August 22, 2013

STACKS Creative Writing Team: The Runaway Chapter 5

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novelSTACKS Creative Writing Team

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our story. Thank you to Camelotgirl, who wrote the beginning of this chapter and Baseballdownpour13 who helped write the twist ending! If you missed the beginning of the story, check out Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, and Chapter 4. If you’d like to contribute to our next chapter, please post your writing on The Runaway thread on the Fan Fiction Board. And now, without further ado, here’s Chapter 5!

The Runaway Chapter 5

Emily gasped and staggered back. One of the figures stepped forward, and Emily could see it was a great iron dragon, wings arched above its serpentine neck. It bowed its head in their direction. “Welcome back, Spinelli. I see you found the three we have been searching for.”

Others stepped forward too. A great marble bird unfolded its wings that stretched the length of the clearing. A small child sporting a bow and arrow waddled out from the brush. An iron bear stood on its hind legs and let out a bellowing roar that scared the three children and forced them to retreat further.

“Wait,” Mark said. “What are you talking about? We’re just ordinary kids. The only reason Penny and I are here is because we were following Emily. And the only reason Emily is here is because she met a talking metal horse! It’s all coincidence!”

“It’s no coincidence, Mark,” the dragon said. “I’m Wrolling, Spinelli’s sister. We were crafted by the same artist, a great man, and given shape and life by his hands. We protect the city with our powers.”

“Powers?” Penny said. “You mean you’re magical?”

Spinelli laughed. “Of course we’re magical, my dear. We’re talking statues! But yes, we do have other abilities. Mine is to awaken other statues. Give life to once lifeless metal.”

“And mine is to glimpse the future,” Wrolling said. “Two years ago, I had a vision in which monsters would return to our city. Then, three heroes came, riding on my sister’s back at the front of an army of statues.”

Emily was puzzled. Her face contorted as she tried to process what she just heard. An army of statues? Fighting a battle? Against who? And why? But before Emily could gather her thoughts and express them in any comprehensible manner, the baby statue with the bow and arrow stepped forward.

“Enough with the chit-chat,” said the statue. “I’m Pekley. It’s good to meet you three.” He extended his arm.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you too,” exclaimed Penny, jumping forward to shake the hand of the animated statue. “What is your power?”

“I’m the best fighter,” responded Pekley.

“Always talking about yourself,” interrupted the bird. “I’m Solzan, their eyes in the sky.”

“And I’m Maurice,” said the bear as it stepped forward, casting a shadow over the gang.

At first Mark was reluctant, but Penny was already jumping from one new friend to the next, shaking hands, and even embracing Maurice with a hug. Emily let out a laugh. The first all day. The first in a while. Mark came over and placed a hand on his sister’s shoulder.

“You okay?”

“Yea,” Emily replied, followed by a sigh of relief. “I’m okay.”

Mark then stepped forward and introduced himself to the gang as well.

As the group began to chat, Emily felt something cool and wet nudge her back. She turned to see Spinelli, who motioned with her head for Emily to follow her. As they walked out of earshot from the group, Emily turned and asked, “You think we’re these heroes?”

“My dear, we know,” Spinelli said.

“And who are we fighting?”

Spinelli paused and looked into the great darkness that surrounded the group. The horse turned back to Emily and knelt in the glass, now eye level with the girl. “The spirits that haunt this city manifests in strange ways,” said Spinelli, no louder than a whisper. “We don’t fully understand this. But sometimes, these spirits can take the form of people as well as statues.”

“Well, who is it?” repeated Emily.

“My dear, the enemy we must protect our city from comes in the form of a young girl, no older than you.”

“Who is it!?” impatiently shouted Emily.

“She goes by the name, Big Roscoe.”

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