October 17, 2013

STACKS Creative Writing Team: A Night of Fright

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novelSTACKS Creative Writing Team

Welcome to another meeting of the STACKS Creative Writing Team! For those Stackers who may be joining us for the first time, the STACKS Creative Writing Team collaborates to write original short stories right here on Ink Splot 26! I begin by posting the first chapter of a story here on the blog. Then, you head over to the Fan Fiction Message Board to submit your own version of where you think the story should go. Finally, check back next week to see if we used part of your story!

Our next story is a Halloween themed tale, inspired by Jennifer Stone’s Story Starter! Some Stackers have already submitted their stories in the Comments of that post, including some incredibly spooky tales from Olivia, Chloee, Jennifer, and Elle. They were so good, I decided to create my own story as well! Go grab a candy apple or a black cat and enjoy the beginning of our latest story, “A Night of Fright.” Then, submit your chapter on the Night of Fright message board thread. Enjoy!

A Night of Fright

There was a sense of unease throughout the city streets that night as Veronica returned to her apartment with a bag of candy for that night’s trick-or-treaters. Outside her door, precariously perched atop a rickety stepstool was Timmy, a slender boy, sporting thick, black glasses and tousled, black hair. The boy was stretching with all his might to hang a fake cobweb from the ceiling and finish his annual Halloween decorating extravaganza.

Veronica gasped as her older brother appeared to defy the laws of physics with this balancing act. Her hands pushed back her wavy, amber hair, a nervous tick, before they inched closer to covering her eyes.

“Timmy, get down from there,” she insisted.

“Sis, I’m fine,” Timmy remarked.

With a CRACK, the top rung of the old ladder snapped in two. Veronica let out a scream and closed her eyes, waiting to hear the thump of Timmy against the ground. But when she opened them, Veronica found Timmy gathering his supplies.

“Are you ok?” Veronica asked.

Timmy laughed off the question. “Oh that? I’ve got nine lives, sis. Nothing to worry about.”

Veronica looked back at the ceiling, and there hung the final cobweb. It was the night before Halloween and Timmy had put the finishing touches on his annual Haunted House. Each year, he’d turn the apartment into a space infested with ghouls and goblins and invite the children from the neighboring apartments for a night of fright. This year, he had enlisted the help of his little sister to help run the festivities.

Veronica stepped inside to find evil scarecrows and skeletons littered about the living room, while paper ghosts and plastic bats hung from the fan. Earlier, Veronica helped Timmy fill a pair of their father’s work clothes with hay to create a headless man who held a bowl of candy with a sign that read, “Take one if you dare,” which they placed at the end of the ghostly labyrinth.

Veronica’s parents were spending the night at a Halloween party, and left Timmy to babysit his little sister. After a long day of decorating, Timmy flopped down onto the sofa and flipped on the television.

When Veronica came to join him, Timmy had already found a rerun of his favorite horror movie, The Invasion of the Brain Snatchers.

“Can I watch with you?” Veronica inquired.

“Na, sis,” Timmy replied. “You’re too little. I don’t want you having nightmares. Plus, those kids should be over soon.”

“Alright,” said Veronica.

There was a knock at the front door. Veronica squeaked and jumped from her bed.

“Sounds like they’re here early,” Timmy chuckled. “Can you get that?”


Veronica headed for the front door, embarrassed her brother caught her moment of fear. Her brother loved Halloween, but Veronica always seemed so easily frightened, too afraid to watch horror movies, scared of a few little kids knocking at their door.

She arrived at the front door, composed herself, and pulled it open. But no one was there. Instead, a small, paper ghost slowly floated through the open door. Veronica stood there, frozen, mouth agape. Quickly she slammed the door and turned, just in time to see the decorations in her apartment slowly coming to life . . .

Did you enjoy our new story? Want to help write what happens next? Head to the Night of Fright thread on the Fan Fiction Board and submit a chapter of your own!

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  1. Lindsay O.

    “Eek! Is this a nightmare?,” said Veronica. “We are the nightmare.,” said the decorations. Veronica knew she had to escape. But when she turned back to the front door, she saw a floating paper ghost lock it! Or at least she thought he did. “I am just seeing things. These guys are not nightmares.,” said Veronica. “Hey, I guess you met the guys that got brought back to life.This is Glowing Moon,this is Pitch Black, this is Headless,this is……….

  2. Merlin277

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    Am I the worlds oldest video gamer?

  3. MermaidBreeze28

    As Marina opened the door to walk inside the haunted house ………..
    She heard a Spine Chilling SCREAM! off in the distance, “what was that?” she whispered to her friend Christine.” I don’t know, but I have a feeling its not good” whispered Christine.

    “Ok, lets stop being scared its probably just my brother” said Marina. As they both walk in the Spooky house the door creaked open and Christine jumped. ” I,I um don’t think we should go inside. It doesn’t look safe”. stuttered Christine.

    But as soon as Christine turned around………………..

    Marina was gone and no one has seen her in 2 years. And to this day Christine searches for clues and hopes her best friend will return, but every Halloween Christine hears that Terrifying scream, just like she did the night Marina went missing!

    The End

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  7. aquahorse

    Veronica let out a long high-pitched scream as a thin bright white ghost floated past her face. Her face went a ghostly pale white as she ran to her bedroom, wanting to get away from the obviously alive but supposed to be decorations. She slams the door shut and turns the golden brass lock.. Veronica flips out her pink diamond studded smart phone and punches in her best friend’s number. Jordan picks up after the second ring and she lets out a huge sigh of relief. “Thank goodness you picked up, you won’t believe this but the decorations in my house are alive!” She says frantically into the tiny pink phone. “Listen, I believe you, this town always gives me the creeps!” Jordan says in a hushed reply. “Meet me in front of my house in 10 minutes.” Veronica screeches into the phone. ‘Deal.” Is all Jordan says before she hangs up. Veronica forces open her jammed window and jumps out the window. She hits the ground with a large thud and rolls down the slight hill in front of her house.

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