September 21, 2010


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Hi, everyone! My name is Jeremy Gilley. Eleven years ago, I had the idea to create an annual day of global ceasefire and nonviolence: Peace Day. I wanted it to be like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. I just couldn’t understand all the fighting and suffering happening around me and I wanted to do something about it. I’m a filmmaker, so I decided to make a film about my journey to get this day recognized. Other people might have written a book, but I see the world through images and stories as told in films, so for me it made perfect sense. I had no idea what would happen, but I knew I had to try.


After traveling the world, speaking to country leaders and school children trying to make this day happen, I actually succeeded. Amazingly, in 2001, every member state of the United Nations adopted the day, September 21, as Peace Day. The UN resolution asks everyone in the world — governments, organizations, and individuals like you and me — to mark September 21 each year. Since the resolution was passed, I have been working hard to spread the message so that everyone around the world knows about Peace Day.

This year, I am more excited than ever about Peace Day and I hope with your help, it will be our best year yet! Lots of wonderful things are happening on THE STACKS including a new Message Board to talk about peace, and a Live Chat on Peace Day itself. 

WHEN: Peace Day! Tuesday, September 21, 2010 3 p.m. ET (12 Noon PT)
WHERE: THE STACKS (See below for instructions to join the chat.)
TOPIC: World Peace

Speaking to young people is what inspires me, so make sure you stop by for the Live Chat on September 21. It really is up to you to create a more peaceful world. Please tell your friends, family and teachers and invite them join in the celebrations!

—Jeremy Gilley, Founder of Peace One Day

This entry is sponsored by Peace One Day 

Thanks for joining the chat about peace! If you missed it, you can read the transcript to hear Jeremy Gilley’s inspiring message of peace.

  1. Whitedetermined6

    Peace day is perfect because with all this suffering we realy need it. We all should celebrate it in September

  2. melonchartreuse10

    hi what are you doing right know and i will miss the 5th grade because i will not be in 5th grade no more and i will have a great summer and i will be going on vacation for my sister’s birthday and i will miss my bus driver who is so nice to me because he is so cool and he will have a busy weekend because he will mow his church lawn and he will be so busy because of that and he goes to church on sunday and that i will miss him and that i will miss the teachers so bad and that i will be crying for my favorite’s teachers and i will be so sad in my carrer and i never want this to happen to me again because i will be gone because today is my 5th grade class last day today because my older sister is going to have a baby girl this summer and it will be so awesome and we got to get her trailer ready so she can move on in the trailer

  3. melonchartreuse10

    what are you doing right know and i am having a block party and today we have are teachers are standing out on the grass and i will miss my old school and i will be going to a new school next year and i want to visit my old school and i want to have a fun and i will be sad forever and very sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. jolene

    hi there katy perry what are you doing today darling sweet heart what are you doing today darling sweet heart i love the book you gave darling sweet hwart

  5. dogblue3482

    Well I really do agree with you. I believe that violence isn’t the answer to anything, but I still do support the military.

  6. melonreuse10

    what are you doing right know and have a fun summer and i wish you a good one to

  7. makayla8602

    I love what you have done and it is awesome.I am glad I am not the only kid who wants peace in the world,Thanks and God Bless!

  8. clubdrama82

    im board just chillin i just got a person on here and my friend shasha told me about it and its pretty cool,but im in school on this cuz i stay after school(sometimes)and then i have to come bak at the middle school
    why?beacau im inviting perople to the middle school for the spring concert im in and ill be playing the bells so…..yea.♥☺

  9. john

    this stacks need to get improves this stinks u need to make this play to play there is only 1 person playin this that is bad programming.. <3 john

  10. goatinky6

    ya i hope there will be wear peace one day cause im scared of bombs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. downpourgreen12

    hi everyone I like all your ideas can I add them to my avatar? thanks

  12. Nya

    To me, every day should be a day of peace. There shouldn’t have to be a designated day for it. Yet with the crazy world we live in today, I can make an accept ion. Peace is a state of well being. I t involves setting your mind at rest and coming to the conclusion that you should only think about the present. i t doesn’t involve yoga, smooth music, silence( although helpful), it involves You. Peace!

  13. GreenGriffin45

    Dear Sponsor,
    I think that’s a wonderful Idea to have a peace day, honestly we should have more. One with no violence but happiness and thankfulness for all we have, a day of loving others and forgiving one another is were it’s at!

