karen: yeah i just took the quiz on it today
_bookworm_86_: has anybody read diamond willow? it’s really amazing
_totalharrypotterfan_: @Readiac: Really? I just thought it was a slightly strange book.
_Readiac_: @lily849: I’ve read that book! There is a second one I think.
_bookworm_86_: @superninja, yeah it is!
_lily849_: My favorite book is ” A dog’s life”
_totalharrypotterfan_: How about the Harry Potter series? xD
_Firekitty_: @Hulagirl: I like them all…. can’t decide!
_superninja1234_: @bookworm: what is?
_bookworm_86_: @;lily: mine is diamond willow
_babygirl35_: What you talk’in ’bout?
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: So, I’m curious . . . what’s your favorite part of the Summer Challenge?
_superninja1234_: @totalharrypotterfan: i’m looking forward to seeing the new harry potter movie
_Hulagurl_: @firekitty me too!!!
_bookworm_86_: @superninja: charlie bone
_lily849_: @readiac: THere are actually three so far and i think there’s supposed to be 6
_Readiac_: @totalharrypotterfan: Oh yeah Snowball, Napolean, Old major, and some of the other characters represented real people!
@totalharrypotterfan I think the books are WAY to detailed (by that, I
mean it talks about their everyday life for about 50 or so pages.) But
the storyline is great
_totalharrypotterfan_: @superninja: I know! I want to see the midnight premier, but I doubt I’ll be allowed.
_lily849_: @Stacks_Admin: What is your favorite book?
_babygirl35_: Does anyone know when the newest movie is coming out?
OMG I want to see the harry potter movie it looks cool even though I
don’t usually like those movies. The books are much much better.
_All40ne_: @Karen The message boards, the profiles, and the chats
_superninja1234_: @totalharrypotterfan: same here
_Hulagurl_: Has anyone her read The Outsiders? It’s an amazing book.
_lily849_: @babygirl35: What movie?
_totalharrypotterfan_: All40ne: They are a bit detailed, but sometimes that’s a good thing.
_doglovegirl_: hi
_bookworm_86_: @babygirl: for harry potter? i think sometime in july.
_Stacks_Admin_: Well, technically i speak for all of The STACKS, so it’d be hard to choose!
_totalharrypotterfan_: @lily: HP 6
_babygirl35_: hi
_doglovegirl_: Sorry I had to log off for a second
_lily849_: @Hulagurl: I love the Outsiders!
_bookworm_86_: @hulagirl: among the outsiders or just the outsiders?
_superninja1234_: @hulagirl: yeah i’ve heard of the outsiders
_babygirl35_: Hi doglovegirl!
_lily849_: @Stacks_Admin: Okay!
_superninja1234_: @doglovegirl: hi
_Readiac_: @lily849: Really? There will be six? I need to read the others.
_lily849_: @babygirl35: Hello!
_80′s My Little Pony_: hi?
_penguin2009_: i like the videos
_bookworm_86_: @dlg: welcome back!
_lily849_: @penguin2009: What vidoes?
_Firekitty_: Hi 80s My little Pony
_doglovegirl_: what videos?
_Hulagurl_: @bookworm86 Just The Outsiders.
_80′s My Little Pony_: me too
_babygirl35_: yeah, what videos?
_penguin2009_: there are videos on the summer challenge page where u take the quizzes
_bookworm_86_: @80′s mlp: hi what team are you on?
_80′s My Little Pony_: Hi Fire Kitty!
_babygirl35_: whats that?
_lily849_: Hey, everybody! How many books do you plan to read over the summer?
_Firekitty_: Hey 80s MLP- what team are you on?
_80′s My Little Pony_: team?
_superninja1234_: @totalharrypotterfan: what team are you on?
_totalharrypotterfan_: @lily: Too many.
_doglovegirl_: 1,000 maybe.
_lily849_: @penguin2009: Oh, those videos! I know what your talking about!
