January 28, 2010

STACKS Kids Chat: Writing Tips

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_stuffedmudkiptoy_: hi, everyone whats up?
_cavyheart_: Yay!! So excited for this chat!! :)
_penguin2009_: ME TOO!
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: Hey guys!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Hi, everyone! Thanks for joining today’s chat, all about sharing writing tips! We’ll get started in about 10 minutes. Until then, talk amongst yourselves.
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: (As you already are. Ha ha.)
_fabchick_: Hi!!!!!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: hey sunshine girl3231 is this your first time chating?
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: Oooooooh! SOOOOO excited!
_cavyheart_: Does anyone else on here use Write It?
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: Oh definetly
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: uhm… whats write on? i mean i have heard about it but what is it
_cavyheart_: YAY! Hi Winky!!!!!!!!!!!!1
_AndysLibrary_: Hi everyone.
_cavyheart_: @stuffedmudkiptoy: You talk about writing (basically what we’re doing with this chat) and post stories for critique and stuff.
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @stuffedmudkiptoy: We have message boards called Write It, just for young writers. You can check them out here: http://community.scholastic.com/scholastic?category.id=writingcommunity
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: :) ^-^
__Winky__: oh hi cavyheart :)
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: oh thank you cavyheart i will try that
_AndysLibrary_: 12 people altogether are here, and it’s not even 6:00 yet. :D
_cavyheart_: @Winky: Lol. I’m really excited… can you tell? :P
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome back, AndysLibrary!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @Cavyheart hey are you and winky friends?
_AndysLibrary_: @cavyheart: Everyone’s excited! Chatting is fuN!
__Winky__: @cavyheart: haha yeah me too
_AndysLibrary_: @Stacks_admin: Thanks for welcoming me. :)
_cavyheart_: @stuffed: Haha. Yeah. On Write It. :)
_AndysLibrary_: Anyone read any good books?
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i have been waiting to start since 5:00
_Scylla_: @cavyheart: CAVY-LA!!! I AM HERE!
_cavyheart_: @Andys: I’ve been reading the Percy Jackson series lately. It’s pretty awesome. :)
_Scylla_: Hi guys!
_cavyheart_: @Scylla: YO!!!!!!!! Lol, I’m glad you made it!! =)
_Scylla_: First chat I’ve ever been to. I’m excited
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i have read inkheart and it’s awesome!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: welcome sycylla
__Winky__: @scylla: me too
__Winky__: *midnighters that is.
_Stacks_Admin_: BTW, Midnighters is YA (Young Adult)
_Scylla_: @Cavy-la: I know. I can’t stay for long, I have swim practice. *frowns*
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @AndysLibrary: I just finished the Mysterious Benedict Society books.
__Winky__: I read Midnight: The Last Hour by Scott Westerfield. then I’m reading I Am Legend
_AndysLibrary_: @cavyheart: Wow! I love the Percy Jackson series! I’m on book five! I have the book, but I have to finish a Dear America book for Social Studies class.
_cavyheart_: @Scylla: That stinks. Well, at least you get to be here for a bit, right?
_Scylla_: @Karen: I love those books! The third one is out, but I haven’t read it yet.
_Scylla_: @Cavy: about half an hour, yeah
_AndysLibrary_: @Karen: You finished the Mysterious Benedict Society series? Wow! I still need to read the third one.
_harryobsessed_: Hey! What’s everyone talking about?
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: not to be meen or any thing but i read the mysterious benidect society and it was not my favorite
_cavyheart_: @Andys: I’ve only read the first book so far b/c I’m busy with final exams right now, but I hope to read at least a couple more before the Lightning Thief hits theatres.
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @Scylla: You should definitely check out the third book. I liked it way better than Book 2.
_Scylla_: I love Uglies…It’s so weird, but so good!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Btw, Uglies is also YA (Young Adult).
_AndysLibrary_: @harryobsessed: We’re talking about books..
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: my friend read uglies and she sid it was good
_Scylla_: @Karen: will do!
_AndysLibrary_: @cavyheart: Good! It’s really fun to read.
_harryobsessed_: @scylla: I love Uglies . . Scott Westerfeld is fantastic!
_Carly_H_Stacks_Staffer_: Uglies is also YA.
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: I beat you to it, Carly! :-)
_AndysLibrary_: @stuffedmudkiptoy: It’s okay, we all like different books.
__Winky__: I KNOW! ever read Peeps?
_Stacks_Admin_: Peeps is also YA
_Scylla_: @stuffedmudkiptoy: they are. they’re… interesting
_cavyheart_: I haven’t gotten a chance to read Uglies yet, but I heard it’s fantastic.
_Scylla_: @harryobsessed: I know
_Scylla_: @cavy-la: you totally should
_harryobsessed_: @Winky: I’ve got it from the school library, but I’m working through the second Midnighters book now.
_AndysLibrary_: Me too! Everyone says they like Uglies.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: should i read uglies?
_cavyheart_: @Scylla: :) It’s on my list.
_Scylla_: @EVERYONE: Hey! So, who here has finihed a novel?? I have… I was editing today.
__Winky__: @harryobsessed: I’ve gotta read that too.
_harryobsessed_: @stuffedmudkiptoy: If you want. I think they’re really good. Futuristic and sci-fi.
_cavyheart_: @Scylla: Me me me!!!! Lol. I’ve got two done and I’m writing two more right now, one w/ foreverhappy.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: my class is going to read under the blood red sun, has anyone read it?
_AndysLibrary_: Does anyone like Mary Downing Hahn, an author that writes horror books?
_Scylla_: Oh… And what are they called?? Your novels, I mean.
_cavyheart_: @Scylla: Hahaha. EDITING. *bursts out laughing*
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Well, it’s 6:00 ET now, so let’s get started! Scylla has already started us off with a question about writing: What are you guys working on? Novels? Short stories? Poems?
_Scylla_: I just finished writing two novels: Tloria and Make a Splash
__Winky__: @Scylla: I have a hard time finishing novels. My mind works way too fast & I get bored easily. I like poems better.
_Scylla_: @Cavy: I don’t think so… It’s SO boring!!!!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @andylibrary i am not much for horror
_AndysLibrary_: Hmmmm…..
_AndysLibrary_: I’m not really working on a story.
_Scylla_: @Winky: my poems are really odd… I actually wrote one about sneezing
_harryobsessed_: @Karen: I’ve got an uber-long story going on right now. It’s mostly in my head, and not making much progress.
_AndysLibrary_: I have some ideas, though.
_Scylla_: Ooh, I can’t stand horror… Nightmares. Ugh.
_cavyheart_: @Scylla: Lol, I feel like such a weirdo replying to all your noveling things. :P My first one was Pennamed and the second was Forgotten. My current two novels are Freed (sequel to Forgotten) and the one with foreverhappy is currently untitled.
_foreverhappy_: Me too
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: my poems are okay.. okay maybe not
_Scylla_: Yeah, I have like four novels going right now.
__Winky__: @Scylla: that actually sounds pretty cool. mine are mostly about love.
_cavyheart_: @Winky: Poems are awesome. :)
_AndysLibrary_: @Scylla: I like odd poems. Some poems can be so predictable, unlike weird and different poems.
_KKgirl11_: I’m writing a story now.
_penguin2009_: @Winky: that’s perfect valentines day is coming up
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: my head is always flooded with story ideas
__Winky__: @cavy: thanks. :) yours are amazing.
_Scylla_: @Winky: I love free rhyme scheme. Makes me feel like I’m flying.
_foreverhappy_: @Scylla I like poems about things that make you think
_cavyheart_: @Scylla: That’s what I’m lauhing about. I can’t believe I edited for, like, six hours yesterday. My parents thought I was sick or something. :P
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i like diamante poems
_foreverhappy_: @cavy lol
_AndysLibrary_: I have to make a New Year’s Resolution poem for class.
_cavyheart_: OMG!!!!!!!! FOREVERHAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!
_Scylla_: @foreverhappy: yay! you’re here!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Wow, lots of poetry and novels! Where do you guys get your inspiration?
_foreverhappy_: HEY!!!!!!!!!!!
_harryobsessed_: I wish I had more time for writing. Darn school.
__Winky__: @penguin: i know. of course, it’s year round for me.
_foreverhappy_: Ditto
_AndysLibrary_: @Karen: BOOKS!!!
_Scylla_: @Karen: a lot of my novel ideas just pop into my brain, like, I’m a swimmer, so I wrote a swimming novel
__Winky__: i get most of my inspiration from family, friends, and the odd thigns that happen to me.
_foreverhappy_: @Karen life stuff
_harryobsessed_: @Karen: for my story right now, part of it was from The Incredibles and the other part was an online English class I took.
_penguin2009_: @Karen: from watching tv, i want to write for movies and tv
_foreverhappy_: That’s cool!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i had a dream once and it would be cool to write it down(dont worry i still remeber it)
_Scylla_: @karen: cont’d: I also get a lot of novel ideas out of names and random things I think of
_cavyheart_: @Winky: Thanks! You’re one of my top three on the boards! I love your poems… they’re so true. Easy to connect with. :)
__Winky__: then of course there’s school which helps with my vocabulary & meeting new people for inspirations.
_AndysLibrary_: Sometimes I get my inspiration from dreams.
_foreverhappy_: @Winky and Cavy: I aggree
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: yeah, sometimes we write stories for school
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Btw, @harryobsessed: You should write down some of your ideas! Here’s what author Cornelia Funke (you may have heard of her?) says about that: “Always have a pen and something to write on because when an idea comes, you must write it down. It will be gone when you come home. They go like soap bubbles. They are given for a second and if you don’t grab them, they’re gone again.”
_Scylla_: Right now my novels are: a shapeshifte trilogy that I have, like, the first chapter written…
_AndysLibrary_: I dream of things that are sooo unusual.
_cavyheart_: @harryobsessed: Tell me about it. School takes up WAYYY too much time!
_foreverhappy_: @Karen: That’s an awesome quote!
_AndysLibrary_: @Karen: Wow, Cornelia Funke is smart! :D
_Scylla_: A novel about writers and editing… A clique knock-off (long story), and… A spy story
_JeanEstrella_: hey
_cavyheart_: @Karen: Everywhere! Most of my poems are about life, and I have no idea where my novels come from… let’s just say I have a really wild imagination. :P
_Scylla_: @Cavy & Harryobsessed: Haha! I’m homeschooled… I have WAY too much free time
_harryobsessed_: @cavyheart: Even over break I felt like I had no time.
_purplepanda21_: hey!
_AndysLibrary_: @Scylla: Wow!
_foreverhappy_: @CAVY HOw did the clique story go? Have any ideas yet?
__Winky__: @cavy: yours too! i love poetry in general.
_JeanEstrella_: My favorite author is
_JeanEstrella_: 4got he name
_cavyheart_: @Scylla. I hate you. ;]
_harryobsessed_: @scylla: that’s cool. I’ve got some free time, but when I write I get stuck. Dang.
_foreverhappy_: I mean Scylla lol
_AndysLibrary_: What about writing nonfiction books, guys?
_Scylla_: @Cavy,: back atcha. :)
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Do you guys ever get ideas from reading other things? Sounds like some of you are writing books inspired by other books.
_foreverhappy_: @Andy I think those are sorta boring, but they can be good
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: Grace Lin (an autor) came to my school and showed us her writing book and she said that it got food and stuff from eating food while suddenly getting an idea
_harryobsessed_: @Andyslibrary: Not really my style.
_cavyheart_: @harry: Me too. I’m always too busy over breaks. I don’t get time to do any writing even then.
_penguin2009_: @JeanEstrella: Remember it! Don’t keep us in suspense
_AndysLibrary_: @Karen: Definitely!
__Winky__: i’ve always thought about writing a memoir titled “of lesser importance”
_AndysLibrary_: @foreverhappy: I don’t read nonfiction books, but I’m talking about writing tips.
_Scylla_: @karen: uglies inspired me… it helped me want to go indepth with detail
_harryobsessed_: @Karen: I sort of do fanfic stuff, but not very often.