  14. Aaisha

    This is a great idea for at least once there should be peace in our lives, once a year, with out any peace, i wonder of our future.

  15. lavenderpuppy48

    Wow! That sounds so cool!
    U must have worked so hard. I never knew there was a Peace Day. From now on I will think of Peace Day on september 21.

  16. BeastlyFairy40

    I agree that there should be peace day but i highly dought it because not enough people care about Peace. I like to educate myself and I know for a fact that no one cares because if they did the wars all over the world would be put to a stop. I sure do wish the world had a peace day or even week maybe. :)

  17. purplehorse382

    mark the day on december 23 so we can have peace before christmas eve and christmas day and we can all think about what we should peace about!! and i think this is a great idea

  18. purplebear319

    that is soooo coooooool that you wanted to have peace for the world. i love how you tried to make peace for the world. would you like to be my friend on The STACKS middle school survival? please be my friend. i want a friend who cares about making a difference.:)

  19. Jigg

    we studied about Peace One Day in school! It was really inspiring.
    My friends and I had a bake sale to raise money to donate to Kiva. :)

  20. Basketballgrapes7

    I thinks a great idea! If everyone put a big part in it we could save the world. This one of the greatest ideas ever. I love this idea. :)

  21. trumpetcrest6

    Read the”code”.CAPS!
    Leave Our Veronica Everyday,she Is Such a Knee.Every Year she Tugs On us ,Meanies Err!
    read carefully!

  22. trumpetcrest6

    Hi,I know that no one knows me exept lightningdanger5.Its kk one of ur best friends for life.And,indigomighty6, you might want to vote for dogs because dogs dont scaratch like cats.They dont bite.Plus they dont do much. Peace out buds!

  23. pink fashion758

    i really love how compassionate yo are about peace/also i really agree what with all the stupid stuff you here on the news that other people are doing to each other. iwant you to know that i strongly agree with you.

  24. jada

    Well I love thanksgiving because that’s when the:-) pilgrams came but I’ll celubrate peace day too.:-)

  25. samantha

    i like this idea about peace and everybody needs a day off from frighting and appreciate everyone for who they are. fighting is not good. just because everybody is different doesn’t mean that we have the rights to be mean to them. if everybody was the same the world would be very boring.
    just saying i love this idea about peace for a day and it should be world wide.

  26. ipodteal12

    That was good of you to make a new holiday/speacial event.I no that may be alot to travel all over the word and tell everyone about peace day but you did you
    accomplished it that was
    really good of you and that
    was alot you got it accomplished and that was good.

  27. bubblyunicorn13

    i need a little help, you guys. i can’t figure out how to send a shout out. would someone get back to me on that asap? please?

  28. DarkCobra31

    omg!! yes i would want to celebrate peace day because COME ON PEOPLE we need some peace around this round world

  29. bobby

    peace is awsomre its means hippy to my friend but i think it is a magical thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. bluechatty78

    EVERYONE SHOULD TAKE CARE OF THE WORLD EVENLY THATS WERE THEY LIVE PEACE OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. BLACKBLUE1193


  32. maelstromdelighted4

    If people understood the meaning for peace and actually thought about it, they would truly understand how it can change your life. So we should all celebrate Peace Day!!

  33. funwildgirl

    I think that a GREAT idea I L-o-v-e Peace and what a better thing to do that to make a day call PEACE DAY!! Anyone what to chat with me on here???

  34. c4

    Great post Jeremy Gilley, I wish there was like a place that you could post anything at any time!

  35. BIRDBEAK115

    loved it. it was lovly. how did you thank that becuse that is just what i was thanking you know me and you could be best freinds bye p.s it was heat warming

  36. joseline.c

    i just love reading. it’s one of my favorite thing’s to do. I HOPE EVERY ONE HAS A GREAT SUMMER.

  37. purplepanther104

    i agree with you i’v always wanted a world with peace.
    people at my school are big bullies and i want to not be scared when i get near them.

  38. shelllynx5

    what is this supost to be man ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  39. blueluma589

    can you chat like in real life like i am just asking because i just started doing this so sorry if i am anooying

  40. plainsfestive3

    OMG everyone NEEDS to read Harry Potter books because they are very good!I used to HATE Harry Potter but now that I decided to read his books I love Harry Potter books!

