April 18, 2009

STACKS Kids on Being Green!

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Live Chat Transcript, April 18, 2009: 4-5 p.m. ET

_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Hi, and thanks for joining the chat! We’ll get started soon.
_Kandyz_: hi!
_fabchick_: hi everyone!
_pinkelephant11_: this is so cool!
_Kandyz_: @fabchick: hi!!!!!!
_Farid_of_fire_: i’m here! hi
_pinkelephant11_: I’ve never been in a chat before
_Kandyz_: I am really really excited!!!!!!!!!!! =) =)
_pinkelephant11_: @Kandyz: me 2!
_Farid_of_fire_: @kandyz me too!!! go green!!!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: I’m glad to hear that everyone is so excited! Let’s wait a few more
minutes to let more people join the chat, and then we’ll start.
_Farid_of_fire_: GREEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!1
_BookLover7_: Hi.
_Kandyz_: ok
_pinkelephant11_: okay!
_natwolffan_: hi
_pinkelephant11_: @ModElise: Hi! Do you moderate the Allie Finkle boards, too?
_Stacks_Admin_: Hi there, Guest-1 A, if you wnt to participate in the chat, make sure to sign in with a username!
_Kandyz_: @natwolffan: hi to you too!
_Farid_of_fire_: i love live chats!
_Moderator_Elise_: Hi Everyone!I’m so excited to hear your ideas about being green!
_Farid_of_fire_: booklover7 you made it!woot woot!!
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: OMG, this is so cool!I’ve never done this before!
_BookLover7_: @Farid_of_Fire Heys! What’s up?! Thanks for reminding me to get on!!!
_pinkelephant11_: Who here has ever been in a chat before?
_Kandyz_: @ ModElise: Are you excited for the chat?
_Moderator_Elise_: @pinkelephant11 Yes, I moderate the Allie boards and the Kids for a Cause boards.
_natwolffan_: kanz are we friends???
_natwolffan_: i mean kandyz
_Farid_of_fire_: so um like yah go green folks!
_Kandyz_: @pinkelephant11: no, I haven’t been to a chat before
_Moderator_Elise_: @Kandyz: Very excited!
_BookLover7_: GO GREEN!
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: Only 3 more minutes, right?
_pinkelephant11_: me neither!
_Stacks_Admin_: Hi everyone, we’ll be starting in just 3 minutes!
_BookLover7_: 3 more minutes until what?
_BookLover7_: Oh. Nevermind.
_Thestral96_: Hi! I’m Thestral96 from the HP boards this is my first chat!
_pinkelephant11_: Yay! @StacksAdmin: What do you mean by starting?
_Farid_of_fire_: @stacks admin okay sounds good!
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome, Thestra96!
_Kandyz_: @natwolffan: do you mean on the Stacks? But I’m not sure…if not, I’ll request you! =)
_pinkelephant11_: @ModElise: That’s cool. I wondered why you sounded so familiar! :)
_Kandyz_: @natwolffan: (again) yeah, I just requested you as a friend on the Stacks ;)
_pinkelephant11_: i was wxpecting a bigger turnout
_pinkelephant11_: i mean expecting
_Thestral96_: @feelin’_sorry_for_sev: Do you know if anyone else from the HP boards is coming?
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: @Thestral96: I’ve never done this either!
_Kandyz_: @GiveALittleBit: oooh!! hi!!!!!!! =)
_BookLover7_: @_feelin’_sorry_for_sev_ Hey, I love ur name!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: cool we are all on at the same time
_Thestral96_: @Stacks_Admin: If the chat hasn’t started how can we talk?
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: HEYYY
_Stacks_Admin_: @Thestral96, of course – chat amongst yourself!
_pinkelephant11_: @GiveALittleBit: do u recognize me from the BuzzBoards?
_Thestral96_: Yay I’m sooooooooo excited!
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: @Thestral96:I have no idea who’s coming…
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: this is the first time I’ve been to a chat
_Farid_of_fire_: @feelin sorry for sevdo you mean severus snape? cuz yah me too!
_BookLover7_: Now… what do we do? This is my first time…
_Kandyz_: @AlltheMods: THANKS so much for making the chat!!!!! This is really cool, so THANKS!!! =)
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: I RECONGIZE ALL OF YOU!!!
_Stacks_Admin_: Well then welcome, Give_A_Little_bit!
_Farid_of_fire_: @boklover7 be patient buddy!
_BookLover7_: Oh. Lol…
_Stacks_Admin_: Okay, let’s get started! Moderator_Elise will start off with a discussion topic…
_Moderator_Elise_: How are you celebrating Earth Day this year?
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: RECYCLING!!
_BookLover7_: My mother decided randomly to go to a water park, then to a zoo… it was random…
_Farid_of_fire_: hmmm….i don’t really know yet but i will definatly do something alright!
_BeccaMonkey987_: Hi!!! Hehe that’s funny. I just happened to sign in at 4
_BookLover7_: Sorry, I didn’t know it started.
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: we’re tearning off the lights in the whole house….
_Thestral96_: I’m going to wear these fake leaves in my hair from a dance and I’m going to try to be very very green.
_pinkelephant11_: @ModElise: For Earth Day, I might see the new movie earth with the
animal families because elephants are in it and i love elephants
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: WE ARE CHATTING PPL
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: Well, there’s this thing where we turn off everything electrical for an hour.
_REZBIT_: I’m going to have a 6 hour ELECTRICITY DROUGHT! no power 4 6hours
_Kandyz_: @ModElise:My family and I are going to go to the park with a bunch of friends, and collect lots of garbage and stuff!
_i-luv-cheese_: @Thestral96 – LOL!
_BeccaMonkey987_: I will probably spend most of my time outside, trying to save electricity.
_BookLover7_: Um… does reading count? It’s made of trees…
_Farid_of_fire_: yeah i’m gonna be really green! (welll…..i always am…)
_Moderator_Elise_: My daughter is planting a tree. :-)
_pinkelephant11_: @BookLover7: haha!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @booklover: sure
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: cool elise
_BookLover7_: When is green day?
_Kandyz_: @BookLover7: the 22nd of April
_BeccaMonkey987_: @_BookLover7_Reading being made of trees is a BAD thing.
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: @Moderator_Elise:Good idea!
