December 21, 2011


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WarhorseThis post is sponsored by War Horse.

Big holiday parties at my house are always about sharing stories. The one about the time my brother knocked himself out by running into the gym wall has been told about a thousand times, and I never get tired of hearing about the restaurant my grandparents ran when they were first married.

This holiday break, write down your favorite family stories, and see if you can uncover some amazing new ones! Use this War Horse-themed activity sheet to discover how these great stories have helped shape you and your family!

Don’t forget that Steven Spielberg’s new movie, War Horse (rated PG-13), based on the book by Michael Morpurgo, hits theaters on Christmas Day. Check it out and start creating some new holiday memories!

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  1. Megan

    I did not read War Horse the book, but I did see the movie. I bet the book is even better than the movie.

  2. Taylor

    The horse puppet add a new dimension to the play which is absent in their human counterparts, but since Joey is the main star of the show this works entirely.

  3. haydenrocks10

    I am going to probably read the book first. But, after I read the book, I will watch the movie.
    ~haydenrocks10~ :D !

  4. Flo

    **Spoiler Alert**
    Like the movie BUT Spielberg misses the consistency . What about the sketch & letter from the officer, could have been used to fulfill officers promise to boy, that he would bring Joey home, for Joey WAS an officers horse. And or could have been used when boy blind! But the sketch never appears after being pulled out of bucket by boy in the trench! Girl and grandfather too random…still the movie was good just not up to the usual consistent standard one would expect from S.S.

  5. hamster fashion23

    i love this book it is called allie finkle rules
    for girls its a great book its about a girl that look hear i cant really remember i am sorry go to my profile i am hamsterfashion23 and i tell you on the message boards when they’re open again okay bye!!!!!!!!!

  6. irene18

    My great aunt wants to see it with me and my brother, I’m not so sure about it. I would probably rather see the Muppets. :) It’s such a classic!!!
    PS: Hi to my friends from the message boards! This will be my temporary way of communication to y’all. :D

  7. monkeyorange31

    i will never foreget the time that my sisster mu couin and my other sisster were playing truth or dare she had to run outside in the snow.

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