December 10, 2009

STACKS Kids Chat: Winter Break Books

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_AndysLibrary_: hi
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome, AndysLibrary!
_AndysLibrary_: I haven’t really been at a live chat, so can someone please tell me how it works? :)
_penguin2009_: Andy, you look just like me! haha
_AndysLibrary_: LOL, I like penguins. :)
_AndysLibrary_: Be right back. :]
_Stacks_Admin_: Hi Andy, no problem! Just send in your messages and for safety, the messages are reviewed and then posted online shortly. We’ll be chatting about our Winter Breaks today!
_AndysLibrary_: I changed my icon. :P
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome, star341230sarah!
_star341230sarah_: Hi
_penguin2009_: @Andy: HAHA thanks! I like your new icon too
_star341230sarah_: This is going to be fun
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Hello!
_AndysLibrary_: @penguin2009 Thanks.
_Stacks_Admin_: We’ll officially get started in about 6 minutes, but feel free to say hello :)
_star341230sarah_: @penguin2009: i like penguins!
_AndysLibrary_: Hi everyone! :-)
_Stacks_Admin_: Hi Welcome everyone! We are going to wait for a few more people to join before we get started.
_AndysLibrary_: This is the first live chat I’ve been to to.
_star341230sarah_: ok
_penguin2009_: penguins are realllly cute
_AndysLibrary_: @penguins2009 Agreed! :-D
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome, dominicandude!
_star341230sarah_: @andyslibrary: its going to be fun!
_dominicandude_: hi
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @usernameAndysLibrary Me, too!
_star341230sarah_: hi
_dominicandude_: hi
_AndysLibrary_: @All moderators What is the most people you ever had in a live chat?
_star341230sarah_: i cant wait
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Strange, there are only five of us at this point … and three moderators.
_dominicandude_: penguin talk to me
_Stacks_Admin_: @AndysLibrary: we get anywhere between 15-50 kids, depending on the topic
_star341230sarah_: yeah more people will come
_AndysLibrary_: @Stacks_Admin That’s really cool!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Stacks_Admin: That’s a lot of kids!
_dominicandude_: yeah what he said
_AndysLibrary_: @ChocolateGoosebumps I’m pretty sure there will be more people. :D
_star341230sarah_: penguin igloo cheese!!!!
_Stacks_Admin_: Yup! The more kids who sign on, the more often we’ll have these chats :)
_star341230sarah_: im random
_AndysLibrary_: I don’t know why, but I feel REALLY excited. :D
_Stacks_Admin_: 2 more minutes
_star341230sarah_: everyone is
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: This is my first one, and I had no idea what it would be like. But this is pretty cool!
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome the chat, Nirvanaa!
_AndysLibrary_: Nine people here.
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Hi, Nirvanaa
_Nirvanaa_: hey chocolate goosebumps!
_star341230sarah_: who likes the book sereis “How I Survived Middle School”
_Stacks_Admin_: @AndysLibrary: Do you mean nine people next to you, or nine people in the chat?
_AndysLibrary_: Nine people in the chat.
_Nirvanaa_: what is this about anyhow?
_star341230sarah_: winter break
_AndysLibrary_: Sorry, I wasn’t clear
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Nirvanaa: The books we’ll read over winter break
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Nancy Krulik came to out last chat. it was awesome.
_AndysLibrary_: I read some of Nancy’s books. :)
_star341230sarah_: 20 days til’ christmad!!!!!
_star341230sarah_: christmas
_Nirvanaa_: have any of u guys read “Uglies” by Scott Westerfeld
__Lucian__: Hey everyone! I can not wait until Christmas!!!
_Stacks_Admin_: FYI, “Uglies” by Scott Westerfeld is Young Adult.
_bubblemadie_: allie finkle books by meg cabot are soo good
_star341230sarah_: me neither
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Uglies is for ages 12 and up!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Nirvanaa: No, is it good?
_AndysLibrary_: @Nirvanaa No, but would you recommend it?
_Nirvanaa_: yea, it is good
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome, catching_fire!
__Lucian__: My mom read Uglies, I haven’t though
_Nirvanaa_: but its young adult
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I have my hot chocolate and it’s SNOWING here!
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome back, _Lucian_! :)
_Nirvanaa_: it’s snowing?
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: It’s snowing over here, too!
_Nirvanaa_: lucky!
_star341230sarah_: fun
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: And sticking!
_Nirvanaa_: it doesnt snow here
_star341230sarah_: cheese
__Lucian__: Thanks! Hi _Stacks_Admin_ =)
_AndysLibrary_: @Nirvanaa I just read the summary of Uglies and it sounds pretty cool.
_star341230sarah_: laugh
_star341230sarah_: love
__Lucian__: I want hot chocolate
_star341230sarah_: laugh
_star341230sarah_: live
__Lucian__: and cookies… Yum!!!!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: cookies. I wish I had cookies
__Lucian__: I made cookies yesterday, they were Yummy! But I want more…
_Nirvanaa_: AndysLibrary: it is cool
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome, lulu1018
__Lucian__: So how is everyone doing?
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome to the chat, bubblemadie
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Has the chat started yet?
_bubblemadie_: is every soul a star by wendy mass good?
_Nirvanaa_: i dont know
_Stacks_Admin_: @Chocolae Goosebumps: Yup, the chat has officially started!
_star341230sarah_: I like peanut butter!!!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Yes, let’s officially start the chat!
_Nirvanaa_: it’s 1:03 PM in California
_star341230sarah_: yeah
_bubblemadie_: is every soul a star good?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: How many days until your winter break starts?
_AndysLibrary_: @Sonja You’re making me hungry!@
_AndysLibrary_: So what books are you guys planning to read during Winter Break?
_catching_fire_: @AndysLibrary… Yea, “When you Reach Me” by Rebecca Stead.
_star341230sarah_: its 3:03 in texas
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Nirvanaa: It’s 4:04 PM in Pennsylvania
_Nirvanaa_: wait, something happened
_penguin2009_: I get just one week :(
__Lucian__: I have 10 days till winter break!
__Lucian__: I can’t wait!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: When you reach me is on my list of books to read.
_can’t_stop_reading88_: @Sonja two and a half weeks
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Lucian: TEN DAYS?!! I have 19!
__Lucian__: @Chocolate Goosbumps:That stinks for you!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @catching_fire Is it good?
_AndysLibrary_: I read Every Soul a Star and When You Reach Me. I loved them!
_star341230sarah_: @catching fire: When you reach me is a creepy book but its good
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I can’t wait to read it
_AndysLibrary_: I would totally recommend them!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: I’m reading “The Name of this Book is Secret” by Pseudonymous Bosch.
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: It’s really good
_AndysLibrary_: I read that too!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @chocolate goosebumps That one is on my list too!
_AndysLibrary_: @Chocolate Goosebumps It’s really good!
__Lucian__: The only reason I know how many days I have left is becuase my homeroom/advisory teacher is counting down the days
_star341230sarah_: im reading “how i survived middle school p.s. i really like you”
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: You guys are recommending really fun books
_can’t_stop_reading88_: that book was really good
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @AndysLibrary: It really is
_AndysLibrary_: @chocolate goosebumps I read it over the summer.