_Thestral96_: @pinkelephant11: In that movie they’re using the same footage from
Planet Earth the series. I think thats sorta lame, but it still looks
good. Maybe I’ll watch planet earth….
_Farid_of_fire_: @elise ohhh! i wanna do that!
_Thestral96_: @elise I asked my dad if I could do that this summer he said yes I’m stoked!
_i-luv-cheese_: I think it’s only bad if you read the book once and then throw it away.
but if u borrow a book from the library u its used a bunch of times
_pinkelephant11_: @Thestral96: I don’t thnik they’re usint the same footage
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @elise: what kind of tree???
_Kandyz_: My friends and I are going to go see Earth, and if you see it in the
opening week, you get a tree planted in your honor (I think…)
_BookLover7_: Thanks, and… I love trees, but I love books more. (Sorry trees)
_Farid_of_fire_: oh yah what kind of tree?
_REZBIT_: I’m also making a list of green issues in the U.S. and will send it to the White House
_Thestral96_: @pinkelephant11 I saw a preview and it looked like some of it was the same. but then again the previews are never the same.
_Stacks_Admin_: @REZBIT: great idea!
_BookLover7_: Yeah. I like buying books myself, and I’d NEVER THROW AWAY A BOOK!!! In my eyes, that’s like… abuse or something…
_Moderator_Elise_: We are planting the tree from some seeds my daughter received. I’m not
sure if it will grow, though! It’s an Aspen, and I think they need high
_Farid_of_fire_: @kandyz are you serious? that is soo coool!!! Booklover7 and i are seeing it with our school
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @everyone: you can climb a tree and then read a book in the branches
_pinkelephant11_: @Kandyz: Really?! I’m going to try and see earth with my friends, too
_BeccaMonkey987_: @i luv cheeseYeah borrowing from the library is soooooooooo much more enviromental
_BeccaMonkey987_: @Elise I wish I could plant a tree, but we don’t have room in our yard
_Thestral96_: @elise i wanna plant a maple tree. we only have three in our backyard and one is diseased.
_BookLover7_: The last time I climbed a tree a fell 9 feet…
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @thestral96: that sucks!!!
_BeccaMonkey987_: @give a little bit Trees are good for climbing and reading books under
_Kandyz_: @pinkelephant11+GiveALittleBit: Yes, I think so, but I’m not entirely sure…
_pinkelephant11_: I can’t wait to see earth(the movie) because I love, love, love elephants! I’m really, really obsessed!
_99cutiehappygirl_: I planted a tree resently its an oak
_Farid_of_fire_: @give a little bityes they are! yaya trees!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: booklover7: ouch
_Thestral96_: @Give_A_Little_Bit lol I agree but lots of ours are to high.
_99cutiehappygirl_: @booklover7 that must have really hurt
_Moderator_Elise_: What about your schools? Are any of your schools doing something special for Earth Day?
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: How many mods are previewing our posts right now?It must be hard…
_pinkelephant11_: I don’t think my school is doing anything special…
_Thestral96_: I’m homeschooled so no.
_Z-up_: @elise my school’s conservation club fails
_Stacks_Admin_: @everyone: there’s just a couple of us modding today, so it’s a little slower than normal.
_Stacks_Admin_: @everyone: it’s great that so many kids showed up though!
_99cutiehappygirl_: Our school has lots of going green clubs
_BookLover7_: Um… we are going to see that Planet Earth thing…
_pinkelephant11_: @StacksAdmin: that’s okay
_Farid_of_fire_: @elise um i don’t know! we do stuf for make a difference day but idk about arth day…..I WILL TALK TO THE PRINCIPAL!
_Thestral96_: @elise I think is really fast. Faster than I expected no offense
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: gosh three moderators!! tough!!!
_Stacks_Admin_: @everyone: we’ll try to keep the convo as much about BEING GREEN and
maybe at the end, if there’s time, we can chat about other stuff
_Kandyz_: @ModElise: my school does a weekly recycling thing, where all the
classes take their recycling out, and then my school will go without
electricity for pretty much the whole day (our classes will be
_pinkelephant11_: @booklover: You are so lucky you get to see earth with your school! i’m jealous!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: We have an earthday commitee we are putting on a “be green” show
_Moderator_Elise_: My daughter’s school is hosting a clean-up day to clean the school grounds.
_Kandyz_: @StacksAdmin: Okay-dokey! =)
_BeccaMonkey987_: Our school has a global warming club. The horrible thing is, people
think it’s stupid and laugh at me and the other people in it.
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: beccamonkey987: I know how you feel
_Thestral96_: Maybe I’ll listen to Kermit the Frog’s it’s not easy being green and mentally change it to it IS easy being green!
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: I don’t think my school is doing anything for Earth Day. I live in a
place where environmentally friendly people are considered tree
huggers. :(
_BeccaMonkey987_: @thestral96 it’s not EASY, but it’s worth it!!!!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: gosh…tough…i feel bad
_Kandyz_: @feelin’sorry4sev: ouch, that’s not very good! My school is pretty enviromental
_Farid_of_fire_: @beccamonkeythat is a cool club i think!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @Kandyz: same here
_pinkelephant11_: @feelin_sorry_4_sev: who cares if you’re a tree hugger! save the planet!
_Moderator_Elise_: @BeccaMonkey987:Be proud of yourself!You are taking care of the planet!Your friends should support you!
_99cutiehappygirl_: everybody i know is all about being green, they recycle and all sorts of stuff, this includes me too
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @BeccaMonkey987: maybe they’re jealous
_Moderator_Elise_: And, LOTS of very cool celebrities are going green too!
_BookLover7_: I wish our school ahd a going green club..
_Farid_of_fire_: @mod elise yeah i heard that!
_BeccaMonkey987_: @Moderator Elise I know. It’s really fun, but it just makes me mad that people don’t care.
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: When I was younger, I bought a Scholastic poster at the book fair about
being green. Everyone was staring at me. I didn’t care, they were just
ignorant to what’s happening to the world, I guess…
_Farid_of_fire_: @boooklover7we SHALL START ONE!!!!
_Moderator_Elise_: If you could convince every person at your school to change one habit to help the environment, what would it be?
_BeccaMonkey987_: Stop throwing away recyclable stuff.
_pinkelephant11_: @booklover7: You can try and make your own green club
_99cutiehappygirl_: Recycle, or if you go to the store with someone and you both buy
something smaal but it in the same bag, you can even reuse grocery bags
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: turn off lights when you’re not using them
_Farid_of_fire_: not to litter not to use too much electricity not to use so much waterhug a tree save a whaletur off the tv …..
