August 3, 2010

SPONSORED ENTRY: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice


Stay Away From This Guy

In The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (rated PG) the apprentice, Dave, encounters the evil sorcerer, Horvath. Horvath is played by Alfred Molina, who has lots of practice playing villains. You may remember, he played Doc Ock in Spiderman 2.

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Check out this scene from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice with Dave and Horvath. What do you imagine they could be saying? Wacky or serious, it’s up to you!

Here’s my go at it:
Horvath: I can’t believe you ordered spaghetti with extra garlic. I told you never to do that.
Dave: Listen, I’m just an apprentice. I’m just learning. Besides, it will help me keep away evil dudes like you.


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  1. Ley56

    Visser 3-I’m a yeerk
    Marco-Your funny
    Visser 3-It’s true all you humans are going to be my slaves
    Marco-Your funny

  2. Ley56

    Guy with stick(visser 3)-I am your father.
    Other guy(Tobias)-Ummm no your not my father’s dead!
    Tobias-Ummm excuse me but I need to use the bathroom.
    Visser 3-Why?
    Tobias-Not telling heh heh heh ha ha ha in your face!
    Visser 3-Your not worth it.

  3. Ley56

    Guy with the stick-”Liston I’m not going to hurt you if you answer this one tiny weenie questin.
    Other guy-what’s the questin?
    Guy with stick-Were are the andalites?
    Other guy-Ummmm haven’t seen any. Why don’t you ask the kids over there were one just turned into a red tailed hawk. Oh wait never mind! Found an andalite he was that amazingly handsome/pretty boy.
    The guy with the stick-What?

  4. Ley56

    Horvath- Are you wearing a new shirt? Hmmmmm
    Dave- Um sorry but that stick is giving me the creeps.

  5. D|N

    Horvath: (in a New York accent) Listen kid, I gave you 10 dollars to buy hair gel to fix up your messy hair… and plus 50 to date my daughter. You let me down, you get the breath stink. Agreed?
    Dave: Ye—he—essss *faints*

  6. D|N

    Horvath: Listen, Dave. Do you see those glowing blue lights on my staff? They’ll hypnotize you an—
    Dave: Blue… pretty… lights… weee…
    Horvath: Maybe I should’ve turned them on AFTER I explained. (reads side of his staff) Side effects of early use of staff while someone is talking are: never getting the answers you want and having to wait 100 years for getting the person back to normal, unless you know Balthazar’s secret spell.
    Dave: No correct answersss… haaa… haaa…
    Horvath: D’oh! Why’d I ever buy this staff from the guy who tried to mug me! Now I’ll never know where that Balthazar is!

  7. ImaniB

    Horvath:Do you have a some soap i could really use it
    Dave no but i do need to use the bathroom could you put me down

  8. ImaniB

    Horvath:where’s the money
    Dave: what money
    Horvath:you know the money that’s in your pocket
    Dave: im broke ad your scaring the world out of me
    Horvath:If you tell me where the money is I might not kill you
    Dave you said might so does that mean ther’s a chance you will kill me
    Horvath : uhhh Apprentice’s
    Dave thinking to himself Boy how about instead of money a breath mint you really could use one cald sorcerer

  9. Adam the vamp

    Horvath:OK EAT THE MINT DAVE!!!
    Dave:But its you who needs it smell ur breath D: Horvath: *sinff sniff* HOLY VOW THAT IS FROM ME WHAT DID YOU DO TO MAH BREATH MAN

  10. Wolfy-S

    Horvath: *Accent* I don no what you do but your not goin to go ANYWHERE with that attitude!!
    Dave: Cool man but can i ask you somethin.?
    Dave: Can you please either get a grip or *takes a mint out* have an orbit sugar free mint??

  11. Rosella

    Horvath: Are you listening to me?
    Dave: (Thinks) He needs to chew gum. I can still smell his morning breath and ikt’s midnight!!!!

  12. Abbylish

    Dave:Do you smell something?
    Hovarth: No.
    Dave: *in a hushed voice* ’cause I think it’s coming from your mouth…
    Hovarth: WHAT?

  13. large gerble

    Horvath:Tell me where he is!
    Dave: where who is?
    Horvath:you know who. your master.
    Dave whar masster?
    Horvath: the Masster that is teaching you magic>
    Dave: dude i don’t think that magic is even real.

  14. AlanRickmanfan

    Horvath: Alright spidey,put your hands up!Or I’ll use my octopuses arms to-Hey! where are my eight other arms??!!
    Dave:Wrong movie dude!!This is sorcerers apprentice!!Not Spider-man 2!!
    Horvath:But, the director said I could wear my arms!!I WANT MY OCTO ARMS!!!NOW!

  15. penguingal10

    Horvath : Show me your best magic.
    Dave:What do you mean man???????
    Horvath:I mean show me you magic!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dave:Stop pushing me man!!!!11111

  16. soccermvp

    Horvath:Uhh….Did you eat onion bagel this morn’?
    Dave:(breathes out) Yesssss ssssssir!

  17. JaleynTC

    UM ok i got it
    Horvath:Whyd u do it!
    Dave:Do what?
    Horvath:You stole my underwear!
    Dave: no i didnt!
    Horvath: give them back!

  18. Josephine

    Horvath: You’ve got a stain on your shirt. Look at it boy. Why won’t you look at it?
    Dave: Sorry. I’m too busy staring at the zit in the middle of your face. It’s HUGE MAN!

  19. ICEDEMON96

    Horvath: Do you understand me?
    Dave thinking to himself: I wonder how much hair gel he uses? It looks like a lot.Man he needs a breath mint!

  20. Beth

    How ’bout this?
    Horvath: Did you take my doughnut?
    Dave: No,no I didn’t!!!!!
    Horvath:I want.My doughnut.

  21. s.snape2000

    Horvath:Oooh, lookie here.This cane is magnetic.And it appears to be sticking to you.A robot, I take it.Explains the special powers.
    Dave:Ummmm, maybe its something in my pocket?Dude!Im, a sorcerer!

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