_foreverhappy_: @Karen: Not really, but sometimes I just don’t like copying
_Scylla_: A lot of write it authors inspire me too
_harryobsessed_: I got an idea during PE once.
_purplepanda21_: I get ideas from reading!
_AndysLibrary_: @harryobsessed: I like reading fanfiction.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: yes! when i was in first grade grade i tried to write a book sort of like harry potter i called it troll
_cavyheart_: @Scylla: Me too.
_SkyFlame_: Got any ideas on making somthing longer? Trying to flesh out my story to novel minimum(100 pages)
_Scylla_: I get a ton of ideas while swimming… Your brain doesn’t really have much else to do… Really great place to think…
_purplepanda21_: Me TOO!!!
_harryobsessed_: @Andys: It’s okay sometimes, but there are a lot of poorly written ones out there.
__Winky__: i love writing in different views because i’ve always want to know what someone else is thinking.
_harryobsessed_: Crossovers aren’t the best.
_AndysLibrary_: @stuffedmudkiptoy: Lol!
_Scylla_: Of course, then you slam your head against a wall and your coach yells, “PAY ATTENTION!”
_foreverhappy_: @ Scylla Tototally!
_cavyheart_: @stuffed: Lol. I used to try to rewrite the Animal Ark series. The main character was even named Mandy. XP
_AndysLibrary_: @harryobsessed: I like crossovers, sometimes.
_treehugger17_: I get ideas from school ALL THE TIME!
_cavyheart_: @Sky: add more details and events.
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @Scylla: I used to lap swim a lot, and I got ideas in the pool too!
_Scylla_: @Foreverhappy: I wanna know the scoop on the story u and Cavy-la are writing
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: at my school we are doing a biography progect
_foreverhappy_: @tree hugger me too!
__Winky__: @Scylla: haha i hate that.
_treehugger17_: @cavyheart I love the Animal Ark series!
_cavyheart_: @Winky: I’m the same way. I love alternating first person POVs.
_Scylla_: @Karen: I know, right? It’s funny.
_foreverhappy_: @Scyla: Well, I guess you’ll have to see! Speaking of which, when do you want to post it, Cavy?
_Scylla_: @EVERYBODY: first or third POV? For some reason, almost all my novels are in first
_cavyheart_: @tree: Me too! It was my favorite series for years. =)
_AndysLibrary_: @Stuffedmudkiptoy: I had to do a biography, too. I did Gordon Korman. Does anyone know him?
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: when i write i get so caught up i forget about editing and then i have 1 million mistakes
_foreverhappy_: @First! I can’t write third, lol
_Stacks_Admin_: @AndysLibrary: I do know him, and he’s a pretty cool guy :)
_Scylla_: @andy: I’m writing a bio essay on Ameila Earheart
_harryobsessed_: A reason my story isn’t progressing is because I’m making up backstories for everyone. Right now: the main character’s rival’s mother.
_foreverhappy_: @Andys, who is that?
_AndysLibrary_: @Moderators: You can’t post your grade, can you?
_Stacks_Admin_: Grade is OK!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Btw, for those of you who said you get inspiration from reading other books, you’re in good company. Here’s what Rick Riordan had to say: “Read a lot because that’s where you’re gonna get your ideas and inspiration, and see how other writers do a good job with their books.”
_cavyheart_: @forever: Up to you, I guess! We just finished chapter six… should we wait til we’re done with the tenth?? Or we could start righ tnow, if you want. :)
_SkyFlame_: I kind of prefer 2 person.
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: Hi guys! I am the kid who did the Harry Potter fanfic with Lucy Alice!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @andyslibrary never heard of him
_harryobsessed_: I can write in both, though usually first of third person limited.
_treehugger17_: @cavyheart: Yeah I don’t read them anymore, but I write a series like them called ALO (Animal Lover Organization)
_cavyheart_: @Scylla: FIRST!!! But I’m trying out third right now, too.
__Winky__: @stuffed: me too. i eventually start ignoring it.
_AndysLibrary_: Oh.
_Scylla_: @sky: Ooh! I’ve never tried that, it sounds cool!
_cavyheart_: @Andys: I htink I’ve heard of him.
_Apollo127_: Reading other books also gives you ideas on techniques you’d like to try
_AndysLibrary_: I know this is completely random, but I won my 5th grade spelling bee! :)
_foreverhappy_: @Cavy: I think that sounds great! Let’s do that tenth chapter! Speaking of which, I really got to work on that….
_SkyFlame_: Mythology is a good place to find info, I’m thinking about reading some celtic.
_Scylla_: wow, this chat is moving fast… Hehe
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i am doing L. frank Baum. who is he you ask i’ll give you a hint “follow the yellow brick road”
_purplepanda21_: Cool
__Winky__: i read “on writing” by stephen king over the summer. it was really good even though it was meant for more of an adult audience.
_foreverhappy_: @Andys: Way to go!
_Apollo127_: @SkyFlame: Myths are also a great place for names
_foreverhappy_: @Scylla: No kidding, lol
_Scylla_: @Sky: I love mythology… I men, check out the username… lol
_treehugger17_: @andyslibrary: I’m entering the spelling bee for the first time this year…
_cavyheart_: @Andys: Congrats! I’ve never been very good at spelling, so I really look up to all of y’all who CAN spell! :)
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @SkyFlame I have read Greek mytology!
_penguin2009_: @treehugger: goodluck!
_SkyFlame_: 2nd person is where you stick to 1 person while writing in 1st person
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Writing in second person can be really fun. I like using that for more light-hearted stuff.
_treehugger17_: Ahhh! It’s moving TOO fast! I can’t keep up with this chat! :)
_foreverhappy_: @cavy: Me either, hee hee. You guys know that ;)
_cavyheart_: @stuffed: The author of the Wizard of Oz?? COOL!
_treehugger17_: @penguin2009: thanks!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Do any of you guys ever get writer’s block?
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: my dad plays video games and sometimes i get names from that
_cavyheart_: @Winky: I’ve read, like, half of that… It’s really good so far.
_AndysLibrary_: Sorry, something happened.
__Winky__: i thought 2nd person was you like the ten commandments.
_purplepanda21_: Same here!!
_harryobsessed_: @Skkyflame: I though second person was where it was described as “you” a la Choose Your Own Adventure.
_Scylla_: @cavy and andy: i am known by my friends as spelling queen… I have the annoying tendency to correct people’s spelling
_treehugger17_: @Karen: YES! I hate writer’s block!
_Scylla_: @Karen: ALL. THE. TIME. Which is probably WHY I have four stories going at once
_treehugger17_: Anyone have tips on writer’s block cures?
_Apollo127_: @ Karen: Definitely…when I have time to write, sometimes I’m totally out of ideas
_purplepanda21_: I do too!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @cavyheart i am surprised you know him… almost everyone forgets him :(
_Scylla_: @treehugger: write junk
_cavyheart_: @Scylla: I’m the same way with grammar. :P
_foreverhappy_: @harry: Yup, it is!
__Winky__: @cavy: keep reading. it was really good. :)
_SkyFlame_: @harryobsessed: No, that’s 1st person
_AndysLibrary_: @Karen: All the time! I know this is random, but I won my 5th grade spelling bee. (If I already wrote this, sorry. My computer froze and I’m not sure if Imentioned this.)
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: Has anyone here read “The Classroom at the End of the Hall”?
_harryobsessed_: @Karen: I hate it when you feel like you have to write and then you get paper and everything and you draw a blank.
_cavyheart_: @tree: SHOWER. It seriously works. Ask anyone.
_Scylla_: @treehugger: open a new document and just write random stuff. eventually, and idea will come
_treehugger17_: @syclla: :) LOL Writing junk eh?
_purplepanda21_: I have!!
__Winky__: @sunshine: actually no.
_AndysLibrary_: @harryobsessed: Lol.
_harryobsessed_: @Skyflame: No, first person is where you see from that person’s perspective. I did this, I did that, etc.
_foreverhappy_: @Sunshine: nope, sorry. What’s it about???
_Apollo127_: @treehugger: Just keep trying…and if that doesn’t work, just wait. Ideas will come
_meggie o_: me to
_Scylla_: @Harry: I hate that blinking little bar that teases yu when you can’t think of anything to say
_foreverhappy_: @Cavy, yup, I can totally defend that!
_Scylla_: @treehgger: totally! it works
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i almost never get writers block i just write the story in my head before and it just floods onto the paper
_harryobsessed_: I also get ideas from riding my bike.
_AndysLibrary_: @Scylla: I agree! :)
_cavyheart_: @Scylla: Me too! It’s the worst!
_purplepanda21_: Me TOO!!!!
_foreverhappy_: Harry: Me too!
_meggie o_: who here has wrote a song be4
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @skyflame: Yep, harryobsessed’s got it regarding point of view.
_harryobsessed_: @Scylla: Or that stupid page in the back of a school notebook and it’s all blank and it just taunts you!
_Stacks_Admin_: @Scylla: it’s called the “cursor” … like it’s cursing you! haha
_Scylla_: @meggie: me!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: some times when i am really bored ideas just come to me
_Apollo127_: When you guys write, do you outline everything first, or start with a general idea and then let the story take over?
_Scylla_: Anybody heard of John Green?
_Scylla_: @Karen: btw, John Green is a YA author… I see my comment is still being reviewed
_SkyFlame_: @harryobsessed: yes, but when you are writing, you are the narator.
_cavyheart_: @meggie: Me!
_horsedogwolf_: um, hi!
_AndysLibrary_: What kind of genres do you guys write?
_foreverhappy_: @Stacks Administrator: lol!!!!!!!
_cavyheart_: @harry: Haha. That’s when I got and doodle all over it. XP
_treehugger17_: @syclla: Oh I get what your talking about NOW! I thought you meant…well…nevermind :) @syclla: Who’s john green?
_Scylla_: @stacks_admin: Oh! that’s good… I like it! So true!
__Winky__: @meggie: i’ve only ever wrote lyrics.
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @Foreverhappy It’s a kind of mystery book where there are different stories about different things that don’t EVER really happen; like a dirty desk monster.
_foreverhappy_: @Andys: Realistic fiction!
_Scylla_: @Andy: fantasy, realistic fiction
_Apollo127_: @AndysLibrary: Anything, but mostly fantasy
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Did anyone have tips for treehugger17 on overcoming writer’s block?
_cavyheart_: @Apollo: I outline everything in my head and then just start writing. It usually changes a lot while I’m writing tho.
_harryobsessed_: @meggie o: I’ve had mini song ideas, but they’ve never really gone anywhere. Mostly about non-existant relationships.
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome to the chat, Guest-3 A! Sign in to participate in the chat!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: you know apollo127 i have never heard of an outline until yesterday
_meggie o_: i wrote the stupedest one ever
_SkyFlame_: @AndysLibrary:Si-Fi/Fantasy
_AndysLibrary_: Does anyone like Sci-Fi?
_horsedogwolf_: @apollo127, i do not use an outline
_cavyheart_: @Andys: Realistic fiction, science fiction, and fantasy.
_Scylla_: @treehugger: john green is a hilarious YA author
_horsedogwolf_: i just write
_treehugger17_: Who here get’s ideas by going outside? IT ALWAYS works for me…especially with poetry!
_meggie o_: i do i love it
_foreverhappy_: Treehugger: Yeah, totally!
_treehugger17_: @syclla: oh what kind of stuff does he write?
_purplepanda21_: I do!
_AndysLibrary_: @treehugger: That’s why you’re called Treehugger!
_Scylla_: @horsedogwolf: that’s cool! we’re all writers here
_harryobsessed_: Mostly fantasy, but I’ve recently gotten idea for a realistic fiction thing.
_Apollo127_: @treehugger: I usually let world evens inspire work
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Funny you should mention outlines, because that’s what Ann M. Martin relies on when she has writer’s block. Here’s what she said: “SometimesI get blocked trying to figure out how I want to say something, but having an outline of my story saves me from getting too blocked. Sometimes if I’m having trouble with something, I’ll put it away or stop right in the middle of a sentence, and I won’t look at it again until the next day. Sometimes finishing that sentence is all I need to get me going again.”