_Hulagurl_: The Outsiders was such a wonderful book. It made me cry.
_superninja1234_: @lily849: 16
_bookworm_86_: @hulagirl: ok. i’ve read among the outsiders (great book!) but not the outsiders
_totalharrypotterfan_: @superninja: What are you talking about?
_afropuffhippie_: The outsiders seems interesting my sister had to read it I think in 7th grade
_babygirl35_: i don’t!
_lily849_: @doglovegirl: Seriously?
_Stacks_Admin_: New videos are going to be added ALL summer, so check that that page weekly! (at least!)
@totalharrypotterfan: Animal Farm was about the Russian revolution.
Snowball Napolean and some other characters represent real people!!
_All40ne_: @lily849 Books come in all sizes. So, I just stick with the minutes.
_bookworm_86_: @ 80;s mlp: for the summer reading challenge. that’s what this chat is all about.
_80′s My Little Pony_: Outsiders?
_doglovegirl_: I’m a very quick reader
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: How frequently do you guys come back to the Summer Challenge site? Anyone here who logs in every day?
_superninja1234_: @totalharrypotterfan: i said what team are you on, purple, blue, yellow, green?
_bookworm_86_: @Stacks Admin: cool!
_totalharrypotterfan_: @Readiac: I see.
_commanderepicw00k13_: @ afropuff hippe i think its a lil mature for 7th graders…
_bookworm_86_: @dlg: me too
_jexx200_: Does anyone like the Alex Rider series?
_doglovegirl_: ME!!!!!!
_Stacks_Admin_: Guest-16 A, to participate in the chat, just click “Sign In” under the blue bar that says “STACKS Chat”
_lily849_: @totalharrypotterfan: LOL!
_80′s My Little Pony_: oh, yeah, Green Team!
_totalharrypotterfan_: @superninja: Er, I guess I don’t have a team.
_bookworm_86_: @jexx: never heard of it
_doglovegirl_: GO GREEN TEAM!
_lily849_: @jexx200: i love that series!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Btw, the videos are all celebs or authors talking to us about books. I was there for some of the filming sessions!
_afropuffhippie_: @Karen I log on at least every other day it’s pretty cool
_Hulagurl_: @Readiac: I read Animal Farm
_commanderepicw00k13_: @jexx200 i liked that series. i’m into action spy stuff
_Readiac_: @totalharrypotterfan: My mom is a history teacher so she of course had to explain every aspect of the book.
_superninja1234_: Anyone read city of ember?
_bookworm_86_: @doglovegirl: that’s right! yeah greens!
_Hulagurl_: GO BLUE TEAM!!!!!!!!
_jexx200_: @stacksadmin I log in about 4x a week
_lily849_: @superninja1234: I love that series!
_80′s My Little Pony_: green is my least favorite color, but Go Green Team! :)
_commanderepicw00k13_: pfft! green has all other teams beat by miles
_kidreporteralan_: No.
_bookworm_86_: @hulagirl: greens gonna win…
_Firekitty_: @Superninja: Yeah, I love those books! I have to see the movie…
_Readiac_: @hulagurl: Cool! It was an interesting book. A little odd but good. I found the ending vry interesting.
_afropuffhippie_: Oh cool! My grandma told me about Animal Farm after I read War Of The Worlds! Was it good?
_doglovegirl_: Who likes the green team!
_bookworm_86_: @commander: oh yeah! tell it loke it is!
_doglovegirl_: Green so is going to win
_bookworm_86_: @ commander i mean like it is
_lily849_: @bookworm86: Don’t be so sure! *wink* (go purple!)
_80′s My Little Pony_: it is?
_fabchick_: i like the green team! WOOHOO!
_bookworm_86_: @dlg: i do! yeah green!
_commanderepicw00k13_: yes we r. i’d wookie call again but nvm
_kidreporteralan_: Blue is gonna win.
_SpringBookLover_: Go Green!
