July 16, 2010

SPONSORED ENTRY: Sorcerer’s Apprentice I Spy Game

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Blog_130 The Sorcerer's Apprentice movie is in theaters this week! We thought it would be fun to show you some of the sets in the movie. . . and play a little game of I Spy.

Please don't laugh at this feeble attempt to write a rhyme like the real I Spy books. That is way beyond our talent, but here goes. . .

699_D_00989I spy a shrunken head, a map of Africa, a crocodile’s open jaw,
A wolf, a Chinese lantern, an hourglass, and a moose head on the wall.

Did you find them all? Tell us in the Comments what else YOU spy in this photo, and challenge us to find the objects! 

This entry is sponsored by Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Photo courtesy of Disney Enterprises, Inc.

  1. waterluva910

    I could only find a wolf,5 globes,gargoyle,the map of Africa,and the hourglass but it’s so small

  2. SuperSapphireSpy

    i found everything except the lantern and the hourglass. anyway i spy a a statue, three big lights, and a gargoyle. (and no, i really dont care if it doesnt rhyme.)

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