November 19, 2010


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Tangled This blog post is sponsored by Disney’s Tangled.

When the kingdom’s most wanted, and most charming, bandit Flynn Rider hides out in a mysterious tower, he’s taken hostage by Rapunzel, a beautiful and feisty tower-bound teen with 70 feet of magical, golden hair. Flynn’s curious captor, who’s looking for her ticket out of the tower where she’s been locked away for years, strikes a deal with the handsome thief and the unlikely duo sets off on an action-packed escapade, complete with a super-cop horse, an over-protective chameleon and a gruff gang of thugs. Tangled (rated PG) hits theaters on Nov. 24, 2010.

Here are Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi, the actors who provide the voices of Rapunzel and Flynn, to tell us more about the movie. . .

Q: What do you like about Tangled?
Zachary: It’s not about a damsel in distress who needs to be saved. It’s about a young woman who has dreams and aspirations and needs a partner in crime to help facilitate that throughout the course of the film. So you get all kinds of adventure with someone who’s as unrefined as Flynn is; he’s a thief. They get into a lot of trouble. There’s a lot of people chasing them for different reasons. Flynn can’t help but put his foot in his mouth over and over and over again. And yet, because of Rapunzel’s goodness, she can see past all that and still see the good guy that’s there, and that helps him change a lot too. Plus, there are near-death escapes at least every ten minutes, great animal characters that bring so much life and comedy to the film, swashbuckling, and swinging from either hair or ropes or vines or what have you. There are great chases, great fights and battles. And it’s in 3D. So all of your thugs and ruffians are just jumping off the screen at you.

Q: Why did you want to portray Rapunzel?
Mandy: I grew up with the best of the best: The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast. What little girl doesn’t fantasize about being part of that? I love the Rapunzel’s story. It’s really, really funny and heartwarming. It has a feel-good, empowering message of being the best version of yourself and overcoming obstacles and challenges—being strong enough to jump over those hurdles and live up to your full potential.

Q:Describe Rapunzel’s 70 feet of hair.
Mandy: Rapunzel has a gigantic mass of magical, almost other-worldly hair that’s almost its own living entity with all sorts of abilities. It’s a pretty hot commodity. Mother Gothel selfishly keeps Rapunzel and her unique powers hidden from the world, using them for her own benefit.

Q: Tell us about Flynn Rider.
Mandy: I think there is a lot more than what meets the eye with Flynn Rider. He comes across as a bit of a lady’s man. He’s a charming, overconfident thief who finds himself in a precarious situation. He’s stolen something and is being chased and finds himself hiding out in Rapunzel’s tower. She takes it upon herself to capture him, knock him out, hide his satchel and interrogate him. Then she concocts this plan that she’ll give him back his satchel if he helps her escape the tower. The combination of Flynn and Rapunzel is pretty dynamic. She brings out the best in him and he ends up bringing out the best in her.

Q:What is the smolder?
Zachary: Yeah, the smolder. I had never heard the term “smolder” before doing the smolder and immediately started laughing when I was reading over the lines that I was going to do that day. The smolder is—some might call it the magnum, the blue steel—Flynn calls it the smolder. It is that kind of pouty-lipped look that’s supposed to just sizzle the synapses of any female that’s in proximity of it. Unfortunately, Rapunzel is far too good and pure to be affected by such a smolder, so it doesn’t really have an effect on her. But I’m sure somewhere in the kingdom there are some damsels who just melt.

Q: Why do you think Maximus the horse is so popular?
Zachary: In the very beginning of the movie, Max and Flynn are wrestling with a satchel, and then Flynn’s upside down, hanging onto the tree trunk for dear life, and Maximus is bearing down on him, sniffing the ground like a bloodhound; he sees a “Flynn Wanted” poster and just chews it up like a paper shredder. It’s the little things just lend themselves to comedy gold in my opinion.
Mandy: Maximus is my favorite character in the film. He’s a horse who has a lot of personality. He’s a great combination of a horse and a dog. He’s a goofball. He’s stubborn and I think he’s a great match for Flynn. Rapunzel just takes to him and loves him right off the bat.

Q: What was it like recording the songs from the film with an orchestra?
Mandy: Having the opportunity to record with the orchestra on that stage was something I will never forget. I was there with a 65-piece orchestra that was playing this beautiful arrangement that I loved. I had rehearsals with a piano and I knew the song going in—but then standing in front of the orchestra, it was like everything went out the window, you know? Every bit of professionalism, every bit of rehearsal experience—it all got washed away because I just wanted to stop and listen to them play together. It gives me the chills to think about it. I was a little nervous after that, but it all turned out okay.

