May 22, 2014

STACKS Field Day Games and Activities

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It’s Field Day, STACKS Style!

Does your school have a Field Day? It’s usually a day near the end of the school year where you wear a certain color t-shirt, and play against other “teams” at your school. They have fun games like tug-of-war, kickball, water balloon toss, etc. Well, we have fun games on the STACKS too, so we thought we could have a STACKS Field Day with our games! Just complete the following events to earn bragging rights.

Here’s the lineup:

Make a poster in our Poster Maker Game. You can make it beautiful . . . or ridiculous!!

Build your own robot at the Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot site!

Play Beat the Bell. Collect superhero “powers” and avoid junk food. It’s totally addictive!

Help that famous chicken cross the road in (what else!) the Chicken Road Game. It will make you gobble with delight.

Compete in 1 or all of these events, and let us know your high score in the Comments. Hope you’re having an awesome last month of school! Go team!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. redfashion120

    hey did you that i love the color red and i some new on here cause im new look me up at redfashion120. ps.plz look me up plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lov you .oh yeh my real is nijah L bye bye

  2. Amelia

    oops I forgot 1 thing, on my poster the theme was pink and things i like, and my robot is named scorpia

  3. quietdiving8

    1.Beautiful (I love animals)
    2.Named Mouse
    5.passed 3 rounds (4th I died)

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