August 21, 2013

STACKS Book Club: Hugo Cabret Meeting 2

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StacksBookClubSTACKS Book Club: The Invention of Hugo Cabret

What excitement! What a thrill! What an ending! Did you love the ending to The Invention of Hugo Cabret as much as I did? This book was packed full of adventure and suspense. I can’t wait to discuss the ending with my fellow Stackers.

Invention of Hugo CabretIf you missed the first discussion, click here and see what we discussed in Meeting 1. And now, without further ado, here are the official discussion questions for this week’s STACKS Book Club meeting.

  • What did you think it meant when Papa Georges’ signature was on the bottom of the drawing?
  • Where you more scared or excited when Hugo discovered the hidden drawings?
  • What did you think would result from Etienne and Rene Tabard’s visit at Papa Georges’ house?
  • Did you think that Hugo would escape the Station Master during the big chase scene?
  • Were you satisfied by the ending with Papa Georges at the film academy and the big revelation about Hugo?
  • How would you compare the book to the movie Hugo (rated PG), which is based on Brian Selznick’s story?

Feel free to answer any or all the questions in the Comments below. Or pose your own questions to the STACKS Book Club. Also, if you loved The Invention of Hugo Cabret, learn more about Brian Selznick’s other amazing book, Wonderstruck.
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  1. LS

    I LOVE THAT BOOK you have to read it. AWESOME!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)
    also read wonderstruck its good too! the movie was blahhh I did not feel it really told the story :( .

  2. katie

    I love that book! I’ve read it like three times ! my friends said oh its just big because it has so many pictures but really it has lots of words to! :)

  3. elfheroine1

    I LOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEE that book! I actually just read it today! I saw the movie when it came out and was interested in reading the book. I saw it at my library and picked it up.
    I LOVE how the author used drawings (which were beautiful!) to tell the story as well as words!
    And I agree, anyone could read this book.
    The book was better than the movie, (which they are 99% of the time) the first half of the movie, stuck to the book real well, but the second half not so much…
    Yes I liked the ending.
    I can’t answer the other questions since I watched the movie first, and most of the book was no surprise.

    And now I’m going to go start War Horse, and see if that movie stuck to the book, and which was better. (I’ll bet you the book probably will be better, although I LOVED the movie)

  4. basketballblizzard14

    Hugo Cabret is a amazing novel. It i9s child friendly and a great read for all ages. And this blog is wonderful.

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