_Z-up_: @booklover7 yeah join ur ciity or state’s conservation corps
_Kandyz_: @ModElise: I would probably get everyone to stop littering, and to
start putting garbage and recycling in the garbage and recycling! (yes,
that’s kind of 2 things, but that’s what I would do)
_WolfFriend_: @Elise: maybe something like using reusable water bottles?
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: Recycle your soda bottles!!!Everyone throws them away.It’s like they don’t care.Then again, they probably don’t…
_pinkelephant11_: @Mod Elise: I think I would get people to start caring more about
animals. People say(and it hurts my feelings) that elephants are fat.
They weigh a lot because they’re BIG, not because they’re fat. Also, I
would convince people–teachers, mostly–to try and conserve energy by
turning off lights.
_REZBIT_: @ Moderator Elise umm…i’d say…Start turning off electricity when you leave the room
_Moderator_Elise_: @Wolffriend:That’s one of my favorites!School lunches seem to produce so much trash!!
_BookLover7_: I would make everybody recycle and SAVE THE PANDA BEARS. That was random…
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: its been really hot so my teacher has been turning off the lights :)
_Thestral96_: @elise using canvas bags and planting trees and flowers.
_Thestral96_: @everyone what do you think about those lightbulbs?
_Thestral96_: I heard the lightbulbs don’t last long and if they break its bad because there’s mercury in them!
_pinkelephant11_: @ModElise–also, I would convince people to, instead of bringing a
brown bag lunch, bring a reusuable lunch BOX! Think of all the waste it
could cut down on!
_i-luv-cheese_: some lightbulbs are better for the environment because they last longer adn dont’ use as much energy
_fabchick_: we use those lightbubls at our house!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @fabchick: florescent or something???
_Thestral96_: @iluvcheese i don’t think they last long though!
_Z-up_: @iluvcheese yeah but those light bulbs leak mercury if they aren’t recycled
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @Thestral96: some lightbulbs last ten years. cool, huh?
_Moderator_Elise_: Thestral96 is correct, though.You have to dispose of the compact fluorescent bulbs properly… not in the regular trash.
_Stacks_Admin_: For anyone who doesn’t know, the lightbulbs that are more energy efficient are Compact Flourescent Lightbulbs.
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @stacks_Administrator: thanks for telling us!! I almost made a fool of myself!!
_REZBIT_: @everyone OH! guess whati saw at the store the other day!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: what!
_Thestral96_: @rezbit: what?!
_WolfFriend_: @REZBIT: A candy bar? :P
_pinkelephant11_: @REzbit: what did you see?
_BeccaMonkey987_: @rezbit what???
_Stacks_Admin_: @Give_A_little_bit: don’t feel like a fool!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Whoa, everyone really wants to know what REZBIT saw!
_BookLover7_: OMG!!!
_Farid_of_fire_: WHAT ARE THOSE?
_Apollo127_: @ REZBIT Awesome!
_BeccaMonkey987_: @rezbit: what are those???
_pinkelephant11_: @Rezbit: what are those?
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: WHAT ARE THEY!!??
_i-luv-cheese_: those ARE a big deal!!! we replaced all the bulbs in our apt with CF bulbs and everyone was mad they weren’t dimmable
_Z-up_: u can’t dim regular CFL
_Moderator_Elise_: Do you know how to find the recycling code on a plastic container?
_Apollo127_: @ everyone Dimmable CFLs are compact fluorescents that can be dimmed to save more energy!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @I-luv-cheese: yes I would like dimmable light bulsb…who wouldnt?
_BeccaMonkey987_: @elise nooo…
_BookLover7_: It’s at the bottom, and it’s a number…
_Farid_of_fire_: @modelise yeah we talked about it at school! the 1 and 2 thing
_BlueSummer1013_: NO I DO NOT
_pinkelephant11_: @ModElise: At the bottome, there is a number with a triangle around it. Ceratin numbers mean recycle
_Apollo127_: @ EliseYeah, it’s on the bottom. What’s recyclable depends on what state you live in, though
_Thestral96_: 2elise It’s by the little recycle symbol right?
_thumbelina08_: @elise nope
_Z-up_: @ it’s on the bottom
_pinkelephant11_: the numbers that mean recycle are 1 and 2, i think
_99cutiehappygirl_: You look at the bottom and look for the rcycling symbol, then there’s a number inside.
_Moderator_Elise_: Look for the number in the little triangle.Your town or city will tell you which numbers they accept for recycling.
_BeccaMonkey987_: @elise: Now I feel like I should know.
_Farid_of_fire_: yah on the botom a recycle symbol around a 1 or 2 means recyclable
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @BeccaMonkey: Don’t feel like you have to know. That’s why we’re all here — to learn more about being green!
_BookLover7_: In our state, Farind_of_Fire… other states are different… I think…
_Apollo127_: @ everyone you can also tell recyclables from returnables by this handy
rule: if it’s carbonated, it’s returnable (and if you’re confused about
that, just loook at the top: it will have your state’s abbreviation)
_Moderator_Elise_: My town will accept all #1 and #2.
_BeccaMonkey987_: @karen stacks staffer: You’re right.
_pinkelephant11_: @StacksAdmin:I know this is off-topic, but please answer! :( Is there anyway to tell how many minutes we have? Because
_Kandyz_: @ModElise: thanks! That’s really useful info!
_Stacks_Admin_: @pinkelephant11: the chat is scheduled until 5PM ET (approximately another 37 minutes)
_BlueSummer1013_: why do we need to be green?
_BlueSummer1013_: Why do we need to be green only on Earth Day?
_BeccaMonkey987_: @blue summer: So that the earth won’t explode.
_REZBIT_: to save ourselves (and the planet) from sure destruction
_Z-up_: @bluesummerthat’s a very good question i ask myself every time a teacher makes us watch an inconveniant truth
_Apollo127_: @BlueSummer1013 We need to be green to keep our planet healthy, not
only for ourselves, but for every other living thing in the world.
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: @BlueSummer1013: to save animals like polar bears
_i-luv-cheese_: @BeccaMonkey987 LOL
_Thestral96_: @bluesummer1013 i think we should be green up till a point. but when it gets too insane…you get the pic.