Speaking of winning . . . if you’re on the winning team, where will
you vote for Scholastic to make the special donation? Early Childhood,
Literacy, Emergency Relief, or Getting Active?
_80′s My Little Pony_: you do?
_doglovegirl_: No green
_All40ne_: Green Team will win this month
_bookworm_86_: @lily: don’t count your chickens before they hatch…
_lily849_: Go purple!
_commanderepicw00k13_: green team will win every month
_kidreporteralan_: I agree.
_lily849_: @KAren: I would vote for Early Chidhood!
_SpringBookLover_: yeah!
@afropuffhippie: Yeah Animal Farm was good. If you know how it relates
to the Russian revolution it makes it even more interesting.
_bookworm_86_: @Karen: good question! probably early childhood
_Stacks_Admin_: Guest-18 A, to participate in the chat, just click “Sign In” under the STACKS Chat blue bar
_SpringBookLover_: IDK who i’d vote for
_Firekitty_: @Karen: Probably emergency relief, for hurricanes and stuff
_kidreporteralan_: I meant with bookworm.
_All40ne_: @commander That’s what I want to hear!!
_lily849_: @bookworm86: Speaking of chickens, i love chickens!
_80′s My Little Pony_: This chat is confusing! all these posts come up so Quick!
_jexx200_: @lily849 I’m purple too, log those minutes, baby!
_SpringBookLover_: Hmmm…
_doglovegirl_: i can’t post
_SpringBookLover_: Chickens?
I know I must sound really dumb right now since I’m a team captian but
I had no idea there was a Purple team LOL. That’s weird, right?
_SpringBookLover_: purple?
_lily849_: @jexx200- Oh yes i have!
_Firekitty_: Chickens!
_kidreporteralan_: lily849, I love to eat chicken.
_80′s My Little Pony_: I like Unicorns!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Chicken?! What are you guys TALKING about? You crack me up.
_All40ne_: Chickens?
_SpringBookLover_: Ahgh!
_lily849_: HAs anyone clicked on the Smartycard ad on the SUmmer Challenge site?
_Hulagurl_: bookworm86: BLUE TEAM RULES!!!! I was previous Blue team captain. all blue team people, READ READ READ!!!!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: I’m LOLing right now!
_afropuffhippie_: @Firekitty Go chickens!
_Allie_Finkle_Fan_: oh i finally found it!
_commanderepicw00k13_: Chickens! got 12
_SpringBookLover_: No
_rockinchic_: do chickens eat chocolate?
_Allie_Finkle_Fan_: This is my first Live Chat
_Firekitty_: @ Karen: I don’t really know…… ;)
_commanderepicw00k13_: chickens! got 12
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome, Allie_Finkle_Fan!
_kidreporteralan_: I love fried chicken!
_All40ne_: This is starting to make my head spin!
_SpringBookLover_: no!
_Allie_Finkle_Fan_: Hi!
_SpringBookLover_: Adios!
_rockinchic_: this is my first live chat
_lily849_: This is cool!
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome, rockinchic!
_Hulagurl_: Why is everyone talking about chicken?
_lily849_: The smartycard thing is awesome! i GOT A CLUB PENGUIN MEMBERSHIP FOR FREE!
_Allie_Finkle_Fan_: When is the next one?
_afropuffhippie_: Fried chicken’s where it’s at! Love it!
_doglovegirl_: I knew there was purple
Okay, wait, getting off the subject of chicken for a second. NO
PROMISES, but . . . if we decided to extend the Summer Challenge into
the school, would you continue to participate? What would you want the
site to have? Any ideas for a name for it?
_rockinchic_: thanks
_kidreporteralan_: No, I don’t think chickens eat chocolate
_lily849_: @rockinchic; Me too!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: I mean, into the school year. Gosh, I really am typing too fast today!
_All40ne_: Since everyone is saying chickens. KFC anyone?