_Nirvanaa_: hey people
_Stacks_Admin_: @Lucian: I bet your teacher is just as excited for Winter Break as you are! ;-)
__Lucian__: @Stacks Admin: I bet he is!!! We are watching Happy Feet in homeroom, it is kind of weird, but it is fun. =)
_catching_fire_: Has the chat ended?
_Stacks_Admin_: @catching_fire: the chat’s still going on!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @catchingfire It just started
_AndysLibrary_: It’s still going on!
_AndysLibrary_: Wait, when does it end? :/
_Nirvanaa_: Any good vampire books that isnt Twilight or House Of Night?
_star341230sarah_: the chat goes on from 3-4 central
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: 4-5 eastern
_Stacks_Admin_: Just send in your messages, and they’ll be reviewed and approved live shortly
_bubblemadie_: who has read every soul a star?
_AndysLibrary_: @bubblemadie I read it!
__Lucian__: Hey has anyone ever read Star Girl? It is a cute book, I like it…..
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: What is Every Soul a Star about?
_penguin2009_: @bubblemadie: I haven’t read every soul a star — what’s it about?
_AndysLibrary_: @bubblemadie Every Soul a Star is very heart warming!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Oh I love Stargirl!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Stargirl is heartwarming too
_fallbookgirl_: Hi. I am reading breathing underwater by alex flinn. Anybody read it?
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome, fallbookgirl!
_bubblemadie_: is it good @andyslibrary
_AndysLibrary_: @bubblemadie I loved it! I would recommend it.
_Nirvanaa_: Guys, if u like rock, listen to “The Red” by Chevelle. It reminds me of the book im reading.
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Who has read the Percy Jackson books? I’m just starting book 2
_AndysLibrary_: I was going to read Stargirl? What is it about?
__Lucian__: How many of you guys are into The 39 Clues series?
__Lucian__: Is this working?
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @lucian I love the 39 Clues!
_Stacks_Admin_: @Lucian: Yup, I can see your messages!
_star341230sarah_: @Carly_H_Stacks_Staffer: you havent said a single word the whole time
_Carly_H_Stacks_Staffer_: I’m busy reviewing your messages :)
_AndysLibrary_: @lucian i read the first book, and I really liked it! I just need the second one…
_bubblemadie_: thanks @andyslibrary
_Nirvanaa_: Anyone read The Fourth Apprentice? It’s the next Warriors book.
_AndysLibrary_: @Carly Thank you so much Carly! :)
_fallbookgirl_: Chocolate Goosebumps, Percy Jackson and the Olympians is a great series. Are you going to see the movie?
__Lucian__: How many of you guys ever read The 39 Clues????
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Lucian: Me!!
_Nirvanaa_: @Lucian: i haevnt.
_catching_fire_: @Lucian… I have!!!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @fallbookgirl DEFINETLY!
_AndysLibrary_: I didnt read the fourth apprentice. I hope to, though!
_Tonks Lupin_: Percy Jackson is awesome!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I love the 39 clues
_Nirvanaa_: Is it good.
_AndysLibrary_: I love the Warriors series.
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I want to read the 6th book In Too Deep
_penguin2009_: Warriors is the next series I want to read
__Lucian__: Hey how come this isn’t working???
_AndysLibrary_: @penguin YOU SHOULD TRY IT! IT’S SO GOOD!
_Nirvanaa_: @AndysLibrary: The Fourth Aprentice was the best one yet.
_AndysLibrary_: @Nirvanna Grr… that’s making me jealous that I haven’t read it. LOL.
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @SonjaStacksStaffer I have it but haven’t read it yet
_fallbookgirl_: Has any one read The Hunger Games?
__Lucian__: Have any of you guys read The 39 Clues?
_Stacks_Admin_: Hi Lucian, can you see this message? Say “HI!” If you do :)
_AndysLibrary_: @penguin (sorry for caps, i just really like the Warriors series
_Tonks Lupin_: 39 clues is cool
_catching_fire_: Has anybody read “When You Reach Me” by Rebbeca Stead? I’m going to read it on break.
_fallbookgirl_: _catching_fire_ if you like The Huger GAmes try The Maze Runner or Leviathan. They are great.
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Lucian It IS working!
_bubblemadie_: allie finkles rules for girls series is really good, im reading the 4th book: stage fright
_Tonks Lupin_: is Avalon a good book?
_catching_fire_: @fallbookgirl: I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!
_AndysLibrary_: @catchingfire I read it, and I liked it.
_AndysLibrary_: @catchingfire You might be confused in the beginning, but you just have to keep reading.
_Nirvanaa_: @AndysLibrary: get it as soon as u can, then.
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: What other books are you planning to read over winter break?
_Stacks_Admin_: welcome, londonparis7!
_londonparis7_: I Want to read Dragon Slippers next.
_bubblemadie_: is the miserable mill, by lemony snicket i read all the ones before that
_Tonks Lupin_: is avalon a good book?
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Lucian, are you there?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: It’s good to plan for these thing because running out of books is the WORST.
_Nirvanaa_: im want to read this vampire book i got
_AndysLibrary_: @Sonja Hmmm… I’m trying to finish the Percy Jackson series.
__Lucian__: Any of you guys read Star Girl?
_Tonks Lupin_: i have @luican
_AndysLibrary_: @Sonja i KNOW! I need to have books everywehre.
_londonparis7_: I have
_bubblemadie_: no @lucian
_catching_fire_: @ Sonja_Stacks_Staffer: I’m going to start “Pride and Predu
_star341230sarah_: hi!!!
__Lucian__: @ Chocolate Goosebumps: My computer was being stupid so I had to open up a new window to join the chat again
_AndysLibrary_: I didn’t read the Hunger Games, but because of all the popularity, i HAVE TO TRY IT! :D
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: I’m surprised … it’s already well into the chat, and no one has mentioned HARRY POTTER!!
_catching_fire_: Ooops…. sorry. I hit the send button too early.
_londonparis7_: Hello anybody
_AndysLibrary_: @Lucian Oh, good luck this time.
_bubblemadie_: yeah that happened to me too @ lucian
_Stacks_Admin_: Hi everyone, just a reminder: We won’t be accepting messages about adult books, or messages with personal information (like what city you are in)
_Tonks Lupin_: lol
_Nirvanaa_: Has anyone read House Of The Scorpion?
__Lucian__: I am reading the 5 Harry Potter and am almost done with it for the first time
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: HELLO? HARRY POTTER!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I always have a long list of books I’m waiting to read so I never run out
_AndysLibrary_: @Lucian That’s cool! I already read the whole series.
__Lucian__: How many of you guys read The 39 Clues series? What branch are you guys?
_AndysLibrary_: @Sonja Same with me!
_Tonks Lupin_: i always get about 20 books in my library!
_star341230sarah_: Hi!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @lucian I’m ekat!
_AndysLibrary_: @Lucian I read the 39 clues series.
_catching_fire_: @Lucian: I’m an EKAT!!!
_londonparis7_: My fave book is Percy Jackson the 3rd one
_Nirvanaa_: If u read the Hunger Games, you’re sure to like House Of The Scorpion — we’re reading it in class.
