March 16, 2009

STACKS Kids on Book-to-Movie Adaptations

Live Chat Transcript,March 14, 2009:4-5 p.m. ET

_Stacks_Admin_: Hi! Welcome to today’s chat. We’ll get started right at 4PM
_WolfFriend_: Ok, stupid question, but is this how this works? :P I’ve never been to a live chat on here…
No worries, it’s not a stupid question! Just respond to the messages
you see in the chatroom. We’ll post topics to talk about. Your messages
will be reviewed and accepted by a moderator and added into the
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Hi, guys! I love it when people show up early! Guest-2A, you should sign in so that you can participate!
_Firekitty_: Hi everyone! =D
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome, Firekitty!
_fabchick_: Hello!
_WolfFriend_: Allo, Firekitty!!! =D
_dude4550_: hey!
_Firekitty_: Hey Wolffriend!! Nice to see you here.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: hi bloggers!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Hi, everybody!
_iceegirl88_: Hey is it open?
_jopy_: yeah
_Stacks_Admin_: Yup! We’ll get started in about . . . 11 minutes! For now, just chat amongst yourselves. =)
_iceegirl88_: oh ok
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: the movie talk starts at 4:00
_jopy_: this is my first live chat
_dude4550_: cool
_dude4550_: me too
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: me too
_i-luv-cheese_: i was there last time
_fabchick_: Me too!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: was it fun?
_fabchick_: we talked about theinauguration.
_fabchick_: last time.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: anyone dance?
_iceegirl88_: i remember you i luv cheese and fabchick
_iceegirl88_: u remember me?
_fabchick_: @icegirl88 :-)
_WolfFriend_: I’m so smart, I actually managed to FIND this chat. =P I was totally clueless as to where the last one was…
@ WolfFriend: We’ll always let you guys know about upcoming chats on
our blog, on the message boards, and in the announcement section on
your profile (it’s in the bottom left corner of your profile page).
_jopy_: i was scared that i could not find it
_iceegirl88_: @WolfFriend lol
_jopy_: dance?
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: anyone friends here?
_dude4550_: sooo
_jopy_: what is the watching zone
@ jopy: The “Watching” zone means that you haven’t submitted a message.
The “Waiting” zone means that you sent in a message and it’s waiting to
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_Firekitty_: Is there going to be a transcript of this chat? Just wondering
_Stacks_Admin_: Of course! We’ll post it a few days, probably on Monday. Just check the Ink Splot blog for the link!
_jopy_: oh thanks!(my first chat)
_Stacks_Admin_: The mods will also know when the transcript is up, so they’ll let you know.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: what does transcript mean?
_iceegirl88_: Where is the transcript of the inauguration chat?
_Firekitty_: Cool! Thanks Stacks Admin!
_Stacks_Admin_: We posted it on the blog — we’ll send out a link at the end of the chat
_jopy_: you can see it under file
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: To clarify, you can see the transcript of this chat at any time in the “File” menu.
_Stacks_Admin_: a transcript is when we put a copy of the chat online for you guys to read over and over and over and over again
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: I actually never knew that! I just learned something new from jopy!
_iceegirl88_: ok thanks
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: oh
_jopy_: happy to help
_iceegirl88_: where is the file menu?
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: In the upper left corner.
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: See it? It’s next to Options and Help.
_iceegirl88_: oh yah
_iceegirl88_: thank you
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: I was sad I did not get to see the alie finkle web cast it was not working
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @ stuffmudkiptoy: That’s too bad! What happened?
_WolfFriend_: Hi _lucca4_!
_jopy_: it’s 4:00
_Stacks_Admin_: Alright, on to BOOKS and MOVIES! What book-to-movie adaptations have you liked or disliked?
_jopy_: @firekitty what do you think of the coralin movie
_WolfFriend_: Hey, it’s not 4:00. It’s 4:01. Ha. lol :P
_jopy_: harry potter was a good movie
_i-luv-cheese_: which harry potter movie
_Firekitty_: The Harry Potter movies, Coraline. and Inkheart are some of my favorite book/movie adaptions.
_fabchick_: i LOVE anything harry potter!
_WolfFriend_: Did anyone read&see The City of Ember?
_jopy_: all of them were
_jopy_: good
_dude4550_: over here its 3:00
_jopy_: i have the book city of ember
_lucca4_: I didn’t like HP movies after the 2nd one.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: my brother did read and saw the city of ember
_Firekitty_: @Wolffriend: I read City of Ember but it wasn’t in the local theater…
_jopy_: i never saw the movie
_Stacks_Admin_: City of Ember is on DVD now! So maybe you can get your parents to pick up a copy :)
_WolfFriend_: @Firekitty: I don’t know if City of Ember was ever in theaters… :P I never saw it anywhere, ‘cept when we rented it…
_Stacks_Admin_: For those of you who liked the HP movies – which one was your fave?
_jopy_: that would be cool
_dude4550_: what about twilight?
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: inkheart was kind of different then the book
_Firekitty_: The Secret Garden is another book and movie I like, they did a good job making it into a movie.
