July 28, 2010

Sneak Peek: Framed by Gordon Korman

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Stacks_framed_130x130 If you loved Swindle and Zoobreak by Gordan Korman, then we have good news for you: The Man With The Plan (aka Griffin Bing) will be back this September in a new sequel, Framed. In this book, Griffin is accused of stealing an authentic Super Bowl ring from the school display case. He didn't do it of course, but all the evidence points directly to him. Somebody set Griffin up to take the fall. But who would do that and why? All Griffin knows is that he's being framed for a crime he didn't commit. Read on for a sneak peek at the book. . .

"Out of my way!" bawled the principal. He waded through the throng and began to work at the lock on the glass panel, trying key after key from a large ring.

Griffin ran up. “What happened?” he asked a tall student who seemed to have a good vantage point on what was going on.

“Somebody stole the Super Bowl ring.”

“But how?” asked Ben, watching the distraught principal searching for the right key. “The case is locked up tight.”

At last, the principal slid the panel aside and reached his hand in. Griffin wiggled to the front for a better view. The view was clearer, but not better. It was true. Art Blankenship's Super Bowl ring was indeed gone. In its place on the black velvet was a small object — pink plastic and shiny silver wire. It was —

Griffin goggled. No. Impossible —

Dr. Egan's beefy hand closed on the item. He brought it out of the case and examined it. His wild eyes found Griffin in the crowd.

Griffin was in a state of shock. He stared at the piece, unable to believe his eyes.

“What is it?” whispered Ben, who was too short to see what the principal was holding.

“A retainer,” said Griffin in a strangled voice. Engraved on the plastic palate were five letters:


“I want that ring back,” the principal ordered. “Now.”

“I don’t have it.” Griffin was barely able to conjure the breath to get any sound past his lips. “I didn’t take it.”

“How do you explain the retainer, then?” Dr. Egan demanded. “Since the first day of school, every time you open your mouth, that thing falls out. Well, you should have kept your mouth shut while you were stealing the ring! Because now your retainer proves that you're guilty.”

“I'm not! The case was locked!”

“That wouldn't be a problem for an experienced burglar,” the principal accused. “Locks have never stopped you before, have they?”

The Man With The Plan had been confronted with the unexpected many times. He'd been surprised, astonished, even blown away. But never had he been so completely and utterly blindsided to the point where he could not even find the words to defend himself. He stared at the retainer, incapable of believing his own eyes. He could barely work up any anger at Dr. Egan for putting the blame on him. With this kind of evidence against him, he almost blamed himself.

“I lost my retainer a few days ago,” he managed finally. “Ask anybody. All my friends know.”

“You mean your accomplices?” the principal challenged. “Not the most reliable witnesses.”

“Somebody must have found it, and they did this to frame me!”

“All I know,” Dr. Egan told him, “is that a major piece of sports history is missing, an item of jewelry worth tens of thousands of dollars. If you don't hand it over, I'm going to have to take this to the next level.”     All Griffin could say was, “It wasn't me.”

The principal addressed his students. “Everyone — back to your lockers. This doesn't concern you.” His furious gaze fell on Ben and Savannah. Pitch, Melissa, and Logan inched forward to support their friend. “And I certainly hope it doesn't concern any of you.”

He marched Griffin into the office and slammed the door.

“Lottie,” he said to his secretary, “call the police.”

What do you think? Are you going to read this book? It's available now, and you take the Framed Personality Quiz to find out which character you are most like. Let us know in the Comments.

  1. graydog25

    i loved zoobreak and swindle and framed and i hear there is a new 1 coming out so i’m excited to read it

  2. jumperqueen

    I think it will be a great book to read and I think Gordon Kormon is a great author so I can expect great things from him.

  3. greenaqa18

    Gordon Korman is a great writer. I love the 39 clues book he wrote for the seire.

  4. Friends

    i read swindle and zoobreak but this one looks the best i want to get it the day it comes out,When does it come out?

  5. Kayla

    OMG!!!!!(oh my gosh) I am am definitely gonna read this book, it seems so interesting, and i already know Griffin didn’t do it. I love the series so, so , much.

  6. Miranda

    I’m such a big fan of these books!I’ve read Zoobreak and Swindle.If I wouldn’t have looked on this website, I wouldn’t have even found out about this book!Hope it turns out good.

  7. immunegirl

    wow! my brothers and i have read swindle and zoobreak, but this sounds so much more interesting

  8. skatingmonkey

    I’ve read both swindle and zoobreak. Zoobreak has to be my favorite though, but I think framed sounds better.

  9. BFootball1

    Wow this is a great sneak peek if i wasnt going 2 read this blog i problably wouldnt have come across this book. What a great way to read a good book

  10. StarMagic

    Hi! I can’t wait for the book to come out. I have Swindle and Zoobreak and I’m currently on Zoobreak. : ) Happy Summer

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