September 15, 2010


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Megamind is the most brilliant supervillain the world has ever known . . . and the least successful. Over the years, he has tried to conquer Metro City in every imaginable way—each attempt, a colossal failure thanks to the caped superhero known as Metro Man. Then one day Megamind actually defeats Metro Man when one of his botched plans actually succeeds. Suddenly, the fate of Metro City is threatened when a new villain arrives and chaos runs rampant, leaving everyone to wonder: Can the world’s biggest mind actually be the one to save the day?

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  1. A

    I can’t wait to watch it. I thought they shouldn’t have spoiled that Metro Man was still alive. It’s a mock up of Superman:) Though, I want Incredibles 2 to happen since that was a classic and one of Disney’s best. Dreamworks makes some good animated films as well like “How to Train your Dragon”.

  2. abhisingij

    i love because most of the time i always read books and all of them are from scholastic

  3. rocky8994

    i have a poster i want to watch it so badly i have seen the trailer it rocks i like how there both babies and there in is AMAZING how they get crazy idea’s espially despicable me


    I can’t wait to see that movie. I will probally read the book now that it has great reviews it makes me wanna read it even more.

  5. JustinDBieberFan

    Finally I’m the first comment. When I did the Quiz it showed I was Roxanne Ritchi…… What the Heck I said when I am a boy.The quiz was fun though. Next weekend I get to go on the set!!! See ya guys and Have fun on the Stacks.

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