_BlueSummer1013_: Why Earth Day then ?
_Farid_of_fire_: @BLUESUMMER oh ok i see what u mean yah it should be EVERY day!
_BookLover7_: @BlueSummer1013 Good question. The earth is dying away, and the trees
and being torn down, and soon, nobody will be able to live here… (in
my opinion)
_REZBIT_: @ bluesummer Not just on Earth day, on Every day
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @everyone: these are all great. If we added them up we’d get “THE EARTH IS SAVED” so why ISN’T the earth saved??
_BeccaMonkey987_: @blue summer: Not only on earth day, every day. Earth day is just a special day to recognize that
_BeccaMonkey987_: @i luv cheese: It’s not funny. It COULD happen!!! =D
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: I think I made a good point
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @Becca Monkey: i sooo agree
_thumbelina08_: @BlueSummer1013 We don’t have to be green just on Earth Day, we need to
be green all the time. Earth Day is just a reminder like a giant
post-it note.
_Moderator_Elise_: I know a lot of you have cell phones.Let’s talk about tips to save energy when recycling small electronics.
_Farid_of_fire_: yeah we need to be green every single second! i’m going to my friends house later and we are gonna hug some trees!
_i-luv-cheese_: i like your description thumbelina08
_Kandyz_: @GiveALittleBit: Yeah. good point. I think it’s because people don’t
always do the wonderful, Eco-friendly stuff they suggest… ( I admit
it, I don’t always help, but I usually help the Earth)
_Apollo127_: I’m never sure about electronics.
_Farid_of_fire_: um welllll yeah i havea cell phone…but i’m not sure!
_thumbelina08_: @i-luv-cheese Thank You!
_BeccaMonkey987_: @Elise: recycling them???
_Moderator_Elise_: oops!I meant charging small electronics!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: But actually, you can recycle them too!
_BookLover7_: YOU CAN RECYCLE CELL PHONES????!!! The inventions these days!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: A lot of big electronics stores have bins where you can recycle old cell phones. I recycled my last one at Best Buy.
_REZBIT_: @Moderator Elise: Only charge phones on the last bit of power.
_Kandyz_: @ModElise: I’m not really sure, as I don’t have a cell phone
_WolfFriend_: @BookLover7: Yep! I did that with an old one. :)
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: @Moderator_Elise: Well, there are places you can take phones, GameBoys, etc. for recycling.
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @Elise: I only charge them if it’s like dying or desperate. Lap tops are great too except when they dye….
_Farid_of_fire_: oh! that makes much more sense now! um well we could charge them for
little bits at a time so that we’re not using as much electricity at

_BeccaMonkey987_: @Elise: I learned from that earth game or whatever that you should plug them in at night
_i-luv-cheese_: what earth game
_Apollo127_: @ everyoneI always wait for my ipod or cell phone to completely die before charging it. Is that the most efficient way?
_Moderator_Elise_: @Booklover7:I’ve seen several charities that will accept cell phones for recycling.I think I saw a display at Petsmart.
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: @Moderator_Elise: There’s that commercial telling you to unplug your
charger when you have finished charging. Has anyone seen it?
_Farid_of_fire_: yeah what earth gaame?
_WolfFriend_: @i luv cheese: the Grow Green game. There might be an ad for it on your Stacks Profile. ;)
_BeccaMonkey987_: @i luv cheese: there’s this game on here where you grow this forest. there’s ads all over for it.
_Farid_of_fire_: oh yeah i have seen those cherities! i
_Z-up_: when i think of growing green i think of mold
_Farid_of_fire_: oh that game! who here has played it? i have!!!
_Apollo127_: @Z-up: Lol
_Thestral96_: @stackadmin WHY AREN’T MY POSTS GETTING POSTED?! Every time I send them
in it says that they’re waiting but the subject always changes when I
make a good point! Am I being mean or something? tell me please!
_Stacks_Admin_: Hi everyone, if you’re interested in the GROW GREEN Virtual Forest Game
(mad fun!) you can check out the game at


_WolfFriend_: @Farid of fire: I have! I got 80 percent on my second try (the stupid shopping thing got me the first time)
_Stacks_Admin_: Reminder to everyone: not all posts will go live – or the chat would be
insane! But sit tight, we’re trying to accept as many as possible
_Farid_of_fire_: i love that game! lol
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @Thestral: its just busy.
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Yup, thanks for your patience, guys!
_Stacks_Admin_: We’ll make sure to have more moderators next time!
_BeccaMonkey987_: @wolf friend the shopping thing is so crazy i always mess up there.
_Farid_of_fire_: @wolffriend yeah i mesed that part up too!
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: @farid_of_fire: I played it!!!It’s fun!
_Apollo127_: @ everyone: Does anyone have suggestions about ways we can spread awareness about the need to go green?
_REZBIT_: @ Appollo: I started a chain e-mail
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: @Apollo127:We could make posters and hang them up in schools and community centers.
_Farid_of_fire_: @appollo 127 posters made on recyclable paper and talk about it to our pals
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @Apollo: Hold a “Be Green– Not just a color” play
_Thestral96_: @Rezbit chain emails screw up my computer when there’s too many people.
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: @REZBIT:Great idea!I shoul do that!
_Apollo127_: Those are all great ideas. I know that at my school, we have “Green Team”
_Stacks_Admin_: And remember, all messages that are approved should be relevant to our chat topic and respectful to all users.
_thumbelina08_: @Apollo127: We could just be green and set a good example.
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @Rezbit: awesome idea
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: i think we’re very respectful. Being green is respectful to the MOTHER EARTH
_Stacks_Admin_: I know some of you have questions about non-GREEN stuff, so we’ll try to answer those at the end of the chat.
_Apollo127_: My school Green Team is making a poster out of the bottle caps from
every bottle we’ve recycled in the last two years to spread awareness
about what we’re doing.
_pinkelephant11_: @StacksAdmin: great! thanls!
_pinkelephant11_: @apollo127: cool!
_BeccaMonkey987_: @apollo: COOL!!!!!!!!!
_Farid_of_fire_: @appollothatis ssooo cool! i am gonna start a green team!
_Moderator_Elise_: Sometimes I forget to bring my reusable bags to the grocery store.What are ways you remember them?