_horsedogwolf_: @andyslibrary, i write realistic fiction and fantasy
__Winky__: when i had wrtiers’ block i forced myself to describe writers’ block. what it felt like and everything.
_treehugger17_: @andyslibrary: :)
_cavyheart_: @Andys: I do a bit. I’m not really into it tho.
_Scylla_: @EVERYONE: who did NaNoWriMo this year? and who’s doing Script Frenzy in april
_SkyFlame_: @AndysLibrary:Yep, I live and breath this stuff.
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: I will be right back OK?
_Stacks_Admin_: OK, Sunshine_girl!
_Carly_H_Stacks_Staffer_: @Scylla, Me!
_treehugger17_: @apollo127: me too!
_cavyheart_: @ tree: all the time!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: And here’s what Rick Riordan recommends to get over writer’s block: “Write a little bit every day. Writing is like exercise or practicing for a sport. The more you do it the better your writing muscles get. Ifyou don’t practice, you don’t get any better.”
_Scylla_: @Karen: Oh, I cannot outline
_AndysLibrary_: @Karen: This for all the advice!
_harryobsessed_: No outlines for me. I just go.
_foreverhappy_: I did Nanowrimo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scariest thing ever!
_treehugger17_: @syclla: what’s nanowrimo?
__Winky__: outlines stress me out. it’s kinda bad because then i have no idea where anythign’s going.
_Scylla_: my outlines consist of (sometimes) a title and a loose plot
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: yeasome people find this weird but when i have writers block i go to the bathroom and it makes me feel better
_harryobsessed_: But usually plan out a lot in my head.
_Apollo127_: @Karen: I find outlines to be too constricting..I just let the characters develop until I see the natural choice for them to make.
_penguin2009_: I hate outlining but it’s a really good idea
_Scylla_: @EVERYONE: Dang it, I have to leave!!!! Have fun without me!
_Scylla_: Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
_AndysLibrary_: @stuffed: Cool…. :)
_treehugger17_: I’m not good with outlines…
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @AndysLibrary: I hope it helps! We decided to go to the experts. :-)
__Winky__: @harryobsessed: same
_purplepanda21_: Outlines are hard!
_foreverhappy_: Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_harryobsessed_: No NaNoWriMo for me, but I read Scott Westerfeld’s tips all that month.
_cavyheart_: NANOWRIMO!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!
_treehugger17_: @Syclla: BYE!!! :)
_horsedogwolf_: what i do when i have writers block is just read books, and i
_treehugger17_: @anybody: What is nanowrimo?
_cavyheart_: @Scylla: BYEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
_horsedogwolf_: usually make a new story too
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Bye, Scylla! Sorry to see you go!
_SkyFlame_: I usualy just write down a skeliton then flesh it out in the story.
_Apollo127_: @foreverhappy: I tried NaNoWriMo, but it’s just not possible during audition season and play rehearsals
_JeanEstrella_: Julia Alverez is my favorite author
_JeanEstrella_: she wrote many books describing the strong dictatorship in the dominican republic
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: at school they try to teach us to lan out the story but it does not work for me
_cavyheart_: @tree: You write a novel in one month.
_Stacks_Admin_: For those of you who don’t know, NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month (November)
_foreverhappy_: @tree hugger: It’s when you write a certain amount of words in November
_horsedogwolf_: @foreverhappy: ive never tried it
_harryobsessed_: @treehugger: It stands for National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to write an entire novel in just November.
_meggie o_: i suck when i did my 1 outline
_treehugger17_: @cavyheart: whoa…that sounds HARD!
_cavyheart_: @Apollo: Oh gosh, I know!! I always have to do my entire thing during Thanksgiving break.
_Stacks_Admin_: wow, you guys are all on top of it! I didn’t have to explain at all :)
_foreverhappy_: @Apollo: I know what you mean! It’s so hard to fit stuff in!
_purplepanda21_: Ok i was lost
_horsedogwolf_: has anybody ever published a book?
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: Back! Did I miss anything?
_foreverhappy_: @Stacks: Aw well, you know us Novel geeks!
_Apollo127_: @cavyheart: I’m still working on my story, but I just didn’t have the time in November
_harryobsessed_: @horse: I wish.
_AndysLibrary_: @horsedogwolf: I never did.
_treehugger17_: @everyone: I’m lost…this is moving REALLY fast! :)
_foreverhappy_: Horsedogwolf: Nope, sadly!
_purplepanda21_: Nope
__Winky__: @horsedogwolf: i wish…
_cavyheart_: @horse: Nope, but I’m going to start submitting to lit agents in a couple months. :) ]
_meggie o_: who does soccer
_treehugger17_: @everyone: This is my first live chat :)
_AndysLibrary_: @treehugger:Aww.
_foreverhappy_: Treehugger: Yup, me too!!!!!!!
_cavyheart_: @tree: Very cool! I love these things! :)
_horsedogwolf_: i am writing several books (fiction and nonfiction) but i never published any
_AndysLibrary_: @cavyheart: Woah, how old are you?
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @Treehugger Me too!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: gramer tip: do not use words like can’t, don’t and haven’t unless someone is talking
_purplepanda21_: Me Too!!
_AndysLibrary_: @Treehugger: This is my second.
_Apollo127_: I’ve got a question: Which d you find harder? Novels, or short stories?
_harryobsessed_: I think is my third or fourth. They’re pretty cool.
_cavyheart_: @Andys: fifteen
_Stacks_Admin_: Reminder everyone: Age and Grade is okay, but don’t provide any personally identifiable information
__Winky__: @horse: i did find this teen magazine that i want to submit to but i’m scared i’ll choose the wrong piece.
_meggie o_: i love soccer
_treehugger17_: @horsedogwolf: I did this self-publishing thing but it was kinda a scam
_AndysLibrary_: @stuffed: Funny, you spelled grammar wrong! xD
_treehugger17_: @apollo127: short stories! I always want to expand on them!
_horsedogwolf_: @apollo’slibrary: short stories
_foreverhappy_: @Aapollo: good question! Probably sthort stories
_cavyheart_: @Apollo: Oh! Short stories! Totally! I can’t write anything short… it took me six hours to write a 1.5k story for FPS last week.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @apollo127 short stories because i feel trapped
_horsedogwolf_: @treehugger: that stinks. :(
_harryobsessed_: I’m a freshman, a few months away from being 15.
__Winky__: @meggie: i used to play but now i got sick of it.
_purplepanda21_: short stories
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Not to stir up any trouble, but I’m curious: do you ever base characters on real people?
_Carly_H_Stacks_Staffer_: I disagree. Short stories are easier because they’re shorter.
_cavyheart_: @harry: LOL!!!!!!!!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i am in fith grade
_SkyFlame_: @Apollo: Novels, just because I can’t get it a high enough page countsQ!
_Apollo127_: I find them both equally hard…with novels, there has to be a lot of detail and in-between time. With short stories, you have to wrap it up quickly.
_cavyheart_: @Karen: Yeah, but loosely.
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @Karen_Stacks_Staffer Sometimes.
_AndysLibrary_: @Karen: Yes, my sister plays a major role in my stories.
_foreverhappy_: Karen: YUP!!!!!!!!!! Nearly ALLL my characters are. It’s really hard though, because I can never share them with anyone of they’ll ask if it’s them
_purplepanda21_: I do
_Apollo127_: @Karen: Yep…all the time
_DolphinWriter_: Yes!!!! All the time. My friends think it’s funny, though, cuz I always caricture them. And short stories are harder for me by far far far.
_horsedogwolf_: @karen: not really, but i did base a character on myself and one on my imaginary friend
_cavyheart_: @Carly: I’m so used to novels now that I can’t write anything short. I always want to make everything 100 times longer than it needs to be. XP
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i like to draw and people always ask me who are you drawing? but i don’t know
_SkyFlame_: Karen: No, because I usual base them on atributes or fictional people.
_AndysLibrary_: @Carly: I agree!
_treehugger17_: @karen: Yes…ALL the time! My 3 sisters especially!
_foreverhappy_: DOLPHINWRITER!!!!!!!!!! Hey!!!!!!
__Winky__: @karen: all the time. actually a lot of the time the main characters will be based on me or my close friends.
_DolphinWriter_: @cavyheart Me too!
_AndysLibrary_: @cavyheart: Lol!
_harryobsessed_: @Karen: I based the appearance of one of my characters from my staging director from my musical this summer and my good friend shares her name and appearance.
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Once my friend based a character in her book on me. The character was named Scarlet, and she had a crush on a guy named Ben Rose.
_DolphinWriter_: @foreveryhappy HIIIIIII
_horsedogwolf_: @carly: yeah, i always want to expand
_treehugger17_: @cavyheart: Me too!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: lots of authors start with art do you think that’s good?
_foreverhappy_: @Karen: That’s cute!
_AndysLibrary_: Do you guys listen to music while writing? Just a random question.
_horsedogwolf_: @karen: thats funny!
_cavyheart_: @harry: I based the principal in Forgotten on my theatre director.
_foreverhappy_: @Andys: YUp, of course!
_purplepanda21_: No I don’t
_harryobsessed_: @Andys: not really, then again, I don’t have much time to write.
_Apollo127_: A lot of times, I take mixes of people I know–one trait here, one trait there, to make someone entirely new. It’s good because I know how the person would react :)
_horsedogwolf_: @andys: yeah, i do often. it helps me think.
_treehugger17_: @everyone: do any of you guys like to compose music?
_DolphinWriter_: @stuffedmudkiptoy What do you mean? and @ AndysLibrary, All the time! Especially soundtracks.
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @AndysLibrary: I always listen to music while writing. I try to pick music that matches the tone of my story.
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: Hi guys, would any of you read books called The Rainbow Mermaid or The Fairie Works?
_horsedogwolf_: if itunes will open lol
_cavyheart_: @DolphinWriter: HIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D
_SkyFlame_: Any one used Mythology in there writing?
_DolphinWriter_: @cavyheart HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!! back :)
_AndysLibrary_: I like sad stories; I don’t know why.
_Apollo127_: @treehugger: yeah…mostly choral and trumpet, but I do some work with piano too.
_cavyheart_: @tree: I’m not the greatest at music itself, but one of my friends does that for me when we write songs together. :)
_foreverhappy_: Skyflame: Nope, but I like reading books like that!
_treehugger17_: @everyone: Who here likes to write plays?
_horsedogwolf_: @treehugger: well, i make up songs a lot, but i dont often write them down
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @andyslibrary i like to suck on something while i am thinking like lollipops
_AndysLibrary_: @Skyflame: No, but that’s a cool idea. Like the Percy Jackson series.
_cavyheart_: @Andys: Me too. But they make me really depressed, LOL.
__Winky__: @tree: i make up easy things on the piano. i never had lessons so it’s not intense.
_foreverhappy_: @treehugger: I wish, that would be sooo cool!!!
_DolphinWriter_: @treehugger I’ve written plays before, but I’m not very good.
_treehugger17_: @apollo127: I stick to piano mostly
_Apollo127_: @ Skyflame: Yes. Mostly for names–right now I have a bunch of characters with Ancient Greek names
_cavyheart_: @tree: I do, but I suck at them. It takes me FOREVER to write plays!
_horsedogwolf_: @skyflame: sometimes i do, but not often.
_AndysLibrary_: I BEGGED my mom to be in this chat.
_AndysLibrary_: She’s just, like, okay, alright.
_horsedogwolf_: who here is writing a book?
_Stacks_Admin_: @AndysLibrary: We’re glad she OKed it!
_SkyFlame_: : I’m trying to do a highschool thing with alot of mythologys.
_foreverhappy_: @Andys: I know, my mom just wants me to eat dinner, lol
_cavyheart_: @horse: Me!!!!