  41. nick

    peace is also hope trust and believe i belived in my- self when i tried to – for peace day my family does a tradition

  42. risingsword6

    That’s amazing that somebody did that it makes me happy because I’ve seen pain and suffering and been part of pain and suffering ~risingsword6

  43. eaglenebula3

    insted of just one peace day how about everyday just be a peace day because that sounds good to me.dont yal agreee.

  44. eaglenebula3

    wow peace days sounds like a pretty good what day is peace day exactly.because i think it sounds like a pretty good holiday.

  45. catsphinx10

    that is amazing peace is like so important i mean we need it its what keeps this world together. Besides most of the time everyone is busy!

  46. orangecat117

    OMG! I really…don’t like peace day. JUST KIDDING!!! I love peace day sooooo much, but last year I did not have a great time. I started dating a boy and after that I relized I didn’t like him so I broke up with him and scince he is aboy he said he broke up with me. And my”friend” lied for the whole year and I dumped my old friend for her. Huge mistake so I felt sooo sorryyyy and we are still friends but not BFF’s anymore. thank you to my friend for coming into my life.I still think about it but I don’t regret it,I mean now I know that I won’t date until i am older. But i got in sooo much trouble but now i have learned my lesson.

  47. dae dae

    I really think thats cool that u want peace and I think that everyone can have peace and make a difference

  48. Marc

    This does sound like a good idea, peace to everyone from me. (= Love also! If any of you feel lonely or need a friend add me to your STACKS friends list.

  49. mark123

    Peace is a good way to show love thats why peace won day is my favorite.PEACE IS ALWSOME…….

  50. platinumgorilla5

    Ummmmm……..Im new 2 this, so I dont really know what this is about, but Peace Day!!!!! E:Pic!!!!

  51. Liv

    Some say that World Peace is impossible. Some say it’s a dream that will never come true.
    Dreams come true if you try your very best to reach your goals. Dreams come true if you believe.

  52. Tariyanna

    yeah so happy luv ur stuff………………………………………me &mii boyfriend

  53. sese715

    yes i do belive in peace but others dont so should i i mean i want to but if i tell any 1 i do will they make fun of me

  54. potterworm100

    omg,i watched the video in hummanities about how you went through a lot of stop to finally make peace day and we had a huge discussion about it!!

  55. Bloodhoundblack404

    I lovw all about peace. I well werd about it but I love peace stuff. I wish we all selabrated peace day !!!! :)

  56. Horsecode8

    wow peace for a day i would love that my house but to any kids on vacation is the only peace we have. sometimes……..

  57. teambee2

    hey my name is teambee2 i wonder wt is peace global is bout i wish i can join u the reason why is cuz i believe yll havin a good ttime in wt yll doin tody in wt u doin write meback today to teambee2

  58. puppypink132

    hey i think this is a good idea cuz im seein so many agruements ins kool and evrything so i think u came out with a great idea!!!

  59. called me crazy

    soooo cool but how would it spread ?:) oh same here 11 too gr 6 rocks kinda jk
    ok well maybe but have you done it before if so peace day i want to try sign me up so when is it? :) :):):):)

  60. maroonbulldog17

    that is a very good thing you are doing and i also want to be a filmmaker so i support what you are saying

  61. examiningaggressive1

    hey yall :) )) im new to this so i need alot of friend requests i lik alot of friends thanks

  62. bloodbloodhound728

    hey whats up my friends i am back and i just came from being away thank you bloodhoundbloodhound728

  63. pinkangel202

    I love peace thats what makes us well us so who ever belives in peace, on this board post “I belive in the power of peace” and on my page become my friend.

  64. Brownhorse53

    I really thinks, it’s cool, but and I can’t make it. I must(be out of town). But also I will remember the date like I remember my moma’s phone #!!!

  65. BEEBEE729

    Hey I liked what you put on your live chat I was wondering if you wanted to be my friend on my profile yes or no question talk to you later.

