February 25, 2010

STACKS Kids Chat: Fantasy Series

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_penguin2009_: Hiiiiii
_cuteapplepie_: this is my first chat
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: We’re going to wait about 10 more minutes to get started to give more people a chance to log on.
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Hi everybody!!
_d-wade 4 mvp_: wat you doin
_AndysLibrary_: This is my third chat. :)
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Welcome, cuteapplepie!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Nice to see you again, AndysLibrary!
_cuteapplepie_: coool
_d-wade 4 mvp_: kool
_star341230sarah_: hey
_cuteapplepie_: good to be here
_AndysLibrary_: II just wanted to ask a question.
_batmanrule_: hello
_cuteapplepie_: sup
_AndysLibrary_: When I try to log into the forums, it says “Your login has expired or is invalid”.
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Hi AndysLibrary. I remember you from the Winter Break Books Chat
_batmanrule_: i’ve never been in a chat before
_AndysLibrary_: I don’t know what’s happening.
_AndysLibrary_: Oh, hey Sonja! How are you?
_cuteapplepie_: I read the transcript
_AndysLibrary_: Which one? :o
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: hi
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Fine. I’m excited about this chat because I LOVE fantasy books!
_cuteapplepie_: all
_fabchick_: hi, everyone!
_AndysLibrary_: I love Fantasy, too!
_cuteapplepie_: me too
@AndysLibrary: Hm, interesting. I’ll look into it — Does this happen
EVERY time? Have you tried logging in with a different account?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Hi fabchick!
_star341230sarah_: @sonja-stacks-staffer- do you remember me?
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Me three! Or maybe it’s more like me five at this point!
_cuteapplepie_: hello
_AndysLibrary_: @Stacks_admin – This happens everytime. :(
_cuteapplepie_: sorry
_cuteapplepie_: xd
_star341230sarah_: hey
_catching_fire_: @AndysLibrary: What happens every time?
i read some fantasy books just to get ready for this chat. I’m reading
Inkheart, and I just got Gregor the Ovelander from the library.
Hi starsarah! I kind of remember you but it’s hard to say because a lot
of users have star in their names and I get confused. Sorry!
_batmanrule_: i love fantasy books. they are almost all i read
_AndysLibrary_: @catching_fire: I can’t log into the forums.
_AndysLibrary_: Brb, everyone. :)
_cuteapplepie_: I read inkheart and inkspell
_AndysLibrary_: Are they good? I’m on page 30 on Inkheart. It seems like my kind of story.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i remember andyslibrary
_cuteapplepie_: I like apple pie
_batmanrule_: @cuteapplepie: never read. are they good?
_catching_fire_: Wait, i thought the chat started at 6:00… but whatever.
_skullcrusher11_: sup
_star341230sarah_: @Sonja-stacks-staffer- its ok i usually watch more than talk in these chats
_cuteapplepie_: definatly
_AndysLibrary_: @stuffedmudkiptoy: Hey, I remember you!!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i read the first 2 inkheart books but got lost in inkdeath
_cuteapplepie_: me too
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: starsarah, I’ hope you talk more in this chat. We want to hear what you have to say!
_AndysLibrary_: Does anyone like the Warriors series?
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: me and my bff say the movie inkheart and i had to read the book
@AndysLibrary: I’ll take a look at that after the chat. Are you able to
get to your STACKS profile? It’s good you can join us here, though!
_i love my pet pug_: Do any of you like twilight/
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @andyslibrary no, i have never tried them
_cuteapplepie_: I,3 reading
_catching_fire_: It’s too bad The Hunger Games is sci-fi and not fanasty. Because I could talk about it forever…
_scarygirl345_: has anybody read candyapple books lately
_cuteapplepie_: yeah
_scarygirl345_: which one
Btw, everyone: If you recommend a book that’s YA (Young Adult), please
be sure to mention that! Twilight and Hunger Games are both YA.
_i love my pet pug_: scarygirl,i’v read some of them.
_star341230sarah_: @Sonja-stacks-staffer- i actually like realistic fiction books best but the chats are still fun
_batmanrule_: has anyone read the septimus heap series
_cuteapplepie_: Star Power
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: has anyone read The farworld books?
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome, Guest-3 A! To participate in the chat, please Sign In!
_scarygirl345_: which one
_cuteapplepie_: Nope
_scarygirl345_: im reading accidently fabulous
_i love my pet pug_: do you guys like robert pattinson?
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @batmanrule i read most of the first book but it was to long for me when i was in third grade
_batmanrule_: I love the Percy Jackson series
_scarygirl345_: brb
_cuteapplepie_: That is awesome
@Stacks_Admin: I can get to my profile and check my messages and friend
requests. But when I try to post in a forum, it says I have to log in.
I do, but it says my account is expired or invalid. I’m surprised I can
go to the livechat, though. I hope this has enough details because it
was kinda hard to explain.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: sadly i havent read the percy jackson series but i saw the movie
_cuteapplepie_: Neither
_i love my pet pug_: is the movie good
_skullcrusher11_: i made it
_bekah159_: hey
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i love waffles
_scarygirl345_: i’m back
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: It’s 6 o’clock and the chat is officially starting NOW
Okay, has anybody read the Gregor books? Because they’re by Suzanne
Collins, the same person who wrote The HUnger Games (THG is YA, I
think) Anway, I just finished Gregor the Overlander two seconds ago and
I NEED The Prophecy of Bane…..
_bekah159_: this is my first time being here
_batmanrule_: @stuffedmudkipoy:the movie isn’t as good. i still liked it though
_AndysLibrary_: YESSS!!!
_skullcrusher11_: yay
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Hello!
_cuteapplepie_: Inkheart
_skullcrusher11_: me too
_Stacks_Admin_: I can’t speak for everyone at Scholastic, but there are many waffle fans in our office
_batmanrule_: hi
_bekah159_: does anyone know if dolphinwriter is coming?
_scarygirl345_: i like the candyapple books
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: It’s so cool to have all you here at the chat
_cuteapplepie_: cool
_AndysLibrary_: @catching_fire: Lol! i just got the Gregor series from the library and I wanna read it too!! :D
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: What is your favorite Fantasy book of all time?
_superliver_: Gregor the Overlander is a great fantasy series!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @catching_fire: I LOVE the Gregor books! Who’s your favorite character so far?
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: narnia?
_batmanrule_: Harry Potter
_AndysLibrary_: @Sonja: WARRIORS series! They’re so good!!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i love narnia
_skullcrusher11_: narnia
_Lucianfan12_: @Stacks_Admin everyone loves waffles
_cuteapplepie_: Never read them
_writermage_: HARRY POTTER
_bekah159_: does anyone know if dolphinwriter is coming?
_catching_fire_: @ Sonja: The Underland Chronicles! And A Wrinkle in Time. And When You Reach Me….
_cuteapplepie_: nope
_Lucianfan12_: i love narnia too!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Sonja_Sacks_Staffer Harry Potter, R.L. Stine, Narnia, The Secret Series …
_batmanrule_: I never liked Narnia unfortunatly
_harryp12345678_: Harry Potter all the way
_i love my pet pug_: whtas up guys?
_skullcrusher11_: no
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Narnia is the very first fantasy series i ever read! It’s the reason I love fantasy today!
_penguin2009_: I never finished the Gregor series
_scarygirl345_: i like them because there just so interesting
_superliver_: It is realy good!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Has anyone ever read The Name of This Book is Secret and the rest?
_fabchick_: @penguin2009: Why not?
_cuteapplepie_: I like it
_superliver_: so is the hunger games!
_Lucianfan12_: Go 39 clues who reads them?
_harryp12345678_: harry potter
_catching_fire_: @ Karen: I looooove Boots! She’s so adorable!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i love nania, inkheart, farworld
_bekah159_: so is there any good fantasy books you’ve read? i’ve read the 13th reality. it is awesome!
Has anyone read the Warriors series? It’s a fantasy series about cats.
There’s already more than 20 books in the series. The series is
suspenseful and dark. :D
_scarygirl345_: i know which one do you like the best
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: THE 39 CLUES
_cuteapplepie_: I read 39 clues
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @catching_fire: Oh, good pick! I love Boots too!
_penguin2009_: @Karen: uh… just forgot i guess. i got busy.
_harryp12345678_: Oh yeah Percy Jackson is awesome too
_AndysLibrary_: @chocolategoosebumps: I’ve read The Name of This Book is Secret.
_writermage_: i plan on reading the 39 clues
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: PERCY JACKSON
_superliver_: does anybody want to be an author?
_cuteapplepie_: there good
_scarygirl345_: i’m reading accedently fabulous
_Lucianfan12_: harry potter can sometimes be confusing
_cuteapplepie_: me too
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @AndysLibrary: Someone just recommended that to me. Do you like it?
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @AndysLibrary I love those books
_bekah159_: umm…when are we going to start? sorry this is my first time here
_AndysLibrary_: I just finished reading the first 39 Clues. I’m getting the second one.
_writermage_: i want to be an author!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: my friends names read csl so we call him cs lewis because his middle name is lewis
_harryp12345678_: @_writerimage I didn’t like those books
_catching_fire_: @AndysLibrary: I tried to, but I got really bored.
_batmanrule_: @choclategoosebumps:no but i want to
_scarygirl345_: really
_qb11_: Harry Potter is an awesome seires
_Stacks_Admin_: @bekah159: we’ve started! join the conversation :)
_superliver_: Send: The Hunger Games and Gregor The Overlander are great!!
_cuteapplepie_: Im on 4
_skullcrusher11_: this is my first time too
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: hello?