_treehugger17_: @dolphinwriter: right now i’m writing my first ever play called Beneath the Cherry Tree about an old Cherokee legend…
_DolphinWriter_: @AndysLibrary I almost didn’t make it, Java wasn’t agreeing. Ha ha.
_harryobsessed_: @horse: I sort of am. I kind of stuck right now.
_horsedogwolf_: @andys: yeah totaly
_foreverhappy_: horsedogwolf: Well, I’ve written a book!
_DolphinWriter_: @treehugger That’s awesome!
_cavyheart_: @forever: My parents are yelling at me to get to studying for finals. :[
__Winky__: i have a story in mind but i’ve been too busy to write it down.
_AndysLibrary_: @horsedogwolf: Not really. I find it hard to stick on one story! I have over 30 stories I haven’t finished… *Blushes*
_SkyFlame_: I’m stuck too.
_Apollo127_: If anyone’s loking for good music to listen to while writing, check out The Script
_horsedogwolf_: @harryobsessed: yeah i know what you mean
_DolphinWriter_: @cavy AWWWW!
_AndysLibrary_: @foreverhapup: You published a book?
_treehugger17_: @cavyheart: you can’t be THAT bad…you are a natural writer at least thats what i see from your posts :)
_horsedogwolf_: @andys: so do i!
_Apollo127_: @Andys: me too. Don’t worry
__Winky__: @andy: i totally know what you mean
_foreverhappy_: @Cavy: Dang! I need to study for my Math ones, lol. And still have time for American idol
_DolphinWriter_: @Apollo The Script is cool.
_cavyheart_: @Apollo: Oh my gosh! I love them!
_harryobsessed_: @cavy: Today was my first day of finals. Not the most fun.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i have a diary type thing and i tried to write down a play
_cavyheart_: @Dolphin: Lol. I mean to put a “:P” but my finger slipped. :P
_foreverhappy_: Andys: Lol, no, I wish. I mean that I’ve written a novel, but I haven’t published it. Yet. :( )
_AndysLibrary_: Wow! The majority of this chat agrees with me! :)
_treehugger17_: @dolphinwriter: yeah i’m really excited about it! :)
_harryobsessed_: @forever: Krsitin Chenoweth is the guest judge tonight! ^.^
_Apollo127_: @ Cavyheart: Yes!!! None of my friends have even heard of them.
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: I started writing a play before and I was worried about how it would be staged, but I talked to my friend who writes lots of plays (and she’s studying playwriting in school), and she said not to worry about that while you’re writing. Let the director worry about that!
_horsedogwolf_: does anybody here know about pokemon? and write fan fiction about it?
_AndysLibrary_: Who has published a novel?
_DolphinWriter_: @treehugger :) @cavy LOL!!
_horsedogwolf_: just a random question
__Winky__: everyone: i have to g. BYE
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: at my school we don’t have tests in lower school and no grades!!!!!!
_foreverhappy_: @Harry: REALLY????? Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
_foreverhappy_: BYe!
_harryobsessed_: @horse: I had a sort of pokemon fanfic going on . . it never really went anywhere.
_cavyheart_: @Apollo: None of mine either! It’s crazy! Because they’re amazing!
_DolphinWriter_: @AndysLibrary I’ve tried publishing for years, no success yet, but closer! @Winky BYE!
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: Hey, would any of you read a book called The Rainbow Mermaid or The Fairie Works, ’cause I am writing 2 books called that
_cavyheart_: @Andys: Nope, not me!
_horsedogwolf_: @andys: well im about halfway through, with mine…
_treehugger17_: @dolphinwriter and cavyheart: you guys are so GOOD at writing! I wish I had your talent!
_Apollo127_: Has anyone ever had an idea that they thought was really going to be great but just didn’t work out right? If so, what?
_SkyFlame_: Anyone got tips for Si-Fi?
_cavyheart_: @stuffed: SO JEALOUS RIGHT NOW!!
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @Winkie Aww! Bye! Hope you had fun!
_DolphinWriter_: @Sunshine I might have when I was younger, but they seem a little below my age level by the title. Cool, though!
_cavyheart_: @Winky: Bye!
_horsedogwolf_: @sunshine: yeah, probably
_SkyFlame_: Sunshine: Maybe the Farie Works
_harryobsessed_: @Sunshine: I don’t know, sounds kind of little-kid-ish.
_foreverhappy_: @Sunshine: Well, that sort of sounds a little young for me, so take the fairy and mermaid parts out? Unless its meant for little kids, of course
_Apollo127_: @SkyFlame: Do your research. Make it believable.
_DolphinWriter_: @treehugger You have a lot of talent!!!!! You don’t need ours! LOL
_AndysLibrary_: @Winky: BYE!
_cavyheart_: @tree: What are you talking about?? You’re awesome! Well, from what I’ve read so far, anyway. ;)
_AndysLibrary_: @Skyfire: Maybe something with the future?
_horsedogwolf_: @treehugger: yeah, you rock!
_treehugger17_: @everyone: who else here is a treehugger?
_foreverhappy_: @tree: you are a great writer!!!!!!!
_horsedogwolf_: @tree: me
_foreverhappy_: @tree: I am!!!!
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @Dolphin Writer Cool! They are written for kids around 8 or 9, ’cause that’s easier ’cause I’m 8 and a half
_cavyheart_: @tree: Right here! And a vegetarian!
_purplepanda21_: I am!!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: do you guys ever get writing excersizes that you have to start a story with a certain sentance
_DolphinWriter_: @Sunshine Well that makes sense then. I would have totally loved it at that age.
_Apollo127_: @ Cavy: me too!
_cavyheart_: @Sunshine: Dang, you’re really mature for your age! I thought you were a lot older!
_foreverhappy_: @cavy: I will never know how you survive lol
_SkyFlame_: Apollo: What if were talking postapoctoliptic?
_harryobsessed_: @cavy: I don’t think I could ever be a vegetarian. Bacon is my friend.
_cavyheart_: @stuffed: Sometimes, when I’m board.
_horsedogwolf_: @sunshine: yeah, i understand. always write about the age that you are
_cavyheart_: @Apollo: Cool!
_DolphinWriter_: @stuffedmud I hate those! They’re so annoying!
_foreverhappy_: @Sunshine: me too! But I think the book is perfect for that age, then
_cavyheart_: @Sky: she means like after the world ends
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @Dolphin Writer Ok! I take that as a good omen! ;P
_penguin2009_: Bacon and I are also BFFs
_cavyheart_: @foreverhappy: One word. Tofu.
_DolphinWriter_: @horsedogwolf: I always write older characters, LOL!
_horsedogwolf_: one time, i tried to write a story about being 13 when i was 8
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @Cavyheart lol
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i like to write but i dont think i am any good:(
_DolphinWriter_: @cavy: hahaha tofu! :)
_foreverhappy_: @Cavy: lol! Good thing you like it! Did you ever try that stir fry tofu?
_treehugger17_: @everyone: Who’s your favorite author?
_horsedogwolf_: @cavy: tofu is good
_cavyheart_: @Dolphin: Me too. It’s so weird writing Freed and they’re the same age as me.
_horsedogwolf_: @foever
_Apollo127_: @SkyFlame: That’d work. In that case, do some religious symbology research from different cultures, just to figure out how your apocolypse is going to work.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i really like gail carson levine
_DolphinWriter_: @stuffedmud: Of course you’re good! And anyway, what really matters in writing and publishing is persistance.
_AndysLibrary_: I’m back.
_SkyFlame_: Tree: Can’t chose.
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @DolphinWriter: Once I wrote about a 30-year-old when I was in elementary school! My mom read my story and was like, “Where did this come from?”
_penguin2009_: @treehugger: My favorite author is Roald Dahl
_DolphinWriter_: @treehugger: JK Rowling!
_harryobsessed_: @tree: it varies. I like JKR, Rick Riordan, and Scott Westerfeld.
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: Hmm… I have never tried tofu, but when I am older I might :?
_cavyheart_: @stuffed: Only way to find out is to share your writing! Check out a site or a peer group… I’m sure you’re great!
_purplepanda21_: @treehuger I can’t chose
_AndysLibrary_: @Karen: Hmmmm I wonder..
_Stacks_Admin_: It’s because you had an old soul, Karen.
_DolphinWriter_: @Karen: LOL!
_Stacks_Admin_: Your soul is aging in reverse!
_foreverhappy_: @Karen, lol I’ve done that, but it was about a girl in college and I was in second grade
_cavyheart_: @Karen: LOL!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: cavyheart brings up a good tip. Do you guys share your work with friends, family, or teachers to get feedback?
_horsedogwolf_: @forever: sorry, i hit enter. JK Rowling, Roald Dahl, Walter Farley…
_cavyheart_: @tree: Erin Hunter
_AndysLibrary_: @Stacks_Admin: LOL!!!
_foreverhappy_: @Karen, I’ve just read a book about that!
_horsedogwolf_: @Karen: that is funny!
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @ Dolphin Writer OOH! You are most DEFINETLY not alone on that one!
_cavyheart_: @sunshine: it’s awesome, but you have to cook it right.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: you know what’s strange i am such a slow reader
_SkyFlame_: Apollo: I’m focusing on criofrezzing the carecters and having them wake up in a world after Nuke apok, but before new socity.
_AndysLibrary_: @karen: My sister. She loooves to write and likes to read.
_DolphinWriter_: @Karen All the time, yeah! My friends love it. My parents are very critical though, which I guess is good, but annoying. Same with my brother.
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @Cavyheart Ah! Ok!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i like to read sad books
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Speaking of sharing writing, author Lisa Yee says: “Let people know. I kept my dream about wanting to be an author bottled inside me for so long. I wish I had told people because they could have helped me or pointed me in the right directions.”
_foreverhappy_: *Stuffed mud: That’s okay, good thing me have scroll bars!
_harryobsessed_: @Karen: I sent the partial backstory of one of my characters to my friend a couple days ago but she hasn’t replied yet.
_Apollo127_: @Sky: Awesome
_horsedogwolf_: @stuffed: yeah, i know, i used to be really fast, but now its kind of difficult
_cavyheart_: @Karen: I’m on three writing websites and I have all my friends read my stuff, too. :)
_Apollo127_: What do you all think of writing poetry?
_AndysLibrary_: @Karen: Thanks for all the quotes! Lisa Yee is one my favorite authors.
_horsedogwolf_: @sky flame: hey, cool name btw
_foreverhappy_: Cavy: Wow, that’s a lot!
_DolphinWriter_: @cavy OH yeah, I’m on two websites too!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i also like to write sad stories does that mean i am sad?
_DolphinWriter_: @cavy Wait, three. Ha ha.
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @stuffedmudkiptoy Do you like A Seiries of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snickett?
_foreverhappy_: DW: whistles
_cavyheart_: @Apollo: I LOVE poetry!
_harryobsessed_: I sent a partial backstory to my freind a couple days ago, but she hasn’t responded yet.
_horsedogwolf_: @stuffed: no
_treehugger17_: @apollo127: I LOVE writing poetry…it’s how I express myself…that and music
_purplepanda21_: Wow i’m lost!!!
_AndysLibrary_: @Sunshine_girl: I love that series!
_cavyheart_: @Dolphin: I think we’re on all the same ones. :P
_harryobsessed_: @everyone: Has there ever been a book that’s made you cy?
_foreverhappy_: harry: Well, hopefully she does soon!
_Stacks_Admin_: @stuffmudkiptoy: I don’t think it means you’re sad, it means you have insight into what makes people sad. But that’s just my opinion. :)
_horsedogwolf_: @apollo: yeah i love writing poetry
_DolphinWriter_: @stuffedmud Not necessarily. I write happy stories because I’m a romantic, not because I’m happy.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @sunshine no i don’t really like scary-sad books just sad
_treehugger17_: @purplepanda21: ???
_DolphinWriter_: @cavy Probably, haha.
_horsedogwolf_: @sunshine: yeah i love lemony snicket. it is so funny!
_Apollo127_: @tree = cavy: It’s a lot easier to be philospophical when writing poems than when writing stories
_purplepanda21_: Hi!!