Q: What was your favorite song to sing?
Zachary: “I See the Light” is my duet with Mandy and pretty much the only song I sing. It’s like the moment in the movie. We’re on a boat, we’re seeing these lanterns—it’s the culmination of their journey together.
Mandy: “I See the Light” is probably my favorite song in the film. It’s a duet between Rapunzel and Flynn, and it’s happening at the moment Rapunzel is finally seeing her dreams come true and realizing that maybe there was more to the journey than just seeing these lights. Having the opportunity to record with Zac [who plays Flynn] was unbelievable. The minute he opened his mouth, I realized that this guy can really sing. He has a beautiful voice that is very charming. We had a lot of fun recording together.

  1. aly

    omg i love that movie i just want to watch it its a very good movie how did she get her hair that long
    like really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. megan

    I seen the movie, it was fantastic!! I actully wish that everything that happend to her and him, would happen to me! I know it’s not real but that is what you call a REAL adventure:0) The forest that she lives in is so cool, and her magic hair. I wonder if they are dating in real life after they made this movie? Most people who make movies with a girl and boy who fall in love, if it is not dora or anything they usually start to date after they make the movie if they are a reasinable age. The actors for Tangled are most likely around 30?!…

  3. footballkittygirl

    omg luv the movie one of the best movies ive ever seen if i could rate it out of 10 it would be 11/10

  4. Karzy4Kandy

    The little kids LOVED this movie! But,my favorite part was the lanterns on the lake part! good movie!

  5. tarolinerox

    Hey so i haven’t heard many reviews but it looks good. I’m actually seeing it in theaters tomorrow. Can’t wait!

  6. Tatiana

    I saw this movie!! It was super funny, except at the end. I was so sad! Like I thought he was actually gone die. But he ended up not!! Well, it was a good movie and it was nice!!


    never seen or heard of this movie on the other side I like to get out and get active instead of sitting in front of the television.

  8. hanna

    i know that she has the longest hair ever i like it i would not brush it all the time.When we went their were 2 tickes left….OMG

  9. kylie12345

    i love tangled it was awesome and it was funny the perfect movie and my favorite part was when she finally saw the lanterns
    and my least favorite part was when she got in trouble for asking to see the lanterns

  10. Austin

    Its stupid nobody has that long of hair.She swings from trees with it to she acts like she’s a monkey or something. If i was to swing from a tree by my hair i would have a major head ache.

  11. Sunshine_Girl_3231


  12. Moriah

    I soooooo want to see this movie….it looks so funny. My lil sis has the game and the parts we seen make the whole movie look funny!:)

  13. awesomeana2016

    wow this movie seems so stupid it is so boring my mom made me watch the movie with my cousin i hate this movie………….love awesomeana2016 then i watched another movie for the third time after the stupdist movie.and that got all the boringnes out of my head.

  14. Lollipop

    This is my 2nd post 4 the tangled movie because i absolutly posetively want 2 c this folk tail interesting story about repunzel and her true love/noble steed/prince/rescuer/weirdo.

  15. Lollipop

    I did not see the movie Tangled but i was suppose to see it in 3-d but instead i had to see a different movie that came out on thanksgiving day and it was the movie MEGAMINE. I think that whenever i see the movie Tangled it will be a great movie and story in progress!

  16. Selena Gomez123

    I love this movie soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad I really want to see it again until I get bored of watching tangled.

  17. Selena Gomez123

    Hi my name is Selena Gomez123.I can’t really wait till the DVD comes out so I can see the movie like a thousand times it is great movie.I wish the DVD comes out tomorrow so I could watch it with my whole family I love so so sos os so soooooooooooooo bad that I really want to see it again.

  18. s dogie

    what!! o ya i fogot i was on air. ya im sorry but i really thought it was the movie Rupunzel it is very alike ,so i didnt really care for it!:( + i saw it a million times!

  19. lolasophie

    omg i would love 2 c that movie it looks loke such a fun thing 2 c i mean that would be so cool 70 feet of hair wow

  20. girl

    hey guys it’s at a book store!anyways i read the book and now i’m going koko to see that most comidian movie. wait a second it comes out tommorrow! sorry for my language!:)

  21. ladybug321

    I seriously want to see this movie and it is so awesome can’t wait to see it!I love rapunzel shes so cool with her long hair and my hair personality is the same as rapunzel’s hair.

  22. Robyn

    Personally, I’m surprised it’s taken Disney this long to make a Rupunzel movie! Rupunzel is my favorite fairy-tale! And by the way, can anyone name a Disney movie that is not based on a book, legend, or true happening?

  23. ZEZE

    cant belive theyre talking about THIS! when they could be talking about the new hp movie that came out 2day.

  24. Payal

    Tangled seems like a good movie. It’s definitely going to be funny too, even the title of the movie is funny. The director probably named the movie “Tangled” because Rapunzel’s hair is 70 feet long. I wanna see it!!

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