_bekah159_: umm?
_AndysLibrary_: @Karen: it was good. There’s a lot of warnings like, “Don’t read this book” but that’s what makes you tempted to read it.
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Karen_Stacks_Staffer I love those books! I’ve read the first two
_writermage_: books aren’t good unless theyre confusing
_superliver_: I want to be an author too! Have you started any books?
_Lucianfan12_: who likes inkheart is it good?
_harryp12345678_: heeeyyyy
_AndysLibrary_: I think I’m the only one who has never read the Hunger Games… I really want to get it.
_qb11_: has anyone read Percy Jackson and the Olympians?
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i am back
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: I want to be an author, at LEAST as a hobby
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Inkheart YAY!!
_catching_fire_: @superliver: You are totally right! GO SUZANNE COLLINS!!!!
_harryp12345678_: i didnt like inkheart
_scarygirl345_: i also like dear dumb diary books
_superliver_: The Hunger games is good!
_AndysLibrary_: @qb11: I love PJ&The Olympics.
_AndysLibrary_: i mean Olympians.
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @AndysLibrary: Ha ha, I didn’t even notice you wrote “Olympics” until your corrected yourself. Hilarious!
_superliver_: YOu should read it!!
_skullcrusher11_: i liked holes
_batmanrule_: I read the candy shop war. it was very fantistical
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @qb11 LOVE THOSE I’m on book three
_HarryPotterRules31_: i love harry potter
_catching_fire_: @AndysLibrary: It is the best book on Earth! Read it!
_skullcrusher11_: the book was better than the movie
_HarryPotterRules31_: i luuvvv harry potter
_Lucianfan12_: is the hunger games considered a fantasy book?
_AndysLibrary_: I know this has nothing to do with Fantasy, but are you guys watching the 2010 Vancouver Olympics?
_writermage_: i love inkheart (currently reading inkdeath
_scarygirl345_: say i if you like candyapple books
_bekah159_: HI!!!!!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Books are always better than the movie!
_cuteapplepie_: book then movie
_batmanrule_: has anyone read the sisters grimm?
_HarryPotterRules31_: any1 want to tlk bout hp?
_skullcrusher11_: yea
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: The PJO movie was way off … so many important characters … gone
_cuteapplepie_: no
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: it is raining today
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: waffles
Fablehaven, Gregor the overlander, the candy shop war, eragon, eldest,
brisingr, and those types of fantasy! if you haven’t read them you
_catching_fire_: @HarryPotterRules: I really don’t like it. So the kids at school all think there’s something wrong with me…
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I want to read Sisters Grimm. Is it good?
_HarryPotterRules31_: its ok catching fire people have different opinions
_harryp12345678_: ive read the sisters grimm
I do and I love HG and percy Jackson…….all of it but stop sending
so many messages at once. I can’t read them all AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
_AndysLibrary_: Yesterday was National Pancake Day.
_AndysLibrary_: Sister’s Grimm was good.
_superliver_: The Sisters Grim is wierd!
_qb11_: is anyone still doing this chat?????????????????????????
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @batmanrule i have and they rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_writermage_: my friend loves the sisters grim, i havnt read it yet
_cuteapplepie_: I dont like HP
_catching_fire_: @Andy: No way! I missed it!
_skullcrusher11_: i can already tell the diary of a wimpy kid movie isnt going to be as good as the book
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @andys REALLY, i missed out:(
_writermage_: how can u not like hp
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @qb11 Yes … a new post comes about every second
_cuteapplepie_: exactly
_Lucianfan12_: @Sonja_Stacks_Staffer the sisters grimm is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_harryp12345678_: yeah i dont think it looks that good
_HarryPotterRules31_: anyone who likes ho say hp
_batmanrule_: @superliver:i like fablehaven
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Has anyone read Chronicles of Ancient Darkness?
_AndysLibrary_: Cornelia Flunke is so creative. She makes the best fantasy books !!
_harryp12345678_: hp
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Chronicles of Ancient Darkness might be YA, don’t know
_skullcrusher11_: srry i ment to say the book is better than the movie will be
_superliver_: no
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: everyone has an opinion of books i dont like hp ether
_bekah159_: when are we going to start?
_cuteapplepie_: flunk
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Oops …
_Britannicus_: I didn’t like the Percy Jackson movie, either. It was horrible compared to the book.
What’s with the randomness? Percy Jackson movie was a total
disappointment to people who actually liked the book, except for the
casino scene.
_harryp12345678_: i love hp
_Lucianfan12_: @Chocolategoosebumps what is it about?
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Lucianfan12 The first book is about a kid named Torak who, with his
friend, a wolf, struggles to fight off the darkness while living in the
forest. Can’t say more without spoilers
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: lets talk about narnia
_Stacks_Admin_: @bekah159: we’ve started — can you see everyone’s messages?
_skullcrusher11_: i dont like hp that mutch eather
_catching_fire_: Britanacus: EXACTLY!!!!!!!
_harryp12345678_: pj book is better than movie
_writermage_: has anyone read the land of elyon serise?
_cuteapplepie_: no hp
_Lucianfan12_: i have
_qb11_: Percy Jackson is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_AndysLibrary_: I think my computer froze.
_cuteapplepie_: cool
_HarryPotterRules31_: sorry bout that inkdreamer its just its my first live chat
_superliver_: Oh! totaly the PJ movie was totaly different than the book!
_DustfingerRules_: i love percy jackson
_harryp12345678_: oh no
_Lucianfan12_: it is hard to type this fast
_Stacks_Admin_: @everyone: if the chat is frozen, try tapping F5 on your keyboard to refresh.
_writermage_: this is kinda confusing
_harryp12345678_: not for me
_harryp12345678_: its so easy
_AndysLibrary_: Sorry, my computer froze.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: I know it is impossible
_harryp12345678_: oh thx
_Lucianfan12_: who likes the 39 clues say I
Gregor, Gregor, GREGOR!!! GREGOR!!!!! I really like those books they’re
really good! *continues to sing and drives many nuts* Gregor,
_cuteapplepie_: @Lucian12: exactly
_AndysLibrary_: I.
_AndysLibrary_: GREEGORRR!!!!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Andys Love the icon! :)
_catching_fire_: @Lucian12: I!
_writermage_: its my 1st chat and im o good at texting
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: I. I. I. I. I.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: I just read the princess bride
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @witermage: I’ve read part of it, but not all of the books. But I did take the Elyon personality quiz on our site. I’m Murphy.
_AndysLibrary_: @ChocoGoose: Thhankss!! ;)
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_skullcrusher11_: the 5 diary of a wimpy kid is the last :(
_Lucianfan12_: @cuteapplepie it is my first live chat so it is even harder for me
_cuteapplepie_: neither am i
_qb11_: @Lucianfa12, it’s really hard to type this fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_AndysLibrary_: I really want to read the Land of Elyon.
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Diary of a Wimpy Kid!!
Has anyone read the witches by roald dahl? it is the classic fantasy. i
know it is not that old but it started a new type of fantasy
_writermage_: im yipes from elyon serise
_AndysLibrary_: It’s on my TBR list.
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: There’s going to be a movie, too!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: (of DWK)
_bekah159_: have you guys read the 13th reality?
_superliver_: YOu need to read it!!
_cuteapplepie_: Mine 2
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i am Murphy too!
_Britannicus_: Will Rick Riordan write another Percy Jackson book?
_skullcrusher11_: ive read some of it
_respectthehobits_: brb
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: I wanted to read The Land of Elyon … is it good?
_cutedirtbiker_: Hi im new
_AndysLibrary_: @batmanrule: Roald Dahl was a wonderful author!
_Lucianfan12_: @qb11 I Know it is really frustrating when you mis type and have to erase it
_harryp12345678_: wat is the gregor series bou?
_writermage_: you really should read elyon soon. i love the author
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i’m Murphy
_bekah159_: @batmanrule- that s a really good book!!!!!!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Rick riordan is writing a book about Ancient Egypt
_cuteapplepie_: yeah
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Britannicus There’s supposed to be a spin-off series coming …
_AndysLibrary_: @Brittanicus: He’s making a Camp Half Blood series
_QueenLuxa12_: Gregor!!
_skullcrusher11_: is captain underpants a fanisty?
_bekah159_: im new to this chat thing. any tips?
_writermage_: murphy is funny
_catching_fire_: @anybody who can answer my question: What is the next live chat going to be about?
_batmanrule_: @britanicus: he is not writing another percy jackson but he will writeanother book about greek mythology
Narnia rocks. hate white witch and love symbolism of Aslan, sorry if
none of you believe in god but that’s how I picture it for christ’s
death. 39 CLUES ARE AWESOME. can’t wait 4 reading other books from it
about to read 5/6
_AndysLibrary_: Rick Riordan is making a Camp Half blood series and also a Greek Mythology series (goes out in May, I think)
_bekah159_: haha@
_cutedirtbiker_: dragon kiss is good 2
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU NEED
_QueenLuxa12_: @catching fire I really dont know..
_qb11_: @Britannicus, yes, 2 more series, one bout camp half blood, one about the Egyptian gods.
_cuteapplepie_: me 2
_bekah159_: this is fun
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @andyslibrary The new series will be about Ancient Egypt not Greece
_qb11_: @superliver, I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_Lucianfan12_: @catching_fire someone told me it was going to be space books
_catching_fire_: Exactly, everybody! SING IT WITH ME!!!! Gregor, Gregor….
_writermage_: i knew alot of greek mythology before percy jackson
_Gylfie97_: I heard that rick riordan is writing about another generation of half-bloods
_cuteapplepie_: me niether
_qb11_: I agree with superliver
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Who likes Goosebumps HorrorLand?