_foreverhappy_: I just like bitterweet books, you know?
_RedheadM13_: i love writing stories.
_treehugger17_: @apollo127: I agree!
_cavyheart_: @Apollo: Yeah. That’s why I love it so much. :)
_DolphinWriter_: @Apollo: Very true. I find a lot of symbolism in noveling though, too.
_horsedogwolf_: @forever: yeah, those are the best
_cavyheart_: @forever: Ditto.
_treehugger17_: @redheadm13: me too
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @AndysLibrary Cool! I have only read, like, wait… uh oh… I will have to read them all over again! O_O
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: all of the boys in my class are strange i bearly even talk to them
_cavyheart_: @Red: Me too, lol!
_RedheadM13_: lol. i’m working on a story now.
_DolphinWriter_: @redhead Me three!
_horsedogwolf_: @redhead yes
_harryobsessed_: Anyone read any of Wendy Mass’s books?
_HeroineHiding_: What’s going on?
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: This talk of genres makes me curious: what kind of stories do you guys write? Romance? Funny? Mystery? Adventure?
_cavyheart_: @Red: again, me too!
_Apollo127_: @Foreverhappy: try Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Btw, Ethan Frome is an adult classic book.
_AndysLibrary_: @stuffedmudkiptoy: ….
_foreverhappy_: @red head: me four!
_RedheadM13_: i think once
_horsedogwolf_: hey does anybody know any good writing tips?
_SkyFlame_: Does anyone like books that make you think?
_treehugger17_: @dolphinwriter: yeah I express myself through novels too, but poetry and music works better for me to express myself I think
_Apollo127_: @Dolphin: yeah, especially with dystopian writing
_AndysLibrary_: @harryobessed: Yes!
_purplepanda21_: @redhead me too
_cavyheart_: I’m really into spy and adventure stuff.
_horsedogwolf_: @Karen: i write realistic fiction and fantasy
_RedheadM13_: romance
_AndysLibrary_: @Karen: realistic fiction.
_foreverhappy_: @Apollo: I’ve never read that! I’ll have to try it!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: have any of you guys noticed how gross some cartoons are?
_DolphinWriter_: @Karen I write fantasy romance usually, sometimes realistic, sometimes sci-fi, but mostly fantasy. And always with romance LOL.
_RedheadM13_: Romance
_harryobsessed_: I like fantasy and reaistic fiction.
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: I know this is TOTALLY off topic, but who here likes Lady Gaga?
_horsedogwolf_: @stuffed yes
_DolphinWriter_: @Sunshine ME!!!!
_AndysLibrary_: @Stfdmdkptoy: Not really.
_treehugger17_: @karen: I experiment with lot’s of different genres
_SkyFlame_: Fantasy and Sci-Fi
_cavyheart_: @stuffed: YES!! They’re so crude sometimes!
_horsedogwolf_: i much prefer pokemon
_foreverhappy_: @sunshine: Ido!
_RedheadM13_: i love fantasy…anything can happen!!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i read to kill a mocking bird and i almost cried
_Apollo127_: Fave genre, anybody? Personally I’ve been leaning towards dystopian recently.
_green queen 09_: Hi! I love Lady Gaga!!!
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @Dolphin Cool! Me too!
_DolphinWriter_: @redhead Me too!!!
_harryobsessed_: I <3 A Mango-Shaped Space.
_foreverhappy_: Stuffed: I LOVE THAT BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!
_cavyheart_: @Sunshine: Her music’s really good, but she herself is a little strange. :P
_AndysLibrary_: @Sunshine_girl: Yes. Everyone’s so negative to her >.>
_DolphinWriter_: @Apollo: Fantasy, always fantasy.
_treehugger17_: @greenqueen: hey green queen!!!! :)
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @Foreverhappy Thats Great! I like her too!
_AndysLibrary_: @Apollo: I LOVE SCI-FI, beause of Margaret Peterson Haddix.
_cavyheart_: @stuffed: Me too! Everyone in my class was like “This is so boring!” but I thought it was really good.
_SkyFlame_: Apollo: Fantasy and Sci-Fi
_Apollo127_: @Karen: Yeah, we read it for English this year. I loved how the setting was used so effectively.
_RedheadM13_: i love fantasy.
_purplepanda21_: @karen Romance and sci-fi
_horsedogwolf_: @redhead exactly why i write it!
_treehugger17_: @everyone: I’ve got to go….BYE!
_green queen 09_: @treehugger: hey treehugger!
_treehugger17_: @everyone: BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE :(
_foreverhappy_: @tree: bye!!!!!!!!!!!
_cavyheart_: @tree: Bye!!!!!!!!!!!
_Stacks_Admin_: Thanks for joining, gree queen 09!
_horsedogwolf_: @tree aww, bye!
_DolphinWriter_: @treehugger BYE!
_treehugger17_: @greenqueen: bye….
_AndysLibrary_: @treehugger: Bye <3
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: I know this isn’t what he meant, but this talk of fantasy and sci-fi reminds me of this quote from Christopher Paul Curtis: “Have fun with your writing. You’re like a god — you can create people, destroy people. Have fun with that power.”
_Stacks_Admin_: Thanks for joining, treehugger!
_treehugger17_: @okay…my FINAL GOODBYE! :)
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @Andy and Cavy Andy: Yes, but that is because she is odd. Cavy: Yes, but I still love her
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @cavy heart they just don’t appreciate that kind of good book
_green queen 09_: bye treehugger!=(
_RedheadM13_: Who all likes to read a movie before going to see the movie to the book?
_SkyFlame_: Any hopeing for a giver sequal.
_foreverhappy_: Karen: Lol, that’s sort of funny in a wierd sort of way./…
_cavyheart_: @Karen: Lol! I love messing with people’s lives! Just ask foreverhappy!
_AndysLibrary_: @Karen: Lol, that quote’s funny.
_horsedogwolf_: @karen: hmm, that sounds cool.
_DolphinWriter_: Hey, does anyone notice their writing paralleling their real life? That happens to me with everything, but I usually only notice it after I’m done.
_cavyheart_: @Sunshine: Ditto.
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: Bye Treehugger! Hope you had fun!
_cavyheart_: @Red: Usually!
_Apollo127_: @ Karen: that’s a great quote!
_green queen 09_: New question! Favorite series?
_foreverhappy_: @Cavy: Yes, you do seem to have a problem with that…
_cavyheart_: @Sky: Aren’t there two sequels?
_harryobsessed_: @Skyflame: There are two companion books to it; Gathering Blue and The Messenger.
_AndysLibrary_: @Dolphinwriter: Actually, no. My characters and summary is the COMPLETE opposite of my life.
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @Cavy Cool!
_cavyheart_: @Dolphin: Oh gosh, yeah!
_Apollo127_: @ green: can’t choose
_horsedogwolf_: @dolphin: hm, not really. i write stories about orphans a lot. because then there are no parents in the way lol
_foreverhappy_: ‘@Sky: They are so good!
_harryobsessed_: @Green: HP
_DolphinWriter_: @green I like Harry Potter, ha ha.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: is Christopher paul curtis the guy who wrote the watsons go to birmingham 1963?
_DolphinWriter_: @Andys Really? Wow.
_cavyheart_: @green: So hard! Warriors, HP, Percy Jackson, the Hunger Games, Narnia, Inkheart………
_Stacks_Admin_: @stuffedmudkiptoy: Yes, he did!
_Apollo127_: How do you guys develop characterization?
_horsedogwolf_: who else writes stories about orphans? and why?
_foreverhappy_: Stuffed: THAT”S A GREAT BOOOK! I was laughing so hard!
_AndysLibrary_: @stuffedmudkiptoy: And Elijiah!
_DolphinWriter_: @horse I used to do that too.
_SkyFlame_: I usualy use a image i’ve seen to model my carecter. Does anyone else do it?
_AndysLibrary_: I feel bad for the Haitians.
_harryobsessed_: @Apollo: I get into backstory.
_cavyheart_: @stuffed: That book was CREEPY. Good, but CREEEEEEPY.
_horsedogwolf_: @andys me too
_foreverhappy_: Syyflame: of course!
_harryobsessed_: @horse: I used to all the time. No idea why.
_DolphinWriter_: @Apollo I base them off of people I know at first, and then let them go off into the plot and backstory. I guess all my romance stuff helps too.
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @horsedogwolf That is what the Fairie Works is about! The lead character is an orphan!
_Apollo127_: I find characterization to be all about the actions and reactions
_purplepanda21_: @horse I do
_cavyheart_: @horse: I like orphans because you don’t have to do a lot of developing their chars right away…
_foreverhappy_: @Cavy: DIdn’t you love the part where his tongue gets stuck to the mirror???
_green queen 09_: Have you heard about the earthquake in Haiti??? So sad!!
_horsedogwolf_: @sunshine: oh cool
_AndysLibrary_: Does anyone like Historical Fiction?
_DolphinWriter_: @horse I had to teach myself how to NOT make my characters orphans with my recent books because it was habit….and it doesn’t always work.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @horsedogwolf i still come up with stories about orphans by the way you should read the secret of zoom it is about orphans
_cavyheart_: @forever: That was the best! Lol.
_horsedogwolf_: @andys: me!
_AndysLibrary_: @greenqueen: Yes! That’s reallysad.
_DolphinWriter_: @green: I KNOW! My teachers are always showing videos.
_green queen 09_: yes. I kinda like it.
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @horse Thank you!
_penguin2009_: @Andy: I love historical fiction!
_cavyheart_: @green: Yeah. :-(
_Apollo127_: @Dolphin: Any tips for writing romance? it’s one of the thing I stink at.
_purplepanda21_: @andys I do
_green queen 09_: @Andy: love it!
_foreverhappy_: Andys: Yup! Have read Fever 1793??? It’s is so good!
_DolphinWriter_: @Apollo: Oh gosh. I don’t know…what are you having issues with?
_harryobsessed_: @Apollo: don’t make it like Twilight.
_AndysLibrary_: @Apollo: There has to be drama in Romance! :D
_SkyFlame_: Apollo: Romace EVIL!!
_cavyheart_: @forever: I loved that book!
_horsedogwolf_: @dolphin: yeah, i dont always make them orphans, but the lead girl in kartani, my novel, is an orphan
_writtenwordsaremagic_: and omg! i ALMOST forgot about the chat thing today! school has been SOO busy
_cavyheart_: @harry: Lol!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @apollo i try to stay away from romance because i am only 11
_foreverhappy_: @Harry: Lol, please no
_DolphinWriter_: @Apollo I agree with Andys, it’s all about drama. Draw it out.
_cavyheart_: @written: Hey!!
_foreverhappy_: Cavy: Yay, I’m not the only one who read it!
_DolphinWriter_: @horse Nice! Parents really are hard to write.
_Apollo127_: @Dolphin: I just feel like my timing isn’t really any good. Like ti’s too obvious–Irisetta, for instance
_harryobsessed_: @forever: Twiligt was painful to read. Ugh.
_foreverhappy_: written: Hello!
_SkyFlame_: Twilight Killed the WereWolf!!!!
_green queen 09_: @dolphinwriter: hi! What’s your favorite genre????
_purplepanda21_: @stuffed me too
_cavyheart_: @Dolphin: Lol! Totally!
_millshoney779_: sweet
_foreverhappy_: Harry: I know!
_AndysLibrary_: What’s the next Live Chat topic?
_Stacks_Admin_: Our next Live Chat topic is FANTASY SERIES.
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @writtenwordsaremagic Hi!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i want to read twillight but i am to younge:(
_writtenwordsaremagic_: Hey! And romance is great! It’s just a matter of reading the RIGHT book. ;)
_AndysLibrary_: I like all genres.
_cavyheart_: @Apollo: You’re good!!!!!
_horsedogwolf_: who here would read a book about a girl who can turn into a wolf?
_DolphinWriter_: @Dolphin Hmmm….well sometimes obvious is good….then you drag it out and keep them apart until the audience is going crazy.
