August 3, 2010

SPONSORED ENTRY: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice


Only Sorcerers Can Do This

In The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (rated PG), Nicholas Cage plays Balthazar, who was of the great sorcerer Merlin’s original trusted apprentices. Now, stuck in modern day New York City, he takes on a new apprentice (Dave) to teach him all his tricks, and overcome the ancient forces of darkness.

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  1. sushicatluver(srry i don't wanna use my real name or user name)

    roast the marshmallow before I blow it out
    happy b-day to me


    .hahahahahjsa ive known what to do to my only heanderance to my plan can u guess what it is /[while laughing sheepishly] im going to do it just now excuse me but i better be going and wish me good luck.

  3. Jake

    for the last time guys, this isn’t “tinker bell”, its… wait what movie is this?

  4. Kaitlin

    omg! I thought this was just a special affect, but apperently I can do it offset to! I’m ganna make this an April Fools trick and do it on my wife!!!!

  5. NikkaNikka

    Oh and by the way, I’m not interested in hearing long monolouges about what happens after this character says whatever. It’s just confusing. No offense.

  6. naHhan

    “A single spark can cause a massive chain reaction. Magic can be the same way if used properly. This is why we are both here today.”

  7. D|N

    Balthazar: Alright Dave, for the fifty-secondth time all you have to do is grab the flame. (throws flame at Dave)
    Dave: Grab the fl— AAAAH!
    Balthazar: I told you, grab the flame!
    Dave: I’m on it! I’m on it!
    Balthazar: I SAID GRAB IT!
    Dave: I’m on FLAMES!!!
    Balthazar: Wrong Dave, the FLAME has to be on you. Not YOU on the flame. When will you EVER learn? (Dave runs back and forth and screams, Balthazar just stands there disappointed)

  8. D|N

    And by the time Balthazar turns 99, he might just be able to win a battle against a 5 sqare centimeter chocolate goop…

  9. Adam the vamp

    Balthizar:”ok now that you see my spell is working and the fire is lit—WAIT THE FIRE IT LIT HOLY COW-whoops i shoudn’t have said that… *cow drops from the sky made out of holy water* Thats why” Dave:”Uuummm why is there a cow made out of ummm-OH YES! Holy water???”

  10. Wolfy-S

    Balthazar: And as you can see… my hand is on fire… OMG GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!
    Dave *turns around*:Hmmm spits water all over it* that better.

  11. Astra Oid

    “How could the forces of darkness settle in such a place as this?I have found a new sorcerer, but he just won’t believe me when I tell him…” (sighs)

  12. Manny

    Balthazar says “You see this flame here.Well be careful with it you can get burnt.Oh..And one more thing”"WAH!”(Balthazar throws flame at Dave who catches it) Balthazar says “Aha! …sorry but you can do it you don’t realize it but you are a sorcerer like me you control magic and use it for good” Dave says “No th- th-th-that’s not possible h-h-h-how did i do that”Balthazar says “Face it you are a sorcerer and no one can take that away from you”

  13. Zoe

    ………….It could BURN THROUGH MY SKIN!!!
    Wait no dont do that of get water
    I cant i have drunk it all
    The fire extingusisher
    Sorry i put that foam on the dog

  14. Zoe

    Balthazar hey look at this
    Dave what when can i do that
    Balthazar sometime
    Dave when
    Balthazar NEVER MWA HAHA
    Dave but
    Balthazar NEVER and dont ask
    Dave when
    Balthazar after i turn you into ash
    Dave WHAT!!!!!!
    Balthazar now wheres my book of spells

  15. non-of-you-business

    Balthazar: you see Dave once you become a sorcer like me then maybe you could do this, you know cause im so awesome.
    Dave: oohhh, pretty fire..
    Balthazar: wait! what are you doing Dave!!
    Dave: AHHHH!! HELP ME!!! IM ON FIRE!!
    Balthazar: oh my. Um..don’t worry Dave l’ll use one of my handie-dandie spells.
    (Dave turns into ash)
    Balthazar: woopsie daisy, my bad. I’ll get you fixed in a jiffie, just hold on there Dave buddy. Where did i put that spell book, hmmm. This could take a while…
    (gets Dave’s ashes and puts them in a jar)

  16. Hazel Eyes

    My caption would be
    “Ha! I can make a flame in the palm of my hand. Do you know why? No? Well that’s because I am soooo much cooler than you. So there.”

  17. EDD84

    And as you see the web did not catch on fire. Hey wheres the spider? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

  18. AlanRickmanfan

    “OK, so with the right mobility,Dave, you can-WHOA!!!!MY HAIR!!!!IT”S ON FIRE!!!QUICK DAVE, DO THE WATER SPELL!!!”
    “You didn’t teach me that yet.”
    “Oh, Right!Well, GET THE FIRE EXTINGUISHAR!!!”
    “Um, you used that to teach me the explosion spell, remember?”

  19. soccermvp

    Stupid spark. That wasn’t supposed to happen! I was supposed to make a ball of better light! (Balthazar cries like a girl.)

  20. Melissa

    What do I think he is saying?
    “If you aren’t careful,this thing will go right through you, causing a hole.”

  21. s.snape2000

    Balthazar:SEE!If you train, you can become greater than me!Look at that!Its just a spark!

  22. GNOletsgo1

    Um, what’s with all the sponsored entries? And, my caption: “Now we can light up the scented candles!”

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