  66. cutechatty2

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  68. andrune

    man i love yall but i think it’s the end i know i am new it’s just i dont have no friend s well bye :(

  69. Brianna

    WoW!!!that just amazed me thats pretty cool and from this day forward i’ll celebrate PEACE DAY.This is something I’ve been looking forward to a holiday like this

  70. randi

    that’s a great idea i would do that to if i wasen’t 11. i see what your saying in that post you made me and my mom fight sometimes maybie watching that movvie would make us more together thank you so mutch for that blog

  71. lovey

    one day i had a peace day i was so happy and my friends was happy to so we made another peace day group we sa aout side told pepole posted bsigns and that day was the mnost peace full day i thought i was going to fun till the day was over and i got rewarded that evrynext day!
    THE END!

  72. lovey

    one day well 2 years ago there was a peace day and i went online a read books then i maet a girl and she said you want to make an online club and i said yes then we gatherd people to join us and we mad up a peace day it was fun till that day stoped!
    the end

  73. purpulcheery29

    i’m awsome right now one thing 2 say I’m having a SLEEEEEP OVERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. purplecheery29

    heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love my life peace out!!!!!!


    YO!!!!! This is a super nice blog story its SUPER SUPER sweet! SAVE THE PLANET AND SAVE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

  76. crestsilly3

    i cant beleive i can chat with people online during the live chat events. i mean this is awosome.

  77. jadeyoga2

    Peace is an amazing thing. If there wasn’t peace, we would have wars galore. On the other hand. Hope everyone has a great one

  78. strongholdfiery1


  79. Rachelle

    PEACE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I <} the world and peace day

  80. Rachelle

    There is peace in the world but not when there are big storms I like storms anyway Hey I like live chats how is everyone’s summer going

  81. chihuahuatoes3

    I’ll get the jelly! i wonder if my dinosaur will eat it. he likes jelly. especially with peanut butter. my dinosaur is bigger than you.

  82. Darkangel23

    I like peanut butter so do u think if we spread peanut butter on their farm lands and roller rinks and hospitals do u think that I’ll be famous? …. And end world hunger? …. And unicorns will come? … And that my friends will eat dinosaurs?….. I want a dinosaur. DONT EAT IT! Dont even look at it! It’s mine and my sister, Chihuahuatoes3. It will bite ur head off. XD Lolz.

  83. Josie

    lol! people are bringing in SO much comments!!!!!! just to remind the person who owns this thingymajiggy…peaCE ?!?!?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  84. Annie S.

    im known for loving shirts, purses,etc. with peace signs on them. im SO with u.

  85. cheer2020

    hey i have sign up a year ago and only have three friends so if any of u guys would like to just post a frendly note or any kind of note just post cheer2020 lol.

  86. gracie

    one day the world will be amazing
    we will all live the same
    hunger poverty and war wont exiest

  87. mothplains4

    why are they so picky about your typing because, they don’t let you type the text way.

  88. Sophia

    Whats your favorite book that you all have read?
    Mine is Just For Girls its AWESOME!!!

  89. josie

    Hope we ave a safe life and we didnt get killed on judjement day!! PRAISE to u
    LORD JESUS CHRIST!!! WE luv…….nvm. xDD

  90. AutumnSunrise777

    Hey hey add me ill sometimes be online but peace out!!!!!! i ;p love u all.

  91. wisehummus2

    omg that waz such a wonderfuly/ awesome idea… i tottaly get what u were saying!!!

  92. oceanadventure2

    peace one day is a good title for that keep on doing what you are doing.<3u

  93. lexlovly

    hi hello im not really sure wat o do i just learned to post and stuff im new and have only about 5 or 6 friends so if you help me ill be your friend goodbye

  94. AutumnSunrise777

    Heyy everyone I think peace day should be everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!whats up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i thank u all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. artadventure23

    i love tis day and i hope it stays this way so happy peace day everybody

  96. m

    I keep missing the live chat ill be over sleeping or have something else to do I will try agin , and see if I will make it is it 7:00-8:00 someone please tell me when I never be on time I really hope ill make it soon what the heck is with all the in the moringing stuff I want to haveit in the afternoon lol

  97. bearpanda2

    wow that is a good writers therory….. Ihave a question does anyone help out by earning money?? because i know a good idea but i would like to hear what you people think…..


    peace is great so lets make every day peace day yall and make this a better place and divided we fall but united we stand

  99. 6821asa

    I think peace day is a great idea!!!! I think everyone and every school should celabrate it!!!!