_lucca4_: Inkheart was SO much different. I didn’t like how Mo didn’t have an english accent
_Firekitty_: My favorite HP movie is the third. No Voldemort. ;-)
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: maybe the makers of inkheart did not think they would make inkspell
_jopy_: i really want to read inkheart but i can’t find it at the library
_fabchick_: my favortie HP movie is also #3
_WolfFriend_: @Firekitty: Yeah, I saw two different version of the Secret Garden… but I never read the book. :P
_i-luv-cheese_: @Firekitty – if there’s no voldemort then there’s no bad guy
_i-luv-cheese_: SECRET GARDEN is AWESOME you should it
_i-luv-cheese_: i mean read it
_jopy_: ecre garden i did’nt know they had a moviesSend: i read th
_jopy_: i have read it
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: inkheart is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @ stuffedmudkiptoy: Do you mean the book or the movie is awesome? Or both?
_lucca4_: A Little Princess is also a great adaption, except for the end. I don’t want to spoil anything, though.
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: I’ve read all the Ink-Trilogy books and also watched the movie. I enjoyed the movie, but I like the books better.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: the book, mostly
_Firekitty_: @lucca4: I agree about the end…
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome, Farid_of_fire
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Ha ha, Farid_of_fire is just in time! We’re talking about the Inkheart movie! (Among others.)
_Farid_of_fire_: hi!!! i love th ink-trilogy and movie
_lucca4_: @Firekitty: That’s what happens when it’s made by Disney, I guess. =]
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: I tried to read alittle princess but could not get in to it
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: but i love the movie
_jopy_: the borrowers is a movie adaption
What book-to-movie adaptation do you guys think is the best? I’ve got
to say the old version of the Call of the Wild — it was almost exactly
like the book.
_Firekitty_: @lucca4: LOL!
_Farid_of_fire_: i like the inkheart one!!! though ALOT was changed!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: About the Inkheart movie: did you guys know that Cornelia Funke wrote the character of Mo with Brendan Fraser in mind?
_Firekitty_: @Wolffriend: I guess The Secret Garden was my favorite, it was very close to the book!
_jopy_: i think the borrowers book is better
_deedee3_: who likes hsm
_lucca4_: My favorute was probably…Lord of the Rings.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: who was your favorite character in inkheart
_Farid_of_fire_: yah!!!!!!! i love that! she dedicated inkspell to him!!!!!!!
_Firekitty_: @Karen: That’s pretty cool, and perfect for a movie too ;-)
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i love hsm
_deedee3_: i love all of the lord of the rings movies
_Farid_of_fire_: @deedee3 im planing to read them but i have to find a copy
_jopy_: @karen_stacks_staffer she is a good author
_fabchick_: i’ve never seen lord of the rings. i don’t like violent movies.
_i-luv-cheese_: Maybe brendan fraser cant do a english accent
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i saw the last lord of the rings movie
_deedee3_: i thonk that sharpy should have expected the girl to take her role
_Farid_of_fire_: @jopy i love her too!
_Farid_of_fire_: who here LOVES harry potter?
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: ME ME ME!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: =D
_lucca4_: @i-luv-cheese: If he can’t do an accent he shouldn’t have done a movie with English people.
_deedee3_: me
_i-luv-cheese_: @farid i do!
_Firekitty_: @Farid of fire: I love HP!!!!
_lucca4_: @Farid-of-Fire: I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HP!!!
_jopy_: if you leave can you still see the trascriped
_i-luv-cheese_: @lucca4 EXACTLYYYYYYY
_Farid_of_fire_: @karen haha are you all waiting for half blood prince? the trailers look GREAT!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Do you guys like the HP movies or the books better?
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: all my friends were amzed that the actor who played meggie sang the end song
_Stacks_Admin_: @jopy: if you leave, you can just check out the blog later on and we’ll post the whole transcript online
_Stacks_Admin_: @jopy: but don’t leave! :)
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @ stuffedmudkiptoy: Did you see the music video? We have it up on our blog.
_jopy_: cool
_deedee3_: staffers and admin do u have to wait to talk
_jopy_: i’m not but i might have to go
_Farid_of_fire_: @ stuffedmudkiptoy i have that song memerized completely!!!!!!!!
_Firekitty_: @Karen: The books, of course… you just can’t squeeze them into a 3 hour movie…
_Farid_of_fire_: @karen BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!
_Stacks_Admin_: @jopy: Staffers and Admins don’t have to wait :)
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: I prefer the HP books too. I also really like the audio books. That’s kind of between a book and a movie.
_PugHugs_: @Karen The books are definetly better. No competition whatsoever.
_deedee3_: ok
_Stacks_Admin_: @jopy: okay! well if you gotta go, you gotta go. but we’ll definitely post the transcript for you to read online later.
_jopy_: have anyone seen corline?
_lucca4_: @Karen: BOOKS! Definitely!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i loved the music video so i downloaded the song
_Farid_of_fire_: i think the unicorn chronicles would make great movies
_lucca4_: I have to go =[
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Bye, lucca4, thanks for joining!