_Allie_Finkle_Fan_: What’s with all the chicken
_commanderepicw00k13_: chickens cant eat chocolate. i should kno
_Allie_Finkle_Fan_: i had chicken for dinner
_rockinchic_: too bad chocolate is awesome
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @commanderepicw00k13: I don’t even want to know how you know that!
_kidreporteralan_: I’m in for KFC!
_redconverse_: hi^-^
_afropuffhippie_: You guys are just ignoring Karen, aren’t you? Wow.
_doglovegirl_: Hi again!
_All40ne_: Why would chickens eat chocolate
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome, redconverse!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Yeah, affropuffhippie! Thank you! ;-)
_commanderepicw00k13_: @ rockinchic but i wouldnt wanna waste it on chickens
_lily849_: @Karen: Yeah, that would be awesome! How about Scholastic School reading Challenge?
@Karen: First a summer reading challenge, then a fall reading
challenge, then a winter reading challenge and a spring reading
_Allie_Finkle_Fan_: KFC is evil
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Ha ha, I see all your responses now. :-)
@Karen: YES I would participate! That would be cool! I rembember when
they were going to close the boards for school and we all were like NOO
so they kept it open.
_doglovegirl_: Yea why?
_Hulagurl_: Karen stacks staffer :I would love an excuse to read.
_Readiac_: Hey redconverse!
_kidreporteralan_: All40ne, I don’t know.
_rockinchic_: I know
_afropuffhippie_: Good idea, @Firekitty
_kidreporteralan_: But KFC is good!
_doglovegirl_: be right back
_All40ne_: @Readiac That’s because the boards are awesome!
_redconverse_: @readiac:hi,whats up?
_commanderepicw00k13_: @karen i “dont” have chickens….?
_lily849_: KFC is too greasy!
_Readiac_: I don’t get the SmartyCard thing. Could anyone tell me?
_Allie_Finkle_Fan_: i’m waiting for the message to come out
_kidreporteralan_: We’re talkin’ about chicken!
_Hulagurl_: now I feel like eating chicken
_80′s My Little Pony_: is the “Summer reading buzz” board called the “I miss summer reading buzz” board in winter?
_afropuffhippie_: On The east Coast time is almost Up! I wish it was longer!
_Readiac_: @redconverse: Just chatting about books!
_lily849_: Ok, can we please stop talking about chickens???
_bookworm_86_: @lily: they have that grilled kind now
_Allie_Finkle_Fan_: i ate chicken
_bookworm_86_: @Hulagirl: me too
@Readiac: As you log minutes on the Challenge, you’re also working
towards SmartyCard rewards. When you reach certain levels, you can
redeem for actual SmartyCard points on their site.
_redconverse_: @readiac:cool
_bookworm_86_: @ Readiac: :) and chicken
_Firekitty_: Chicken or turkey? That is the question.
_commanderepicw00k13_: how did we get on the subject of chickens?
@karenstacksstaffer I think you should continue it into school
year…it would be great if we could tie this into the books we read at
school, like an online book club/study group.
@Readaic: Log into your Summer reading challenge account and click
start the challenge. then u should see an ad that says Smartycard
_Readiac_: @Karen: So what do we do with SmaryCard points?
Alright, guys, I hate to break up this thrilling conversation about
chickens, but we’re almost out of time. Before we end the chat, I want
to ask for suggestions for future chat topics. Anything you guys want
to talk about?
_lily849_: @commander; someone said “don’t counts ur chickens”
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @Readiac: You can redeem SmartyCard points for stuff like Club Penguin membership and other prizes.
_Readiac_: @bookworm_86: Of course chicken too.
_lily849_: @readiac- you do educational quizzs to earn points and get cool rewards!
_commanderepicw00k13_: Percy Jackson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_bookworm_86_: @commander: somebody said purple waould win and i said not to count her chickens bfore they hatch.
_redconverse_: we’re almost out of time?!aww,darn….i just got here….