  100. Jamerri

    that sounds like a very good idea and i back you 100%. But the thing is not everyone will agree with you and you might end up creating violence instead of peace. Just being real… ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  101. FlippingGymnastics

    I think it is great that people out there are trying to form a Peace Day. Since there are lots of wars in Afghanistan going, Peace Day will remind people of how grateful we should be.

  102. dairy2000

    hey i really really think that everyone should celebrate peace day and do some things to make the world a better place

  103. lexi witch

    hello im from japan and iv relly have had a hard time in japan with the sununi and earthquake but iv movede to china im thing when the sununi and earthquake clears up to go back to japan should or should i not give me some ideas.

  104. interesed'n'everything00

    I believe in peace one day and we as the people should ba able to make that happen.YOU CAN BET ILL BE ON SEPTEMBER 21.LETS get ready for some thoughtful chatting.I want to hear what umm cant think of hiis name but i want to hearwhat he has to say.

  105. sugar

    im n love with this book ive read this last year i got it at the public library…and it was so cool u di a good job on this book….. lol it was amazing

  106. Sparkledebbie

    Yepp!I figure out the live has many expierences some might be good and some juzt bad!You have to start saing what you think,how you express it!Right..,but in a niiccee way not hurting the only planet with life.I agree a daii with peacce will be juzt great…If people onlii neww live..

  107. sergie

    hey everoyne im new to scholastics i like to meet everyone in scholastics if everone wants to be my freind i would be delighted to have yah to be my freind

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  109. purplejello

    HIIIIII. I enjoy all of this that is going on on this website. I am learning loads about books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you all!!!!!!!!!

  110. Gabby912

    Hi, I’m Gabby. I’m new to this but I love Peace Day. Sometimes I just go somewhere im my house where no one is there so i can have peace and quiet. Gabby.:)

  111. Owl Guardin

    PEACE ON EARTH AND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. Girlykids

    we should ask president Olbama to lower down prices 4 alternative energy sources. Because of factories each week it gets hard 4 me 2 breath especially when i am near the factories

  113. Girlykids

    I ordered like 4 books on January 10th and it still hasn’t come! WHEN WILL IT COME! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  114. worldofworcraft12

    hey i love to see peace one day on hear it might be cool and so sweet to see it live on stacks online.what do you think of that cool one?

  115. superstar girl


  116. e12

    hello how are you doing.well peace one day means to care for each other and have love to one another and have cool spots and be with a teacher or be kind to others.

  117. winterhavefunnyelks12

    hello,or hi how are you doing today and hope to see peace one they have a movie.or a game that goes with it.winter have funny elks 12

  118. winterhavefunnyelks12

    hi,this is a great website to be what is peace one day say to it because that it reminds you of what is says to you or anything that tells you in your heart and give it love, hugs, and peace,and if you wont to send me a quick back reply to let me know how this looks and be kind and love to others. from winter have funny elks 12

  119. winterhavefunelks

    hello is there a movie coming out about peace one day or like that or is there a movie coming out at a movie place like that and you can tell me what your asking me or cool stuff like that and that will be so nice if you could do that for me and happy 2011 and happy new year to all of you and be nice to others just the way you are and be kind and be cool to others and please do not get on other peoples user and they will be so mad if you do that and have a great day today and live where it is warm and nice outside and play outside in your backyard,and hey to you and whats up with all of you are you just tired or just board i am just at school and i get home at 2..20 pm and have a great day

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  122. winterhavefunelks

    hello everybody this is Winter Have Fun Elks hope you like my story about the movie Ramona and her sister this is it so much and cool.

  123. winterhavefunelks

    i love the Ramona movie and it was fun and cool and me and my mom got to see the movie and it was so cool and a little fun hope you post your story to mine winterhavefunelks

  124. icecreamstinks

    I think peace day should happen because everybody needs peace if we did not have peace on earth it would be a distaster

  125. lexyboo-boo

    Wow! I love your idea and I think many people will be inspired, as well as me. I also am a film maker and think it’s pretty amazing that we both have much in common. I do also believe that one day world peace will change the world. With not only our age, hobbies, and hopes in common I believe that everyone has their chance to inspire. I hope that there are many good things in “Peace Day’s” future and in yours too. :)

  126. ibored2

    I am really inspired and totally with you.Jeremy that is a great idea of doing something you love to make peace on earth.I have a friend who really loves filming and im an artist so maybe combimg others with your talent will work too :)

  127. nathan

    omg!!!!!plz!!!no bullying!!!!love you!!!not in a weird way!!!love you on stacks anyway!!! no bullying!!!