_Farid_of_fire_: @lucca4 no but i red th book
_lucca4_: This was really fun, though! Thanks for organizing these chat things!
_Stacks_Admin_: Hey all, next question! (since Farid_of_fire has already started talking about it). What book would you make into a movie?
_jopy_: @ stacks admin thanks
_Firekitty_: @Farid of fire: My sister read the unicorn chronicles and loves them!!!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: I think coraline looks scary
_Farid_of_fire_: oh! im ahead! haha the unicorn chronicles
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: farworld!
_Farid_of_fire_: @FireKitty they are awesome!!!!!!1
_deedee3_: esperanza rising should become a movie
_Firekitty_: @Stacks Admin: I think Becoming Naomi Leon would be a great movie, so would The Name of this Book is Secret.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @deedee i agree
_deedee3_: how do u become a staffer or admin
_Stacks_Admin_: The staffer and admins are people who work on the STACKS website
_Farid_of_fire_: i just found out the theif lord was a movie!
_deedee3_: i nthink it is a amazing movie
_Farid_of_fire_: @ FireKitty OMG I LOVE NOAMI LEON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_deedee3_: so u r grown ups
_Stacks_Admin_: yup!
_Firekitty_: @Farid of Fire: Me too! =D
_jopy_: the cronicals of narnia is a good movie
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i think ellie and the bunheads should be a movie
_Farid_of_fire_: oh ive always wondered….now i know!
_deedee3_: i no i love it
_deedee3_: can u change ur icon without leaving the chat
_Farid_of_fire_: @jopy i actually like the movies more than the books in narnia. i dont know why
_Stacks_Admin_: @deedee3 – you’ll have to leave the chat to change your icon.
_Stacks_Admin_: Becoming Naomi Leon seems to be a popular choice! Who would you cast in that movie?
_deedee3_: ok
_marieisarockstar_: wats up
_Stacks_Admin_: welcome, marieisarockstar!
_Farid_of_fire_: i would cast………hm……i don’t know i will have to think about it……
_marieisarockstar_: how r u guys
_Firekitty_: @Stacks Admin: I don’t know… I just think it would be fun to watch! ;-)
_marieisarockstar_: aww thx
_Farid_of_fire_: swell
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome, OHANA812
_jopy_: well i got to go
_Stacks_Admin_: Thanks for joining, jopy!
_deedee3_: im back
_Farid_of_fire_: do you guys think there will be a people of sparks movie?
_Farid_of_fire_: @deedee3 i like ur icon! lol
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: my brother is on the stacks too.
_Firekitty_: @Farid of fire: I sure hope so!!!
_Farid_of_fire_: it would be awsome!
_Stacks_Admin_: Hm, casting a movie is pretty difficult. How about: Who is your favorite movie or tv star?
_deedee3_: do u think wherei’d like to be should be a movie
_deedee3_: i thought it was cute
_marieisarockstar_: How many people think this is boring?
_Farid_of_fire_: OMG! have any of you read the wizard of oz????? in the movie the shoes are red! in the books they are silver!
_deedee3_: i love miranda cosgrove and miley cyrus
_Firekitty_: I think they should make more of Gail Carson Levine’s books into movies. Like they did with Ella Enchanted!
_iluvdavidcook_: @Farid_of_fire: really?? the shoes are silver in the book? didn’t know.
_Farid_of_fire_: @stacks_admin i love eliza bennet (meggie) and Rafi GAvron (Farid!)
_Firekitty_: Farid of fire: I like the book more! Have you read any of the Oz sequels?
@ Firekitty: Did you like the Ella Enchanted movie? I was disappointed
that it was so different from the book. But I do like Hugh Dancy! :-)
_PugHugs_: @farid of fire: Yeah, I thought that was really interesting- they did that to show off the color element more.
_Farid_of_fire_: @ilovedavidcook yup!!!! and she doesn’t say theres no place like home!!!!!!!!!!
_PugHugs_: @Firekitty: With a different director and writer and everything… because Ella Enchanted failed so, so much.
_i-luv-cheese_: Hugh Dancy is also in Confessions of a shopaholic which was a book too
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Except Confessions of a Shopaholic is an adult book. (But I haven’t read it.)
_Farid_of_fire_: @ firekitty no i haven’t but i want to someday!
_marieisarockstar_: Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
_iluvdavidcook_: @PugHugs: what do you mean it “failed”? like at the box office?
_Firekitty_: @Karen: The changes from the book to movie were confusing, but it was still pretty awesome!!
_deedee3_: i like the movie especially the part when she starts singing in the park
_Firekitty_: @Pughugs: Gotta agree. =P
_PugHugs_: Has anyone here read Howl’s Moving Castle and seen the movie? *hopeful*
_Farid_of_fire_: @pughugs never heard of it
_fabchick_: @pughugs: I didn’t know that was a book first!
_fabchick_: Is it any good?
_star2b_: hi and no
_marieisarockstar_: What are we supposed to be doing here?