_commanderepicw00k13_: @lily thank you
_bookworm_86_: @lily, yeah, sorry that waas me
_Hulagurl_: kidreaporteralan:are you a reporter for scholastic? I am. I am also the previous blue team captain.
_Readiac_: @Karen: Ok thanks!
_kidreporteralan_: Percy rules!
_commanderepicw00k13_: @bookworm. you tell ‘em. green’s gonna win
_rockinchic_: yea too bad
_lily849_: @bookworm; actually i said go purple not purple will win!
_All40ne_: @Karen Maybe our everyday lives.
_Allie_Finkle_Fan_: why cant the chat be longer?
_80′s My Little Pony_: The Unicorn Chronicles is a good series!
_afropuffhippie_: Oh, I have a suggestion! A whole chat about chickens since you guys love them so much LOL (me Too!!!)
_rockinchic_: i agree percy does rule
_kidreporteralan_: Yes I am.
_Firekitty_: Gotta go. See ya! Can’t wait to read the transcipt.
_commanderepicw00k13_: @kidreporteralan u can say that again
_bookworm_86_: @comander: totally
_Hulagurl_: GO BLUE TEAM!!!
_lily849_: @Karen; how much time do we have left? Is it possible to extend the time??? PLEASE!
_doglovegirl_: hi again!
_bookworm_86_: @aff: it started at 4. well, 4 eastern time, which im in
_redconverse_: @karen:we could chat about random stuff…or books…two of my fave things…
_doglovegirl_: This chat is ending soon right?
_kidreporteralan_: I read all 7 Harry Potter books. Who else did?
_bookworm_86_: @ lily: it started an hour ago
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: We won’t end right at 5:00 since we started a few minutes late to allow more people to join.
_rockinchic_: kidreporteralan have you read the last olipian?
_doglovegirl_: not me!
_Allie_Finkle_Fan_: how come all of the accounts i see have stacks admin as their friend?
_bookworm_86_: @redconverse: haha lol me too
_80′s My Little Pony_: isn’t Xenophillius a cool name?
_lily849_: Is it possible to extend the chat time???> Please can you! This so much fun!
_doglovegirl_: Green team rules!
_All40ne_: Green team will WIN!
_redconverse_: @kidreporteralan:i’m reading the first one…
_bookworm_86_: @hulagirl: hate to pop your bubble, but so will green teem
_jexx200_: Keep reading Purple Team!
_Hulagurl_: kidreaporteralan: Iread the whole series more than once
_kidreporteralan_: I like this chat.
_lily849_: @Karen: Is it possible to keep the chat up for another ten minutes or something at least?
The STACKS_Admin is automatically your friend if you sign up for a
profile on THE STACKS, but if you want you can remove me. =*(
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @lily849: We’ll keep the chat going for 10 more minutes.
_bookworm_86_: @Karen: plus, some people (like me) had to download java
_Allie_Finkle_Fan_: oh man it’s 4 o’clock! :(
_rockinchic_: when is the next live chat?
_Readiac_: GO GREEN!
_doglovegirl_: This chat is so much fun!
_bookworm_86_: @doglovegirl & allforone: totally! we WILL win!
_Stacks_Admin_: @doglovegirl: we’re glad you like it :)
_Allie_Finkle_Fan_: I WILL NOT REMOVE YOU!
_bookworm_86_: @Karen: cool!
_lily849_: @Karen; Yay! You are the best!
_Hulagurl_: GO BLUE TEAM!!!! KEEP READING!!!!! WE CAN WIN THIS!!!!!!
_bookworm_86_: @Readiac: yup!
_doglovegirl_: Thank you Karen!
_All40ne_: @Readiac I’ll say!
_redconverse_: thi chat is awesome….even though i goth ere like 5 or 6 minutes ago…
_commanderepicw00k13_: @bookworm wat about me? :’( lol
_redconverse_: *this
_bookworm_86_: @aff: me neither!