_horsedogwolf_: not a werewolf, a wolf
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Okay, I hate to bring this up again, but how much revising do you guys do when you write?
_DolphinWriter_: @penguin Fantasy! :)
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i love fantasy!!
_cavyheart_: @horse: Me, probably.
_Stacks_Admin_: (so, if you have never read a fantasy series… get crackin’!)
_harryobsessed_: @stuffed: If you got time that you don’t care about, read it when you are 12+
_AndysLibrary_: @Stacks_Admin: FANTASY SERIES? You found the right guy!
_purplepanda21_: @ stuffed Me Too!!!!!!!1
_horsedogwolf_: @karen, a lot
_foreverhappy_: Karen: Lots.; and lots. and lots….etc.
_harryobsessed_: @Karen: loads. If I ever find time.
_SkyFlame_: Horse: You mean a licanthrope?
_Stacks_Admin_: @Andys: save it for next month! :)
_writtenwordsaremagic_: I revise so much that sometimes I don’t even get finished with my novel… which sucks. >.<
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @Stuffed me too mom says I need to wait till I am 10 which is in a year
_AndysLibrary_: @Karen: None. I like when people peer-edit!
_cavyheart_: @Karen: A ton, but not for a couple months after I’ve finished the complete novel. And I like to do basic editing for grammar and stuff first.
_green queen 09_: @everyone: how many chats have you been to?
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i am like the revising queen i revise 2-4 times
_Apollo127_: @Cavy: Thanks…what exactly prompted that?
_horsedogwolf_: @skyflame: noooo, a wolf-heart is what its called.
_millshoney779_: ok
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Lots of authors say that rewriting is important. Tamora Pierce says: “The most important thing you can do is to rewrite it at least once. Rewrites are what you do to keep yourself from looking goofy.”
_DolphinWriter_: @Karen A Lot. I have to edit it 11 times over before I’ll consider sending it to anyone, and those are BIG edits. Afterwards I do it even more. There’s always so much to add and fix….
_DolphinWriter_: @green This is my first!
_foreverhappy_: Sunshine: I had to wait until I was twelve, so I’m jealous!
_harryobsessed_: @green: This is my third or fourth.
_foreverhappy_: Andys: me too, that’s when you get the best criticm
_cavyheart_: @Karen: Yup. I’ve totally found that with my latest novel!
_horsedogwolf_: @green: this is my first!
_harryobsessed_: @Karen: Tamora is one of my friend’s favorite authors.
_Dewdrop208_: I’m here! I’m here at last!
_purplepanda21_: @karen I have to edit a to!
_green queen 09_: @dolphwriter: Me too! It’s so fun!!!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @ sunshine i got to see the movies of twilight
_Stacks_Admin_: Twilight is PG-13, btw
_cavyheart_: @harry: Mine too! She’s obsessed. :)
_DolphinWriter_: I always have to edit by ADDING stuff rather than deleting, because I always run through the plot and ignore details when I write.
_AndysLibrary_: @foreverhappy: When you get someone else’s opinion… I just forgot what I was about to say.
_green queen 09_: @@Dewdrop208: Hi! Welcome!
_millshoney779_: Okay, I have a few Ideas
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @forever Oh! woah. At least you are not scared of EVERYTHING ;P I soo am
_foreverhappy_: Everyone: Is it just me, or did the thing freeze?
_Apollo127_: I never really get to the editing stage because I lose interest too quickly
_DolphinWriter_: @green: Yeah! I always missed the others, LOL.
_Dewdrop208_: What is happening?
_SkyFlame_: Twilight Vampires Gliter!!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: For me, the hardest part of rewriting is cutting out stuff I really like but shouldn’t stay in the story. In a writing class I took, someone called that “killing your darlings.”
_AndysLibrary_: When’s the next Live Chat? I’m just excited!
_writtenwordsaremagic_: Shannon Hale (published author) revised her novel FIFTY times. Have any of you read The Princess Academy or heard of The Bayern series? She’s a freaking amazing writer
_cavyheart_: @forever: It’s just you…. :P
_horsedogwolf_: hey, how do you like the name Kartani? would you pick up a book with that name?
_DolphinWriter_: @Karen Like I just said, I have the opposite. I never put in enough!
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: Thats why I cant read Goosebumps anymore… :(
_horsedogwolf_: @karen: yeah i know
_cavyheart_: @written: Yeah! She’s really good!
_harryobsessed_: @Skyflame: which is something vampires shouldn’t do.
_DolphinWriter_: @Karen Although I do have issues with killing people, on another subject.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i dont know half of the authors we are talking about is that bad?
_SkyFlame_: I have trouble rewriting just to make it longer!
_green queen 09_: has anyone heard of the City of Ember book(s)???
_AndysLibrary_: @Karen: I hate that, too! “But I want that in my story!” “It doesn’t make sense!” “Yeah, it does.” “Nooo!” “Fine.”
_DolphinWriter_: @Horse It’s very unique, but cool.
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @DolphinWriter: Lol!
_horsedogwolf_: @stuffed, no
_Apollo127_: What do you think is the hardest part of writing (besides editing)?
_harryobsessed_: @Karen: I killed a character in a joint novel project. It was fun.
_SkyFlame_: Harry: Duh! They should kill people and suck blood.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: how old do you have to be to publish a story?
_Dewdrop208_: I just don’t like killing off my characters!
_writtenwordsaremagic_: @green YES! It was great–though somewhat disappointing at the end. i expected much much more
_purplepanda21_: @green I have
_cavyheart_: @Dolphin: Me too! I’m having such trouble with that right now, because spies happen to kill people quite often. And I don’t like killing people. :P
_SkyFlame_: Apollo: Making the inital consept.
_cavyheart_: @Apollo: Not getting sidetracked. :P
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @stuffed I don’t think there is a limit\
_Dewdrop208_: Sad novels aren’t my thing!
_green queen 09_: @apollo: Um, maybe making it up???
_horsedogwolf_: @apollo: nothing is harder then getting through WRITERS BLOCK!
_DolphinWriter_: @Apollo I don’t know! I just love writing so much! I like torturing my characters, actually, but I can’t stand to kill them off. I guess sometimes I get too dark when I write.
_writtenwordsaremagic_: @stuffed: it’s not how old you have to be; it’s how good you are. btw, the younger you are the better because it makes you more famous. X)
_cavyheart_: @stuffed: You can publish one anytime, but a lot of publishers and agents don’t like publishing minors.
_AndysLibrary_: I love sad novels. Drama’s my thing.
_DolphinWriter_: @cavy LOL!
_Apollo127_: @Cavy: It’s gotta happen sometimes…Sometimes I’ve even cried when killing of characters I liked.
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: Except old enough to write legibly ;P
_DolphinWriter_: @writtenwords I agree.
_writtenwordsaremagic_: @horsedogwolf: nothing’s worse, actually, than getting over writer’s doubt.
_Dewdrop208_: Ohhh! Writers block is HORRIBLE!
_DolphinWriter_: @cavy ANOTHER AGREE! It’s so hard to get them to publish you when you’re underage.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: has anyone read a book that is more like poery then a novel i read one and it was really good
_Dewdrop208_: What’s writer’s doubt?
_writtenwordsaremagic_: @Andys: i’m a sad movie/novel addict!!!
_DolphinWriter_: @Dew. I think Writer’s Doubt is even worse.
_horsedogwolf_: i dont know, i wouldnt kill somebody, but i am planning to make it look like someone dies
_cavyheart_: @Apollo: I haven’t cried yet, but I know it’s coming… I have to kill off a couple of my faves by the end of my current trilogy.
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @stuffedmudkptoy: You don’t have to be an adult to get published! Nancy Yi Fan wrote her book Swordbird when she was 14, and Christopher Paolini started writing Eragon when he was 15.
_AndysLibrary_: I never tried to publish,
_green queen 09_: @Dewdrop208 I KNOW! It’s awful.
_Apollo127_: My difficulty is getting through scenes without action or romance, or some other big deal…
_DolphinWriter_: @Dew writer’s doubt is when you keep thinking you’re too bad for people to like your writing or publish it.
_harryobsessed_: @stuffed: like one in free verse? I love those!
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: Speaking of Writers Block, I get that a lot during travels. I need to be stationary. :P
_treehugger17_: Sorry about leaving like that…my sister needed the computer but then she’s all like “nevermind” anyway…the point is…I’m Back! :)
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @dolphin not in the school story by andrew clements
_cavyheart_: @stuffed: yeah. It was called “The Yellow Dog” or something like that. It was really good.
_purplepanda21_: @stuffed no what was the name?
_horsedogwolf_: how did JK kill off so many people
_foreverhappy_: @Karen: That’s cool to know, thanks!
_DolphinWriter_: @horse That’s cool!
_cavyheart_: @Dolphin: Ditto. :(
_AndysLibrary_: @Karen: Nancy Yi Fan is a good rolemodel.
_Dewdrop208_: Publish would be nice, yes?
_SkyFlame_: I Plan to make one of my villians a hero in his final moments by having him sacrifice himself to solve the plot. Is that psycotic?
_DolphinWriter_: @Karen, yes, you can be published young, but its very very hard.
_treehugger17_: @harryobsessed I love free verse
_foreverhappy_: @Treehugger: cool!
_AndysLibrary_: @treehugger: Yayyy!!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @harry yeah!
_Apollo127_: @Cavy: I wrote a story from Artemis’ perspective a while back…and when the time came to kill Orion, I compleely melted down.
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @ Treehugger Yay!
_DolphinWriter_: @horse I have no idea.
_foreverhappy_: Cavy: Yellow dog was soooo sad! But really good.
_cavyheart_: @stuffed: Sadly, that’s fiction.
_horsedogwolf_: @dolphin thanks
_writtenwordsaremagic_: @horsewolf: speaking of JK, i’m rereading the first book of harry potter!!! X)
_writtenwordsaremagic_: @stuffed: i’m reading a book called ON POINTE. it’s about the author’s life as a ballerina. it’s really good!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Btw, On Pointe is YA (Young Adult).
_AndysLibrary_: @horsedogwolf: Wasn’t that what made the series good?
_foreverhappy_: @Dew: Yes, lol
_Dewdrop208_: IM on my 2nd novel!
_horsedogwolf_: @skyflame no
_treehugger17_: @dewdrop208: I want so badly to be published!
_millshoney779_: So what are we talking aboout?
_cavyheart_: @Dew: Haha. YEAH.
_harryobsessed_: @horse: becasue she’s awesome that way and understood it was a war.
_DolphinWriter_: @stuffed That’s an awesome book, but a little unrealistic. Trust me, I’ve been working on publishing for 5 years. It’s hard.
_cavyheart_: @tree: Me too.
_harryobsessed_: @cavy: Love That Dog, followed by Hate That Cat
_green queen 09_: Is City of Ember good? I haven’t read it yet.
_horsedogwolf_: @dolphin, have you read the whole series
_treehugger17_: @sunshinegirl: yay! someones glad i’m back! :)
_AndysLibrary_: Anyone like Eight Grade Bites? (YA)
_green queen 09_: @treehugger Yay! You’re back!!!
_cavyheart_: @written: I loved that one!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @Cavy yeah i know but it just came to mind
_foreverhappy_: Dew: Way to g!
_treehugger17_: @dewdrop208: cool!
_horsedogwolf_: @andys: idk she could have NOT killed off sevreal people
_DolphinWriter_: @treehugger Me too!!! Ha ha.
_AndysLibrary_: @treehugger17: I would love to read one of yuor stories.
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: I think I will ask to go to the next live chat :P I like this
_cavyheart_: @tree: Me too!
_horsedogwolf_: @written, awesome
_millshoney779_: I abosolutely LOVE reading and writing books.
_purplepanda21_: @mills Too many things
_Apollo127_: When writing fantasy, what sort of research do you do?
_DolphinWriter_: @Karen On Pointe?
_cavyheart_: @harry: Yeah! That’s what it was called!
_harryobsessed_: @green: YES.
_writtenwordsaremagic_: @green: it’s all right. really adventurous. lots of twists. ;)
_foreverhappy_: Green: City of Ember is great!