_Firekitty_: Pughugs: I think I’ve seen the movie…
_marieisarockstar_: @PugHugs: I HAVE
_i-luv-cheese_: @PugHugs no i haven’t
_deedee3_: i have not read or sen the book or movie
_star2b_: what movie?
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @ star2b: We’re talking about Howl’s Moving Castle.
_PugHugs_: @marieisarockstar: YAY! What did you think of it?
_Stacks_Admin_: @marieisarockstar: this is a live moderated chat– we’ve invited kids on the STACKS to talk about books and movies
_PugHugs_: @Firekitty: Not really (though it probably did :P ). I just use that word to say I don’t like things. :P
_iluvdavidcook_: Has anyone seen either of the Narnia movies? <3
_marieisarockstar_: How many people have read Bridge To Terabithia?
_star2b_: oh what`s it about?
_Farid_of_fire_: um this is random, but um have any of you read gossamer by lois lowry? that would make a good movie
_marieisarockstar_: @PugHugs: It wuz awesome!!!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: the golden compass was good-ish but i mostly loved it
_deedee3_: i have
@marieisarockstar: The mood is really different, and the Witch of the
Waste plays a totally different part… though I do like both. ^^
_marieisarockstar_: @iluvdaviscook: i have they r awesome
_Firekitty_: I can’t wait till they make the Percy Jackson and the Olympians movie. Anyone read it?
_deedee3_: i love that movie
_Stacks_Admin_: We did a chat with Dakota Blue Richards from The Golden Compass a while back
_Farid_of_fire_: @mariesarckstar i have!!!!!! i love it but i read it like 2 years ago
_PugHugs_: @Farid of fire: Ooh, I loved that book! So would it be animated?
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: PugHugs makes me think of something: Do you guys prefer animated or live-action movies?
_PugHugs_: @Farid of fire: it would be interesting if they did it like they did Coraline. Hmm…
_Farid_of_fire_: @pughugs no i think it would be a nice emotional human movie
_star2b_: oh was the movie good
@marieisarockstar: which one did you like better, The Chronicles of
Narnia or Prince Caspian? i loved them both a loooot, but I hate how
they had Caspian and Susan kiss. :S
_deedee3_: admin or staffers do u work from home
_deedee3_: i like both
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: wich to read first…?
_marieisarockstar_: I LUV LIVE ACTION
_Firekitty_: @Karen: I certainly do enjoy animated Disney movies… :D
_Stacks_Admin_: Admins and Staffers work in the office and sometimes from home, if we need to :)
_Farid_of_fire_: @karen i like live acton like isaid above
_PugHugs_: I like both, it depends on the plot and all.
_i-luv-cheese_: I liked Coraline, it was stopmotion and 3d
_marieisarockstar_: @iluvdavidcook: prince caspian bcuz caspian is cute!
_fabchick_: @Karen: depends on the movie
@Karen_Stacks_Staffer: hehe, both!! I absolutely adored Coraline.
Spectacular animation. But then live-action movies are super awesome
too, like THeCurious Case of benjamin Button! ;)
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i think the chronicals of Narnia was better
_i-luv-cheese_: acutally i don’t like 3d that much
_Farid_of_fire_: do moderators work from an office?
_deedee3_: do any of u love horse movies
_star2b_: i`m with dd3
@Farid of fire: I imagined the creatures very different.. that would be
interesting to see how they did the makeup and costumes, if it was
_Stacks_Admin_: @Farid_of_fire: mods are the same, some of them work in the office and some work from home.
_marieisarockstar_: 3d is gr8
_Farid_of_fire_: @marisarockstar prince caspian was cute! i know!!!!!!!!!!!! haha
_iluvdavidcook_: @stuffedmudkiptoy: i really liked that one, too. i can never decide between them.
_i-luv-cheese_: 3d gives me a headache
_deedee3_: i like 3d
_Farid_of_fire_: haha i know!
_fabchick_: i want to see the monsters vs aliens 3d!
_star2b_: do u think twlight the movie was better than the book
_marieisarockstar_: @FaridOfFire: I know!!! His real name is Ben Barnes & I love him!
_PugHugs_: @i-luv-cheese: any reason why?
_iluvdavidcook_: The third Narnia movie is coming out in December 2010!!!!! Soooooooooooo excited!!!! “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”!!!! :P
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i wish i could read twillight but you have to be 12 and i am only 10
_Farid_of_fire_: @star2b i have never read or een them….but maybe someday….
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Well, I haven’t read Twilight either. And I am much older than you guys. (Don’t ask me how much older! Ha ha.)
_Firekitty_: @star2b: Twilight = better as a book.
_marieisarockstar_: @star2b: i think the book wuz better
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i love reading!!!!!!!
@star2b: I haven’t actually seen the movie, but it seems like it was
mostly for the fans, and wouldn’t stand well on it’s own. :/
_marieisarockstar_: @star2b: ive read all the books & i think the books were better
_i-luv-cheese_: oh it’s because i have to wear glasses under my 3d glasses its just too much
_Farid_of_fire_: @mariesarockstar i know i ove him! hes great for caspian too!