_Farid_of_fire_: um well keep some in the car maybe
_pinkelephant11_: @mod-elise: you could keed the bags in your car so you never forget
_Farid_of_fire_: or if you are green——tie them to your bike!
_Thestral96_: @elise I just try to have them right in the backseat of my mom’s car where I’ll see them.
_WolfFriend_: @Elise: I have a bunch of those, but I’ve never actually used them. :P They get used for other things, though . . .
_Thestral96_: @elise but we forget them alot anyway.
_pinkelephant11_: @Moderator_Elise: also, you could write a reminder on a post-it note or set the bags by the door so you don’t forget them.
_BookLover7_: Put some type of reminder on your car keys, like a bright piece of paper…
_Z-up_: @ keep in in the car next to the plastic bags u bring to jewels to recycle
_Moderator_Elise_: Great ideas!!
_Thestral96_: @elise but we always reuse our plastic bags!
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: @Mod_Elise:We always forget too.In England, you have to PAY to use plastic shopping bags.
_Apollo127_: @Elise: We keep ours in the car.
_Farid_of_fire_: yeah those bags are a great invention!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @Elise: keep them in the car you use a lot. in a handy area too like the enter/exit door
_REZBIT_: @ Elise: my mom keeps them in the seat next to her.
_pinkelephant11_: at my grocery store, if you go green and use a reusable tote bag you
bought from the store, you save like eleven cents or something.
_Apollo127_: @ Farid_of_fire: I would suggest getting a group together to petition
your school, and make sure you have a teacher who is willing to help if
you want to start a Green Team
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @everyone: at my grocery store, when you use those bags, you get 7 cents off
_BeccaMonkey987_: we just reuse plastic bags for so many things that we get new ones from the store anyways
_Farid_of_fire_: to tell you the truth—my mom lost our bags somehow!!!!!!!
_Thestral96_: @feelinsorryforsev you live in England? sweet. But that’s rediculous that you have to pay!
_pinkelephant11_: @givealiitlebit-same, only it’s 11 cents!!!!!!!!!!
_Farid_of_fire_: @apollo 127great idea thanks! i will do that!!!
_Apollo127_: @ Give A Little Bit: I think most stores do.
_BlueSummer1013_: hey i have a great idea to go green
_BookLover7_: What?
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: @Thestral96: If it helps the Earth, it’s worth it, right?
_Thestral96_: @bluesummer What is it?
_Farid_of_fire_: @bluesummes what is it?
_BeccaMonkey987_: @blue summer: What??
_Apollo127_: @Bluesummer: Let’s hear it!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @ Blue Summer: we’re all ears
_REZBIT_: @feelinsorryforsev: WOW! u have to pay?!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: pay for what
_pinkelephant11_: @bluesummer: come on! tell us!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @everyone: be patient she’s typing I bet
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: @REZBIT: No, if we still lived there we would.All my relatives do though.
_BlueSummer1013_: ok its all about going around your commuity and picking up things that you think dont belong
_Moderator_Elise_: While we’re waiting for BlueSummer… have you changed any of your
habits in the last year to be more earth-friendly? For example, I
bought cloth napkins to use at dinner. Whenever we use them, we are
saving paper napkins from going in the landfill.
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @Elise: I wish we could do that… but good ones are usually expensive and my family doesnt have that money
_BeccaMonkey987_: I always turn off the lights before I leave the room
_Farid_of_fire_: welll i have einatly been much more aware and catious and am trying to! so yah
_Z-up_: @everyone did u know that u are not being eco-friendly when u recycle paper?
_pinkelephant11_: @ModElise: unfortunately, i can never seem to get my act together and
make a move. however, instead of throwing away bottles and cans, we
recycle @ my house!
_Apollo127_: @ Elise: I’ve started being
more conscious abouth the laundry detergent I use, what I recycle, and
I’ve studied the science behing climate change as much as possible
_Thestral96_: @elise nope. We do try to recycle but we’ ve always done that.
_thumbelina08_: @ModElise: At my friends birthday party, they had paper napkins that were already recycled!
_REZBIT_: My best friend and I are going to start a veggie garden, a compost bin (with worms)
_Moderator_Elise_: @Give_A_Little_Bit:I agree!I used some money my mom sent for my anniversary!
_BlueSummer1013_: i have bought t shirts made from bottles
_Thestral96_: I also try to reuse a plastic waterbottle if I get one.
_Farid_of_fire_: yeah we have a recycling system @ my house!
_BeccaMonkey987_: @give a little bit: but it’s less than paying for paper napkins a lot
_pinkelephant11_: @Z-uo: huh? i never knew that. i don;t recycle paper, though/
_Apollo127_: @Z-up: How so?
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: @Mod_Elise: My mom packs my lunch in a container instead of a disposable bag.
_Apollo127_: @Thestral96: That’s dangerous. Reusing a plastic water bottle causes chemical decomposition.
_Z-up_: @ everyone, the problem that we have right now with global warming is
that carbon that is not usually being released in teh atmosphere is
being realeased right?
_BookLover7_: Listen, guys, I’m really sorry, but I have to go… Bye!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @everyone: some school have walls made out of old jeans
_pinkelephant11_: @apollo127: yeah, i read about that somwhere!
_Stacks_Admin_: Thanks for joining, BookLover7!We’ll be posting the transcript in a couple days
_pinkelephant11_: @Z-up: yup
_Farid_of_fire_: bye booklover7!!!!!!!!!
_Thestral96_: @apollo I mean reuseing it for water silly!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: when I went to Paris a lot of the clothes there are au-naturel made from like bottles or grass
_Thestral96_: Bye Booklover7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_pinkelephant11_: @stacksadmin:does every single thing in the chat go on the transcript?
_Stacks_Admin_: Everything that was approved for the chat, from start to end, will be posted in the transcript.
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: bye booklover7
_Apollo127_: @Z-up: NYeah. This is caused by burning fossil fuels (mostly)
_pinkelephant11_: @stacks admin: cool!
_Farid_of_fire_: myaunt and uncle went to paris and brought me back an outfit like that!!!!!
_thumbelina08_: @everyone: You know they make great metal water bottles! I don’t have one yet but I really want one!
_Moderator_Elise_: @thumbelina08:I have one of those!!They are great!
_Apollo127_: @thumbelina: those are awesome! I use one for soccer.
_Farid_of_fire_: @tumbelina really? thats cool!
_fabchick_: i have one of those metal bottles too.
