August 15, 2014

SPONSORED POST The Art of Duck Tape

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The Art of Duck TapeThis blog post is sponsored by The Art of Duck Tape®

Did you know that duct tape was used in World War II to repair trucks and was even used in the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge? Now the heavy-duty fabric tape has gone from a fix-all to a creative medium for some seriously cool crafts.

If you’re looking for a fun, new project and some cool ideas, check out these crafts!

Do you have your own idea for a Duck Tape® craft? Share it in the Comments below!

  1. chattyindigo41 (Julia)

    1. If you have a boring pen, you can wrap Duck Tape around it.
    2. Use Duck Tape to decorate boring picture picture frames.
    3. Wrap small pieces of Duck Tape around the straps of plain flip-flops.

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