_Dewdrop208_: City of Ember sounds good!
_horsedogwolf_: @harry, o yeah i read love that dog!
_SkyFlame_: Green: Yes, as in the entrie series.
_treehugger17_: @greenqueen: haven’t read it
_AndysLibrary_: Everyone, don’t say anything. Wait until everythng gets reviewed. We don’t want the mods to get tired, do we?
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Ha ha, thanks for thinking of us, Andy!
_foreverhappy_: @Sunshine: me too
_purplepanda21_: @green I want to read that!!
_DolphinWriter_: @Andys and tree hugger I want to read tree’s book too!
_cavyheart_: @mills : me too!
_SkyFlame_: Apollo: NO!
_Dewdrop208_: @mills, so do i!
_horsedogwolf_: @apollo, none! i just make it up out of my head
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: all good authors need some realistic parts
_green queen 09_: Okay, I am so off track, what are we talking about???
_writtenwordsaremagic_: @apollo: a whole lot. usually just googling. if i need to know anything in-depth (this applies more to historical fiction), i actually check out books from the library. :P X)
_foreverhappy_: Okay, are we good?
_DolphinWriter_: @Apollo I don’t do much research. What I usually need is setting research and sometimes speed stuff for superspeed.
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @Forever Cool! BTW, I will add you and Andy
_millshoney779_: dewdrop, cool. right now im working on a book.
_treehugger17_: @greenqueen: I have no idea! I’m lost!
_purplepanda21_: @green IdK!
_Apollo127_: @Horse + Sky: I’m, never sure when to take creative license…
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: you admins are so cool
_foreverhappy_: @Sunshine: Thanks!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @green queen 09: We’re wrapping up now. Does anyone else have writing tips they want to share?
_Stacks_Admin_: Aw shucks, thanks stuffmudkiptoy!
_DolphinWriter_: I agree with stuffed!
_Dewdrop208_: What are some of your novels about, guys?
_AndysLibrary_: @Karen: Yeah, I know. ;) It’s just that there was 19 people waiting to get reviewed. A bit much, heh?
_foreverhappy_: Stuffed: So true!
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @Forever No Problem
_cavyheart_: @Karen: Awwww, already? Itfeels like we just started!
_writtenwordsaremagic_: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and EMBRACE YOUR IDEAS. (something i really need to learn!!)
_millshoney779_: huh?
_green queen 09_: @treehugger I know.
_cavyheart_: @Dew: My current one is about a spy school. :)
_harryobsessed_: @stuffed: what’s your favorite pokemon?
_Apollo127_: @Dolphin: Actully, now that you mention it–what would the limit be for superspeed? I’ve got a character with that now, but haven’t had time for research
_SkyFlame_: Apollo: Whenever something you want to use dosn’t work.
_horsedogwolf_: @dew, my novels are about people who can turn into wolves
_harryobsessed_: Random question for mods: Does your name bolded indicate you, or that your name is bolded on the boards?
_Stacks_Admin_: @harryobsessed: if you’re asking about why some usernames are bolded and some are not on the boards, it depends on your ranking in the message boards.
_foreverhappy_: Dew: My novel is about a middle school girl who has self esteem problems and friendship problems and jealousy problems
_purplepanda21_: I agree!
_DolphinWriter_: @Dew I write about psychics, and romance. Sometimes I have wars, other times its a little more complicated.
_AndysLibrary_: Hmmm… let’s try to name as much writing tips as we can!
_green queen 09_: Darn, we’re done??? When’s the next chat???
_foreverhappy_: @Dew lots of problems, lol
_DolphinWriter_: @written That’s hard for me too?
_treehugger17_: @dewdrop208: I wrote a novel in 2nd grade about dogs traveling around the world in search of Hawaii…crazy huh?
_SkyFlame_: Tip: Flesh it out!!!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: if you put time into your story your story will be good
_cavyheart_: @horse: Cool!
_DolphinWriter_: @Apollo I don’t know, I was wondering that myself. I guess anything goes….
_horsedogwolf_: @harry, mine is mewtwo
_harryobsessed_: @dew: mine is about superheroes. Genetic superpowers ftw!
_writtenwordsaremagic_: @Dolphin: I know. :( Sadly.
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Before we go, I’m going to share some more writing tips from authors. I’m just gonna throw them out there.
_cavyheart_: @Dew: And forever’s is awesome. :)
_horsedogwolf_: @cay: thanks so much!
_writtenwordsaremagic_: @Karen: Thanks. :)
_green queen 09_: @Karen Yay!!!
_harryobsessed_: @horse: I like chikorita.
_foreverhappy_: Karen: Lol, okay
_Apollo127_: Tip: Let the characters control the story. it’s all about them.
_horsedogwolf_: @karen, cant wait
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: From Christopher Paul Curtis: “Ignore all rules. Once you learn the basics of writing, develop your own style. That’s what makes writing
_treehugger17_: @dewdrop: one i’m working on now is about a girl who’s mom dies in a car crash and i won’t say anything else…you’ll have to go to the board and read it!
_cavyheart_: @harry: Lol! I love superheroes!
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: Who on here likes Pokemon, even though this is off topic?
_millshoney779_: cool
_AndysLibrary_: @Karen: AGAIN?!! AWW!!! Just kidding. :)
_Dewdrop208_: I am writing about a boy with a ghost friend
_DolphinWriter_: @ Apollo Agreed!
_Apollo127_: Thanks, Mods!
_AndysLibrary_: @karen: Oh, that’s a good tip.
_SkyFlame_: Tip: Be flexable!!
_foreverhappy_: Andy: lol
_writtenwordsaremagic_: Love that Karen!
_horsedogwolf_: @sunshine: me! just the old ones tho
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: From Holly Black: “Read the stuff you love and the stuff you don’t think you’re going to love. Read in your genre but also read outside your genre. Read every different genre because each different genre has different techniques and tricks that you can pick up from it that you can use in your own writing.”
_purplepanda21_: I@karen thanks
_DolphinWriter_: @ Karen I like that one!
_omglike123_: hey ya’ll
_writtenwordsaremagic_: Tip: The best writer is the COMMITTED writer
_green queen 09_: @Karen Awesome tip!
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @Horse cool!
_foreverhappy_: I like that one beter, I think
_Dewdrop208_: My second book is about a normal life of a middle school girl.
_cavyheart_: @Karen: I’m loving all these tips so far. :)
_DolphinWriter_: @written Definitely!
_SkyFlame_: Tip: Read alot!!
_cavyheart_: @written: Totally!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: This one from Meg Cabot is pretty interesting: “Write all the time. So much of writing is just sitting there and writing for hours. You really have to be devoted and willing to give up your free time with your friends.”
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: my old teacher liked ralph fletcher
_Apollo127_: Tip: Experiment–start a lot of vasty different pieces
_millshoney779_: Um…I have no idea what we’re talking about
_AndysLibrary_: @Karen: Which pretty much means: Read everything. Lol.
_foreverhappy_: @Dew drop: high five! Me too!
_omglike123_: hey
_horsedogwolf_: Tip: learn to realize when a story is going nuts!
_DolphinWriter_: @Sky Of course :)
_green queen 09_: @omglike Hey! We’re kinda wrapping it up here! Get your last words in.
_DolphinWriter_: @Karen The Meg one IS good. I agree with it.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: now you guys are making me want to write
_foreverhappy_: Karen: Yeah, I need to work on that….’
_purplepanda21_: @karen i like that one
_AndysLibrary_: @Karen: That’s true.
_DolphinWriter_: @stuffed GOOD!!!!!!!!!!
_millshoney779_: cool beans
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @AndysLibrary: Yeah, that’s exactly what Suzanne Collins says: “Read everything you can get your hands on. Expose yourself to different types of stories. By reading you begin to learn about how to structure a story, how to create your characters, and about what kind of stories are engaging to you.”
_Readiac_: I’m here! Even though it’s like almost over. 0_o
_writtenwordsaremagic_: @Karen That’s great! It’s really something I have to learn when writing gets too lonely and quiet!
_AndysLibrary_: @Karen: Thanks Karen!
_Apollo127_: Tip: Keep it realistic, even when writing fantasy
_penguin2009_: @millshoney779: way better than hot beans.
_DolphinWriter_: @Karen reading is great!
_Dewdrop208_: Whos your fave author?
_cavyheart_: I’ve been trying a lot of different genres and POVs lately. I’m currently mastering my guy first person. :)
_DolphinWriter_: @Apollo Point taken. :)
_green queen 09_: @Readiac Yeah, darn.
_omglike123_: ok
_SkyFlame_: Tip: Keep all you write!
_writtenwordsaremagic_: Tip: Know your boundaries but be able to stretch your comfort zone.
_AndysLibrary_: @Karen: That’s true! That’s why reading is important!
tip: write what’s on your mind and then save it so you can incorporate
it in your story later…sometimes i just write random stuff and then
it gives me an idea to tie into the actual story
_millshoney779_: What are we talking about?
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: just believe in your writng
_DolphinWriter_: @cavy, yeah, I like challenging myself with new stuff all the time. Or trying anyway.
_foreverhappy_: Tip: The character is the most interesting part of the story so keep it real and complex!
_green queen 09_: @dew um, meg cabot.
_writtenwordsaremagic_: @cavyheart: that’s great! ;) and i SUCK at first person. i really need to work on that.
_horsedogwolf_: hey, ppl, everyone who likes mewtwo from pokemon, please go to fan fiction boards and read my story about mewtwo
_omglike123_: i just wanted to say hey cuz im new nd i wanna make frends
_DolphinWriter_: @treehugger That’s why I write diaries!
_Readiac_: TIP: Never throw away what you write. Save it
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: I really like this tip from Tamora Pierce: “Be determined. Keep going. You have nothing to lose so you may as well keep going. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not finishing stuff. Unfinished stuff is still worthwhile. Each word you put on paper improves your writing.”
_AndysLibrary_: @millshoney: Writing tips!
_foreverhappy_: Treehugger: me too! Like at school, that happens alot
_Dewdrop208_: Mine is . . . . . . . . .. JK ROWLING AND RICK RIORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @Dewdrop Hi I know you don’t know me, but I like your username ;)
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @mill we are talking about writing
_DolphinWriter_: Tip: PERSISTANCE is everything, in publishing and writing and all of it!
_cavyheart_: @omg: Hey!!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @Readiac: Wow, your tip is just like Tamora Pierce’s!
_Apollo127_: Tip: Change it up–don’t get stuck in a groove of having similar main characters
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome, omglike123!
_foreverhappy_: Dew: me too!
_purplepanda21_: @karen i like that
_AndysLibrary_: @Karen: Wow, that was a good one. Really good!
_SkyFlame_: Tip: Don’t be afraid to go into the unknown!
_horsedogwolf_: @written: funny, i always write in first person
_green queen 09_: @omglike Aw, do u feel left out? I’ll be freinds with u!!!
_DolphinWriter_: @Apollo: yeah I have that problem. Haha.
_omglike123_: hey cavy heart
_writtenwordsaremagic_: @Sky: LOVE THAT!
_cavyheart_: @Dolphin: Ditto! Lol, I feel like I just keep saying that over and over again. :P
_AndysLibrary_: @SkyFlame: YEAH, TOTALLY! Nice tip
_DolphinWriter_: @horse. I’ve done both first and third, they’ve both got merits.
_treehugger17_: don’t give up…if it was worth writing a chapter about..it’s worth writing more! :)
_AndysLibrary_: Tip: Stetch to do your best!
_DolphinWriter_: @cavy LOL!
_omglike123_: hey stacks adin
_foreverhappy_: @cavy: yeah I’ve noticed, lol
_horsedogwolf_: @dolpin: yeah
_Readiac_: I used to always write in thirdperson, but now I’ve been experimenting with first.
_SkyFlame_: Tip: And most important, Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: I also really like this tip from Cornelia Funke. I try to do this: “Always read your stories aloud, so you can hear what sounds wrong.”
