June 27, 2013

STACKS Creative Writing Team

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novelSTACKS Creative Writing Team

Writing stories is my favorite pastime. I love building my own fictional world, filling it with characters I want to be best friends with, and then creating the most sinister villain for my hero to defeat.

But, why write a story alone, when you can write it with friends! So, I’d like to invite you to join the STACKS Creative Writing Team. This week, I’m posting the first chapter of an original story. After reading this chapter, write what you think will happen next. Include characters of your own and take the story in whatever direction you want. Then, go to The Runaway Chapter 2 thread on the Fan Fiction Message Board and submit your chapter.

Every two weeks, I’ll check the message board thread and incorporate as many of your ideas as possible into one brand new chapter and post it here! Then repeat the steps and submit your next
chapter, and by the end, we’ll have a brand new story!

Now, here’s Chapter 1!

The Runaway

Emily was always a shy girl. Her voice was easily drowned out by the grind of a pencil sharpener. When a teacher asked a question in class, Emily was lost in the sea of raised hands and rarely answered a question. But, she was comfortable not being the most noticeable girl at Beatrice
Vandersloot’s School for Girls.

After a long day at school, she would meet up with her best friend, Penny, in the schoolyard and walk home. Penny was the type of girl who could bounce from wall to wall all day long. Emily was convinced Penny’s black, curly hair matched the springs that Penny kept hidden in her shoes. Penny lived in the apartment next door to Emily and they’d walk home through the big city

Penny was perfect at picking Emily up when she had a rough day, but not even Penny could protect Emily from the school bully. Big Roscoe wore a threatening leather jacket to school each day and her favorite pastime was picking girls up by their feet and dangling them until their lunch money fell out.

Emily had dangled by her feet more times than she cared to remember. So on this day when Big Roscoe took Emily by her sneakers and began to shake her for loose change, Emily was surprised that she began to cry. She was so embarrassed and sad that she ran away. She ran past Penny, out of the school yard, and down city block after city block. She ran until her lungs burned and she felt she couldn’t run anymore.

She stopped and sat on a marble base under a massive iron horse statue. The shade felt nice after her long run and she began to wipe away tears. But then she felt something strange, like someone was watching her. She turned to her left and discovered she was now face to face with the horse statue.

“Why hello, dear,” said the statue. “What’s wrong?”

Want to find out what happens next? Read ahead to Chapter 2!

image from kids.scholastic.comBrian, STACKS Writer (a.k.a. BlackBird268)

  1. CF

    What I think will happen next that Penny will have ask him for help before she freezes.Penny was trying to get away but,her body had shut down.Then she had sreamed OUT OF HER LUNGS.Why didn’t she just ask him for help?Was she scared of him?Why was she scared of him/.

  2. Choi

    Thank you for sharing these wonerdful photos with us. Our son, Michael Bennett, looks like he is totally enjoying this event. How lucky is he to be privileged to be in this company. Your staff is great !

  3. Minkadventure17

    “I ran away” Emily replied, “and nothing’s going to change my mind.” The statue seemed shocked. “What?” Emily asked meekly. “I ran away just like you when I was about your age. And do you know what I learned?” Emily shook her head. “When you run away from your fears, they just come back.” Then the statue assumed it’s previous pose, and went still.
    After pondering what the man had said, Emily stood up and walked back the way she came. On the way, Roncoe blocked her path. “Where do you think YOUR going?” she asked. “Oh, back off,” Emily said. She didn’t even look back.
    From that day on, Emily always held her head up high, and nothing ever droned out her voice. She found the strength inside herself and used it in the best way possible.

  4. astronautbull7

    i just read chapter1 and this chapter was really good too.Whoever wrote these chapters put some thought into their writing.

  5. catchicken330


    :D :P

  6. BloodhoundNose17

    I totally agree right now about a million possibilities open up, all sorts of choices.

  7. BloodhoundNose17

    That is a good point Emily may change because because of this… or she’ll have to go to the hospital for brain surgery, since she thought a horse statue Talked to her.

  8. BloodhoundNose17

    I really like the ending. I think Emily will realize that her wish will cause a whole chain of events and she may journey to a distant land and come back proud and loud.

  9. grace

    Emily said I wish that if anybody or something could just listen to me and talk to me like I a human beign with out a suddently judges ment I would be happy…then something suttly start to happen the statues talked which it scared Emily half to death…

    as Emily begin to tell the horse statue everything that had happen her frown turn upside down and still as she spoke to the statue she was feeling a little scare because she knew in realtilion that statues certins things could not talk.. but Emily contion on with her convatisation scare that she was going crazy. as the statue side with scock the girl stand in schock and freeze like the ice that ran down her spin….

  10. ?

    I think that somehow Emily will become good friends with the statue and talk to him about the bully. i think she will end up going back to visit the horse

  11. RedGhost83

    I think that the statue will help her get away from the bully.I have not read the next chapter. Yet…

  12. Lulu

    I brainstorm ideas, trying to catch the readers attention as well. I like to write adventures and journals.

  13. Lulu

    I like the story. The horse statue talking is weird…….didn’t understand that part.. I like to write stories. I have tons and is there a place where I can submit them on this website?

  14. wholesomereader

    I have a…hunch she’s going to
    A)scream and run way
    B)stare at the horse, dumbfounded
    C)Pass out

  15. DreamtimePink9

    I write stories also. FROM, dreamtimepink9


  16. PhoenixSaytr6

    Omg amazing, maybe lengthen the chapters and more description. Don’t always say “Penny blah blah. Penny blah blah Emily blah Penny blah” make it more exciting, use some different nouns.

  17. scholastickids

    Sorry, Gene. Only adults can be STACKS writers, but I can’t wait to read your novels when you get them published!

  18. Stories

    I thought is was very nice and creative! I thought it was kind of a mystery story!
    Quite the story.

  19. blackchocolate106

    Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story and the outcome of the ending. I have a feeling it’s going to be interesting.

  20. Gene

    I was wondering if I could be a STACKS writer as well. I love writing novels, and my teacher was thinking of getting some of them published.

  21. BlueDolphin3424

    Good idea with the writing team this could help to get a better score on the Writing FCAT. Thank You so much this could help.

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