March 3, 2016

St. Patrick's Day Activities

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ShamrockAre you ready for St. Patrick’s Day?

On March 17, everyone wears green and becomes a little bit Irish to celebrate old Saint Patrick. Here are a few other things for you to do to celebrate your Irish heritage (whether real or fake)!

What is your favorite thing about St. Patrick’s Day? Tell us in the Comments.

  1. BenR

    St. Patrick’s day is my favorite holiday. My favorite color is also green which is very great for me.

  2. HJ

    My favourite thing about St. Patricks day is waking up in the morning to see if I have captured a leprechaun. I also in joy pinching others at school who are not wearing green. Why do you love St.Patricks day?

  3. Selena

    St. Patriks day is my favorite holiday by far. Green is the best color in the world! Oscar and Pablo are so happy its that kind of year!!

  4. ForestPie222

    I love Saint Patrick’s day because of the joyful attitude everyone has, and how my family has a barbecue every year.

  5. Barney

    This is very helpful because we can figure out what to do on St.Patrick’s day if we do not have anything on our schedule

  6. Batman V.S SuperMan5910

    These are a wonderful selection of things and items to do on St. Patricks day. I will highly recommend this to other people.

  7. Twee O'Cobbler

    Well, I love the little headbands and necklaces and some people at my school bring in cupcakes and YUM!

  8. Pringle143

    Being a hundreonare as an 11 year older lol. Dressing up in green. Seeing the look on the teachers face when she sees the messed up classroom :)

  9. A Person

    My favorite thing is poking my friends for not wearing green. I’m not into the whole pinching thing but I always love a good reason to poke my best friend!

  10. Dancing O'Lucky

    My favorite thing about St. Patrick’s Day is to dress up in green, and pinch the ones who don’t! I love this post because it gives you additional things to do on St. Patrick’s Day!

  11. Annyamous

    my favorite thing about St. Patrick’s Day is um……. Dressing up in green. What is your favorite thing about St. Patrick’s Day guys?

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