September 29, 2010


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Karate_kid_130 Did you catch The Karate Kid in theaters this summer? Good news! It’s coming out on Blu-Ray, Combo Pack, and DVD on October 5!

In this awesome twist on the 1984 movie, Jaden Smith stars as Dre Parker, a 12-year-old boy who moves to Beijing when his mom gets a new job. China isn’t anything like Detroit, and the only thing that keeps Dre from missing life back home is his cute classmate Mei Ying. Unfortunately, Cheng, the class bully and a kung fu expert, will do anything to keep Dre and Mei Ying apart. Everything changes when Mr. Han, the school janitor, agrees to teach Dre kung fu so that he can take on Cheng in a tournament. Check out the trailer!

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  1. Amber L.

    I watched it and I like the part when he stands up for him self and how he learned kung fu thn he won in the tournment and he got the girl he liked but his parents agreed to let him have a second chance but the movie was AWSOME!

  2. Erika and Jessica

    OMG!!! we♥ that movie its so funny and we loved it even more because our friend was on it JADEN SMITH OMG WE L♥VE U

  3. percyj99

    It seems kind of dumb compared to the original Karate Kid. Seriously, have they really run out of ideas? I still say the first is the best.

  4. springflubber

    I really wanted to see that this summer, but I did not get to. Hopefully I can see it on DVD. It looks action packed!

  5. firestar28

    I watched The Karate Kid in the thearter.It was a pretty cool movie.This movie inspired me to take martial arts,and now I’m a yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do.

  6. Ka

    I liked the clip it was good it seems like a great movie I want to see the movie it seems interesting.

  7. Bruce Lee

    I have seen the movie and I have to tell you the preview doesn’t show emotion as sincere as the movie plus, the dude’s mom yells at him a lot as a matter of fact he does the jacket thing because his mom yelled at him to put it up and he did it but, with an unacceptable attitude.

  8. victor

    I think this a great movie and i also think Jackie Chan is a great actor so is Jaden Smith too.

  9. gameode

    i think this is just another copy of the other moives. its good but it has the same plot as all the others

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