November 27, 2009

Skyrunners Movie

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Skyrunner_130 The alien invasion trend continues with yet another movie about extraterrestrials. Skyrunners (rated TV-PG) premiers November 27 at 5pm (ET) on Disney XD.

Skyrunners begins as teenage brothers Tyler and Nick Burns discover a small UFO that crashed near their town. They soon realize that the spacecraft is “alive” and Tyler begins to develop superhuman abilities. When the brothers uncover an alien plot to take over Earth, Tyler gets captured by the extraterrestrials. Now, it’s up to Nick to rescue his brother and save Earth from destruction.

Joey Pollari stars as Tyler Burns, who develops superhuman abilities. Kelly Blatz, from the Disney series, Aaron Stone, stars as Nick Burns, Tyler’s older brother. We got exclusive interviews with boys boys. Read on to find out Joey’s favorite book and Nick’s favorite food. . .

Kelly_Blatz Q: Kelly, how would you describe your character Nick? Is he like you?
I’m a lot more like Nick than I am like Charlie in Aaron Stone. Nick is kind of the Ferris Bueller, very cool in his own unique way. He’s not the most popular guy in school; he’s not the jock but he’s cool in his own right and he’s the man of the house. He loves his little brother and he’s always chasing the girls and school’s not his first priority. Then this whole adventure ensues and his brother’s in danger and he has to rise up and rescue his brother. But he’s more of the adventurous risk taker, likes to rebel a little bit. So that was a lot of fun for me to play because he uses his humor and his charm but in a very unique way. So for me it was great because with characters I like to touch upon the aspects of myself, which I think I have many different personalities given the time of day and who I’m with. So it’s fun to just tap into that part of my personality and be free.

Q: Kelly, did you bring any experiences you had with your brother?

Kelly: Oh definitely. I have a little brother who’s three years younger to me, so I feel like my little brother to me is like he’s completely my responsibility and I have that protective nature over him. So for me, for most of this I used the feelings that I could come up with that I have with my little brother. Also, Joey Pollari we’ve known each other a long time and he became a little brother to me so in a lot of the stuff I also use him as well.

Joey Q: Joey, tell me about Tyler. What’s he like?
Tyler is a very nerdy but lovable geek and he’s an absolute brainiac. And he loves space, he loves science and when the UFO falls into his lap, it’s kind of a dream come true at the same time it is an absolute horror. Because Tyler never wants to get in trouble. He’s a good kid and while this is exciting, it poses a huge problem for him. He’s just really lovable. Tyler and I are so much alike. And I look out for my brother just like Tyler looks out for Nick and vice versa. So yeah, it’s just an easily connectible character for me.

Q: What are Tyler’s supernatural abilities?

Joey: Tyler has an emotional connection with the UFO and is able to understand what the UFO might want, but that’s not even a supernatural ability. He has super strength. The biggest thing is that he has a lot of agility. He can do flips and all these things, jump great heights. It’s not one specific category I guess. It’s more agility and strength.

Q: Joey, did you get to do your own stunts?

Joey: I did get to do a fair amount of my own stunts. Now, some things are of course things that I could never dream of doing because my stunt double was unbelievable, but the things I did get to do were really fun. Jumping on the trampolines and flying and getting wrapped up in a harness and flying across sets and kicking balls and all this super fun stuff. Just awesome.

Q: Was the harness comfortable?

Joey: Well most people would say that the harness was uncomfortable, but the funness factor overtook any sort of pain whatsoever. It was so awesome. I was pumped and I was so excited to do anything with the harness.

Q: Joey, is there a book that you think every teenager should read?

The-book-thief Joey: One of the ones I thought was really influential for me was The Book Thief (for ages 12 and up) and there’s never been a book that so much impacted me so much the way The Book Thief did. I was absolutely just torn and broken to pieces once it ended. It just tore me in every single which direction. If anyone says, “What book should I read?” I would say, “Read The Book Thief.” It looks like a long book, but as soon as you get into it it’s just absolutely engrossing and beautiful in every single which way.

Q: Kelly, almond butter and bananas? How did you discover that combination?

Kelly: That was the best discovery ever! I spent a
lot of time with a mountain biking friend from Australia. He introduced almond butter
to me after a bike ride and he just gave me a spoonful and I had no
idea that they made almond butter. And so after that I became obsessed
and I ate all the almond butter and they actually had to hide it from
me whenever I was in their house. In my oatmeal, just by the spoon, anything you can
make with peanut butter. So I started making it, because I researched
how to make it and it was very simple. So I started making my own
almond butter and sharing it with my family and friends. Almond butter
and bananas together is just unbelievable. If you have oatmeal and you
have a spoonful of almond butter and you just let it melt in there and
you cut up a banana it is just the perfect. It’s my favorite thing. I
have it every day.

— Sonja, STACKS staffer

Interviews by Marie Morreale

Photo of Kelly Blatz and Joey Pollari Copyright © 2009 DisneyXD/Bob D’Amico

Photo of Kelly Blatz Copyright © 2009 DisneyXD/Jae Frew

Photo of Joey Pollari Copyright © 2009 DisneyXD/Matt Klitscher


  1. Darian

    Joey(aka Tyler) was awesome. Kelly(aka Nick) was to! But I think Joey was a little better because things mostly happened to him. My cusins were watching it and I thought it was just some guy movie. Nope, I was wrong, girls can be into it to, LoL!!

  2. joeypollaris#1fan!EVER

    I LOVED THAT MOVIE!!! It’d be cool if Joey Pollari and Kelly Blatz made a fan club for it because i’d SOOO want to be in it!

  3. joeypollaris#1fan!EVER

    Ive seen the movi and it’s the BEST MOVIE IVE EVER SEEN!!! :O My favorite character is Tyler!! :D DD

  4. Cheeseninja513

    I have seen this movie and it SO ROCKS!!!!!! I love the story, the plot and well everything about it!
    I LOVE the movie Skyrunners!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

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    I think the skyrunners movie will be fantastic because i think the extra terestrial stuff will be cool to see .Plus to find out what happens to Tyler(Joey Pollari) and Nick (Kelly Blatz)will be from what i ve seen in the previews!!!!Sorry i didnt see it yet have to dvr it soon Bye!~!!!

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