May 17, 2013

STACKS Field Day Games

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Game_on_animatedSTACKS Field Day Games

Does your school have Field Day? It’s a day usually at the end of the school year where everybody in school competes in different activities like kickball, relay races, water balloon toss, and other fun games. Well, we have fun games on the STACKS, too, so I thought we could have a STACKS Field Day!

Here is the schedule of events:

1) Play the Cupcake Switcheroo Game. This game is so addicting, I almost can’t stand it, but I can’t stop playing it either.

2) Play Spyfall! Pretend you’re a spy and you’re skydiving to deliver top-secret documents that will save the world.

4) Dress up Abby in the Whatever After DressUp Game.

5) Pretend you’re Pacman and chomp away in the Smiley Chomp Game.

Compete in 1 or all of these events and let us know your high scores in the Comments. Go, team!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. citycrest7

    cupcake one:weird
    whatever after:dk
    smiley chomp:hard

  2. bearmelon6

    my teacher bye books on the in ternet we pay her to bye the books for use it comes about 2 or 3 weeks

  3. chattypuppy 35

    this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    thanx scholastic
    i read your books
    nice picks
    when i write a book i want you to publish it !!!!!!!!

  4. chattypuppy 35

    this is so cool I new I needed to join and I was correct so glad I can do this(:

  5. goblinghost2

    cupcake game-1,110
    goosebumps-9 monsters!
    Whatever after-really cool (mine was a princess)
    smiley-2490 (only 1 little point to eat)

  6. goof girl

    this is so cool I new I needed to join and I was correct so glad I can do this(:

  7. Adventurepegasus10

    cupcake game-600
    ghost hotel game-9 games
    spyfall- fun but got i got detected and there were 38 seconds left
    dressup- fun i guess
    smiley chomp-1920

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