__Lucian__: @AndysLibrary: Cool, people tell me that the seventh book seems longer than the others though it isn’t…
_AndysLibrary_: @londonparis I’m going to read the Percy Jackson series. I only read the first one.
_fallbookgirl_: Has anyone read hush, hush?
_Stacks_Admin_: To everyone: If you have a message that hasn’t been approved for awhile, it probably won’t. Don’t worry about it and just send in a new message :)
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Hush Hush is a YA book
_catching_fire_: HEy, I love The City of Ember series… have you read it?
_bubblemadie_: is the percy jackson series good? and what are they about?
_KKfan9_: Hello everyone!!!
_star341230sarah_: Who likes Justin Bieber?
_Nirvanaa_: @fallbook: i saw hush,hush. What’s it aboout.
__Lucian__: @AndysLibrary what branch are you?
_Tonks Lupin_: @chocolate goose bumps HARRY POTTER!!happy?
_Tonks Lupin_: percy jackson is about greek stuff
__Lucian__: @catching fire: Yeah I have read it is a good book
_AndysLibrary_: @lucian I don’t know. How do you decide?
__Lucian__: @AndysLibrary go to
__Lucian__: @AnydsLibrary, sorry pressed send too early, then register and you will take a test and it will tell you what branch you are in
_KKfan9_: Justin Bieber is soooooo cute
_NINJABOOK_: Anyone know any good Christmas books?
_star341230sarah_: I <3 JUSTIN BIEBER
_AndysLibrary_: @everyone who likes justin bieber Guys, this is supposed to be about books! LOL
_star341230sarah_: @andylibrary: it dosent just have to be 100% books
_Tonks Lupin_: lol justin bieber
__Lucian__: @starstar341230: He is okay I guess.
_catching_fire_: Hey, does anybody have any book suggestions?
_bubblemadie_: oh
_Nirvanaa_: Anyone read Demonata by Darren Shan? He wrote Cirque Du Freak. Oh, and its YA.
_fallbookgirl_: Has any one read East?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: East is one of my all time favorite books!
_londonparis7_: Has anybody read Dragon Slippers
_bubblemadie_: no idont
_KKfan9_: Did you know that Justin Bieber broke his leg?
_Tonks Lupin_: Is Avalon a good book?
_Nirvanaa_: What is East about?
_londonparis7_: I read East
_bubblemadie_: what is east about?
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: It’s YA
_AndysLibrary_: @sonja What is east about?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: East is a fairy tale retelling kind of like Beauty and the Beast but better
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Has anyone ever read the Baby-sitter books?
_Nirvanaa_: @Chocolate Goosebumps: is the Baby-sitter books horror?
_catching_fire_: Justin Bieber? I’m more of a Beatles fan…
_fallbookgirl_: You should read Leviathan, The Maze Runner, or Graceling.
__Lucian__: So how many of you guys like Owl City?
_star341230sarah_: Love Laugh Live
_londonparis7_: East is like Beauty and the Beast
_KKfan9_: I have read most of the baby-sitter books when I was little
_AndysLibrary_: @star I know,
_AndysLibrary_: @star I just thought it was kinda funny how the conversation got from books to Justin Bieber. That always happens.
_bubblemadie_: eggs, was a really good book, along with ruby holler
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Graceling is an amazing book. but YA
_AndysLibrary_: @Lucian i like Owl City. I like Fireflies and Vanilla Twilight.
_Nirvanaa_: @Lucian: i dont really like Owl City. It seems too happy for me
_KKfan9_: I love owl city. Fireflies is my favorite
__Lucian__: How many of your guys have read A Series of Unfortunate Events
__Lucian__: ?
_Tonks Lupin_: Me
_bubblemadie_: me too
_londonparis7_: Anybody know any good books
_londonparis7_: me three
_AndysLibrary_: @Lucian I read it and i LOVE IT! LOL
_fallbookgirl_: Gilda Joyce series is a funny series. Anybody read it?
__Lucian__: @AndysLibrary, I like those songs too! =)
_bubblemadie_: @lucian im in the middle of the miserable mill, their really good
_Nirvanaa_: this is so cool. This is my first chat
_londonparis7_: I have
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Nirvanaa YES
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: You guys are giving me lots of good book ideas!
_star341230sarah_: gtg bye!
_fallbookgirl_: Any one read The Time Quake? It is a good ending to the Gideon Trilogy.
_AndysLibrary_: @fallbookgirl I was going to take out the Gideon Trilogy in the library but I had no time.
_fallbookgirl_: The Gideon Tilogy is long, but it is worth it.
__Lucian__: @bubblemadie I need to read the fifth book
_AndysLibrary_: @star AW, bye. :(
_Nirvanaa_: @chocolate goosebumps: cool ill look for it.
_londonparis7_: This so cool my first chat
_Tonks Lupin_: bye star
__Lucian__: @star… *sigh* Bye! =)
_Tonks Lupin_: me second
_Nirvanaa_: Anyone like AFI?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I just read Unfinished Angel by Sharon Creech
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome, Welcome, KKfan9!
_londonparis7_: I do
_catching_fire_: Hey… has anybody read “Where the Red Fern Grows”?
_Tonks Lupin_: who likes inkheart?
_AndysLibrary_: @Sonja Isn’t that about an angel? I saw it somewhere…
__Lucian__: I am gonna go to the library after this chat, any suggestions for books?
_Nirvanaa_: @Tonks Lupin: me!
_londonparis7_: I like inheart
__Lucian__: @catching fire: YES!!! So sad!
_fallbookgirl_: Is the Unfinished Angel any good?
_AndysLibrary_: @Sonja Is the Unfinished Angel have a bird as the cover?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @andyslibrary. Yeah, but it’s a young angel who doesn’t know what he’s doing so it’s funny
_bubblemadie_: why is this chat last only one hour?
_penguin2009_: I love Where the Red Fern Grows! It was so sad.
_catching_fire_: @penguin: I know it’s sad! still, it’s so good…
_NINJABOOK_: @catching fire Yes I just sat down and bawled while reading it!
_Tonks Lupin_: im sucker for sad stories so Bridge to Terabitha is good and sad
_londonparis7_: Secret Garden is a good book
_fallbookgirl_: _catching_fire_ Where the Red Fern Grows is a great book.
_Nirvanaa_: Anyone read “The Last Apprentice” by Joseph Delaney. It’s really good for winter…
_penguin2009_: Secret Garden is one of my favorites!
_AndysLibrary_: @Sonja I love Sharon Creech’s book, so I will try that one.
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Yes with a bird on the cover. It reminded me a little of The BFG by Roald Dahl.
_bubblemadie_: schooled is really good, i just finished reading it, it seems boring at first , but then it gets good, trust me
_Stacks_Admin_: I love Secret Garden too!
_fallbookgirl_: Any one read City of Dogs?
_Tonks Lupin_: who likes soup the book?
_AndysLibrary_: I like Sharon Creech’s Granny Torelli Makes Soup
_Nirvanaa_: @Sonja: i tried to read BFG in 4th grade…i couldnt finish it.
_Tonyfan14_: hello
__Lucian__: Hey moderators, I have a random question…. How did you guys become moderators?
__Lucian__: AH!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_fallbookgirl_: Secret Garden is great. Read a little princess if you like it.