_Thestral96_: @thumbelina one of the ones with the handle that looks like a jug.
_Thestral96_: @thumbelina it hold a lot of water.
_Moderator_Elise_: Those water bottles are made of aluminum.
_BeccaMonkey987_: @thumbelina: I need one of those
_Z-up_: the american paper industry, 1 farms forests which means that those
forests are taking in carbon dioxide and not releasing it, 2. paper is
made of carbon 3. if u leave paper in a landfill it just gets buried so
it creates a carbon sink by trapping carbon
_Farid_of_fire_: yahneed a bottle like that bad!
_pinkelephant11_: oh no! i accidentally had to exit the chat and come back in. i missed stuff.
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @pinkelephant11: Don’t worry, that’s what the transcript is for!
_Farid_of_fire_: @Z-upyou are up on your paper awrenes!
_pinkelephant11_: so, mod elise, the water bottles that are aluminum look like regular bottles, only aluminum?
_pinkelephant11_: @karen: i know! :)
_Apollo127_: @Elise: which makes them really lightweight too. They’re perfect for mountain biking trips.
_BeccaMonkey987_: @apollo: that’s cool
_Farid_of_fire_: those ound so great!
_Apollo127_: @Z-up: All life is made from carbon. But by recycling paper, they reuse
the fibers into new paper so that no more trees are cut down.
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @Apollo: you know your stuff. You’re making me REALLy want those bottles!!
_Moderator_Elise_: @pinkelephant11:They are usually painted with cool designs.
_pinkelephant11_: what are some GREEN ways to eat right?
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @Elise: stop it!! I don’t have a big allowance!!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @give_a_little_bit: LOL!
_Thestral96_: @pinkelephant GO TO FARMERS MARKETS!
_Z-up_: @eat vegetarian
_Apollo127_: @pinkelephant: be a vegetarian! It’s more sustainable.
_BeccaMonkey987_: @pinkelephant11: grow veggies in a garden (or fruit)
_Farid_of_fire_: haha yeah eat organic food!
_Moderator_Elise_: @Give_A_Little_Bit:Me neither!My friend gave my daughter one as a gift! :)
_Thestral96_: @everyone the way to eat green is to get things without a lot of packaging.
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @Pinkelephant: veggetarian, farmer market, organic, grow your veggies
_Thestral96_: Don’t go out for fast food often.
_REZBIT_: @pink elephant: Organic food
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: @pinkelephant11: Good question!Organic food, freshly made, is great for you and the environment!
_Farid_of_fire_: i have organic grape juice in my fridge!!!!
_Z-up_: @pink elephant: just cut back on meat, soymeat looks and tastes so
similar to real meat u won’t notice the difference in like tacos and
chillis and stuff
_Thestral96_: We have a vegetable garden when we make tomato sauce half of it is our own stuff!
_pinkelephant11_: @everyone: thanks for the advice! i’m not becoming a ‘veg’, but i was just wondering
_Stacks_Admin_: Moderator_Elise is going to post a final topic to discuss, and then
we’ll take questions about non-BEING GREEN stuff, if anyone wants to
stick around.
_Firekitty_: You could always buy things that are sold in a recycled container.
_redconverse_: @well anyone!:you could growvegetables anr fruits or buy organic food….mmmmm i’m eating some organic grapes right now!
_Farid_of_fire_: whoa this thing is already almost over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it seems like just 5 minutes ago it started! wow
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: thanks for notifying
_BeccaMonkey987_: Awww. Time’s almost up.
_Moderator_Elise_: Share one GOAL you have for being green in the coming year.
_pinkelephant11_: @stacksadmin: thanks so much! i have very important questions!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: we were chatting so much… great first chat experience
_BlueSummer1013_: im going to cry
_REZBIT_: @everyone: WOW time flies fast! only 7 minutes left
_pinkelephant11_: @bluesummer: why crying?
_pinkelephant11_: i’m going to eat more healthy, recycle, be more aware…
_Z-up_: @ stop smoking since growing tobacco is bad for the environment
_Farid_of_fire_: um i am going to start a green team at chool and we’ll go from there!
_Moderator_Elise_: My goal is to get a clothes line set up this summer, so that I don’t have to use my electric dryer on nice days.
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: blue summer: there are other chats
_Apollo127_: @Elise: My goal is to use less electronics. Another goal I have is to
spread awareness throughout my community about going green.
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: I just want to decrease my carbon footprint!
_Thestral96_: @elise not to forget canvas bags plant a tree.
_redconverse_: @everyone:darn,it went by really fast,but i just got on….
_BeccaMonkey987_: @elise: try to use less electricity and spread awareness about being green
_Firekitty_: My goal is to cut down on electricity usage. I don’t watch as much TV now, but I just can’t give up my computer!!!!
_pinkelephant11_: @everyone: that was one fast hour! time flies when you’re having chat fun!
_Farid_of_fire_: this has been so fun….
_WolfFriend_: @Elise: Clothes lines are fun. They make clothes smell good. :D
_Z-up_: also i’m going to drive my bulldozer less
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @Elise: my grandmother has those clothes lines. its a hassle really but great for the EaRtH
_Apollo127_: @Elise: We set up a clothesline last summer, and it took so many kilowatt hours off the electric bill.
_thumbelina08_: @Mod_Elise: I have 3, recycle more, get one of those water bottlesand get one of those really cool green lunch bags!
_REZBIT_: @ elise: Sharing a compost bin (with worms) with my friend
_Thestral96_: @elise we have a clothes rack that we use in the summer. We still use
the dryer but it takes less time with less in it so we save energy.
_Farid_of_fire_: @redconverse sorry!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: switch to laptops. my electronics are going in the bin
_BeccaMonkey987_: @Z-up: hehe
_Thestral96_: @WolfFriend I totally agree lol
_Farid_of_fire_: clotheslines are great!!!!
_pinkelephant11_: @Z-up: you have a bulldozer? u can drive? how old r u?
_Apollo127_: Another goal: Help Green Teamat my school set up composting.
_Kandyz_: @ModElise: My goal is to convince my community to become more GREEN!!!!
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: @Mod_Elise: It’s too humid where I love to do that.
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: @Z-up:You have a bulldozer??????
_redconverse_: @farid_of_fire:why are you sorry?