_kidreporteralan_: I enjoy speed stacking. Anyone else?
_bookworm_86_: @commander: oh, you too!
_rockinchic_: me
_Readiac_: We shall unleash the power of mother nature upon you all! Mwahaha!
The next chat will be on Saturday, July 25, at 4PM ET (just like today).
The topic will be announced on the Ink Splot 26 blog
_Allie_Finkle_Fan_: live chat is awesome
_bookworm_86_: kidreporteralan: yeah not rallyt
_commanderepicw00k13_: @kidreporter speed stack is great. i can do the 3-6-3 in less than 4 secs
_lily849_: @Stacks_Admin: How many moderators on the whole STACKS are there total?
_80′s My Little Pony_: Why is this website called The Stacks?
_commanderepicw00k13_: @bookworm :D
_Hulagurl_: I’m having a lot of fun! GO BLUE TEAM!!!!!
_All40ne_: @kidreporteralan Kind of
_bookworm_86_: @kidreporteralan: i mean really
_bookworm_86_: @stacks admin: ooh another chat!
_Emmafan911_: oh maaaan, I slept in! AGAIN! :P
_doglovegirl_: I love these chats!
_Allie_Finkle_Fan_: is it possible to extend it to at least thirty more minutes?
_lily849_: @80′s my little pony: cuz its about books! Get it, stacks on a bookshelf!
_Readiac_: Ok what team had the most people here?
_doglovegirl_: I can’t wait until the next one
_Stacks_Admin_: @lily849: There are about 10 moderators on THE STACKS, plus staffers (like Carly M, Carly H, and Karen)
_commanderepicw00k13_: this is my first chat ever and i’m lovin it.
_wizboy_: I am on the blue team
_Hulagurl_: I cant wait for the next chat!!!! Im having a lot of fun talking to you guys. GO BLUE TEAM!!!
_bookworm_86_: @emmafan: hey jess! you got here like 5 minutes before it ended
_lily849_: Hello, emmafan911! I have seen you on the allie finkle boards!
_doglovegirl_: me too
_kidreporteralan_: Sorry about the two messages on one topic. It was a mistake.
_doglovegirl_: I love this chat!
_bookworm_86_: @commander: ditto
_lily849_: @Stack_Admin: Ok! Thanks!
_Allie_Finkle_Fan_: can someone answer my question? Can we extend the chat?
_Emmafan911_: @Allie_Finkle_Fan that’s a good idea! I seem to sleep in everytime there’s a chat! :)
_redconverse_: i’m on ummm i’m not sure…i think the blue team….
_wizboy_: This is my first time too. This is awesome!!!
_All40ne_: This is fun!
_Emmafan911_: I’m in the yellow team =)
_bookworm_86_: @dlg: me too!
_commanderepicw00k13_: @bookworm Props for green team first time chatters
_bookworm_86_: @ emmafan: you’re like the only yellow…
_Hulagurl_: GO BLUE TEAM!!!!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @Allie_Finkle_Fan: Yup, we’re extending it until 5:10 ET. (So everyone gets some extra time to talk about chickens.)
_wizboy_: This is so fun!!!
_lily849_: @Karen: Haha! You are hilarious!
_bookworm_86_: @karen: :D sorry. i started that on accident
_doglovegirl_: Only 5 more minutes!
_All40ne_: Chickens! w00t!
_redconverse_: @hulagurl:i yep!!go blue team!!^-^
_wizboy_: Go blue!!!!!!!!
_commanderepicw00k13_: @ karen pssssst! everyone stopped talking about chickens.lol dont get them started
_Allie_Finkle_Fan_: YAY! wait do we have to talk about chickens?
_80′s My Little Pony_: Define “Chickens”
_lily849_: theres a yellow team???
_kidreporteralan_: Who likes Artemis Fowl?
_Readiac_: @Karen: How do we know what team had the most people here?