_AndysLibrary_: @bubblemadie I loved Schooled! Gordon Korman is one my favorite authors! @Nirvanaa It’s really good. C’mon! Give it a chance. :D
_Nirvanaa_: @Lucian: YOU ARE SO LUCKY!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: It’s snowing here too!
_Stacks_Admin_: @Lucian: moderators are employees of Scholastic. We’re all adults (but don’t act like it, haha!)
_Tonks Lupin_: who likes Bridge to Terabitha?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Schooled is so funny!
_NINJABOOK_: Snow!! :D
_catching_fire_: hey, has anyone read “From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankwilier”? What did you think of it?
_londonparis7_: I love Little Princess
_Nirvanaa_: What song reminds you of ur fav book?
_AndysLibrary_: @Sonja LUCKY! It might snow in NY [my state] (Is this personal info?)
__Lucian__: @Stacks Admin: Lol, the you will fit right in then if you act like kids!
_Tonks Lupin_: @cathing fire i have
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Have you ever read YA Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @nirvanaa I never thought about that. What do you mean?
_Nirvanaa_: @Sonja: well, when u hear a song, it just reminds you of that book.
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Oh I get it!
__Lucian__: how many of you guys like snow a lot?
_AndysLibrary_: @Sonja Schooled IS funny! I laughed a lot.
_Tonks Lupin_: me!
_fallbookgirl_: _Nirvanaa_ You Belong with Me by Taylor Swift reminds of The Hunger Games.
_bubblemadie_: i know right @sonja_stacks_staffer_
_Stacks_Admin_: Thanks for clarifying, Andy! States are fine :)
_catching_fire_: @Nirvanaa: “One More For Love” by Five for Fighting reminds me of The Hunger Games
_AndysLibrary_: @Nirvanaa I have really thought of songs and books…
_AndysLibrary_: @Nirvanaa I meant i haven’t
__Lucian__: @Nirvanna hwo come you think I am lucky?
_Nirvanaa_: @Lucian: cuz u have snow and we dont =p
__Lucian__: @Nirvanna: I’ll send it over there if I can…. Now If only I had a giant fan.. Lol, jk.
_Tonks Lupin_: i LOVE bridge to terabitha
_Tonyfan14_: I hope i can finish the book canned
__Lucian__: I mean how…
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Real Gone by Sheryl Crow reminds me of the 39 CLues
_londonparis7_: Anyboby read Hedi? I loved it.
_catching_fire_: My mom’s complaining about all the snow we’re getting…
_Nirvanaa_: Until The End by Breaking Benjamin reminds me of The Hunger Games
_AndysLibrary_: @Nirvanaa I meant I haven’t thought of songs and books
_penguin2009_: it just started to snow where i am, but it melts too fast :(
_bubblemadie_: beverly cleary, ramona books are good, but they take like only one hour for me too read them
_fallbookgirl_: Has anyone read The Royal Diaries series?
_Tonks Lupin_: who heard of the harry potter bands?
_AndysLibrary_: Huh this isn’t working…
_Nirvanaa_: @Lucian: lol
_AndysLibrary_: Oh nevermind! It’s working.
__Lucian__: I am suprised more people aren’t here….
_catching_fire_: @fallbookgirl: I haven’t…
__Lucian__: I like sledding though!
_KKfan9_: Has anyone read Found by Margret Peterson Haddix?
_londonparis7_: I have.
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Which Royal Diaries is the best?
_fallbookgirl_: If today was your last day by nickelback also kinda reminds me of the Hunger Games.
__Lucian__: I cna stand on a sled going down a hill! But I don’t snowboard… Lol
_AndysLibrary_: @Lucian well, there’s about 20 people
__Lucian__: @AndysLibrary: Well yeah… Okay, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…. *crys like a baby*
__Lucian__: I mean can
_bubblemadie_: @andyslibrary, yah that happened to me, i thought the same thing, i had to sign back in for this chat
_Tonks Lupin_: who likes twilight?
_londonparis7_: The First one.
_AndysLibrary_: KKfan, I loved Found. I’m going to read Sent but someone checked in out in the library.
_fallbookgirl_: _KKfan_ I am going to start Found soon. Is it any good?
_catching_fire_: Who’s read “The Giver” by Lois Lowry? All Lowry books are good…
_Kimka333_: i harry potter
__Lucian__: I gtg for a bit, my older sis is making me make cookies, what a meanie!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I love all books by Margaret Peterson Haddix but I haven’t read Found yet
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: With my glasses, I LOOK like Harry Potter, LOL
_Nirvanaa_: @chocolategoosebumps: lol really?
_AndysLibrary_: @fallbookgirl Found is really, really, really, really, really good if you like suspenseful books.
_Tonks Lupin_: aw bye lucian][
_londonparis7_: Anybody lik,e Candy Apple
_penguin2009_: @Lucian - your sister sounds AWESOME!
_fallbookgirl_: Is Twilight any good? Every girl in my school is obsessed with it.
_londonparis7_: Not really.
_NINJABOOK_: A Nirvanaa Misery Buisness by paramore for the hunger games, untouchable by luna halo/taylor swift for stargirl and hey stephen for love, staregirl
__Lucian__: I will probably sneak here everuytime I can
_Tonks Lupin_: candy apple is cool
_Kimka333_: i luv the 39 clues books
_Kimka333_: i am on book number 6
_bubblemadie_: i love twilight im seeing new moon tonite, i read twilight and new moon, didnt read eclipse yet, im going to though, they are soo good, the book is sooo much better than the movie twilight though, i wonder if the new monn movie is gonna be better then the book
_Tonyfan14_: has any body read the book canned
_KKfan9_: fallbookgirl and andyslibrary: Found is a great book! I am in the middle of sent and it is getting tense!
_AndysLibrary_: @Sonja Read FOUND, it's AWESOME
_catching_fire_: @fallbookgirl: It's good... but not as good as The Hunger Games!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @fallbookgirl: Mine, too, people are OBSESSED with it.
_Nirvanaa_: @Ninjabook: i love Misery Business!
_Kimka333_: did u know that the next one is coming on feb. 2
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Twilight is YA and the movies are PG13
_AndysLibrary_: @tony I was about to, but i had other books to read. What is it about/
_Stacks_Admin_: Reminder: New Moon is PG-13, so make sure to check with your parents :)
_Nirvanaa_: House of the Scorpion is like the hunger games...
_AndysLibrary_: @Stacks_admin and Sonja Thanks for reminding us. :)
_Stacks_Admin_: We are adults after all! :)
_Tonks Lupin_: who is a fan of bridge to terabitha?
_fallbookgirl_: Anyone read the Young Wizards series?
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome, smileygirl11! :)
_Kimka333_: i saw new moon and it was amazing
_Tonks Lupin_: young wizards is awesome!
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome, Kimka333!
_bubblemadie_: im a fan of brige to terebithia
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: I can't wait for the new Goosebumps HorrorLand book in January, "When the Ghost Dog Howls"
_catching_fire_: So... we had a snow day on Friday.. I read some Edgar Allen Poe stuff. That man was weird...