_deedee3_: i think it would be creepy i wanted to see twilight but i am to young
_EowynCatfanRavengirl85_: @iluvdavidcook I know! I can not wait for Voyage of the Dawn treader I love the book
_Stacks_Admin_: Twilight is definitely for teens and up, and has some scary elements,
_marieisarockstar_: @deedee3: its PG13
_Farid_of_fire_: oh are they making a 3rd narnia movie?
_PugHugs_: @i-luv-cheese: OH. I thought it was something with the movie itself. :P
For those of you talking about Prince Caspian: I know you guys think
the actor is cute. Did he look the way that you expected the character
to look when you read the book?
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: should i read the 39 clues?
_marieisarockstar_: Twilight is PG13
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i hope they make a the boy and his horse movie
_iluvdavidcook_: @Karen: Kind of. I didn’t expect him to have a Spanish accent, or Mediterranean, whatever it is. But it works.
_deedee3_: i am going to buy that book if i have enough money
_Farid_of_fire_: @karen yah pretty much! he is also a good actor too!!!! hes good for aspian and he plays him well
_i-luv-cheese_: Yes, they are making Voyage of Dawn Treader and it’s coming out in 2010.
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @marieisarockstar: LOL!
_PugHugs_: Ooh, is anyone here a Percy Jackson fan? What did you think of the casting?
_iluvdavidcook_: @stuffedmudkiptoy: It’s actually “The Horse and His Boy”. ;)
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: prince caspian is not what i imagined
_Farid_of_fire_: @i love cheee (i know i spelled that wrong!)) is it really!!!!!!!!!!1??????
_EowynCatfanRavengirl85_: @stuffedmudkiptoy you read the boy and his horse?
_deedee3_: who is percy jackson
_Emmafan911_: omg! this is soooo cool! :)
_Firekitty_: @Pughugs: YAY! That movie needs to come out soon. I approve of the cast! ;)
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: yes i have
_PugHugs_: @deedee3: Percy Jackson and the Olympians is a series… I just don’t like typing out the whole series name. :P
_Stacks_Admin_: Logan Lerman, who was also in the HOOT, was cast in Percy Jackson
_iluvdavidcook_: @Emmafan911: hey jess! :)
speaking about caspian being cute…..who here thinks in inkheart Farid
is cute!!!!! i think so even more than prince caspain!!!!!!!!!!! i
adore FArid’s actor
_PugHugs_: Hiiiii Jess!
_iluvdavidcook_: @Stacks_Admin: for which character?
_Firekitty_: @Stacks Admin: Awesome! Didn’t know that.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i love hoot and the book was just like the movie
_Stacks_Admin_: @iluvdavidcook: as Percy Jackson!
_PugHugs_: Percy looks exactly as I expected him to… Grover was a bit surprising, but he sounds good. ^^
My fave movie/book adaption is the first Sisterhood of the Travelling
Pants – I still cry so much!! Oh, and hey Jubilee and Pughugs! :)
_EowynCatfanRavengirl85_: @stuffedmudkiptoy Whoops that was supposed to be have you read it
_PugHugs_: I can’t wait to see who plays Annabeth!
_EowynCatfanRavengirl85_: @hey emmafan
_i-luv-cheese_: a movie i really liked before was Holes
_deedee3_: @stacks admin y don’t u guys just have live chats always
_Farid_of_fire_: i haven’t read pery jackson but i will evebtually… reading the hunger games now
_Firekitty_: Emmafan911: Hi! I LOVE the sisterhood of the traveling pants, thanks for reminding me… ;-)
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i love holes
_iluvdavidcook_: @Emmafan911: I loved that movie!!!
_Farid_of_fire_: yah when are they?
_Stacks_Admin_: @deedee3: we’re really busy working on the website! but, if the chats are popular, we’ll try to have them more often.
The First HP movie is pretty kewl too. That’s one of my faves of the
HP. Oh and PoA because it’s so emotional and I don’t know how to
explain it but it’s done really well. Oh yeah, hey Firekitty! :)
_deedee3_: i like holes also
_PugHugs_: Oh! The Hunger Games would be interesting to see as a movie… though a bit too violent for my tastes.
_Farid_of_fire_: i am so mad they changed so much in inkheart
_deedee3_: i s this a just forming website
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i am about to read the never ending story
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @stuffedmudkiptoy: There’s a great movie based on that book! Have you seen it?
_Emmafan911_: I luv Holes! I ahven’t seen the movie though…
_Stacks_Admin_: Yes, we are in Beta. And we try to update the site as often as possible with cool/new stuff.
_Farid_of_fire_: have you noticed harry potter movies are usualy almost exactly like th books?
_fabchick_: i love the holes movie too
@Farid of fire: it was okay… until the end. I saw it with a friend
who’s an Inkheart fan, and at the end she was just gesturing
indignantly as the screen. xD
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i still like the movie inkheart
_Firekitty_: @stuffedmudkiptoy: I LOVe the neverending story!