_HarryPotterRules31_: @scarygirl345 i like candyapplebooks!
_Lucianfan12_: @chocolategoosebumbs i can’t wait either
_Gylfie97_: yes
@Sonja; I KEEP GETTING MIXED UP! Sorry. It’s about Egypt. It’s called
the Kane chronicles: The Red pyramid. I forgot. UGH! Embarrassing!
_QueenLuxa12_: Gregor, Gregor, Gregor, Gregor! *chants endlessly*
_skullcrusher11_: meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @skullcrusher11 don’ knoe
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i read captain underpants a looooooooooooong time ago
_Inkdreamer_: Anyoe read oh.my gods. before? It was really good and also complicated for people who like that sort of thing
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: oops … don’t know
@everyone: just a reminder, so we can figure who’s responding to who,
remember to add a “@username” at the beginning of your message!
_cuteapplepie_: I am sitting and reading
_Paramorefan440674_: Yo this is my irst chat!
_writermage_: i think riordan is writing about egytion myths or still on camp half-blood
_catching_fire_: @skullcrush: I really don’t know about that. I’ll have to ask my kid brother who LOVES those books.
_cutedirtbiker_: hi
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome, Paramorefan440674
_bekah159_: @chocolate goosebumps- i love goosebumps!
_AndysLibrary_: I feel embarassed now. Lol. <.<
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @andyslibrary Don’t be embarassed! :)
_cutedirtbiker_: Hi
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: andys i get like that alot’
_Paramorefan440674_: oh my gods?
_superliver_: who here agrees that Suzanne Collins is the best author ever! (Gregor the OVerlander, fans and Hunger games fans anybody)
_Britannicus_: Does anyone know why Delores Umbridge (from Harry Potter) is afraid of half-breeds?
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @cutedirtbiker: Hi! Welcome to the chat!
_bekah159_: who has seen the percy jackson movie?
_qb11_: @writermage, BINGO
_writermage_: does anyone read the inheritance cycle (eragon)
_Paramorefan440674_: its still about half bloods but not Petrcy
_superliver_: Me!!!!!
_Lucianfan12_: @paramorefan440674 it is mine first chat too
_qb11_: ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
_Gylfie97_: who’s GREGOR?!?!?!?!?
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Paramorefan I’ve been to one, but my brower locked me out of here, so I had to use the other one, the slower one …
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @bekah159 I have
_Lucianfan12_: @superliver I agree!!!!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: Cats or Dogs? age old question
_superliver_: ME!! THE INHERITANCE CYCLE IS GOOD!! (but not as good as gregor)
_bekah159_: does anyone know of the leven thumps series?
_Paramorefan440674_: Percy Jackson movie was AWESOME!
_catching_fire_: @Andys: A common trip-up. Don’t worry. And I thought he was going to write more Camp Half_Blood Stories! Dang.
_AndysLibrary_: @bekah: I want to, but based on everyone’s judgements… it seems bad. But I still want to watch it!
_qb11_: @writermage, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @bekah It was horribly off
_writermage_: ive seen the pecy j movie. my dad hated it.
_cuteapplepie_: @beakah153- ihaven’t
_harryp12345678_: i love paramore
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @stuffed DOGS
_superliver_: THE BEST fiction character ever! gregor the overlander! READ THE BOOK
_HarryPotterRules31_: i just got logged out but im back
_Paramorefan440674_: I love Leven Thumps!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @bekah nope
_QueenLuxa12_: @gylfie97_ *gasps* Gregor is amazing! That’s who he is!! :)
_bekah159_: @chocolate goosebumps- i should add u as a friend sometime
_Lucianfan12_: @stuffedmudkiptoy CATS
_catching_fire_: @Glytlfie: The main charachter in The Underland Chronichles by Suzanne Collions.
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: hp
_HarryPotterRules31_: if anyone likes hp say hp
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Everyone who is as obsessed with R.L. Stine as I am (if possible) say I!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i like dogs
_bekah159_: i havent seen the percy jackson movie either
_writermage_: does anyone know when the next book in the inheritance cycle is coming out
_qb11_: @Gylfire97, YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING. GREGOR IS THE MOST AWESOME FANTASY PERSON ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_skullcrusher11_: um…….
_Paramorefan440674_: hp
_harryp12345678_: hp
_AndysLibrary_: Gregor must be really popular.
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: hp
_bekah159_: hp
_Lucianfan12_: hp
_bekah159_: i!!!!!
_writermage_: HP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_cutedirtbiker_: the crazy has to be a scary moive
@superliver and @paramorefan44674 to you super liver I AGREE 100% and
to you paramorefan it is OH.MY.GODS. percy jacksonish but in a girly
kind of way
_Lucianfan12_: who is gregor
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: my brother likes goosbumps but i dont
_QueenLuxa12_: Everyone should read Gregor the Overlander!
_harryp12345678_: wat is gregor?
_AndysLibrary_: HP.
_cuteapplepie_: im a author
_harryp12345678_: i want to see that ,movie
_Lucianfan12_: be right back
_Paramorefan440674_: Have read fire girl?Someone reviewed on the boards
_bekah159_: this is sooooo fun!!!! sorry i havent been to one of these live chats bfore
_HarryPotterRules31_: Send: thanks @ sonja_Stacks_Staffer! u rock!
_catching_fire_: @andys: Popular with Overlanders? Nope. But Underlanders LOOOOVE him as do I!
_Britannicus_: Have you read The Warriors?
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: I?
_skullcrusher11_: i like goosebumps
_AndysLibrary_: Gregor is actually up there ^^
_HarryPotterRules31_: thansk every1 wh said hp!
_qb11_: has anyone read Gone?
_misse08_: hi everyone!
_Inkdreamer_: @cute apple pie me too
_superliver_: Back
_cuteapplepie_: I am new also
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Has anyone read Coraline?
_QueenLuxa12_: @harryp Gregor is an amazing fictional character.
_harryp12345678_: no
_superliver_: GREGOR IS AWESOME!!
_catching_fire_: @harryp: The main charachter in The Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins
_Paramorefan440674_: do u like monster kind of stories
_cheybeezy_: @stacks-admin- help i dont know what to say
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: sisters grimm! sisters grimm! sisters Grimm!!
_coolman378_: Anyone Read Enders Game
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Coraline was so scary! but I liked it.
_AndysLibrary_: @CG: I’ve read Coraline!
_bekah159_: chocolate goosebumps- i cant wait till halloween! i think the people are making new goosebump shows!
_cutedirtbiker_: my bf is mean
_writermage_: anyone read avalon web of magic?
_QueenLuxa12_: @qb11 Yeah I read Gone, and Hnger.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @goosebumps i saw the movie of Coraline
_HarryPotterRules31_: any1 who said hp lets talk bout hp!
_Paramorefan440674_: Coraline was awesome!
_AndysLibrary_: WARRIORS!!! No one read Warriors? :(
_Stacks_Admin_: @cheybeey: just respond to the conversation! jump in and talk about your favorite fantasy series. :)
_cuteapplepie_: CORALINE
_superliver_: I am obsessed with Gregor (incase you couldn’t figure it out!) GREGOR RULES!! FLY YOU HIGH!!
_HarryPotterRules31_: ive seen coraline
_cutedirtbiker_: i have
_qb11_: has anyone read Gone??????????????????????
_misse08_: Has anyone read a series of unfortunate events? It is AWESOME!!!!!!
_Lucianfan12_: i loved coraline
_qb11_: has anyone read Gone??????????????????????
_Paramorefan440674_: WHO LOVES THE HUNGER GAMES?
_bekah159_: has anyone read the sereis of the stoneheart trilogy???????
_skullcrusher11_: ive seen the movie and I LOVED IT i want to read the book
_bekah159_: its about dragons
_writermage_: coraline rox!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_:
@bekah There’ll be a movie soon of Goosebumps … a movie … A REAL
_HarryPotterRules31_: whats gregor?
_coolman378_: Did any one Read Mysterious Benedict Society
_qb11_: run like the river
_Lucianfan12_: who has read found?
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: the sisters grimm is really goods and i recomend it to everyone
_cutedirtbiker_: lol
_penguin2009_: @i haven’t read Warriors, but sometimes i am weirded out by the idea of cats running around with swoards
_QueenLuxa12_: @superliver Me too!! ;)
_bekah159_: did this thing get froze or something?
_Britannicus_: @AndysLibrary I have read some of The Warriors.
_Paramorefan440674_: Series of unfortune events if amazing and it has great vocabulary
_coolman378_: Nobodys read Enders Game!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: How about The Graveyard Book? I started it and loved it
_HarryPotterRules31_: @qb11 whats gone? ihavent heard of that
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @coolman love Mysterious Benedict Society
_QueenLuxa12_: I lover the Hunger Games!!
_superliver_: ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE HUNGER GAMES RULES!!!!!!! (almost as good as gregor!!
_AndysLibrary_: Everyone be patient!!
_cuteapplepie_: i <3 seris of unfortunate events. go sunny
_harryp12345678_: coolman : yeah
_skullcrusher11_: people at school are like you like coraline thats a girls movie
_qb11_: superliver, you are awesome
_Lucianfan12_: @paramorefan440674 i love the hunger games
_catching_fire_: Nerds rule! Be nice to nerds, someday you’ll work 4 one!
_HarryPotterRules31_: who here has read the wrinkle in time series?
_writermage_: i want to read the mysterious benedict society
_AndysLibrary_: @penguin2009: Cats with swords? nothing to do with the series. No swords.
