January 24, 2014


THE LEGO MOVIEThis post is sponsored by The LEGO Movie.

The LEGO Movie (rated PG), hits theaters on February 7, 2014, and we have some images from the movie for you to fill in with your captions. Write what YOU think the characters are saying.




Watch the movie trailer, and fill in your captions in the Comments below!

This post is sponsored by The LEGO Movie.

Images courtesy Warner Bros.

  1. Purplepuppy1608

    1. Wait, these stilts are a size too big!

    2. Come on, Unikitty, get off the ship!

    3. Oh, are you sure this is a real prop?

  2. joslyn

    1) haha wait… anybody have some breath spray my breath is horrid!

    2) hey guess what everybody i just saved the world wih no help right on!

    3) (background voices) “hey emmett” Emmett “wait …. yes one hawaiin pizza and a large pepsi thank you” alrighty… hey where’d you go!!

  3. LOLA

    1) Mwahahaha! You never defeat me in million years too short!
    2) Look a camera! say CHEEEEEEEESE!
    3) Heh heh… we got a slight problem here.

  4. treerascal14

    pic 1; ha ha i,m like godsilla. pic 2; unikitty says guys looooooook. pic 3; i got tickets to lego land awesome.

  5. indigobloodhound93

    1. and walking down the aisle in a stunning pair of huge boots is lord business
    2. this idea is so crazy, it just might work
    3. no I said a CHEESE pizza

  6. sushi cat luver (srry i don't wanna use my user name or real name)

    1. AWW look at the cute little ants
    2. I have an idea, but you guys go first
    3. are you kidding me?! she broke up with him!

  7. Olivia

    I’m sorry, what did you say? Are you under a bridge? Sorry I have a rough connection with you! Can you resay that old pal?

  8. drawingtechnology14

    1.do you see these legs,there the new fashion
    2.hi pony cat,how ya doing
    3.hello who is this,I repeat who is this?

  9. blackbird922

    1.mwahahahaha wait…are those faucets on my head?
    2.cool its a uni-kitty!
    3.wait……………….I WON A 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 DOLLAR RING!

    this is blackbird922 please send shouts! bye.

  10. Anyu

    1)Lord Business-too bad!
    2)Emmett-so long, guys! Uni kitty- don’t go!

  11. aquaelf210

    Picture 1: “the evil man returns”
    Picture 2: “cat getting ready to do some damage.”
    Picture 3: “the man that saves the world.”

  12. Angelsong23

    1) These stilts just show how short I am
    2) Wow, Nyan cat! “I’m not Nyan cat. I’m a pink kitten unicorn witha green neck. Obviously.”
    3) Where’s the connection for us Legos?
    Love Legos. Thanks for posting this. :)

  13. amberdragon361

    2)”Aww! A unicorn cat thing!” “Yeah, don’t call me that, Emmet.”
    3) Shoot, no bars.

  14. kelly209

    Lego nice toy but awsome :) ♡♥
    I love Lego even known I am a girl but cool picture … love it so comment back when u get my comment

  15. catlaptop34

    1) Emmett is who i am here for, and who i shall destroy!
    2) Hey! It’s a pink unicorn cat. Were’s your little pony unicorn rainbow friend, fella?
    3) I guess I’m just going to have to report youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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