_redconverse_: @Nirvanaa:Break by Three Days Grace
_londonparis7_: So am I
_NINJABOOK_: @ nirvanaa Bust a Move- Glee
_Tonks Lupin_: @bubblemaddie kewl!
_fallbookgirl_: The Maze Runner is in the future like the Hunger Games. Slow start but great ending.
_Nirvanaa_: @redconverse: YAY! UR HERE!
_Kimka333_: the last song i listened to was the sonny with a chance theme song
_londonparis7_: I have
_AndysLibrary_: Anyone read the Mysterious Benedict Society?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I love Mysterious Benedict Society
_catching_fire_: @AndyLibrary: That book is SO GOOD!!!
_AndysLibrary_: (i have a list of books right here that I want to talk about. yay!! :D )
_fallbookgirl_: Anyone read the May Bird series?
_Tonyfan14_: Canned is about a kid who found a HELP note inside a can
_londonparis7_: .Send: Once upon a dream
_redconverse_: @Nirvanaa:Yup!!I was worried I was going to miss the chat!
_bubblemadie_: does anyone have src at their school, i do?
_AndysLibrary_: @Sonja Me too! :D It's so enjoyable. @catching fire I know, i read the second one and I'm getting the third one.
_girlsruletheworld_: Hey girlies!! its MADI!!! =)
_AndysLibrary_: @fallbookgirl i read it, and I didn't really like it :(
_redconverse_: @Fallbookgirl:I have!
_Tonks Lupin_: who made a fiction story here i can read on the message boards?
__Lucian__: I love the mysterious series too, ah,, gtg make cookies, for a bit
_NINJABOOK_: Ayone excited for Heist Society or know what I'm talking about?
_Nirvanaa_: @girlsruletheworld: hey!
_fallbookgirl_: Anyone read Things Not Seen?
_fallbookgirl_: Anyone read Dairy Queen?
_Nirvanaa_: ummm
_Stacks_Admin_: FYI: The Heist Society is YA.
_Stacks_Admin_: And so is Dairy Queen (YA)
_AndysLibrary_: @fallbookgirl Yeah, and i liked it! Did you read the sequels?
_girlsruletheworld_: hey nirvanaa!!! =)
_Nirvanaa_: why does the chat keep freezing for me
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @andyslibrary I only read the first Mysterious Benedict Society. Are the sequels good?
_AndysLibrary_: @Sonja Yes, the second one has a lot of adventure! :)
_londonparis7_: Everybod y is talking about Harry Potter is it that good
_Kimka333_: who likes the hunger games series
_fallbookgirl_: Yeah, they are great, but not as strong as the first.
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I love Harry Potter!
_AndysLibrary_: Did anyone read the Million Dollar Sports series by Dan Gutman? :]
_bubblemadie_: meg cabot is such a good writer
_Kimka333_: i luv to shop how about u guys
_redconverse_: @Kimka333:I’m reading the first one,and so far I like it
_Tonks Lupin_: woo goo HARRY POTTER!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Prisoner of Azkaban is my fave Harry Potter book
_bubblemadie_: i also love to shop
_catching_fire_: Anybody read “Journey through Heartsongs”?
_girlsruletheworld_: i have to go soon my parents just told me =( I JUST GOT ON!!!! =( i get like 10 more minutes!!!
_fallbookgirl_: read Eight Cousins or Rose in Bloom?
_AndysLibrary_: Did anyone read Getting Air by Dan Gutman? It’s funny!
_KKfan9_: Has anyone read canned?
_Tonks Lupin_: anyone like alie finkle?
_Nirvanaa_: I tried Harry Potter….didnt really like it
_redconverse_: I love Harry Potter!
_girlsruletheworld_: i LOVE shopping!!!
_Tonks Lupin_: HBP is my fave harry potter book
_fallbookgirl_: Anyone read Faith, Hope, and Ivy June?
_Nirvanaa_: I’m going shoppin today. I need new shirts. I want a purple shirt
_Tonyfan14_: i have read canned
_Stacks_Admin_: Hi everyone, just a reminder for new chatters: Don’t provide or ask for personal information! :)
_bubblemadie_: i ove allie finkle, in the middle of book 4 stage fright
_AndysLibrary_: Who likes the Mostly Ghostly series?
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @AndysLibrary: I do, a lot! Book seven is HILARIOUS!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: They’re easy, though
_Nirvanaa_: Any good horror books?
_catching_fire_: I like Beetle The Bard… not really a Harry Potter book…
_girlsruletheworld_: have fun nirvanaa!!!
_Tonks Lupin_: Mostly Ghostly is cool!
_smileygirl11_: sup?
_smileygirl11_: hi
_londonparis7_: Any good fairytales
_Nirvanaa_: @AndysLibrary: i read Mostly Ghostly in 3rd grade.
_Tonks Lupin_: soup or sup?
_smileygirl11_: sup
_londonparis7_: Hello
_penguin2009_: @Tonks Lupin: I like to sup on soup!
_AndysLibrary_: @chocloate goosebumps I’m going to read the fourth one, later.
_fallbookgirl_: Beastly is a modern day spin off of Beauty and the Beast by Alex Flinn.
_smileygirl11_: k?
_Nirvanaa_: @ChocolateGoosebumps: i dont plan on finishing Mostly Ghostly…what happens?
_KKfan9_: Has anyone read the book called Outsiders? Some of my friends at school have read it and said it is really good. Should I read it?
_Kimka333_: i luv the book the hunger games who is with me
__Lucian__: I am back!!!
_Tonks Lupin_: Outsiders r pretty awesome
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I cried at the end of The Outsiders
_Nirvanaa_: @kkfan9: i want to read the outsiders
_AndysLibrary_: @kkfan Read the Outsiders. (YA)
_bubblemadie_: did anybody read this book is not good for you?
_londonparis7_: Anybody please
__Lucian__: Temporarily..
_girlsruletheworld_: oh i havent read hunger game yet but i wanna really bad!!!
_Tonks Lupin_: Ello lucian!
_bubblemadie_: @lucian where were u
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Nirvanaa: AndysLibrary is still reading them, but I’ll tell you this: It involves a ghost made of ink and monkey brains
_Nirvanaa_: @ChocolateGoosebumps: really? LOL.
_fallbookgirl_: _KKfan9_ I have to read the Outsiders. I hear it is a good book?
_Kimka333_: i was so sad in the hunger games when rue died
_Kimka333_: she was the best
__Lucian__: @bubblemadie: My evil-ish older sister is making me help her make cookies
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Oh I cried when Rue died too!
_girlsruletheworld_: anyone read pretties and uglies??? i wanna soon but i havent gotten a chance yet. should i read them? are the worth it?
_KKfan9_: what is Outsiders about?
_AndysLibrary_: @chocolate goosebumps Thanks for not spoiling the end. :)
_londonparis7_: So did I
_Tonks Lupin_: is Avalon a good book?
__Lucian__: Brb… *sigh*
_redconverse_: BRB
_bubblemadie_: @lucian oh, i feel bad for u,
_Kimka333_: i also luv the book chasing the falconers
_AndysLibrary_: Who likes Cryptid Hutners and Tentacles by Roland Smith? :)
_KKfan9_: Can anyone tell me what Outsiders is about, please!