_green queen 09_: I’m here!
_coolman378_: @LucianFan12 I did! It was an aewsome series
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: Chasing Vermeer?
_Paramorefan440674_: graveyard book was coolo
_skullcrusher11_: they sathey also said that about twilight
_Lucianfan12_: who is gregor!?!?!?!?!?!?!
_skullcrusher11_: srry
_misse08_: Percy Jackson the book is way better than the movie who agrees?
_cuteapplepie_: i read wrinkle in time
_AndysLibrary_: I’M actually pretty good at spelling. I won a spelling bee (:
_HarryPotterRules31_: has anyone read the wrinkle in time series? its sooo good!
_penguin2009_: @AndysLibrary: yeah, like i said, i haven’t read the series.
_coolman378_: @harryp who was your favorite charecter, mine was Reynie
_superliver_: me!!! I love gregor!!!
_Britannicus_: @HarryPotterRules31 I read the first book in Wrinkle of Time.
_Paramorefan440674_: Have u read Atherton?
_bekah159_: Has anyone read the time travelers trilogy?
_cuteapplepie_: Go calder game
_qb11_: me
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Hold on! The Waiting list is growing too fast!
_skullcrusher11_: they say twilight was also for girls
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Andys Cool!
_green queen 09_: Has anyone read Percy Jackson boks???
_misse08_: i read a winkinle in time 2
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: If you could enter any fantasy book world, which one would you choose?
_superliver_: atherton is good
_harryp12345678_: is harryp me?
_Gylfie97_: hey, anybody ever heard of Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarians?
_AndysLibrary_: superliver, most people have talking about it.
_HarryPotterRules31_: @britannicus dont u love it?
_qb11_: SUPERLIVER, YOU ARE DA MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: lets talk about characters. Who would you be?
_writermage_: @misse08 i agree
_superliver_: me
_Paramorefan440674_: I AM A SUZANNE COLLINS FAN!
_misse08_: harry potter
_cuteapplepie_: inkheart
_QueenLuxa12_: @superliver I LOVE the Underland Chronicles and the Hunger Games!! :D
_Paramorefan440674_: i would go into harry potter or percy jackson
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: skull crusher i don’t think so some things are for girls but thats not one!! wrinkle
_coolman378_: yes
_HarryPotterRules31_: harry potter i would enter as a world!
_redconverse_: Hi!
_Britannicus_: @greenqueen09 I have read them all.
_skullcrusher11_: coraline
_bekah159_: is anyone going to see the new movie alice in wonderland??? it looks really good!
_superliver_: GREGOR THE OVERLANDER IS THE WORLD I SOULD JOIN>>> The Underland in other words
_DustfingerRules_: @green queen 09: i did it, and im rereading them
_coolman378_: @harryp yes
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @admin i would choose farworld
_HarryPotterRules31_: harry potter
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Sonja Hmm … HorrorLand or Hogwarts or Narnia or Camp Half-Blood … off the top of my head
_Lucianfan12_: @anyonewhocanawnsermyquestion: when does the next 39 clues book come out?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @lucianfan book 8 comes out in April
_skullcrusher11_: and captian underpants
_cuteapplepie_: I heat darius
_AndysLibrary_: @Sonja: Percy Jaskon’s world. It seems so, well, AWESOME!! Adventureeee!
_Lucianfan12_: @sonjastaffer The hunger games world i can’t remember the name of it
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i am Sabrina from the sisters Grimm
_HarryPotterRules31_: @ bejah159 me!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Lucianfan12 The very beginning of April … the website has a countdown
_Paramorefan440674_: Artemis Fowl anyone?
_superliver_: I Think I have found 5 or 6 suzanne Collins fans!! that is good! is there any more?
_coolman378_: I heard it Alice and Wonderland takes place after the books
_Britannicus_: @harryPotterRules Yes.
_superliver_: the hunger games world is Panem
_Lucianfan12_: @sonja Thank you
_green queen 09_: @SonjaStacksStaffer City of Ember
_qb11_: @superliver me
_misse08_: i didn’t think of inkheart good choice if u went in2 inkheart it’s like going into a book x2
_skullcrusher11_: but in coraline if you dont make it you know what happens
_respectthehobits_: suzanne collins
_Paramorefan440674_: I WOULD GO TO PANEM!
_Lucianfan12_: @chocolategoosebumps thank you also
_cuteapplepie_: Bye everyone
_coolman378_: @Paramorefan i agree
_HarryPotterRules31_: @britannicus do u like hp
_harryp12345678_: ok i would b hermione
_QueenLuxa12_: @Sonja I would enter Gregor’s world because then I would get to meet Luxa!
_green queen 09_: Who loves the 39 Clues??
_qb11_: you hAVE a point
_bekah159_: how come everything is frozen?
_AndysLibrary_: Bye.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i would love to have Meggie’s ability
_HarryPotterRules31_: can someone talk to me?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: hi @harrypotterrules
_writermage_: has anyone read skeleton creek?
_AndysLibrary_: I mean Bye Cuteapplepie.
_skullcrusher11_: oh yea and the city of ember and jurrasic park
_green queen 09_: @cuteapplepie Bye!!
_coolman378_: paramorefan@ amazing series
_qb11_: duh
_Paramorefan440674_: Who likes Rue?
_coolman378_: id wanna live there
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @applepie Bye
_AndysLibrary_: Writermage: Skeleton’s creek is awesome. The videos are the best part!
_misse08_: this is totally awesome but it gets boring after awhile
_QueenLuxa12_: @HarryPotterRules31 Hi!
_harryp12345678_: @harrypotterrules I will!
_Britannicus_: @HarryPotter Rules Yes.
_writermage_: who loves luna lovegood?
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: City of Ember was good, but I haven’t read it, I just saw the movie. How’s the book?
_green queen 09_: @ChocolateGossebumps OMG it’s AWESOME! I’m up to the second one.
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I love Rue!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: hi harrypotterfan i am stuffedmudkiptoy it is wet and gross here
_HarryPotterRules31_: @sonja_stachks_staffer thanks for being so nice!
_AndysLibrary_: Luna is so random :D
_skullcrusher11_: and back to the future wasent that a book didnt they make a series
_coolman378_: uh oh
_harryp12345678_: luna is awesome
_penguin2009_: @Paramore: I wouldn’t go to Panem, what if you are chosen to be part of the Hunger Games, taht’s scary
_QueenLuxa12_: @writermage and Sonja I love both!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @misse08: I hope you don’t mean the chat is boring. :-( Feel free to throw a question out to the group!
_HarryPotterRules31_: hi @queenluxa12
_HarryPotterRules31_: sorry gtg now! bi!
_Britannicus_: @Writermager I like her; I don’t LOVE her.
_bekah159_: back
_HarryPotterRules31_: maybe i will be on later!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @harrypotterrules. AWW!
_qb11_: WILL WE START TALKING/CHATING ABOUT PERCY JACKSON NOW??????????????????????????????????????????????????????
_Stacks_Admin_: Thanks for joining, harryPotterRules31!
_writermage_: my friend hates watching skeleton creek videos. she gets scared
_AndysLibrary_: BYE :(
_scarygirl345_: sorry i’m back
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: all the books we are talking about i have never heard of
so there is @qb11,
QueenLuxa12, AndysLibrary, that is…7!! although there should be
_Stacks_Admin_: Welcome back, scarygirl345
_harryp12345678_: andy why leave?
_AndysLibrary_: @writermage: Being scared is the best part!
_Paramorefan440674_: are they making a movie of the HUnger Games?
_bekah159_: moderators, this thing keeps freezing up and says: disconnect.
_qb11_: wow
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @writermage I think those skel creek videos are scray too, but I’m a wimp
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I mean scary
_Paramorefan440674_: hey even mods make spelling mistakes!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Andys Bye? Okay … bye
_green queen 09_: @scarygirl345 Hiya!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @stuffedmudkiptoy: What are YOUR favorite fantasy books?
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i havent heard of most of the books that we are taling about
_AndysLibrary_: Whoops, I’m not leaving. I was saying bye to someone.
_QueenLuxa12_: @superiver yes there should be more fans.. what happened to them?
_skullcrusher11_: @scarygirl345 were have you been
_qb11_: HI
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @Paramorefan: Yes, I heard they’re making a movie of Hunger Games. Squee!
_coolman378_: what did you guys thing of the Percy Jackson movie, it was ok, but i liked the books better in my opinion
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: SCARY STUFF IS AWESOME!!
_catching_fire_: Lah, lah, lah… HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Andys Oh …
_Stacks_Admin_: To _bekah159_: Hi bekah159, if your screen freezes, try hitting “F5″ on your keyboard to refresh. Or, try using a different browser.
_writermage_: @andyslibrary i know getting scared is the best part. ahhhhh! see?
_bekah159_: @chocolategoosebumps- ever read the stoneheart trilogy?
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: I love the sisters grimm and Narnia
_green queen 09_: Did you know they are making a 39 Clues movie?
_bekah159_: @stacks_adim- thanks.
_harryp12345678_: i read a horror book called deep and dark and dangerous has any1 rred it?
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @bekah I don’t think so … how is it?
_qb11_: Gone is a good book
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i dont like scary stuff
_AndysLibrary_: Olympics?? Anyone? Is anyone watching it?
I don’t know!! If somebody were to make a movie of Gregor, who would
you audition for? ME? GREGOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_Paramorefan440674_: true scared is the best part. SCREAMS, so fun
_scarygirl345_: anyways i love candyapple books
_harryp12345678_: i am
_misse08_: Which is better: HP or PJ 4 me it’s prob HP
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: what is the stoneheart books about?