_deedee3_: do u ake suggestions from the users
_iluvdavidcook_: @PugHugs: LOL! :D
_Stacks_Admin_: Yes, just post your suggestions on the STACK BACK message boards
they change a move out alot in other movie. I didn’t like the fifth
Harry potter so much. Maybe if they stuck a little more to some things
I would of enjoyed it a bitmroe – a bit more humour would of been great
for it!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: I’m so glad that the seventh HP book is going to be split into two movies. I hope they can fit more of the book in that way.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: the movie is the resion i read inkheart
_Emmafan911_: I used to watch the Never Ending story on Teevee! I luved it! :)
Has anyone seen the Thief Lord movie? Apparently there is one, but I
haven’t gotten around to seeing it yet. I loved the book, though, so if
they ruined it…
_Farid_of_fire_: @karen! WHAT? IT IS!! REALLY!!!!!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @Farid_of_fire: Yup! Unfortunately, they won’t be out in theaters for a while…
_Farid_of_fire_: @PUGHUGS Not yet i just read the book
_EowynCatfanRavengirl85_: @farid of fire Really? I thought they changed too much in them.
_i-luv-cheese_: MORE HP MOVIES they should just keep making them
_Stacks_Admin_: @stuffedmudkiptoy: did you end up liking the movie or book for Inkheart more?
_Firekitty_: OH! I just remembered one of my absolute favorite book to movies: Because of Winn-Dixie. :)
@Emmafan911: Someone with HBP mentioned that they were ‘having a laugh’
with HBP… which I have mixed feelings about, considering the book’s
pretty dark.
_Emmafan911_: I’m gonna start reading…ah…what’s it called? I forgot…the title’s got something to do with a lone person…
_Farid_of_fire_: @karen I DIDN’T KNOW THAT!!!!!!! OMG!!!!
_PugHugs_: What do you HP fans think of the PG rating for Half-Blood Prince?
_iluvdavidcook_: @Firekitty: Awe, I loved that movie. :)
_iluvdavidcook_: Has anyone seen the movie Freedom Writers?? So amazing. Based on a true story, and sort of based on a book.
_Farid_of_fire_: @STACKS ADMIN i lik the books waaaaaaaaayy more
_Farid_of_fire_: @pughugs? is it really pg? wow
_EowynCatfanRavengirl85_: @pughugs no but Im getting it from borders books next week.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i like the book better
_Stacks_Admin_: if the HP movie is in PG, more kids can watch it!
_Firekitty_: @Pughugs: My friend is obsessed with Scipio in the movie!
_jack jack_: hey
_Farid_of_fire_: i cnt wit until inkdeath is a movie!!! it won’t be for a while though
_jack jack_: 1 live chat
_deedee3_: who do u think should play esperanza if it turns into a movie
_Farid_of_fire_: @firekitty i really think scipio should have stayed akid,,,,
_iluvdavidcook_: @Stacks_Admin: I guess, but it might mean that they took out some of the darker stuff, which could “ruin” it. :S
_Firekitty_: @deedee3: I don’t know, but I think it really should be a movie.
_Farid_of_fire_: @stacks admin i geuss but that book is really intense an scary
@Pughugs: I’m not sure, I think that it should be a little darker than
that but as the admin said, mroe kids can watch it so…that basically
means I don’t know. :P
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @jack jack do you dance?
@Stacks Admin: It’s still a little disappointing… I mean, there’s a
death at the end (carefully keeping this spoiler-free…) and the
Inferi… how is that not going to be PG-13-ish?
_deedee3_: who do u think should play esperanza if theyu have a movie
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i do
_Farid_of_fire_: @jack jack i dance and skate (my icon!)
inkdeath was amazing can’t wait for that to be made into a movie, can’t
wait to see the inkheart movie too. I haven’t seen it yet.
_Firekitty_: @Pughugs: Hmmm… I hope they don’t take out all the scary stuff!
_jack jack_: @stuffedmud what do you mean?
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: some movie ratings i don’t agree with
_iluvdavidcook_: Hello? Anyone seen Freedom Writers? ;)
_Farid_of_fire_: @pughugs this is weird it shold be pg13
_jack jack_: no
_jack jack_: my mom did
_PugHugs_: I’m a little worried that parents will take their little kids to HBP and then the kids’ll have nightmares. :P
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i mean your icon
_Firekitty_: iluvdavidcook: No, what’s it about?
_i-luv-cheese_: @iluvdavidcook: i haven’t seen freedom writers
_iluvdavidcook_: @stuffedmudkiptoy: Same here.
_deedee3_: jackjack r u a girl
_jack jack_: american girl was a good movie and a book
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @ jack jack: I’ve never read the books, but I saw the movie. I thought it was cute!
_jack jack_: yes
_Stacks_Admin_: @jack jack: which american girl movie
_jack jack_: the one about molly
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @ jack jack: Oh, I thought you were talking about Kit Kittredge. I’ve never seen the one about Molly.