_AndysLibrary_: BRB for a minute. :D
_bubblemadie_: awww, the chat is nearly over until tomorrow, only about 20 min. left ;(
_Stacks_Admin_: Reminder for everyone: Try to not spoil the book for other readers!
_Nirvanaa_: @girlsruletheworld: i’m reading Uglies
_londonparis7_: Hi
_Kimka333_: i luv to read right now i am reading the 6 39 clues book
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I want to read Tentacles. Is it good?
_Tonks Lupin_: aw
_catching_fire_: So.. anybody read “A Wrinkle In Time?” One of the classics, in my opinion…
_fallbookgirl_: Anyone read Fever 1793?
_bubblemadie_: whats uglies?
_Kimka333_: please don’t spoil the ending
_redconverse_: I’m back!!!!
_Tonks Lupin_: Oh yea uglies are good
_londonparis7_: Yeah
_Nirvanaa_: @sonja: me too!
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome back, redcoverse!
_girlsruletheworld_: @nirvanaa is it good?
_Nirvanaa_: @girlsruletheworld: yea, its good so far!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Fever 1793 is good!
_AndysLibrary_: @Sonja, did you read Cryptid Hunters first? Tentacles is the sequel.
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @andy’slibrary. Good to know!
_bubblemadie_: brb
_redconverse_: @Stacks_Admin:Thanks^_^
_Tonks Lupin_: Uglies, Pretties, Specials right?
_Nirvanaa_: @Admin: the chat keeps on freezing. Why?
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Hi, redconverse!
_bubblemadie_: okay, im back
_londonparis7_: Anybody plese
_LucianMadrigal_: Hey guys!
_redconverse_: @Chocolate Goosebumps:Hi!!!
_Stacks_Admin_: @Nirvanaa: Hm, I’m not sure. Sometimes it depends on the number of people in the chat, or it might be your computer.
_KKfan9_: What time is the chat tommorrow?
_LucianMadrigal_: Hey, _Lucian_. Are you there?
_girlsruletheworld_: @tonks lupin idk i think… i cant remember the last, the first 2 are pretties and uglies..i think
_AndysLibrary_: @Nirvanna Maybe because of your computer?
__Lucian__: @bubblemadie: I feel bad for me, too, lol
_LucianMadrigal_: sort of
_girlsruletheworld_: my chat isnt freezing up
_Tonks Lupin_: lol lucian
_catching_fire_: H ey, you guys are Lucians? I’m an Ekat…
__Lucian__: @catching fir Yup and a proud Lucian at that!
_bubblemadie_: @lucian lol
_fallbookgirl_: The author might come out wih a sequel to Fever 1793,but she wrote a sequel to Chains. Is it any good?
__Lucian__: @catching fire I have read the first book in A Wrinkle In Time, have you seen the movie?
_LucianMadrigal_: Oh, I’m also reading the, like. Eragon series
_LucianMadrigal_: I’m a lucian!
_Tonyfan14_: kkfan9 have you read diary of a wimpy kid
_LucianMadrigal_: Oh, catching fire?
_Tonks Lupin_: im Ekat too
_girlsruletheworld_: oh i havent finished eragon yet but its REALLY GOOD!!!
__Lucian__: LucianMadrigal!!! What up?
_AndysLibrary_: Woah so much people. :D
_LucianMadrigal_: I went to my library, but I couldn’t find it!
_LucianMadrigal_: Hey, _Lucian_! How ya doin’?
_Tonks Lupin_: who is gonna watch diary and a wimpy kid?
_bubblemadie_: diary of a wimpy kid is gonna be a movie?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: For some reason I couldn’t get into Eragon. Maybe I should try it again.
_girlsruletheworld_: @sonja stacks staffer: yeah it was really slow to start i agree, it does get alot better!
_LucianMadrigal_: I came a little late…
_girlsruletheworld_: haha i’m listening to songs from hairspray!! i know this is REALLY off topic, but anyone seen that movie.
_redconverse_: @Nirvanaa:Niiiiiiiiiice,I have a candy wrapper in mine!Lol
_catching_fire_: @Niravanaa: Yay! That’s sweet. I always put money in places I end up forgetting…
_Nirvanaa_: Whens the next DIary of a wimpy kid coming out?
_redconverse_: @Girlsruletheworld:I’ve seen that movie!My sister made me watch it
_girlsruletheworld_: @redconverse i LOVE that movie!!!
_Nirvanaa_: Anyone read “Dust of 100 dogs” (young adult)? I didnt really like it
_Tonks Lupin_: lol hairspray is cool
_londonparis7_: I have
_Tonks Lupin_: who read dog days for wimpy kid?
_LucianMadrigal_: Hey _Lucian_! What book are you reading?
__Lucian__: I mean cause
__Lucian__: @LucianMadrigal: Well… My EVIL older sister is making me help her make cookies, and I only get like one, cuase she is making them for someone else, but right now I am not needed in helping… Fortunately. =)
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @TonksLupin: I’m not sure, I’d need to see the preview. And yes, there will be a movie
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Dust of 100 Dogs is like way YA!
_Nirvanaa_: @Sonja: i know! It kinda grossed me out =P. And it w as kinda boring
_girlsruletheworld_: i’ve got a peppermint wraper in my pocket cuz i fed it to a horse
_bubblemadie_: i read dog days
_londonparis7_: Hello
_Tonks Lupin_: yea i think
__Lucian__: @Nirvanna: Lol, yesterday I saw a dollar on the ground and I dove for it, it was funny, it turns out it was my friend she snatched it before I could get it, lol.
_KKfan9_: There’s a movie about the wimpy kid books!!!
_LucianMadrigal_: ha ha!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @nirvanaa I agree!
_catching_fire_: Hey you guys, did you know that in the book The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy’s slippers were silver, not red…
_Kimka333_: how many people here luv christmas
_Nirvanaa_: @lucian: lol. Whenever i’m holding money, i always look down in case i dropped it.
_Tonks Lupin_: any christmas books?
_bubblemadie_: i luv x-mas
_londonparis7_: I do
_girlsruletheworld_: CHRISTMAS ROCKS!!! LOL
_AndysLibrary_: Who likes Andrew Clements? :)
_Tonyfan14_: there is not
_Nirvanaa_: What do u want for Xmas?
_girlsruletheworld_: we get a real tree every year and tomorrow we are going to get it!! i’m so exited!!!
_AndysLibrary_: Guys let’s give the mods time to approve the other comments. So wait. :)
_Kimka333_: do u like the series that begins with the book blue is for nightmares
_Kimka333_: it is an amazing series but is a little creepy and has alot of romance in it
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Blue Book is for Nightmares is YA
__Lucian__: @LucianMadrigal: I am reading Harry Potter 5 and I am gonna be reading… Some Manga after I go to the library, any suggestions of books?
_Tonks Lupin_: @nivanaa books!
_catching_fire_: @TonksLupian: Try reading The Christmas Shoes, it’s so sad…
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Nirvanaa: Goosebumps DVDs. What else?
_fallbookgirl_: I love Andrew Clements book. Anyone read The School Story?