_QueenLuxa12_: @qb11 Yes I love Gone
_AndysLibrary_: @harryp: deep&dark&dangerous is awesome! It was so freaky.
_writermage_: @bekah159 is the stoneheart triology good/
_bekah159_: @chocolategoosebumps: it is really good! itsabout these gargoyles coming to life.
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @AndysLibrary: Yes, I’ve been watching the Olympics every night!
_skullcrusher11_: i want to read the JP books too
_green queen 09_: @AndysLibrary YES!!!
_Paramorefan440674_: what is Avalon about?
_harryp12345678_: andy: it was!
_Britannicus_: @missed08: HP
_coolman378_: @misse08 I cant decide!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i heard someone died during luge
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @bekah Sounds pretty cool … I should get that from the library
_qb11_: yep
_bekah159_: @stuffedmudkitoy- sorry if i spelled that wrong! its about gargoyles coming to life and an adventure
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @stuffed Huh?
_green queen 09_: @Parmorefan440674 Magic basically.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i just took my first step dance class
_skullcrusher11_: i wish they would make a book about FRED
_scarygirl345_: i kinda like the olympics
_Paramorefan440674_: fred?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Who wants JK Rowling to write a new book?
_AndysLibrary_: Olympics isss sooo funn to watcchhhhh !! Of course, after the olympics, i’m going to read more.
_misse08_: HP is so original and so is PJ
_skullcrusher11_: fred
_Paramorefan440674_: ME SONJA!
_harryp12345678_: skullcrusher: YEAAAHHH!!!!
_misse08_: Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_qb11_: @superliver I can’t decide between Gregor and Ripred
_superliver_: She is, JK rowling, she is writing another one, not a harry potter one , but…
chocolategoosebumps- yeah! you should defintly check it out. i finished
the first book in 1 day and i usaully finish a book in a week
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @skull FRED is going to be a movie
_skullcrusher11_: you know who fred is
_AndysLibrary_: What was the question?
_harryp12345678_: I want jk to write a new booke!
_Britannicus_: I wish they would make a book about Fred and George Weasley.
_AndysLibrary_: I had to refresh.
_QueenLuxa12_: @superliver I would want to be Luxa, but I really don’t look like her. Maybe uh, a really tall Lizzie
_scarygirl345_: i was really scared there for a moment
_writermage_: @paramorefan440674 three girls find magical animals and help them with their magic!
_coolman378_: @ Sonja probably not cause the ending was so cool i dont want it to be ruined
_green queen 09_: Diary of a Wimpy Kid anyone?
_qb11_: wow
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @britannicus the weasley twins are ny favorite!
_Paramorefan440674_: I would want jk rowling to write about harry’s kids
_skullcrusher11_: ok gooi know its going to be awsome
_bekah159_: @sonja-stacks-staffer- dont get me wrong but i dont really want another jk rowling book
_superliver_: I think ripred should be voiced by the voice of the rat in the old charlettes web movie
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Sonja ME!! I heard she is going to make an encyclopedia-type thing about each character and how they ended up
_qb11_: OMG
_DestinyIslands_: Hi
_bekah159_: shes already famouse enough
_coolman378_: You guys know tJk is making a HP encyclopedia
_Lucianfan12_: ok i am back what did i miss?
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @green ME!!
_scarygirl345_: i like diay of a wimpy kid
_scarygirl345_: i misspelled diary by accident
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i just did a presentation on L. frank baum… in front of the whole class!!!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @superliver: Great idea! I think he’d do the perfect rat voice!
_skullcrusher11_: why did i type its i know is going to be a awsome movei
_coolman378_: theres also gonna be a HP park
_JanusAgentDannyta_: say I if u read the 39 clues
_superliver_: Thanks!
_QueenLuxa12_: @superliver yeah that would be cool
_coolman378_: I
_misse08_: @green Queen I love Diary of a Wimy Kid but the movie doesn’t look to good though!
_AndysLibrary_: hey. Why are you trying to stop J.K. Rowling from doing something she enjoys? She looves writing!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I’m going to orlando next week, but the HP theme park won’t be open yet!
_Paramorefan440674_: i wanna see the hp park NOW!
_superliver_: Will this be available to view after this is done?
_qb11_: @superliver but i want to be ripred
_Lucianfan12_: I
_JanusAgentDannyta_: add my card
_scarygirl345_: who likes the color orange
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @stuffed LOL, I just did one on R.L. Stine … my idol!
_green queen 09_: @misse08 Really? Darn…
_skullcrusher11_: time flys when your haven fun
_bekah159_: @chocolategoosebumps- do you mind sendin me a link to your avatar thing? i want 2 add u 2 my friends list thing
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: I
_superliver_: ripred is fun!!
_QueenLuxa12_: @superliver I hope!
_Stacks_Admin_: @superliver: Yes, we’ll post a transcript of this chat about a week after today.
_AndysLibrary_: Has anyone met an author? Just curioussss.
_green queen 09_: I have Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days!!!
_Paramorefan440674_: who would u want to be in pj?
_Tomboy980_: @Tomboy980 Cool i went to Orlando before like last year.
_JanusAgentDannyta_: Amy=+dan r madrigals
_misse08_: ‘There’s an HP theme park! I didn’t know that I bet it’s awesome
_Lucianfan12_: wow 6
_Lucianfan12_: 6
_Stacks_Admin_: @superliver: Look for a link for it on the Ink Splot 26 blog, and sometimes the message board moderators will announce it
_superliver_: How can I request you as a frien?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Not to brag, but we’ve met lots of authors because we work at Scholastic!
_Paramorefan440674_: who would u want to be in PJ
_coolman378_: i dont get why they still dont have firm relese date yet for HP Park they just say Spring 2010
_green queen 09_: I am so confused… what are we talking about???
_QueenLuxa12_: @Andy Yeah I met wendy Mass, and Gail Carson Levine
_skullcrusher11_: this is a great way to make frinz
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @janus That was a spoiler!
_Lucianfan12_: 6:30 already? time flys fast
_qb11_: Gregor isn’t supposed to like Luxa, is he?
_JanusAgentDannyta_: Janus rule lucians drool
_Paramorefan440674_: back
_DestinyIslands_: @AndysLibrary two have come to my school
_superliver_: Well… he does in book 4 &5
_Britannicus_: @Paramorefan I’d be Michael Yew.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: @andys i have met Grace Lin, Carol Boston Weatherford, and Ellen Lavign
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @bekah http://kids.scholastic.com/community/my_profile.htm?username=Chocolate%20Goosebumps
_Paramorefan440674_: i thought froze so
_Lucianfan12_: @janus Lucians rule janus drool
@Sonja: To me, that was bragging. BECAUSE I DIDN’T MEET ANY AUTHOR!
Lol. Wait, i met Johanna Hurwitz, David A. Adler and some other guy….
_bekah159_: @queenluxa12- you met wendy mass?!?!?!?! sooooo lucky!!!!!!!!!
_QueenLuxa12_: @qb11 yeah he is, but they are 12 so it be kinda puppy love right?
_misse08_: The moderater r sooooooo lucky 2 met celebs and authors! PS authors r better that’s y I seperated them
_Tomboy980_: Well i guess it isnt
After the chat, if you want to add someone to your friend list, just
add their username (minus the _s) at the end this URL:


_Paramorefan440674_: i know
_scarygirl345_: i like chat
_AndysLibrary_: @Stuffedmkt: OHMYGOD! Grace Lin is an excellent writer!
_qb11_: @superliver, Gregor isn’t supposed to like Luxa, is he?
_JanusAgentDannyta_: really now art makes u smart
_Chocolate Goosebumps_:
Make sure you’re signed, and if you aren’t already a pending friend
request for that user, you should see the “Add to Friends” button
im thinking that in 39 clues well find out that the madrigals dont want
anyone to have the clues so that no one has that much making madrigals
good guys in a way
_green queen 09_: @scary ME TOO!!
_AndysLibrary_: Remember: Andyslibrary !! Add me.
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: If you could invent a fantasy world, what would it have?
_bekah159_: @chocolategoosebumps- sorry can you post that link again? i just lost it!!!!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: me and andys are friends. I hunted him down
_skullcrusher11_: will we have any more chats with authers
_writermage_: I WANT TO MEET JK ROWLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_jittery7_: @ paramorefan440674: Thalia!
_coolman378_: cause the ending doesnt make that much sense
_AndysLibrary_: @Sonja: Greek Mythology. :D
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @bekah http://kids.scholastic.com/community/my_profile.htm?username=Chocolate%20Goosebumps
_Lucianfan12_: @janus spying makes you smarter
_green queen 09_: @sonja Fairies!!!! And Evil people…
_skullcrusher11_: rainbows and unicorns hahahaha
_bekah159_: sonja-stacks-staffer- i want a world that is made of icecream and chocolate!
_Britannicus_: @writermage Me, too!!!
_AndysLibrary_: @writermage: I bet Jk Rowling’s gonna get a lot of money for school visits.
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Please don’t post spoilers for PJO … I’m on book three
_JanusAgentDannyta_: the madrigals were founded by a girl
_green queen 09_: @skull LOL
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i tried to do a live chat. It wasnt advertised like this one and i was the only one!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @sonja CHOCOLATE CASTLES
_Stacks_Admin_: @everyone: at the end of the chat, we’ll post the URL and instructions on how to friend people again
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @skullcrusher, @bekah Haha! love it!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @bekah159: Right on! I’m totally with you on that one!