_jack jack_: i am a girl
_BookWriter101_: I like the lord of the rings movies
_deedee3_: @ staffer do u have to agree to let us say something
_PugHugs_: Has anyone seen The Princess Bride and/or read the book?
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: the princess bride seems close to the (book)?
_Firekitty_: @jackjack: I agree, even though they changed a lot of things about the book.
_Farid_of_fire_: @pughugs i think they’ll know it’s harry potter and Know not to
_ArwenLeopardRaven75_: @jackjack molly was a cute movie
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i like american girls but i have never seen the book
_Farid_of_fire_: @jackjack i saw that but i dont love it it was ok
_Stacks_Admin_: @deedee3: yes, we make sure everything is safe and is spoiler-free.
_PugHugs_: @jack jack: I think they struck a perfect balance with Molly… Felicity went on too long and Samantha was too short.
_Firekitty_: @jackjack: I like the one about Chrissa and the one about Samantha best!
_BookWriter101_: what do you think the best movie to book transition was?
_jack jack_: i havent seen the one about kit
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @jack jack do you have a molly doll
_Farid_of_fire_: woah this thing is almost over alredy!!!!!!
@Firekitty: It’s basically about this teacher who’s class is all kids
who are in gangs. She helps them to put aside thier differences and
stuff, and they write in this diaries,and they make a book and stuff.
My explanation maeks it sounds like a really boring movie, but it’s SO
GOOD. Powerful.
_ArwenLeopardRaven75_: @bookwriter101 I love the Lord of the Rings.
_summertide_: i’ve read te book and loved it
_Firekitty_: Pughugs: Inconceivable!!! (yes, the movie!)
_iluvdavidcook_: @BookWiter101: ME TOO!!!!!!!! Which one’s your favourite?
_ArwenLeopardRaven75_: @POughugs yes Ive read and watched the Princess Bride
_deedee3_: i want to see the one about kit
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i don’t like it when people use stairio types
@stuffedmudkiptoy: Yeah, the same person who wrote the book did the
screenplay… which I think greatly contributed to the closeness of the
_jack jack_: noi have a emily
_BookWriter101_: @pughugs who is the princess bride by?
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: whoops i meen in moves
_Farid_of_fire_: well its been fun but i gotta go! see you guys next time!
@PugHugs: I agree. But the Felicity movie was my favourite. :) Or maybe
the Kit movie. I liked that one a lot. They changed so much stuff, but
I didn’t mind.
_jack jack_: mollys friend
_jack jack_: bye bye
_iluvdavidcook_: Bye, Farid_of_fire!! :)
_Stacks_Admin_: thanks for joining, Farid_of_fire!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: bye farid of fire
_Farid_of_fire_: bye!
_Farid_of_fire_: thanks
@Iluvdavidcook I like the second, it was the funniest. The elf and the
dwarf, i forget their names are my fav charectures! what r urs?
_Stacks_Admin_: Whoa, we’re almost out of time! What did you guys think about having the chat on a Saturday around this time of day?
_deedee3_: ok
_jack jack_: yeah that be cool about what
_summertide_: does anyone think that The Hunger Games would make an awesome movie?I think it would have a high rating though.
_ArwenLeopardRaven75_: @Bookwriter101 Do you mean the Two Towers?
@BookWriter101: The elf is Legolas and the dwarf is Gimli. I think
Frodo or Merry was my favourite. But I really loved them all. :)
_Firekitty_: @Stacks Admin: Weekend chats are better, no homework to do ;-)
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i think it was a good idea i am usually dancing earlyer and am bussy on school days
_PugHugs_: That went quick… I like having it on Saturday. I had something today, but it was a one-time thing, so…
_PugHugs_: OH, I almost forgot: (totally off-topic) HAPPY PI DAY!!!!!
@StacksAdmin YES! I can actually get on these ones! :D It’s sunday and
about 7:-00 and I get up at about six everyday. (I can’t sleep in :P )
_jack jack_: @stack admin what would the chat be about
_Stacks_Admin_: @PugHugs and everyone: And we had PIE in the office. :)
iSend: @Stacks_Admin: I liked it! This was the first chat I’ve been
able to come to, and it was fun. :) I prefer having it on the weekends.
_ArwenLeopardRaven75_: @stacksadmin I think it s cool to have this chat.
_iluvdavidcook_: @PugHugs: Oh yeah!! I forgot about that. :P HAPPY PI DAY EVERYONE!!!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: what were is the transcript going to be again?
_BookWriter101_: happy pi day!
Thanks everyone, sounds like Saturday is a popular day for chats. We’ll
announce on the blog when the next one is scheduled. What would you
guys want to talk about?
_iluvdavidcook_: @Stacks_Admin: Oooh, what kind??
_ArwenLeopardRaven75_: @pughugs HAppy PI day
_jack jack_: happy pie day
@stuffedmudkiptoy: We’ll post the transcript on the blog in a few days.
We’ll also link to it from the announcement section on the profile
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: happy pie day
_summertide_: Happy PI Day!!!
