November 1, 2011

SPONSORED POST: Arthur Christmas

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Axmas-blog-entry-130x130Merry (Arthur) Christmas! Did you ever wonder how Santa delivers all those presents in one night? Well, the new movie Arthur Christmas (rated PG) tackles the big question.

The answer: Santa has a sophisticated, high-tech computerized operation hidden beneath the North Pole! It is run by Santa’s oldest son, Steve, who is the heir to the Santa job one day. Santa’s younger son, Arthur, is sort of a misfit with a big heart. Then there’s a dedicated and loving Mrs. Claus, and Santa’s cranky 136-year-old father, Grand Santa, who hates the modern world and grumbles that Christmas was better “when I was Santa.”

One Christmas, when the high-tech Christmas present delivery goes wrong and one child is skipped, Arthur decides to take matters into his own hands. He goes on an unauthorized Christmas mission to get that child her present before Christmas morning. What could go wrong?

What do you guys think? Are you ready for the holidays? Will you be hitting the theaters for Arthur Christmas? Let us know in the Comments below!

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  1. eatingeagle10

    That movie looks so funny. i really want to see it. The reindeer are hilarious. The polar bear was a good present with a bow.

  2. fashionmystery8

    i need 2 watch arthur christmas i asked my mom and she said yes but we just did not get to for some reason that i do not remember.i think that it was a great might be online i hope.i also hope that it is still in theaters ,that will be my last chance

  3. blackdrawing15

    I like the movie it is funny and it shows that someone you think is not inportant is and that someone can make a change and that everyone is inportant.

  4. jesus

    I think it’s cool and awesome movie! I want to see Arthur. It looks like a really funny movie. It’s OK!!!

  5. alejandro

    I like Arthur Christmas because kids could see the movie with their family or friends. Some parts are boring, and some parts are not boring. I want to see what happens next because sometimes there are cool parts that happen

  6. Shadow Princess

    OMG! cant wait 2 c it! its so cool all the original tales r modernized like NINJA/SPY ELVES!! totes adorable!

  7. jesus

    I would like to see Arthur Christmas because it would be really nice to see it.I would not like to see Arthur Christmas because it was a waste of time.

  8. Janet

    Arthur Christmas is the best story ever because it is good for the children. It is funny,and not scary for the children.

  9. Mai

    I think the trailer was pretty funny and I hope I’ll get to see the movie and I am so ready for the holiday and hopefully I can go see the moie! :)

  10. meera

    i dont get it!chistmas is NOT about santa and some secret mission.i am not seeing this movie because it distracts from the true meaning!

  11. racingblue3

    i can not wait for this movie i saw the trailers like a thousand times and never get bored of it!!!
    so means i will love that movie!!!! peace

  12. Madyson

    Unfortunately the trailer is unavailible right now but I’m so gonna check back later! Can’t wait for the holidays and I’m definitely going to see the movie too! I love thinking about the Christmas Spirit! Only 7 more weeks until Christmas and 6 more weeks until Christmas holidays! Let’s start with bringing on the snow though first! Wish for a whole load of snow everynight until it comes!

  13. julia

    I can’t wait till christmas wish it could be christmas every day don’t you? Anyway so excited for it can’t wait I have a big family so we can all watch it together! :)

  14. TigerChasing7

    the movie looks really good. i love aurthor he is soooo funny. once he discovers what he has just done he is not going to like it. i love it when he says that, that is one big teddy bear and then finds out it was a real polar bear. i hope i can see it because i really want to see it with my grandparents. i hope i can see it on christmas day because it would be really cool if i could watch it christmas day. i really think i should be quiet because the rest of the story is for me and you to find out. please let me watch the movie on christmas parents. i will let you know when i will see it. thanks do write back you people of the internet. i really want to see the movie did i say that. bye people. sorry if this is way too long i really try to write shorter but school is just getting to my head and i have a teacher that makes me write really long esays so sorry people.bye.

  15. stonefairy

    Ugh, what happened to Santa being pseudo-immortal and him and his travels being magic? I like the old, original stories way better. I am not seeing this movie.

  16. sonicfan123

    I want to see Arthur Christmas. It’ll probably be hilarious!LOL. The trailer looks funny already! I can’t wait to see Arthur Christmas!

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