August 3, 2010

SPONSORED ENTRY: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice


The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Takes Over Times Square!

A few weeks ago in Times Square in New York City, there was a gigantic red carpet rolled out on 42nd St. set up for the world premiere of the movie The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (rated PG). Mickey Mouse walked the red carpet with Nicholas Cage, and Mayor Bloomberg waved a wand and proclaimed Tuesday (July 6th) "Sorcerer’s Apprentice Day" In New York City. Pretty cool, huh?

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Well, in the spirit of NYC, check out this scene from The Sorcerer's Apprentice movie with Nicholas Cage and Jay Baruchel. They play Balthazar, and his apprentice Dave. They are in Chinatown (in NYC) trying to find a Chinese sorcerer and capture a magic spirit doll. What do you imagine they are thinking? Leave your caption in the Comments!


This entry is sponsored by Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice.
Photo courtesy of Disney Enterprises, Inc.

  1. Ley56

    Dave-I hope we don’t meet Taylor. That girl is phsycho.
    B-Dave first of all this is Sorcerors Apprentace.
    Dave-Oh I was going to try out for Tobias
    B-Your totalley not cute enough.

  2. Dusk2Dawn

    Balthazar : Hey Dave, I’m starving, got any money on you?
    Dave: Yes, let’s go to that BBQ restaurant over there. It’s my favorite!

  3. H

    Dave:Hey look Balthazar Chinese food.
    Balthazar:I told you Dave we must find the RRRRURRRR…..on second thought let’s go.

  4. tinyemu

    Dave: “Play it safe now, don’t get hurt!”
    Balthazar: “Look out. Look out!”
    Dave: “For What?”
    Balthazar: “That car!”
    *Dave and Balthazar turn around.*

  5. raspberricandi

    Dave: darn! The cute girl went away
    Balthazar: Dave! you took a picture of her on your phone! gosh, she was cute

  6. 51dotfeg

    Dave: Balthazar c’mon let’s go to the Harry Potter Scene!
    Dave: Huh?!?! No, were not it is just a screen I put up.
    Balthazar: Oh ok, I will just called the cab and take us to Hollywood ok?
    *Dave Leaves*
    Balthazar: Dave? Where are you?!?! Dave?!?
    *Dave Brings back his Dragon*
    Dave: Ok, I got Cab. Let’s go!
    Balthazar: I think this is a dream
    *I pop in*
    Me: What the heck! I was just on the Harry Potter Website with my laptop and now I’m here….:O OMG NO WAY ITS YOU GUYS! BUT WAIT YOUR GOING TO THE HARRY POTTER SCENE AREN’T YOU? CAN I COME?
    Dave: Uhh sure,whatever your name is.
    Me: It’s 51dotfeg, Dave.
    Dave: Ok get on Cab and we will go.

  7. fr3ddi3

    dave:how and the heck are we going to find him or her and dont forget about the doll.
    balthazar:can we talk about this later i have a doll to find so be quiet

  8. 1LunaLovegood


  9. Wolfy-S

    Dave: C’mere
    Balthazar: Dude what
    Dave: Just wait
    *clunk* Dave:BWAHA
    Balthazar: Dude im over here
    *crane clunks him with big heavy ball* Dave:oh

  10. AlanRickmanfan

    Dave:Ohhh, Look! It’s a carnival person come to greet us!
    Balthazar:Dave, that’s the evil chinese sorcerer.Dave?
    #Dave is gone#
    Dave(running away):AAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. ICEDEMON96

    Dave: It’s over here c’mon!
    Balthazar:Where? I don’t see anything.Oh look! Food! I’m starving.

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