April 4, 2011

SPONSORED POST: Born to be Wild

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Born to be WildThis blog post is sponsored byIMAX Born to be Wild 3D.

An amazing wildlife adventure is coming to IMAX theaters on April 8. Born to be Wild 3D tells the story of two women working in Africa and Asia to save orphaned animals. When the movie writer/producer Drew Fellman learned about Dr.Galdikas who was rescuing baby orangutans, and Dame Daphne who was rescuing baby elephants, he instantly knew that their remarkable stories would make an incredible film. “They are heroes of the earth in the truest sense,” he states.

Watch the movie trailer, and read on to learn more about these incredible Earth heroes!

Dr. Galdikas and Dame Daphne both stress that you cannot save the animals without saving their physical environment. “Orangutans are on the verge of extinction as their habitat is disrupted by poaching, illegal logging, and palm oil plantations whose by-product, vegetable oil, is sold in myriad products like junk food, soap, cosmetics and some bio-fuels around the world,” Dr. Galdikas points out.

Elephants have been equally targeted by ivory poachers. Dame Daphne emphasizes, “The pressure on the African wildlife population has been an ongoing situation for 100 years. Unfortunately the elephant, although highly intelligent, has been viewed merely as a resource to be mined. We’re consuming everything on the planet and if we’re not extremely careful, there will be no room for any other life forms here. And as soon as that happens, there will be no more us.”

Fellman concludes, “Both women have been huge inspirations to me personally. They are living proof that each one of us can make a difference. And I certainly hope people leave the theatre with the conclusion that they can do something, too.”

Images and quotes courtesy of Warner Bros.

  1. pie cooker

    We all have to our part to save these beautiful animals.Its what makes our world wonderful.

  2. bailey

    i love animals!!!! they are so cute im jus going to have to see the movie in 3d I LOVE ANIMALS

  3. nadia

    we need to save all our wild animals cause there are quite a few that r becoming extint like tigers

  4. Gagagirl12

    Me and my friend are making a change for these animals by raising money for a fundraiser I LOVE ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D

  5. Whopper24

    When I first heard the movie “Born to be Wild”, I actually thought of the song,”Born to be Wild”. I think that’s that’s the title, because in the middle, it just says”Born to be WWWiiLLLDDD!” I don’t really know…

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