_Paramorefan440674_: @sonja i would make a world of monsters and its like a video game some kids try to kill them wait that’s my story
_misse08_: if i could invent fantasy world, I would b the president so I could always add things!
_DestinyIslands_: Jonathon Rand has came to my school
_green queen 09_: This is my 2nd chat!
_Tomboy980_: @StacksAdmin my chat that i wrote wasnt sumbmitted. why?
_coolman378_: i think Rick Roridan is making an egyptian mythology seriesa called the Red Pyramid
_JanusAgentDannyta_: you learn a lot of skills when tou are a janus in movies
_AndysLibrary_: @ChocolateGoosebumps: The fifth one is the best. Just saying.
_writermage_: @sonja i would have keyblades and the secret show
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @green Me too … the other one was for winter
_superliver_: well, he does though… but i mean well… I don’t know they both like eachother… but I guess they probably shouldn’t…
_misse08_: This is my 1st chat
_Tomboy980_: This is my 1st chat ever this is cool
_green queen 09_: Who here likes cake??
_bekah159_: @chocolategoosebumps- thanks. have u read all the r.l stine books?
_Britannicus_: Why is everyone talking about chocolate?
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Andys All my friends say that that’s their favorite book
_coolman378_: 2nd chat
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @writerblade What are keyblades?
_Paramorefan440674_: have u read hush hush by becca fizpatrick
_Britannicus_: This is my first chat, too!
_writermage_: I LIKE CAKE!!!!!!!!!!
_Tomboy980_: Keyblades duh?
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @bekah He’s made over three hundred books. But I’m working on it!
_skullcrusher11_: i want a dark evil place with skulls grave yards and monters where i would rule (lafs evily)
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: some kids and i are writing a play about Harriet Beecher Stowe… for school
@Tomboy980: Everyone sends in a whole bunch of messages at the same
time, so we don’t always post *everything* that’s submitted. But we try
to push through as much as we can to move the convo along. Thanks for
joining the chat! I hope you’re enjoying it!
_bekah159_: has anyone read doom tunnel on the fantasy boards?
_Lucianfan12_: @janus you also learn a lot of skills when you are in lucian training trust me
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Britannicus Because it’s AWESOME!!
_penguin2009_: cake, panckaes or waffles?
_QueenLuxa12_: @writer image me too! I love cake!
_green queen 09_: @writer LOL
_DestinyIslands_: @Sonja weapons in a video game called Kingdom Hearts
_coolman378_: are you guys gonna watch Diary of a wimpy kid movie
_writermage_: @sonja keyblade s are like swords except shaped like a key
_bekah159_: @chocolategoosebumps- LOL!!!!! yeah i sort of figured that answer. ha-ha
_Lucianfan12_: @penguin WAFFLES
_catching_fire_: Hmm…. if you lived in a country where only one book series was allowed per household, what series would you pick?
_purplesoccer99_: hey do yall know when diary of a wimpy kid movie is coming out???????
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @penguin Cake, then waffles, then pancakes
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i like mario and sonic and kirby games
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i like cupcakes
_skullcrusher11_: 2 hours l8er hahhahaha
_green queen 09_: @penguin2009 ALL OF THEM!! LOL
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @destinyislands @writermage Thanks. Can you tell i don’t play video games?
_AndysLibrary_: I wonder how many books I’ve read. *finds out I’ve read about a million* WAIT, WHAT?
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @catchingfire Oh, boy, don’t know
_DestinyIslands_: @Sonja and unlock peoples hearts
_Lucianfan12_: @catching fire the 39 clues
_Stacks_Admin_: Hush, Hush is YA btw
_Paramorefan440674_: I REPEAT, have you read Hush Hush?If no one has READ IT!
_writermage_: @destinyislands im crazy about kingdom hearts
_Britannicus_: @ penguins waffles waffles, waffles, waffles
_bekah159_: @catchinfire- the stoneheart trilogy or the 13th reality series
_Stacks_Admin_: YA= Young Adult
_JanusAgentDannyta_: march 19th is when dwk movie comes out
_superliver_: I be Tired I be… I want a month of rest I do… a month of rest… (Yes I am that much of a Gregor Finatic
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @purplesoccer March 21 or something like that
_Tomboy980_: @Karen_Stacks_Stafffer Oh well thanks fopr answering my question andi am enjoying the chat.
_EMRUSH2002_: hey
_coolman378_: @purplesoccer March 19, 2010
_QueenLuxa12_: @catching fire hmm. do you think that ou could trick them by sayng Underland and hunger Games are one?
_AndysLibrary_: @catchingfire: Warriors, because it has a bunch of books in the series and it really good.
_DestinyIslands_: @writerMage me to
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Okay, fine, the 19th
_purplesoccer99_: gtg ttyl pce
_catching_fire_: WHAT ARE WAFFLES? Are they some new book sereis? High tech gagets? THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!
_superliver_: I speak crawler I do! This is fun it is!!
_JanusAgentDannyta_: Say i if you hate lucians
_bekah159_: @everyone-Has anyone read doom tunnel on the fantasy boards?
_Britannicus_: Seriously, who is Gregor?
_EMRUSH2002_: What ya doing??
_green queen 09_: @Paramorefan No, is it good?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @puprlesoccer Bye. Thanks for coming
_DustfingerRules_: has anyone read maximum ride?
_writermage_: @destinyislands i could tell by the username
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @catchingfire No, waffles are … waffles. The food. I like mine with syrup!
_Lucianfan12_: @catching fire WAFFLES are a breakfast food
_bekah159_: @catchingfire-its a food!!!! ha-ha
_coolman378_: if anyones looking for a sci fi book, I totally reccomend Enders Game
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Btw, Maximum Ride is YA.
_catching_fire_: @Janus: Well, I actually am particually fond of the Lucians.
_green queen 09_: @Catchingfire They are a type of breakfast food. LOL
_Britannicus_: @ catching fire waffles are food–and better than cake or pancakes
_QueenLuxa12_: @superliver I do, want to learn, I do!!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: LOL
_catching_fire_: Oh. The food. *blushes*
_Paramorefan440674_: @green queen yeah its cool
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Ooh, Britannicus is trying to start a fight!
_skullcrusher11_: WHAT DOES BTW MEAN AGIAN
_Stacks_Admin_: BTW = by the way
_EMRUSH2002_: does anyone like the how i survived middleschool book
Hi soccordude!! this was written in the past… My past self is
speaking to you… well… anyway… If you are reading this you got my
message and all that…. any way.
_bekah159_: has anyone read twilight? i know its a ya but its ok….
_JanusAgentDannyta_: hey lucian12 dude how many clues do u have
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @skullcrusher By the way
_DestinyIslands_: @WriterMage yeah you probably could
_Lucianfan12_: @catching fire Thank you for liking the lucians because i am one
_skullcrusher11_: OH YEA
_catching_fire_: @skull: BTW= by the way.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: say (for example) i went to Paris could i still use the stacks
_AndysLibrary_: HAAACHOOO!!
_green queen 09_: @Catchingfire LOL It’s okay.
_bekah159_: twilight isn’t that great in my opinion but i loved the movie
_Britannicus_: @Karen_Stacks_Staffer I am not!!!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Lucian I’m a Janus … I don’t want to be
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Andys ?????
_EMRUSH2002_: do you like pancakes??
_writermage_: i belive in nargles, do you?
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i am too younge to read twilight
_jittery7_: What is you guy’s favorite book from the PJO series?? personally, for me, the first!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Andys Bless you!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @stuffmudkiptoy: As long as you have unblocked internet access, you can get to THE STACKS!
_Paramorefan440674_: bless you andyslibrary
_Lucianfan12_: @janus do you like the tomas or the ekats better
_EMRUSH2002_: what time does this end
_scarygirl345_: sorry i’m back again
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i love pancakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_bekah159_: stuffedmudkiptoy- yeah. i know people from ireland that goes on here
_green queen 09_: @EMERUSH YES!!!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @writermage Ah, yes, nargles
_catching_fire_: @bekah: I am proud to be a anti- Twilighter.
_coolman378_: I still dont get how amy and dan are gonna get all 39 clues in 10 books
_misslips_: hi peps
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @EMRUSH2002: The chat ends in about 20 minutes.
_QueenLuxa12_: @writerimage Oh my gods!! yes! I love nargles!! *laughs*
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @EMRUSH 7:00 EST
_JanusAgentDannyta_: @lucianfan12 how much u wanna be janus is better
_EMRUSH2002_: pancakes are good
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Wait … 20 MINUTES?!?!?!
_Paramorefan440674_: @catching fire im not really a fan of twilight
@QueenLuxa: Crawler isn’t that hard to learn it is not…… you just
repear what you said in the beginning, you do, and add a few words…
you did pretty good up there. I will request you to be my friend in a
second I will!
_AndysLibrary_: Anymore fanasy books?
_bekah159_: catchingfire- so am i. its not the best book but its ok. i just dont like romantic stuff
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @coolman378: The books won’t contain all 39 Clues. Some of them are only available by exploring online at the39clues.com.
_misslips_: hi peps
_green queen 09_: @Karen WHAT?? Time flies when you’re having fun, huh?
_DestinyIslands_: I LIKE PANCAKES
_Stacks_Admin_: @skullcrusher11: Don’t worry, we’ll have another chat soon enough!
_Paramorefan440674_: bye scary girl
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: sites grimm
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: sisters grimm sorry
_green queen 09_: @scarygirl Bye
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @scarygirl BYE
_writermage_: wit beyond measure is mans greatest treasure
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Bye, scarygirl! Thanks for joining the chat!