  128. Tex

    I am new to this site and eveything I am finding is old. Gulliver’s Travel came out in January….what am I doing wrong. Most of the posts are in September…did the world stop and I just didn’t know it? :) Tex

  129. happyhorse101

    i think thats a great idea, i know september 21st has already passed but i’ll mark it on my calender for next year!

  130. JeNnINFeR

    Iam glad that someone created this my dad is in the milltary and recently got back from irac and soon when I grduate from collage I soon will be in the milltary fighting for my country i love this land and wish the fighting would stop but science it ant anytime soon we should do something about it :)

  131. s dogie

    to be honest that is one of the best idea i ever heard i wouldlove for it to come true im 12! and your 11 wow and i couldn’t have put it in a better way!

  132. kbaby01

    You are totally right peace will make the world a better place. We all need to work on bringing a little more peace into the world.

  133. okley01

    Mhmm intresting intresting yes i really didnt read it im too busy reading goosbumps so whatever cool projet yata yata yata

  134. COCOLOCO14

    My Social Studies showed my class this film I swear I could’ve cried when Afgahnistan didnt agree to have “PEACE ONE DAY”

  135. quinsahe10

    what up everbody. i just made me one cuz man i forgot,. my stuff to. this so i am glad. to be right back.. on this good game. and i just want to let you people.. know that got one of these. thank you for adding me people.. and you people. that got one. please. add me. thank you.

  136. bae girl

    whatever it take it peace it peace sometime peace come around just get up wen it come around dont stay on the floor

  137. kat

    wow i just love peace hey dont forget to love. peace out {lol get it i love peace then i said peace out lol}

  138. cellphone -music- boyz

    Peace day seems like it is a great cause if i made a peace day the rule would be for everybdy to not…
    FIGHT STEAL LIE ect.To me if i do that i feel that i can make the world a better day for everybody that ants it to be better

  139. Nicole

    There is one thing that has been on my mind for the last few days. It is that everybody is right about the future.Everybody is making a bunch of new stuff like computers teachers and we never stop to realize that we dont need all that junk . STOP AND LOOK AT THE PLANET.

  140. kimiko

    hello, i regularly watch BBC and they did a feature on ‘weekend world’ about peace one day. i’m a political science/philosophy major and a debater and i was moved by documentary and the nobility of the cause it represents. because of it, i was inspired to organize a debate tournament dedicated to the theme of ‘peace one day’- thank you for providing that inspiration :)

  141. wifey26

    aw thats cute i like helping the world mostly the child out in africa butim only 15 so i wont be able 2 go what should i do?

  142. jonathan aj

    I think we sould save earth by puting water into the tree and to put more plans insted of puting new plants then and save more water and sve more then one tv in hestory and poeple sould get payed for saveing one last of plastik and before i go to sleep im am gonna save money to save my dog because he might be sick

  143. 45awsomeness

    OMG!!! finnaly a day with purpose!! at my school in art major and minor we made peace pinwheels! their located all over the school! and we broadcasted to all schools in my county what day it is! i was lucky enough to start a group named “peace today and peace forever” everyone that celebrated this thank u sooo muchh! i also have a stacks account 45awsomeness thank you!! to bad its onne day it should be a month ar a year… every year!!!

  144. Debbie

    We are celebrating Peace Day at our school! The students love the activities we have used leading to Sept. 21. It’s fantastic.

  145. C

    PEACE DAY!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE should celebrate this day because I believe that peace is one of the most important elements on earth so everyone, mark your calendars, and tune in for the live chat, Im gonna do the same, and I hope you will too!!!!!!!
    PEACE OUT :)

  146. queen cherry

    i think live chat would be awesome if they had a place whwre you can put up anythimg you want thats more awesome

  147. asas47

    miranda do you have a stacks account? if you do have one, friend me please! it would be awesome to be friends with a scholastic reporter :)

  148. soccermvp

    Thanks for letting the viewers at the stacks know about Peace Day. Ill mark my calendar and its sure to be a smashing success!!

  149. supergrover123

    This is a great day and a great idea. We watched the documentary in History class last year and it totally blew me away. Celebrate Peace Day, everybody!

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