February 13, 2013

Shadow Breakers Book Review

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ShadowbreakersShadow Breakers
by Daniel Blythe

A year after her father's death, Miranda May finds herself in the tiny coastal town of Firecroft Bay, but things are not going well. Her sleep is disrupted by nightmares of "The Shape," an ominous shadow that calls out to her, "ring around the rosie. . . " Freaky! Her mother is too busy working and taking care of her baby brother to notice Miranda's behavior becoming more erratic. Why Miranda, and why this song?

Then things get really weird. On the way to school, ice appears out of nowhere and coats the interior and exterior of the bus. Then the computers in the lab explode. Miranda thinks she knows where she can get answers. Her science teacher, Miss Bellini, and four of the brightest students at her school, have formed a group that want to figure out the truth just as much as Miranda does. Lyssa, Cal, Josh, and Ollie use a mixture of science and technology to hunt down this mysterious apparition that is causing havoc, dragging Miranda along for the ride.

Is Miranda going crazy, or is something really strange going on in Firecroft Bay? Find out in Daniel Blythe's thrilling new book Shadow Breakers, and leave a Comment to let us know what you think!

—Elysse, STACKS Writer

  1. bulldoggreen257

    I really like this story!I thought that it was so amazing you should make it become a real book I would buy it then tell other people about how great it is!

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