_Hulagurl_: afropuffhippie:I WAS THE PREVIOUS BLUE TEAM CAPTAIN!!!! GO BLUE TEAM!!!!!
_lily849_: Is staffer a word?????
_wizboy_: In Harry Potter the ending is SO good
_redconverse_: wait….how did we get on the topic of chickens anyways….?
_lily849_: Go Chickens! rah rah!
_doglovegirl_: I don’t want this too end!
_bookworm_86_: bye everybody! i have to go!
_Stacks_Admin_: Thanks for joining, bookworm_86!
_Allie_Finkle_Fan_: ok
_commanderepicw00k13_: @bookworm c ya
_doglovegirl_: Bye bookworm86!
_bookworm_86_: redconverse: me on accident. you weren’t here
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Ha ha, no one has to talk about chickens. I was just kidding.
_redconverse_: @bookworm_86:bye
_lily849_: Gimme a C gimme a H gimme an I gimme a C gimme a K gimme an E gimme an M
_All40ne_: @bookworm86 See ya!\
_80′s My Little Pony_: does Artemis fowl have to do with chickens?
_wizboy_: Who was talking about Chickens?
_Hulagurl_: bye bookworm86!!
_redconverse_: @bookworm_86:ohhh okay
_doglovegirl_: 3 more minutes
_afropuffhippie_: You guys are awesome!!! LOL Chickens
_lily849_: @Myself(lily849): What does that spell? Chickems! Huh??
_All40ne_: I accidentilly hit the \ button
_lily849_: ME!!!!!
_commanderepicw00k13_: i should go too. GO GREEN TEAM!!!! <chewbacca call>
_wizboy_: I will see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_lily849_: @wizboy: moi!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: You guys are hilarious. These chats are truly one of my favorite parts of working on THE STACKS.
_kidreporteralan_: No, 80′s My Little Pony.
_lily849_: 3 minutes!
_lily849_: 3 minutes left!!!
_redconverse_: mawhahahaha,sorry i felt like doing that…^-^
_All40ne_: @Karen Who could argue with that?
_kidreporteralan_: I like soccer.
_Readiac_: @Karen: We should do chats more often!
_lily849_: @all4one: Yeah!
_All40ne_: 2 minutes!
_doglovegirl_: 1 more minute
_Allie_Finkle_Fan_: hi people. sorry i just felt like doing that lol
Hi everyone, time to end the chat! Check back on our awesome Ink Splot
26 Blog for a transcript of this chat in a couple days (so you can read
this over and over and over again! — http://blog.scholastic.com/ink_splot_26/)
_80′s My Little Pony_: maybe you should have a chat all about chickens someday!
_redconverse_: 1 more minute….awwww darn!!
_Stacks_Admin_: The next chat is on Saturday, July 25 at 4PM — mark your calendars! We’ll announce the chat topic on the blog.
_All40ne_: Please! I don’t want this to end this way :(
_afropuffhippie_: It’s 5:10 ET!!! UH this stinks : * (
_doglovegirl_: OH COME ON!
_doglovegirl_: IT’S 5:10
_lily849_: @Mylittlepny-Yeah chickens rock!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @Allie_Finkle_Fan: We extended the chat for an extra 10 minutes. But don’t worry, we’ll have another chat next month!
_redconverse_: darn…it is ending,well i had fun…
_kidreporteralan_: Could you make a chat earlier?
_lily849_: They did extend it for ten minutes
_Hulagurl_: bye bookworm86
_Allie_Finkle_Fan_: if it ended how come we’re still here?
_jexx200_: Bye, everyone!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Allie_Finkle_Fan’s right. We’re about to kick you guys off! :-)
_kidreporteralan_: See You
_All40ne_: Well Green Team will win! You’ll all see! All40ne out.
_lily849_: BYE!!!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Bye, everyone!
_Readiac_: Bye everyone! Until next time!
_doglovegirl_: Bye everyone
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