November 5, 2013

Season Personality Quiz

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desertchief avatarSeason Personality Quiz

Desertchief19 created a Personality Quiz to determine which season you are most like. Answer these questions and come back next week to find out your results.

1. What are your favorite colors? A) Gray, dark blue, and white. B) Green, light red, and light pink. C) Dark red, gold, and dark pink\salmon pink. D) Brown, orange, and yellow.

2. What is your favorite holiday? A) Christmas! Hanukkah! I love unwrapping presents and watching snow fall. B) Easter! Passover! C) Uhh . . . does the last day of school count? I just can’t wait to have some fun in the sun! D) Halloween! It’s a delight to eat candy and hear the sound of leaves scrunching under my feet.

3. Which activity sounds most fun to you? A) Ice skating. B) Having a picnic with friends. C) Swimming in the cool ocean at the beach. D) Helping cook a big feast for Thanksgiving.

4. What drink sounds most delicious? A) Hot cocoa. B) Water. C) A milkshake. D) Ehh . . . I’m not that into drinks.

5. Which days do you like best? A) Snowy days! B) Warm days (but not too warm!) C) Hot days (maybe with some rain). D) Chilly days with lots of colorful leaves on the ground.

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image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. Grace

    Best Quiz ever!!!
    My favorite color is( Well, it’s not one color, but) all bright, neon colors.
    My favorite season is Summer.
    I’m such a neat freak!!! I have to spell everything correctly and everything has to be perfect and right for me!!!

  2. Grace

    1.) B. Green, Light Red, Light Pink
    2.) A. Christmas! Hanukkah! I love unwrapping presents and watching snow fall!
    3.) C. Swimming in the cool ocean at the beach
    4.) C. Milkshakes
    5.) B. Warm days ( But not too warm)
    I hope I get a good, positive season personality!!

  3. DolphinAqua

    For the first question I would pick answer C because I like those colors. For the second question I would pick the answer A because I love Christmas because I love the presents my family gives me. For three A because its cool, for four C because I like chocolate milkshake its so good. Finally for five it would be C.

  4. sonja/ sofia


  5. steelfootball

    To eliana age nine,
    You don’t press the answers, you put them in like you put in your question!
    Get it?

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