_Dewdrop208_: I love first person point of view, it makes get into character!
_green queen 09_: I have no idea what we’re talking about…
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: do you guys think that you have to have something bad to happen in order to be good
_cavyheart_: @horse: I’m currently trying to figure out how to do 3rd person. It’s impossible after two and a half novels in first.
_foreverhappy_: Karen: SOOOOO TRUE!
_catching_fire_: Hey!
_AndysLibrary_: @Readiac: Yes, I love doing first person!
_DolphinWriter_: @Rediac I went from 3rd to 1st back to 3rd again, LOL.
_Apollo127_: @Dolphin: Same…It started to annoy me, so I started writing a few storys from guys POs, and a few with mixed POVs
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @Karen that’s what my teacher says
_Readiac_: Cornelia Funke is one of my favorite authors!
_treehugger17_: My fav quote is “Do not limit your challenges…challenge your limits!”
_AndysLibrary_: @Karen: I always do that, and my sister says it’s annoying. Lol.
_green queen 09_: @Karen That’s a cool tip!
_DolphinWriter_: @stuffed To an extent yeah.
_horsedogwolf_: @sky flame: yeah! btw i like your name. i am writing a story about a clone named Skyburn
_SkyFlame_: Stuffed: No!
_cavyheart_: @Dew: Me too!
_writtenwordsaremagic_: Tip: Be a reader, runner, student, person, etc before you become a writer.
_foreverhappy_: @treehugger, that’s really cool!
_Stacks_Admin_: For anyone who’s joining us in the last 5 minutes of the chat, we’re just throwing out tips for writing for each other!
_green queen 09_: @treehugger That’s super cool.
_cavyheart_: @Readiac: Me too! She’s awesome!
_AndysLibrary_: Five more minutes. Awww.
_purplepanda21_: @readiac same here
_Tonks Lupin_: ELLO!
_DolphinWriter_: @writtenwords Yes!!!!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: And here’s my final tip from an author: Rick Riordan says, “Don’t give up. Believe in yourself and keep trying.”
_horsedogwolf_: @stuffed no
_Apollo127_: Tip: Use life experiences
_treehugger17_: @foreverhappy: I know isn’t it though! it’s SOOO true!
_cavyheart_: @written: Ooh, I lilke that one!
_foreverhappy_: @Karen: here here!
_writtenwordsaremagic_: Awww Karen!
_Readiac_: @DolphinWriter- Haha. I started my novel in third, but now I kinda wish I would have done first, but I don’t know.
_DolphinWriter_: @Karen YES!!!!!!!!! :D
_AndysLibrary_: @Karen: I LOVE RICK RIORDAN!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: “i am the author of my own life and unfortunatley i am writing in pen”
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: :( at the end of this I have to get off the comp
_Dewdrop208_: Tip: Don’t be afraid to write your heart out!
_DolphinWriter_: @Rediac Keep with it!
_horsedogwolf_: ok, who here has like an imaginary world that put into writing
_writtenwordsaremagic_: @stuffed: Haha
_cavyheart_: Tip: Write what you don’t want to write. It’ll strengthen your abilities in the long run.
_foreverhappy_: Stuffed: I like that one too!
_cavyheart_: @stuffed: OOH! That’s awesome!!
_Apollo127_: @Readiac: Try rewriting in first…then decide which you like better
_DolphinWriter_: @cavy UGH. (LOL)
_Dewdrop208_: @sGirl: me 2! =[
_purplepanda21_: @horse me1
_SkyFlame_: Tip: Take somthing ordinary and werid it uP!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: You know, a lot of authors have inspirational quotes posted next to their computers while they write. I hope some of these quotes will inspire you guys the next time you have writer’s block!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: don’t be afraid to ask questions
_horsedogwolf_: @purple yeah me too
_DolphinWriter_: @Karen Thank you!
_AndysLibrary_: Tip: Don’t let writing get in the way from homework, school, family, or anything else.
_treehugger17_: it’s not the writer that makes the book, its the book that makes the writer :)
_writtenwordsaremagic_: @Karen: Thanks SO much! :) ))
_green queen 09_: Tip: Write what you want want write, you won’t get in trouble! by me.
_purplepanda21_: @karen thats cool
_foreverhappy_: @Karen: I’ll definitely look back! Thanks!
_DolphinWriter_: @treehugger YESSSS X 1000!
_Readiac_: What genre do you all like to write?
_writtenwordsaremagic_: @treehugger: jeez i’ll definitely remember that one
_Tonks Lupin_: any stories you made on scholastic?
_horsedogwolf_: fantasy
_treehugger17_: don’t carry the story…let the story carry you!
_AndysLibrary_: :)
_DolphinWriter_: @Readiac Fantasy romance.
_AndysLibrary_: Scholastic rocks :D
_foreverhappy_: realistic fiction
_writtenwordsaremagic_: @readiac: drama, romance, historical, tragedy
_treehugger17_: @dolphinwriter: :)
_horsedogwolf_: @tonks, yes
_cavyheart_: @Karen: Riordan’s one of my faves… I can’t believe it took him more than a decade to publish the first Percy Jackson book! And Rowling too! Itj ust goes to show that the best books take the longest to get out there, huh?
_Dewdrop208_: I love fantasy and realistic fic!
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: Any tips for Writer’s Block?
_AndysLibrary_: Aww, time mminutes?
_DolphinWriter_: @Tonks I put them on Write It
_horsedogwolf_: maybe i should put kartani on scholastic
_AndysLibrary_: @Cavyheart : i know! He started in the 1990′s.
_Apollo127_: Tip: Don’t be afraid to offend people. Whatever you’re writing, you’re writing it with a point to make, and some people will disagree, no matter what
_DolphinWriter_: @horse YOU SHOULD!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @foreverhappy: We’ll post the chat transcript soon too. Check back on the Ink Splot 26 blog: http://blog.scholastic.com/ink_splot_26/
_horsedogwolf_: what would u guys think?
_Readiac_: I like to write fantasy and thriller/horror.
_foreverhappy_: @cavy: really???? OMG, that’s so weird! That’s such an amazing book!
_catching_fire_: Tip: If you have writers block, try reading. It works!
_green queen 09_: Random question: who likes waffels??
_foreverhappy_: Thanks, Karen!
_treehugger17_: @sunshinegirl3231: look for inspiration
_horsedogwolf_: its about a girl who can turn into a wolf
_AndysLibrary_: @Karen: Thanks so much Karen! :)
_horsedogwolf_: @catching: yeah
_cavyheart_: @Sunshine: Try writing something else, or just push through it. If you know what you want to write but not what to say, just experiment with it until you’ve got something down, even if it sucks.
_Dewdrop208_: SGirl: Just think and it’ll come 2 you!
_DolphinWriter_: @green That is random, but I do!
_treehugger17_: @greenqueen: ME!
_purplepanda21_: Aw only 2min
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: this has been so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_foreverhappy_: Green: Does anybody NOT like waffles??
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @ Treehugger Thanks
_cavyheart_: @green: me! Especially strawberry ones! LOL!
_horsedogwolf_: @cavy: exactly
_penguin2009_: I quite enjoy waffles
_DolphinWriter_: @stuffed AGREED!
_Tonks Lupin_: im making a book about super hero school
_writtenwordsaremagic_: @stuffed: it HAS!!! and we have the admins. to thank for this
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: Thanks Cavy
_AndysLibrary_: To all the moderators: This was so fun, and thanks for editing & reviewing our messages. We wouldn’t have this Live Chat without you! :)
_DolphinWriter_: @Tonks Cool!
_green queen 09_: @treehugger I just noticed you changed your avatar! It’s so cool.
_cavyheart_: @Tonks: Cool!
_SkyFlame_: Tip: Write garbage, and a dimond will shine through.
_DolphinWriter_: @Andys Agreed!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: you should make the live chats longer
_purplepanda21_: I LOVE waffles!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: I love that we’re going to end this chat with inspirational quotes about writing… and waffles. :-)
_treehugger17_: Tip: Don’t get bored of your own books! Sometimes I write a chapter and give up…NOT GOOD PEOPLE!
_writtenwordsaremagic_: i think i may just go write after this. school has kept me TOO busy. :P
_foreverhappy_: @Mods: thanks guys! You’re the best!
_Dewdrop208_: Thank u guys! at NY!
_DolphinWriter_: @Sky Ha ha I like that one.
_Readiac_: Writers Block Tip: This sounds silly, but try digging out some old toys (barbies, action figures, etc.) and pretend they are your characters and use them to act out the scene your stuck on.
_AndysLibrary_: WAFFLES! :)
_treehugger17_: @karen: LOL
_horsedogwolf_: hey who here would read a book about a girl named kartani who turns into a wolf, plz say so
_cavyheart_: @Andys: Ditto! I love these things! You mods are amazing!!!!! =D
_foreverhappy_: Karen: lol, that makes it all the better!
_purplepanda21_: Lol
_writtenwordsaremagic_: waffles are good. the syrup on waffles can get us all fired up. X)
_green queen 09_: @karen LOL.
_Tonks Lupin_: PANCAKES!
_Apollo127_: Tip: Make the time towrite, no matter what.
_Dewdrop208_: Stacks RULESSSSSSSSSS!
_DolphinWriter_: @Mods Thank you! And thanks to everyone else!
_treehugger17_: @mods: you guys rock! :)
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @Readiac: I never thought of that before! I love it!
_AndysLibrary_: @Everyone: You guys were so fun to chat with!
_AndysLibrary_: BYE EVERYONE! <33
_DolphinWriter_: @Apollo Agreed!
_Tonks Lupin_: MUFFIB WAFFLES~
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: this is going to help me so much
_horsedogwolf_: @seeyou
_Stacks_Admin_: Thanks for joining, AndysLibrary! go eat dinner!
_DolphinWriter_: @stuffed Yay!
_foreverhappy_: @andys: Bye! Fried me!
_green queen 09_: @TonksLupin I love pancakes!!! =)
_foreverhappy_: I mean, friend me!
_Tonks Lupin_: BYE!
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: Tip: If you don’t like to write, don’t push yourself
_Readiac_: @Karen: Haha. it actually works!
_DolphinWriter_: @forever LOL Fried me.
_purplepanda21_: I’m having soo much fun!!
_foreverhappy_: Lol, I guess the waffles thing screwed me up
_writtenwordsaremagic_: Bye ya’ll and Happy Writing!!!!! ~Merry <3 :D
_AndysLibrary_: I’m leaving when this ends. :P
_Stacks_Admin_: And thanks to EVERYONE for joining this very lively live chat! Our next chat topic is FANTASY SERIES and we’ll announce the date and time on our blog, Ink Splot 26: http://blog.scholastic.com/ink_splot_26/
_DolphinWriter_: @Sunshine Very true.
_AndysLibrary_: Which is now.
_Apollo127_: Goodnight everyone…I am taking out my contacts (yay!), writing for a while (yay!), and going to bed to get rid of my cold. Thank you all for the help and ideas!
_purplepanda21_: Bye
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: peace out, adios, good bye. i say good bye you say hello
_AndysLibrary_: LAST PERSON!
_foreverhappy_: Bye!
_Stacks_Admin_: We’ll also post the transcript for this chat in a few days on the blog. If you want to continue your conversation about writing, head on over to the moderated Write It message boards: http://community.scholastic.com/scholastic?category.id=writingcommunity
_DolphinWriter_: @GOODBYE!
_AndysLibrary_: LAST PERSON!
_Sunshine_girl_3231_: @Dolphin Thans
_foreverhappy_: Heehee!
_cavyheart_: Oh, I’m baack!!
_Readiac_: Bye! Love you all!
_foreverhappy_: Hey again!
_Tonks Lupin_: HASTIA LASTIA
_cavyheart_: Bye guys!!!!!!!!!!!!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i just can’t leave
_foreverhappy_: Writing rocks!!!!!!!
_green queen 09_: Bye guys! Thanks! Love ya!!!
_AndysLibrary_: LAST PERSON TO TALK!

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