PIE! Whyd din’t you give me some? I mean, I may me on the other side of
the world in Australia but you could at least, SEND some? lol, kidding.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: thanks
_BookWriter101_: What did you all think of the inkheart movie? I think it went a little too fast in the beginning but it was pritty good
_Stacks_Admin_: @iluvdavidcook: we had pecan, apple crumb, and sweet potato pie
_PugHugs_: Fantasy, maybe? Like, in general? How wide does the topic have to be, anyway?
_Emmafan911_: hmmmmmmmm…something book related I guess?
_jack jack_: maybe about the fan fic
_PugHugs_: @BookWriter101: The ending completely failed, but the rest was okay. Dustfinger rocked.
_Emmafan911_: *whimpers* Apple? Oh wai, it’s not Pi day here. It’s Sunday :P
_deedee3_: it is 5:00
_Stacks_Admin_: @PugHugs: we’ll take any suggestions! book-to-movie is pretty general, and it seems to be a lively chat so far
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i like to read realistic fiction
_PugHugs_: Hmmm, maybe music?
_BookWriter101_: @pughugs ya I loved the dustfinger charecture, he was exactly like i pictured
Speaking of Dustfinger, did you guys know that the actor who plays
Dustfinger in the movie and the actor who plays his wife are married in
real life?
_jack jack_: it could be about fanfic board and our storys
_PugHugs_: Or some kind of debate-chat… just bring up hot issues
_PugHugs_: Or environment in general.
_iluvdavidcook_: PugHugs’ suggestion seems good: music. :)
maybe celebrations? And what you do for those celebrations? And it
doesnt have to be the usual christmas and easter cuz everyone doesn’t
celebrate them but it can be any celebration from and religion?
_deedee3_: @admin will u take suggestions and questions on ur profile afterr this
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: eally
_iluvdavidcook_: @Karen: Awe!! That’s so touching! :)
_jack jack_: it’s 5:02
_Stacks_Admin_: @deedee3 post it on the Stack Back board, and Moderator_Jennifer will let us know :)
_Firekitty_: @Pughugs: HAPPY PI DAY!!!
I think the harry potter book to movie worked out great! I just dont
know how they are going to finish the series with the original actors,
they are all growing up faster than they can make the movies, soon they
will all look too old for their charecture! lol
_deedee3_: @admin where is that
_iluvdavidcook_: @Stacks_Admin: Could we talk about different celebrations for the next chat?
_Stacks_Admin_: Yup, we’re running over a little bit . . .
@BookWriter101: for some reason I Pictured Dustfinger as the mole
person from the city of atlantis. LOL I don’t know why!! :P
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i mean really
_iluvdavidcook_: LOL, Jess already suggested that. Oops/ :)
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: bye everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_Emmafan911_: lol. we sure are running over. :P
_BookWriter101_: @summertide lol
_ArwenLeopardRaven75_: emmafan911 I celebrate easter but also purim some people celebrate multiple holidays
_jack jack_: bye every body
_PugHugs_: @BookWriter101: But they’ll be perfect for the epilogue, heheh
_Emmafan911_: LOl, that’s okay Jubilee. :)
_iluvdavidcook_: Bye, stuffedmudkiptoy!!
_BookWriter101_: @pughugs ya they will!
_iluvdavidcook_: We’re 3 minutes over already!! :)
_deedee3_: bye ppl
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Bye to everyone who is logging off, and thanks for joining! We’ll keep the chat open a LITTLE bit longer to finish up.
_jack jack_: bye
_PugHugs_: I love those fun holidays… like Pi Day. :P
_Emmafan911_: bye-bye! see everyone on the boards (I hope I can stay on :| ) Love ya! :)
_BookWriter101_: when is the next chat?
_jack jack_: so do we just log out?
Thanks for joining, everyone! We’ll be posting the transcript on the
blog in a few days. The mods on the boards will let you know. Just
check out the blog for updateS:
_summertide_: @pugshugs haha yeah!! : )
And, you can continue to send feedback on the STACKS on the Stack Back

_summertide_: bye everybody
_fabchick_: bye everyone!
_iluvdavidcook_: @PugHugs: And Square root Day. :P
_iluvdavidcook_: Okay, bye everyone!!!!!! It’s been a fun chat, lol. :)
_Emmafan911_: There’s a square root day? lol!
_jack jack_: bye
_BookWriter101_: @pughugs i love pi day, my class always has a compition to see who can memories the most numbers of pi, my friend got to 11!
_Emmafan911_: kay kay, bye! :D
_PugHugs_: Bye! This was really fun. ^^
_Stacks_Admin_: We’ll announce the next chat on the blog and message boards, it hasn’t been officially scheduled yet.
_jack jack_: do we log off?
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Thank you to everyone who joined today’s chat! @ jack jack: just leave this page to leave the chat.
You don’t have to log off but the chat room will be closed in a minute.
So head on over to the message boards:

_Firekitty_: See ya, I have to sign off. :)
_ArwenLeopardRaven75_: Bye
_Stacks_Admin_: Thanks for joining! CYA in the Stacks. :)