April 14, 2010

Shadow, a novel by Jenny Moss

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ShadowHello and welcome to Scholastic Booktalks where we recommend brand new Scholastic books that we think you will love. This week's booktalk: Shadow by Jenny Moss.

In the kingdom of Deor, there lives a girl named Shadow. Shadow works for Queen Audrey but she is neither a lady nor a servant. She is what her name suggests. She is a shadow for the Queen.

Ever since Shadow can remember, she has lived her life next to Queen Audrey. She exists to help protect the Queen, for it's been said that the Queen will die before her 16th birthday. And Shadow's duty is to be by her side always.

But make no mistake; Shadow is not treated as royalty. She is slapped when she says something out of line, she is berated for being more knowledgeable than the Queen and she is laughed at by the Queen's ladies-in-waiting.

Shadow wants nothing more than to escape from this life. She's never known her parents and doesn't even know her real name. She has no idea who she is and she cannot wait to leave the castle grounds and start her own life.

However, her dreams are dashed when the Queen mysteriously dies in her sleep. The staff blames Shadow and throws her in the castle's dungeon to rot. Surprisingly, she is rescued by Sir Kenway, a young knight thought to be the Queen's future husband.

When Sir Kenway tells her that his orders are to keep Shadow safe at all costs, Shadow begins to question who she really is. Why should he protect her? She is a nobody. Now that the Queen is dead, why hasn't Shadow also been killed??

Will Shadow discover her true ancestry before the kingdom is destroyed by a madman? Read Shadow by Jenny Moss.

— Jen, Scholastic Booktalker.

  1. damariz

    ive read this book twice i love it, working on my third.It is filled with romance,magic,drama,action,and it is THRILLING!!!!!

  2. kiley

    this book is so rad. its romantic!!!!! i love romantic. he-he. so cool that you must read. or else.^-^

  3. Noelle

    I would love to read this book. It sounds really good. I looked in my public libray and sadly they didn’t have it. Maybe I will buy it or when I go back to school check it out from my school libray.

  4. divagurlious

    yuk like wats goin on am i gettin punked is this some kind of a scare vote cause itlook scary da me like a ghost off of syfy

  5. loser27

    i kinda like this book buts it is kinda boring a little. i think some people are a little mad that they can not think wat really 2 say . ay you think this book is good.

  6. Noelle

    I want to read that book. First I thought it was going to be stupid but that sounds really good! I will be defintly checking that out! Good Job Jenny Moss.

  7. marissa

    did u eclipse which by the way is twilight the 3 should come outs\ sometime in ma y which is gonna be awsome

  8. asia4eva

    wat should wedo about the rest of your books there kind of awesome really i love them so much love always your best buddy asia 4 eva

  9. asia4eva

    this book is kind of boring. Yeah i know it has scientific things in it its really scary yeah i know

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