_Stacks_Admin_: @everyone: We’ll be announcing the next chat on our blog, Ink Splot 26, in a few days. It’ll be in January
_AndysLibrary_: January? That’s far. :P
_Nirvanaa_: i want a new ipod — an ipod nano chromatic that’s purple.
_girlsruletheworld_: @nirvanaa, i want a new ipod!! i want a pink ipod nano 16GB, the ones with the camera!
_Stacks_Admin_: We only do one chat a month
_bubblemadie_: no talking is soo good, my teacher read it to us, now shes reading the homework machine to us
_Nirvanaa_: @Andyslibrary: good idea
_Kimka333_: what will the next chat be on? I hope it is on the 6 39 clues book
_LucianMadrigal_: My older sister is making cupcakes right now. Mmm, they smell good!!!!
_LucianMadrigal_: @_Lucian: OMG, my older sister just brought me a cupcake! Chocolate is good!
_LucianMadrigal_: Sweet! I can’t wait!
_LucianMadrigal_: @Lucian: What do u want for Christmas?
_AndysLibrary_: @bubble The Homework Machine ROCKS!
__Lucian__: @Stacks Admin: YAY! ANtoher chat and not too far away!
__Lucian__: I mean another
_redconverse_: My stupid computer made me exict out of the chat! :(
_KKfan9_: I have never read or tried to read the Harry Potter books.
_Nirvanaa_: @Chocolate goosebumps: i want more books on vampires.
_bubblemadie_: awww this one is over in about 10 min.
_girlsruletheworld_: @ nirvanaa, lol we want the same thing!!..pretty much..
_Kimka333_: What does YA stand for
_Stacks_Admin_: YA stands for Young Adult
_Nirvanaa_: @girlsruletheworld: my friend got that for her bday, but blue. I want that too, but i still havent decided. It cost alot.
_redconverse_: @Nirvanaa:I want a new Ipod too
_Tonks Lupin_: lol
_bubblemadie_: thanks
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Usually YA is ages 12 and up
_AndysLibrary_: @kimba Young Adult
_Tonks Lupin_: young adult
_Nirvanaa_: Yea, but YA can get pretty intense
_fallbookgirl_: Anyone read Willow Run?
_LucianMadrigal_: @_Lucian_: Hmm, suggestions? Well, I’d recommend the Artemis Fowl series, the Pendragon series, and the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series. Artemis Fowl is written by Eoin Colfer, Pendragon is written by D.J. Machale, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians series is written by… Rick Riordan!
_Nirvanaa_: @girlsruletheworl: lets hope we get it!
_Tonyfan14_: is there a wimpy kid movie
__Lucian__: @LucianMadrigal: WHAT?! I WANT A CUPCAKE!
_Stacks_Admin_: We haven’t decided on the next chat topic, but if you have a suggestion, just respond, Topic: ______!
_girlsruletheworld_: haha we all want new ipods!! i love IT!!
_Kimka333_: oh thx
_KKfan9_: I have never the Twilight series either.
_LucianMadrigal_: @everyone: Has anyone read Airman by Eoin Colfer? I’m reading it right now!
_Tonks Lupin_: Topic:Young Authors Ideas
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @StacksAdmin: Topic: Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Harry Potter
_girlsruletheworld_: @nirvanaa, OH YEAH LETS HOPE!! LOL
__Lucian__: @LucianMadigal: I wnat card packs for 39 Clues a 50 dollar gift card to Barnes and Noble… Pretty much books.. Oh yeah and sharpies and a football. =)
_Kimka333_: 39 clues book 6 in too deep
_girlsruletheworld_: i luv twilight!
_bubblemadie_: i have an ipod touch
_fallbookgirl_: Is anyone going to read the second Camp-Half Blood series?
_Nirvanaa_: @Admin: i think the next chat should be on…actually i dont know. Chocolate goosebump’s idea sounds kewl.
_londonparis7_: Topic Friends!
_Tonyfan14_: diary of a wimpy kid
_bubblemadie_: @girlsrule, im with y on twilight
_Nirvanaa_: Twilight…eh, i dont like it too much
_Kimka333_: that should be our next chat
__Lucian__: @LucianMadrigal: Thatnks for the suggestions, I will check them out… =)
_girlsruletheworld_: @bubblemadie oh i want one of those even more!! my friend has one they are AMAZING!! but they are so expensive!!
__Lucian__: AH!! I mean Thanks
_redconverse_: I don’t really care much for Twilight
_LucianMadrigal_: @ _Lucian_:Ha ha, my sister saw your message, _Lucian_! She’s bragging like crazy about her cupcakes. I want card pack 3 and book 7 4 my b-day since my birthday is in February!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: What are your suggestions for the January chat topic?
_Nirvanaa_: @Sonja: oh! i know! Hunger games!
_Tonks Lupin_: TOPIC: ideas for writing!!
__Lucian__: @catching fire: Yup!!! Anyone read The Secret Order of the Gumm Streets Girls?
_Kimka333_: my sugestion is book 6 of the 39 clues series In Too Deep
_Tonyfan14_: diary of awimpy kid is the topic
_fallbookgirl_: Maybe next chat could be on ideas for next break.
_bubblemadie_: 2girlsrule yah i got my itouch for x-mas last year, u shoiuld ask one for x-mas
_Nirvanaa_: I’m writing a book about vampires! It’s on the write it board. IT’s called Midnight
_LucianMadrigal_: @Sonja_Stacks_Staffer: Hmm…. Maybe a chat with Rick Riordan or an author?
__Lucian__: @Kimika33 I already have the 6 one, I get the books the day it comes out no matter what, it always comes out on a Tuesday
_Tonks Lupin_: cool Nirvanaa about the book!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Yeah it’s fun when we have authors in the chat
__Lucian__: @bubblemadie: My teacher read us No Talking in 6 grade we loved it, we tryed not talking for 30 minutes.. It didn’t work, lol. =)
_KKfan9_: Who hasn’t got their Christmas decorations up yet? We got them set up the day after thanks gibing
_Nirvanaa_: @Tonks Lupin: thanks!
_girlsruletheworld_: @bubblemadie, yeah i’m asking for one but i’m probably just gonna end up with an ipod nano. still pretty cool ;-)
_AndysLibrary_: Topic: We can vote on an author! :D
_AndysLibrary_: Topic: And then we’ll chat with that author.
_Nirvanaa_: @Sonja: can we get RL Stine to chat? Or did we do that?
_LucianMadrigal_: @_Lucian_: How are you doing on your story? In mine, I made Isabel Kabra scream like crazy when Amy and Dan escaped=)
_Kimka333_: pick the author of the Hunger Games
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Hold on a second! Let’s not post much until the Waiting list can go down and the Moderators have a chance to post them.
_bubblemadie_: @lucian lol
__Lucian__: @ LucianMadrigal: Cool that your b-day is in February! Lol, your sister is making me hungry! =)
_LucianMadrigal_: @ _Lucian_:ha ha, my mom told her to quiet down, she was so excited
_fallbookgirl_: _Nirevanaa_Any details on the book?
_Nirvanaa_: @Fallbook: it’s about how this girl gets kidnapped by a vampire and they go to the underworld. She doesnt know what hte vampire has in store for her.
_girlsruletheworld_: @andyslibrary that would be awesome!
