April 25, 2014


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Earth to Echo movie photoThis blog post is sponsored by Earth to Echo.

Earth to Echo (rated PG For Some Action and Peril, and Mild Language) is a movie about a group of friends who embark on one last adventure to investigate the source of the cryptic signals they’ve been receiving. It’s a discovery beyond their wildest imaginations and changes their lives forever. It stars Ella Wahlestedt as Emma, Reese C. Hartwig as Munch, Teo Halm as Alex, and Brian “Astro” Bradley as Tuck. Read on to find out more from the cast about the movie, in theaters July 2, 2014!

Q: What is Earth to Echo about?
TEO: I play Alex in the movie. The movie is about four really good friends. These construction workers come into our town and they are going to build a freeway and they say we have to move out. It’s our last night together before the move and we decide to go out and have an adventure.
REESE: When we go out, we find out that they are aliens.
ELLA: I play Emma. These guys are my best friends. I’m kind of the outsider in the beginning, but I wedge my way into the group. I eventually become a huge asset to them.

Earth to Echo movie photo

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Q: Tell me about your character in Earth to Echo.
ELLA: Emma is a smart, adventurous girl, who insists on tagging along with the group of boys. She thinks quickly on her feet and manages to get them out of a few dilemmas, which earns her respect among the group. I relate to Emma in many ways. Emma is a good friend, which I consider myself to be. We stick by our friends no matter what.
REESE: Munch is the best! He’s clever, smart, thinks fast on his feet, and keeps his head on a swivel. He can be a bit nervous and cautious but he makes up for it with his faithfulness. He’s very friendly and caring, and as you may have seen in the trailer, he’s a bit sensitive . . . I had to do a lot of crying for his part. Munch makes me laugh and I think it’s great how he holds the group together. I’m proud to play a character like Munch. Munch and I are very different in a lot of ways. Like, I would not hesitate to go searching the desert for an alien like Echo! I’m definitely not a hoarder or nervous about much. Some things Munch and I do have in common are I love hanging out with my friends, I love my family, and it doesn’t hurt to be smart and have an education. I try to be respectful, honest, and caring like Munch. Munch never gives up! He’s everyone’s best buddy, and when you need him he’s always there to help. Munch has guts and no matter what got in the way, he was going to try to save Echo and his buddies.
ASTRO: Tuck is brave, adventurous, and willing to stand up to the “System.” I’d like to think that I’m similar to Tuck in a lot of ways. I like the fact that he wasn’t going to sit back and have his neighborhood torn down. He protested and even attempted to raise funds to try to save it. He’s an activist!

Q: Which scene was the most fun to shoot and why?
ELLA: There were so many fun scenes to shoot, but one that stands out the most is the scene where Emma is first seriously introduced. It was a chaotic scene, and the set was really cool.
REESE: I would have to say it is when we shot the crying scene with the government men. They had planned a long shoot for that and I cranked it out in one try. I have a thing that I do that can make myself cry easily and maybe someday I’ll share my secret. It was cool to see the effect it had on all the cast and crew.
ASTRO: There’s a scene where we needed my brother’s car. He’s at a party and we have to crash the party to find him and/or his car keys. The party set was cool and I got to fake-drive a car.

Q: Any fun stories about working with your Earth to Echo co-stars?
REESE: They were all so fun and cool to work with. But, Ella and me, we’re like “peas and carrots” so we hung out together the most. We started filming on our birthdays. Ella’s birthday is August 1st and I’m one day older, July 31st. We were very busy most of the time and shooting a lot at night made us pretty tired, so it was hard to joke around, but since we finished the film, it’s been nothing but fun times.

Q: Who is your celebrity crush?
ELLA: My celebrity crush is Logan Lerman. He plays my all-time favorite hero, Percy Jackson, in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians movie series.
ASTRO: Keke Palmer!

Q: Funniest or most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?
ELLA: At eight years old, for the first time, I decided to wear a two-piece bathing suit to a pool party with all of my classmates. One of the boys in my class thought it’d be funny to pull my bottoms down while I was climbing up the water slide. Everyone saw my bare bottom, and I was mortified.
TEO: I have a talent for tripping over everything! I’m so clumsy. I was at some sort of gala event and I was walking down the red carpet and I tripped over it. That was pretty embarrassing.
ASTRO: I was performing on stage and a beautiful girl in the crowd smiled at me. I got flustered and forgot the lyrics to my own song on live TV.

What is one thing you wish everyone would do to make the world a better place?
ELLA: Do something nice for someone else without expecting anything in return.
REESE: Be more respectful . . . to our planet, to peoples’ feelings, to our teachers and schools, to individual church and religion beliefs, and parents and siblings. I think everyone could be more generous to people in need also. We carry little supply packs in our truck to give to homeless people when we see them. It can make a big difference to a person to know someone cares.
ASTRO: Go color blind!

Q: Personal motto or favorite quote?

Q: What is the best book you have ever read?
ELLA: I love reading. I’m a huge reader. The first book that I loved was an assigned reading book: The Giver. I’m really excited that they are making a movie out of it.

Q: What is an unusual talent that you have that no one else would know about?
REESE: I love driving. I just got my permit. My dad has all these movie cars, so I’m all into cars.
ELLA: I’ve never met someone else who can sing the ABC’s backwards.
ASTRO: I’m a rapper. Acting is my second job, but I’m also pretty good behind the camera, which is something no one knows . . . yet.

This blog post is sponsored by Earth to Echo.

Interviews by Sue Schneider

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