_pinkelephant11_: @z-up: maybe u were kidding about the bull dozer… :)
_Farid_of_fire_: @red onverseu were sad u just got on idk
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @Feelinsorry4sev: thats best but the clothes smell a tinsy bit funny from the heat
_fabchick_: i’m going be better about using my reusable bag
_Apollo127_: @everyone: while we’re on this clothing topic: use concentrated organic detergent!
_WolfFriend_: @Elise: I have a random goal to ask places that stick like MILLIONS of
napkins in your food bag to instead have those little things where you
can take only as many as you need.
_REZBIT_: @everyone: i gtg places. i’ll see you all on the boards.
_Kandyz_: @Apollo127: I already do! =) We’re on the same page then
_Firekitty_: @Wolffriend: Good idea!
_BeccaMonkey987_: @rezbit: BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!
_Moderator_Elise_: These ideas are AMAZING!!! :-D
_Thestral96_: Bye Rezbit!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @Rezbit: bye
_Kandyz_: @REZBIT: BYE!! It’s been SOOO nice talking to you!
_Apollo127_: @REZBIT: seeya
_Farid_of_fire_: @rezbit see you bye!
_Emmafan911_: I always use my reusable bgs. I just don’t like pastic anyway. They cut into your arm, bleh.
_WolfFriend_: @REZBIT: Bye!
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: @WolfFriend: Good idea!I hate it when they do that!
_Apollo127_: @Kandyz: Awesome!
_thumbelina08_: Bye Rezbit!
_Farid_of_fire_: we’re nearly done! noooo!
_Thestral96_: sniffle
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: this was great I’ll be on boards after
_BeccaMonkey987_: 3 more minutes. *sob*
_pinkelephant11_: noo!
_thumbelina08_: This is really sad.
_Moderator_Elise_: I had so much fun today!Thank you for all the good ideas!Happy Earth Day!!
_Stacks_Admin_: A special thanks to special guest Moderator_Elise! If anyone has any STACKS-related questions, we’ll try to answer them now.
_pinkelephant11_: Happy Earth Day!
_Farid_of_fire_: i dont wanna go!!!!!!!!
_Apollo127_: @everybody: Just spread the word about going green! This chat should help with ideas, so spread them!
_BeccaMonkey987_: I’m going to start going back on the save the planet boards now!!!!!
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: aww!! this was the BEST
_WolfFriend_: @Elise: Happy Earth Day! May it be as green as Saint Patricks day! :P
_Moderator_Elise_: @BeccaMonkey987:YAY!!
_Firekitty_: Happy Earth Day! I’ll try to plant a tree or two…
_Apollo127_: @ Elise, StacksAdmin, and KarenStacksStaffer: Thank you!
_redconverse_: HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_thumbelina08_: @Stacks_Admin: Please tell me we’re gonna have lots more of these!
_BeccaMonkey987_: Wait, when’s earth day???
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @BeccaMonkey987: Earth Day is April 22
_BeccaMonkey987_: @karen stacks staffer: Okay.
_redconverse_: ohhh…..well happy early earth day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_WolfFriend_: @The Mods: Yeah! Thank you guys so much for doing this!
_Kandyz_: @AllMods: Are we going to have another chat soon? If so, what will the topic be?
_Stacks_Admin_: @thumbelina08 & everyone: we will have more chats like these!Our next chat will be on Tuesday, May 26, 6-7PM ET.
_Stacks_Admin_: @everyone: We’ll be posting more info on the Ink Splot blog, and topic
is “Year-End Reading-Wrap Up: What did you read this school year and
what will you read this summer?”
_Z-up_: r u adults?
_Give_A_Little_Bit_: @everyone: bye!! I will be on the boards!!!
_redconverse_: @the mods:THANKS ^-^
_Stacks_Admin_: Yes, all the mods and staffers are adults
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: @Stacks_Admin:Great topic!I’ve read lots of great books this year! :)
_pinkelephant11_: OOH! StacksAdmin: I was wondering this: you know how you need a certain
number of posts and a certain number of minutes to get to the next
rank(by rank i mean contributor, regular contributor)? well, y’know how
u can see how many posts we have by checking our profiles? can u check
how many minutes you’ve ever spent online since u joined the stacks?
_BlueSummer1013_: BYE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_redconverse_: @give_a_little_bit:bye!
_Farid_of_fire_: bye guys! se you on the boards!!
_Thestral96_: Bye givealittlebit!
_Apollo127_: @GiveALittleBit:seeya
_pinkelephant11_: bye
_BeccaMonkey987_: @mods: Thanks sooooooooooooooooo much. This was soooooooooooooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t want to go.
_pinkelephant11_: bye guys who are leaving!
_Farid_of_fire_: bye
_Firekitty_: Awesome chat! Thanks everyone for making this fun.
_Stacks_Admin_: @pinkelephant: we’We’ll be
_Thestral96_: Bye pinkelephant
_Stacks_Admin_: oops, typo. one sec.
_thumbelina08_: Bye to everyone who’s leaving!
_BlueSummer1013_: @ every one GOOD BYE SEE YA ON THE BOURDS
_WolfFriend_: @Everyone: Thanks for joining the chat to make it even more awesome!
_Stacks_Admin_: We’ll be re-introducing the ability for you guys to see Total Number of Posts and Total Minutes Online in the future.
_redconverse_: @at people who are leaving:bye!
_Thestral96_: Wow bluesummer ur emotional
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: @Stacks_Admin: YAY!!!
_Apollo127_: @StacksAdmin: Yay!
_thumbelina08_: @AllMods: Thank you for having these! This was my first one and I had a blast!
_Firekitty_: Well, I’ll be seeing you all on the boards! Bye!
_Thestral96_: Why can’t we have our profile pictures as our icon?
_WolfFriend_: @Stacks Admin: It will still show our original number of minutes and posts, right? It won’t start us over? =]
_Stacks_Admin_: Eventually your profile pictures will be an option for your icons — we’re working on it!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @WolfFriend: Don’t worry, you won’t have to start over again!
_BeccaMonkey987_: @stacks admin: that’s cool!!!
_pinkelephant11_: @stacksadmin: cool. except for i’m going to keep the elephant
_thumbelina08_: @Stacks_Admin: YAY!
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: @Stacks_Admin:That would be AWESOME!!!
_Apollo127_: @Karen: Thank goodness!