_londonparis7_: my sugestion is book 3 in the Candy Apple series
_pinksong_: Who here has read the entire Harry Potter series?
_LucianMadrigal_: I want Rick Riordan to chat with us!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Nirvanaa: COOL IDEA!!
_AndysLibrary_: Everyone just wait. :)
__Lucian__: @LucianMadrigal: Yeah one with Rick Riordan would be fun!
_Tonks Lupin_: ME pink song
_KKfan9_: Tonyfan14: Are you planning on reading the rest of the 39 clues? :)
_redconverse_: You could do a Hunger Games chat
_bubblemadie_: @girls rule i had a nano first for 2 years, my mom uses it now for gym, so i got a itouch, plus i got one for x_mas
_Tonks Lupin_: @Nirvanaa after this chat ill look for your book!
_Kimka333_: @pinksong i read the Harry potter books i just finished book 5
_Tonyfan14_: i dont know
_catching_fire_: Let’s get Suzanne Collins to chat!
_girlsruletheworld_: we should have a randomness chat! JK LOL
_pinksong_: Cool Tonks Lupin. Me too!
__Lucian__: @LucianMadirgal: Well I am not sure If I should put my story up, what do you think?
_londonparis7_: Topic writing
_Kimka333_: books rock!
_iCarly345_: what r u guys talking about???
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Oh, no!! 4 minutes left!!
_Tonks Lupin_: @girlsruletheworld i like your idea LOL!
_fallbookgirl_: That would be cool to chat with the winning author.
_fallbookgirl_: Suzanne Collins would be cool to chat with, Maybe she will tell about book three in The Hunger Games.
_fallbookgirl_: _Nivanaa_ That sounds cool. Good luck.
_LucianMadrigal_: @ _Lucian_My sister is so lucky, my parents r getting her an i touch for x-mas…. At least they’re getting me an ipod nano, you know, the new one with the picture thing
_Kimka333_: who luvs books
_Nirvanaa_: hi guys
_bubblemadie_: awww, only 4 min left
_iCarly345_: whos Nivanaa?
__Lucian__: @LucianMadrigal: Lol at your sis, sounds like she really liked bragging about her cupcakes
_Nirvanaa_: the chat froze again
_bubblemadie_: i luv books
_girlsruletheworld_: @tonks lupin we would be good at that!!! LOL
_redconverse_: My computer made my exict the chat again!! >:(
_Nirvanaa_: @icarly345: im nirvanaa
_Tonyfan14_: i was not inerested
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Ok, well we’ll see if we can an author, but it’s sometimes hard because they are so busy.
_catching_fire_: Suzanne Collins wrote The Hunger Games and Catching Fire.
_bubblemadie_: 3 min ;(
_Tonks Lupin_: 3 min
_11cookiesandcream_: Hi how are you?!?
_AndysLibrary_: Have we ever had Lisa Yee? :D
__Lucian__: @LucianMadrigal: WHAT YOUR SISTER IS LUCKY!! You can get Madrigal Maze with that!
_LucianMadrigal_: @_Lucian_: I posted a preview of mine, could you do yours too? I’m sure I’d love to read it. And yeah, my sis has a thing for bragging. Especially since she’s two years older than me, and she always reminds me that. Oh, on my mom’s iphone, she got madrigal maze, but i had to pay her back =( But I got card #432
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Either way, we will make an announcement on the Ink Splot 26 blog when we know.
_breabren_: Hey, my name’s breabren, and I’m new in the communtiy
_redconverse_: Aww!Theres only 3 minutes left!!:(
_Tonks Lupin_: we should interview someone who read a book on the boards lol!!
_girlsruletheworld_: my computer says 2 min =(
_Kimka333_: get suzanne collins to come chat with us please
_fallbookgirl_: So sad two mins left.
_iCarly345_: wher do u see ur minuts?
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Did you know that it’s illegal for people to carry ice cream in their back pockets in Kentucky? At least, I think.
_Nirvanaa_: This was real fun guys! I’m so glad i came on to the boards and saw the announcments that said that there was a chat.
_bubblemadie_: 2 min.
_londonparis7_: Hi everybody please talk to me
_Kimka333_: yeah
_breabren_: wow, ther’re lot of people here.
_pinksong_: I like to sing, but I have a sore throat right now.
_redconverse_: This was a fun chat^_^
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @londonparis7: hi!
_Nirvanaa_: Chocoalte Goosebumps sure likes his wacky facts.
_Stacks_Admin_: hi londonparis7.
_babycaramel25_: hi everyone
_iCarly345_: HI london paris 7!!!
_bubblemadie_: fun chat
_breabren_: I love to sing
_girlsruletheworld_: yeah it was fun i agree with nirvanaa, my first chat!!! =)
_Tonks Lupin_: one min :(
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: 1 MINUTE!!
_fallbookgirl_: This is a great chat, and I am glad to be in it.
_Stacks_Admin_: I’m so glad you all came to the chat today!
_Stacks_Admin_: We’re glad you had fun, girlsruletheworld! :)
_Kimka333_: i luv to chat and read
_AndysLibrary_: one minute.
_Kimka333_: who is with me
_babycaramel25_: there are a lot of people
_redconverse_: 1 more minute DDD:
_bubblemadie_: 1 min. good bye everybody see u guys next chat
_Tonks Lupin_: can i add yall?
_Nirvanaa_: awwwww! Bye guys! U rock! well in 1 min
_AndysLibrary_: This was fun. Thanks guys! :D
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: This was my first chat, but I’ll definetly be doing another
_iCarly345_: bye
_londonparis7_: thank you evrybody
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: It was really fun and I got some good ideas of books to read!
_LucianMadrigal_: no!!! 1 min. until it’s over =(
_girlsruletheworld_: haha i love how we are all like counting down LOL
_babycaramel25_: la la la
_Nirvanaa_: yea, add me too!
_Kimka333_: See ya all next time
_LucianMadrigal_: bye guys! see ya later!
_Tonks Lupin_: PEACE OUT PPL!!
__Lucian__: @LucianMadrigal: I will do mine, it includes a song though, but it gets better, Madrigals are involved, it takes plce after the fourth book I wrote it on a website like forever ago, lol. YOU HAVE THAT CARD!!!! AH!!! LUCKY! I WISH I DID!!!
_KKfan9_: This chat is really fun. I am going to try to come to the next one!
_iCarly345_: bye people who r leaving
_LucianMadrigal_: Bye!!!!
_girlsruletheworld_: TTYL PEEPS!!!!!!!!
_Tonks Lupin_: and 0 min
_fallbookgirl_: Bye. Hope nto do this again.
_bubblemadie_: bibi
_LucianMadrigal_: The end of the world!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Oh, no, it’s OVER!! NOOOOOOOOOO!
_Stacks_Admin_: Thanks for joining, everyone! This chat went great!
_Stacks_Admin_: To continue your conversations about books, you can check out the moderated messages on the Message Boards:
_Stacks_Admin_: Bye. See you next time!
_Stacks_Admin_: We’ll be announcing the date and topic of the next chat on our blog, Ink Splot 26:
_Stacks_Admin_: The transcript for this chat will also be announced there. Thanks for joining and have a WONDERFUL WINTER BREAK!

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