_scarygirl345_: bye
_EMRUSH2002_: me 2
_skullcrusher11_: OK
_Lucianfan12_: @janus what about lucians they are awesome they can sneak past jonah everyday!
_Paramorefan440674_: @To all mods. What books do YOU like?
_bekah159_: there is only 20 minutes left?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!!??!?!!?!? your kidding right?????-please be kidding-
_Britannicus_: When is the next chat going to be? This is fun!
_EMRUSH2002_: Bye scarygirl
_misslips_: hey peps
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @green queen 09: :-)
_JanusAgentDannyta_: yeh jonah is our weekness
_QueenLuxa12_: @superliver speak in whatever,yeah I know hat pert, but that is only when they speak in english or whatever…
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: hannah montanna is being canceled
_AndysLibrary_: I’m sleepy.
_coolman378_: only about 15 min left
_catching_fire_: @Janus Even though I’m an Ekat, I must say Lucians are the next smartest branch
_superliver_: you need to do another chat for future authors… I missed it…! and I have over 100 pages of writing behind me!!
_skullcrusher11_: YAY
_Lucianfan12_: @janus it is so sad but true
_EMRUSH2002_: when is the next chat
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i am sleepy too
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @britannicus We can’t reveal the next chat but we are planning something AMAZING!
_Paramorefan440674_: @stuffed. wHAT HANNAH?
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @stuffed I heard about that … a short fourth season and the show ends
_Lucianfan12_: @everyone what is your fav 39 clues branch?
_QueenLuxa12_: @coolman NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
_bekah159_: @chocolategoosebumps- have you read the fablehaven series?
_green queen 09_: @stuffed I know! It’s a mirical!!!! LOL
_writermage_: @andyslibray hello sleepy, im hungry
_AndysLibrary_: @Sonja: AHHH!! SUSPENSE!!
_superliver_: brb
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Sonja WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO US?? (lol)
_misslips_: hi
_Paramorefan440674_: Sonja what is your favorite fantasy book?
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @Paramore: My favorite books happen to be a fantasy, so that’s fitting for this chat… HARRY POTTER, of course!
@paramorefan440674: I just finished Percy Jackson #1 and I really liked
it, but I loooooooove the Redwall and Harry Potter series.
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: everyone must eat, or you’ll get sick!!!
_QueenLuxa12_: @misslips do you like Gregor the Overlander?
_Britannicus_: Hi, Sleepy and Hungry, I’m Cold.
_Lucianfan12_: @all mods what is YOUR favorite 39 clues branch?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @paramore I have a million favorite fantasy books
_EMRUSH2002_: what is your fave color?? Mine is baby blue.
_jittery7_: @ stuffed: Seroiusly? Wow….never thought that’d happen!! :)
_DestinyIslands_: Yes Hannah Montana is being canceled
_catching_fire_: @stuffed OH BOY!! YAY!!!! Ha! I’m sooooo happy! I also am an anti- Disney person.
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @bekah159 Funny … again, I want to read that series, but I haven’t gotten to it yet
_green queen 09_: Guess what? I have to write a biography on a girl in my class. She is sooooooooooooo annoying…
_bekah159_: @skullcrusher: yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! id ont really like h.m. no offense to people who do
_skullcrusher11_: there are so many people on staff
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I love hp, pj, inkheart
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @Lucianfan12: I don’t know if I have a favorite, but I’m an Ekat.
_Paramorefan440674_: umm fantasy books to hannah montana?
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: How many books are you in the middle of right now? I’m reading three or four
_coolman378_: @stuffed I thought Hannah Montana was fonna go for 1 more season
_QueenLuxa12_: @catching fire I don’t really like diseny but I put up with them
_bekah159_: @chocolategoosebumps- are u a boy or girl?
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Paramore I know, right? LOL
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: jittery7 what’s your favorite book?
_DestinyIslands_: @EMRUSH green
_EMRUSH2002_: when is the enxt chat??
_misse08_: I’m not anti-disney person but I don’t like a Hannah Montana
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @bekah159 I’m a boy
_writermage_: @catchingfire i dont like hanah montana but how can you not like disney?
_Lucianfan12_: @karen i am a lucian but you probably knew that from my screen name
_green queen 09_: @EMERUSH Orange
_Stacks_Admin_: @Emrush2002: We haven’t picked a date for the March chat, but we’ll announce it on the Ink Splot 26 blog as soon as we know!
_RAR1999_: hi
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @Lucianfan12: Yeah, I kind of guessed… Ha ha.
_jittery7_: @ stuffed: The Lightning Thief. You? :)
_bekah159_: @chocolategoosebumps- im in the middle of 7 books
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @chocolate goosebumps i’m reading 3 books at the same time right now
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @writermage Mainly the only Disney shows I like are Aaron Stone and Phineas and Ferb.
_misse08_: I want this 2 last 4ever!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: I like the sisters grimm (the first one is the best)
_Paramorefan440674_: writermage true cant resist the disney power
_QueenLuxa12_: @RAR Hey!
_Britannicus_: Ducks are cool.
_catching_fire_: Here it’s safe…. and here it’s warm…. and here the daisies guard you from every harm….
_skullcrusher11_: im ready the time warp trio books and i love the show
_DestinyIslands_: @bekah 7!
_RAR1999_: what does ROFTL
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @bekah159 That’s a lot of books!
_QueenLuxa12_: @misse08 Me too
_writermage_: @sonja i often read 3 books at the same time
_DestinyIslands_: Disney rocks
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i am love the wizard of Oz
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Britannicus Ah, yes, ducks rule
_catching_fire_: That is possibly the best song ever in a fiction book.
_EMRUSH2002_: why is there a Stacks Admin
_AndysLibrary_: BRB.
_QueenLuxa12_: brb
@chocolategoosebumps- im only reading 7 because i have to read 4 books
for this stupid book report at my school. there rest are just books i
started and like
_skullcrusher11_: im reading the time warp trio i love the show
_RAR1999_: im reading finnaly
_Lucianfan12_: YAY ducks
_jittery7_: @stuffed: Cool! I saw those books at Borders; I think I’ll try and read them soon.
_green queen 09_: @moderaters What is your favorite TV show???
_Paramorefan440674_: rofl means rolling on floor laughing or flaming llamas on fire
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @RAR ROFTL = rolling on the floor laughing
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i love the wizard of Oz
_writermage_: @destinyislands yen sid is pretty awesome
_Lucianfan12_: @EVERYONE we only have 12 minutes left in the CHAT!!!!!!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @bekah Oh, that makes sense
_Paramorefan440674_: Ducks make the world go round
_bekah159_: ahh we only habe 10 minutes!!!!
_DestinyIslands_: Ducks rock.
_green queen 09_: Hooray for DUCKS!!!!
_RAR1999_: whats a good serires
_Stacks_Admin_: @Emrush2002: There’s an admin account so we can answer technical questions.
_EMRUSH2002_: Do you like middle school survival books??
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: how old are you guys
_bekah159_: when is the next live chat?
_Stacks_Admin_: @Emrush2002: and make sure everything works :)
_RAR1999_: what does lol mean
_AndysLibrary_: ROTFL – rolling on the floor laughing.
_bekah159_: anyone read a wrinkle in time?
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @stuffed Where did the Wizard of Oz come from?
_EMRUSH2002_: who likes puppies??
_QueenLuxa12_: I really don’t want to go but I have to because of a piano lesson! :P
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Which of your favorite fantasy characters do you think would be friends?
_coolman378_: @Sonja Percy Jackson
_Lucianfan12_: @sonja Amy cahill and harry potter
_RAR1999_: Jenny from how i survived middle school
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Which characters do you think would be enemies?
_misse08_: my fav tv show is wizards of waverly place
_green queen 09_: Gotta go now… =(
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @green queen 09: This is pretty dorky, but I really like JONAS.
_Stacks_Admin_: @bekah159: We haven’t selected a date for the next chat, but we’ll announce it as soon as we know on the Ink Splot 26 blog!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Sonja Maybe Harry and Percy
_DestinyIslands_: @WriterMage He is. His name spelled backwards is Disney
_writermage_: @sonja harry potter and emily fletcher from avalon
_green queen 09_: @stuffed 9
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @RAR Laughing out loud
_bekah159_: @chocolategoosebumps-yeah…i would never read 7 books at the same time if i didnt have this stupid book report
_skullcrusher11_: she cant tell you that
_catching_fire_: @Sonjya: Gregor’s Dad (from The Underland Chronicles) and Meg’s dad (from A Wrinkle in Time) Both scientists!
_RAR1999_: @EMRUSH me
_jittery7_: Did you know that a ducks quack doesn’t echo?
_RAR1999_: Addie from how i survived middle school
_EMRUSH2002_: What is the 39clues.com
_bekah159_: sonja-voltamort in hp
_catching_fire_: @Chac.Goosebumps: It was actually a book.
_Lucianfan12_: @sonja dan cahill and hermione
_misse08_: My fav tv show is wizards of waverly place!!!!
_Stacks_Admin_: @jittery7: Haha yes! I did know that, in fact!
_RAR1999_: JONAS like the jonas brothers
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i am 11
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @lucianfan Good answers! hilarious!!
_Britannicus_: ducks are better than puppies!!!
_Lucianfan12_: @karen i love JONAS too
_QueenLuxa12_: @Sonja LUXA!!
@Sonja I really like Luxa, she’s really cool
_bekah159_: @chocolategoosebumps- gasps!!!!!! how could u think harry and percy as emenies-LOL ROFL
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @bekah No, I meant they’d be friends!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Sonja Hmm … Dan and Hermione
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: barn owls screech not hoot
_bekah159_: . I crack myself up
_misse08_: y is everything so quiet?