_Emmafan911_: YAAAAAAAAAY!!!! :]
_Thestral96_: I’m going to the HP boards now, see you! Had fun. I have a hard time with Going Green Topics I have a strong opinion.
_WolfFriend_: @Stacks Admin: An option for our icons? So can we still keep our icon icons?
_Stacks_Admin_: Yes, you’ll still be able to keep your old icons, if you’d like.
_pinkelephant11_: i can’t wait until i become regular contributor.
_redconverse_: @stacks_admin:yaay!but i might keep the robot guy…
_Thestral96_: Bye everyone!
_Kandyz_: @AllMods: Is there going to be another Live Chat soon?
_WolfFriend_: @Stacks Admin: Shweetness!!!! I thought I’d never see them again . . .
_Stacks_Admin_: Our next chat will be on Tuesday, May 26, 6-7PM ET. We’ll be posting
more info on the Ink Splot blog, and topic is “Year-End Reading-Wrap
Up: What did you read this school year and what will you read this
_PugHugs_: @StacksAdmin: REALLY? …toasty!… YAY.
_pinkelephant11_: cool.i can’t wait until the trivia chat thingy!
_Stacks_Admin_: Yes, we’re super excited about Summer Challenge webcast also!
_feelin’_sorry_4_sev_: Bye, everyone!!!I have to go now!
_redconverse_: @stacks_admin:ok!i hope i’ll be there…
_Stacks_Admin_: Thanks for joining, Feeling_sorry_for_Sev
_WolfFriend_: @PugHugs: Yes, you’re beloved Toasty will not leave you!
_pinkelephant11_: yay!
_Thestral96_: Fine if no ones gonna say bye to me I’ll just leave! sniffle.
_redconverse_: @people who are leaving:ok bye!
_BeccaMonkey987_: I should go. I want to check the boards. BBBBBBYYYYYYYEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
_Stacks_Admin_: thanks for joining, Thestral96!
_WolfFriend_: @Thestral: lol. BYE!
_pinkelephant11_: wait, when is the summer challenge chat?
_Kandyz_: I have to go now! So, it’s been AWESOME talkin’ to you all, and
thanks!!!! And, to all Mods and posters alike, YOU ALL ROCK!!!!
_PugHugs_: @Thestral96: BYE!! *waves frantically* ^^
_Thestral96_: Bye Bye Bye Bye I gotta go now before I go insane!
_WolfFriend_: @Pinkelephant11: I think it’s a webcast
_Thestral96_: Thanks everyone!
_Apollo127_: @Thestral: seeya soon!
_BeccaMonkey987_: ah, I can’t leave. I’ll stay.
_Kandyz_: @Thestral96: BYE!!!!!!!!!!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @everyone: There seems to be some confusion.
_WolfFriend_: @Kandyz: Bye!!
_pinkelephant11_: a webcast? really>
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: About the Summer Challenge webcast and our next chat.
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Two different things!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: The Summer Challenge webcast is the kid lit trivia game show we’ll be broadcasting live on 4/30, 1 p.m. ET.
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: That will be at www.scholastic.com/summer
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Our next chat will be May 26. That will be about what you read during the schoolyear and what you want to read over the summer.
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Got it? Good. :-)
_pinkelephant11_: so we don’t get to participate in the summer challenge? like, we don’t answer trivia questions>
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Everyone gets to participate in a way. We have kids in NY who are going
to be the contestants, but the online audience also determines who gets
points on certain questions.
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: You’ll just have to tune in to see what I mean… [insert mysterious wink here]
_Apollo127_: @Karen: what’t the difference between a webcast and a chat?
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: A webcast is a live video broadcast from Scholastic.
_BeccaMonkey987_: @apollo: a webcast is a live vid, and a chat is this.
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: You just have to go to a certain page on our site to see it. In this case, it’s www.scholastic.com/summer
_pinkelephant11_: oh, okay, cool. now i’m intrigued.
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: And THIS is a chat (as BeccaMonkey987 beat me to saying).
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: :-)
_pinkelephant11_: well, i’m going to head out soon(of the chatroom, i mean). Thank you to
all moderators for answering my questions. and i apologize, stacks
admin because i was being pushy when asking my question.
_Apollo127_: Oh…do you need any special features on your computer to access it?
_Stacks_Admin_: No problem!
_Stacks_Admin_: Hi all, we’re going to end at 5:15.
_Apollo127_: @pinkelephant: seeya!
_BlueSummer1013_: buy ill miss you
_BlueSummer1013_: BYE
_thumbelina08_: 3 minutes so sad
_Stacks_Admin_: @Apollo127 & all, you don’t need any special features to watch the chat – as long as you can watch videos.
_BeccaMonkey987_: @stacks admin: ok
_BeccaMonkey987_: now 2 minutes
_Apollo127_: @StacksAdmin: okay, thanks!
_BlueSummer1013_: i know right
_thumbelina08_: Thank You Moderators! You made my first live chat soo much fun!!!
_Apollo127_: See you all on the boards!
_WolfFriend_: *giant virtual hugs for everyone from ME!*
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Thanks for joining, thumbelina08! I’m glad you enjoyed your first chat! Hope to see you next time!
_BlueSummer1013_: this is awsome(kiss me)
_redconverse_: thank you moderators!!!!!!this was my first live vhat and it was AWEsome!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Whoa, bluesummer1013, I hardly know you! Ha ha.
_thumbelina08_: @Karen: If i can I’ll be there!
_BeccaMonkey987_: Thanks soooooooooooooooooo much moderators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You
did such an awesome job with
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Aw, thanks, guys!
_chini_girl_: i loved this chat, thanks
_BlueSummer1013_: i was just kidding
_thumbelina08_: Bye Everybody!!!
_BeccaMonkey987_: It’s 5:15. Bye everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be on the boards!!!!!!!!!
_Stacks_Admin_: Alright, we gotta shut down now. =/ Thanks to everyone for joining the
chat! The transcript will be posted on Ink Splot 26 blog in a couple
days. Now go forth and BE
GREEN! :-)
_fabchick_: bye!
_WolfFriend_: Bye guys!! Seeyou on the boards!!
_chini_girl_: bye
_redconverse_: yup it time to go…BYE I’LL BE ON THE BOARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
_WolfFriend_: Another super big thanks to all the mods!!
_BlueSummer1013_: ill be on the bourds too kiss kiss
_WolfFriend_: Bye everyone! <3<3<3