_green queen 09_: Bye……
_inkheart fan1435_: hey have any or u read inkheart?
@RAR1999 A good series is Enders Game. Its a bout a boy named Ender who
is taken from his parents and trained to be a military commander to
fight aliens called the buggers
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @catchingfire Oh yeah, I forgot! Wow
_RAR1999_: @Stacks admin no one replies to me
_Paramorefan440674_: oh yeah you harry potter mirror of erised what is erised backwards?DESIRE
_Lucianfan12_: @sonja THANKS!!
_AndysLibrary_: Sorry, i haven’t been active.
_RAR1999_: y cant we have more time
puppies rock
_catching_fire_: @Sonyja: Eminies? I think….Ripred and Amy Cahill. They would hate each other.
_coolman378_: 8 more minutes!
_DestinyIslands_: I don’t like the Jonas Brothers
_Stacks_Admin_: @RAR1999: lol means “laughing out loud” — did you have another question?
_QueenLuxa12_: @RAR I said Hey…
_bekah159_: inkheartfan- yeah..it was ok but i got bored at the 2nd book
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @RAR I keep replying to you!
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: rar1999 ask me a question
_green queen 09_: I’m logging off now. Bye…
_RAR1999_: @coolman378 that sounds weird yet kool
_catching_fire_: @RAR: Oh. I see. Well, this is a reply, isn’t it?
_Stacks_Admin_: Thanks for joining, green queen 09!
_bekah159_: @chocolategoosebumps-oh……oops!
_inkheart fan1435_: man only 8 mor min i just got on:(
_writermage_: @rar1999 i just replied to u :)
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @green Bye
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: i dont like the jonas brothers i think they are broken up now that
_RAR1999_: @QueenLuxa11 your da only one
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: Nick has his own band
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @RAR1999: Sorry, our chats are only one hour each time. But you can can go on the STACKS message boards any time!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: NO … SEVEN MINUTES!!!
_Paramorefan440674_: Mirror of Erised from harry potter=Mirror of Desire.Erised is desire backwards
__Stacks _Admin__: I love HP! HP 4ever
_inkheart fan1435_: :(
_RAR1999_: Jonas brothers R not broken
_bekah159_: @chocolategoosebumps-what boards do you go on on the stack and writing thing?
_RAR1999_: how fo u post a message board on their
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @paramore and everyone else who noticed Huh … cool!
_EMRUSH2002_: what do you like the best about middleschoolsurvival.com??
_catching_fire_: @bekah: The Write- It boards
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: :) i am so friending all of you
_coolman378_: @RAR ironiclly i first got the book cause i thought it was another book
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @bekah Mainly Goosebumps and Stack Back, also Reading Buzz
__Stacks _Admin__: Wow 6 more min
_EMRUSH2002_: i like the quizes
_jittery7_: Bye, guys! I have to go. :( This was fun, though! I’ll be back for the next chat!
_bekah159_: @moderatos-u said we would be able to add people on here to our friends list, right?
_writermage_: who would like to here a story bout norse mythology?
_Stacks_Admin_: @RAR1999: if you’re signed in, just click on “New Message” or “Reply to Message” on the boards.’
_AndysLibrary_: 6 minutes? :O
_Lucianfan12_: @people of the live chat ends in 6 min
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Bye, jittery7! Thanks for joining the chat!
_EMRUSH2002_: bye
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: You guys should all friend each other after this!
_catching_fire_: @stuffed: You can probably get 2 my profile by clicking around on THG board.
_RAR1999_: bye
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: this has been so fun
_bekah159_: @chocolategoosebumps-cool. i look around for u
_inkheart fan1435_: we should:)
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @Sonja I definetly will
_RAR1999_: how do u friend
_Paramorefan440674_: GOOD BYEEEEE!
_inkheart fan1435_: yah how do u?
_skullcrusher11_: i wont rember the names
_EMRUSH2002_: yes it has
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @bekah Which ones do you go on?
_Paramorefan440674_: I gonna search yall
_coolman378_: how do u freind everybody
_writermage_: cant wait till next time
_RAR1999_: i have to go bye
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: if you want to find me search water lily ain the message board
_Lucianfan12_: @skull i won’t either
_coolman378_: bye RAR
_inkheart fan1435_: my saerday is so buissy!!
_RAR1999_: wait never mond
_skullcrusher11_: 5 more mins
_DestinyIslands_: @WriterMage let’s be friends
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @RAR1999 On someone’s profile, right above their avatar is a “Add as Friend” button
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: 4 minutes
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: who wants to be my friend?
_RAR1999_: how do u get to someones profile
_Lucianfan12_: i don’t want the chat too end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
_skullcrusher11_: oh well yea 4
_inkheart fan1435_: i will
_skullcrusher11_: mmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: It’s doomsday!!!!
_RAR1999_: me ethier
To friend each other, you have to visit one another’s profile pages in
THE STACKS. We’ll post a link at the end of the chat to help you do
that. Once you get to the other person’s profile page, there’s a button
over their avatar that says, “Add as Friend.”
@chocolategoosebumps- i go on the reading buzz board, sometimes the
goosebumps board, the novel board. the general chat board and the
scifi/fantasy board
__Lucian__: urgh!
_writermage_: @destinyislands okay. ill friend you.
_EMRUSH2002_: Who likes 2 take quizes on this sight??
__Lucian__: I had to go to the stupid science fair and I just barely got back!
_RAR1999_: me
_Britannicus_: bye bye everyone
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: does anyone want to be my friend!!!!!
_misse08_: chocolate goosebumps lets b friends
_Lucianfan12_: @emrush i do
_DestinyIslands_: I got to go bye
__Lucian__: This is frustrating, I don’t get that much time to me here!
_inkheart fan1435_: bye
_coolman378_: wow a lot of people want to chat
_EMRUSH2002_: i like 2 chat with you
_skullcrusher11_: evryones about gone
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: bye destinyislands
_AndysLibrary_: Bye peoples.
_misse08_: 3 more min!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: No!!! People are leaving!!! Bye people !!! (I’m not going yet)
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Thanks everybody for chatting! You are all awesome!!
_RAR1999_: i know
__Lucian__: Bye you peoples
_AndysLibrary_: Just wanted to be the last one to say bye. Lol.
_writermage_: im still here.
_bubbles79999_: hi
__Lucian__: that are leaving, that is
_RAR1999_: WHY
_catching_fire_: @Lucian: *gasp* HOw DAARE you call science fairs stupid. I’ll have you know that some nerds (me) happen to love them!
_skullcrusher11_: oh thanks
_coolman378_: bye guys
_misse08_: thx! I know im awesome
_stuffedmudkiptoy_: no one wants to be my friend?
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: ONLY A FEW PEOPLE REMAIN STANDING!!!
_coolman378_: ill try to be friends with most of oyu
If you want to friend someone on your Profile, just replace
“Stacks_Admin” with their username in this URL:


_Paramorefan440674_: Last person to say something!
_RAR1999_: i love senice fairs i one 3rd in one
_Stacks_Admin_: And click on “Add to Friend”
_misse08_: I want to b ur friend!11111
_AndysLibrary_: Everyone add me! :D
_RAR1999_: thanks
_inkheart fan1435_: i love ya all hope to chat with u all soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_Paramorefan440674_: NVM
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @STUFFED I will!
__Lucian__: I was forced to do one because I am in ELP, catching_fire, it sux
_AndysLibrary_: Byeeee.
_Lucianfan12_: i am going to stay here till the last second!!!!!!!!!!
_RAR1999_: we have to go
_bekah159_: @chocolategoosebumps- im still here. 2 minutes!
__Lucian__: I think it does though
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: 2 more minutes!!!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Be sure to check Ink Splot 26 for the transcript of this chat
__Lucian__: Any one read Hawk Song
_AndysLibrary_: Two minutes.
__Lucian__: ?
_misse08_: Im so in
_Lucianfan12_: so many people are leaving1!!!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: OH MY GOD ONE MINUTE!!!!!
_RAR1999_: what does nvm mean
_bekah159_: see ya!
_misse08_: few more sec
_skullcrusher11_: ok
_skullcrusher11_: no
_Lucianfan12_: one min!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_RAR1999_: nope
_coolman378_: I dont want to go wah
_writermage_: still here
Thanks for joining this chat everyone! We’ll be posting the transcript
of this chat in about a week on Ink Splot 26:
http://blog.scholastic.com/ink_splot_26/ and we’ll also announce our
next chat when we finalize a date.
_coolman378_: bye guys
_bekah159_: ill add you as friend chocolategoosebumps
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: And also be sure to check for info about our March chat which is going to be SUPER COOL!
_RAR1999_: stacks admin r u real
You can continue your conversation about Fantasy Series on the message
boards! http://community.scholastic.com/scholastic?category.id=kidBoards
_writermage_: bye
_Lucianfan12_: bye!!!
_AndysLibrary_: ONE MINUTES!!
__Lucian__: *crys like a baby* I don’t get that much time on this chat!
_AndysLibrary_: BYE!
_coolman378_: bye
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @rar yes we’re real!!
_misse08_: byeeeeeeeeee
__Lucian__: haha, Stacks Admin is real, lol
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @rar YES, THEY’RE REAL!!
_inkheart fan1435_: bye everyon fun talking to u
_coolman378_: well miss you
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Bye, everyone! Thanks for joining the chat!
_inkheart fan1435_: :) :):):)bye:):):):):)
_coolman378_: see you later
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Bye! Go chat some more on the boards!

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