January 19, 2011

Season of Secrets

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SeasonofSecrets Welcome to Scholastic Booktalks where we recommend brand new Scholastic books that we think you will love. Today's booktalk is: Season of Secrets by Sally Nicholls, author of Ways to Live Forever.

Molly doesn't understand why real life can't be how it is in books. In books, mysteries are solved, questions are answered and parents thought to be dead always come back. Sadly, in Molly's case, this doesn't happen. Molly and her sister Hannah have lost their mother. Since she passed away, their father cannot care for them, so he sends them to live with their grandparents in another town.

Hannah absolutely hates living with her grandparents and desperately wants to run away. She convinces Molly to go with her on a stormy night. When Molly loses track of Hannah, she gets lost in the woods and runs into a man who is being hunted! The man barely survives, but tells Molly to go home before she can find out any information about him.

The next day, Molly and her classmates go on a field trip to a local church. While on the trip, Molly sees a man made of stone and realizes that he is the hunted man from the night before. But this is impossible! The man she saw the night before was very much alive and this man is made of stone. Molly asks her teacher about the man made of stone and she learns that he is known as The Green Man. Rumor has it that he used to be the god of spring or summer, and that he is somehow connected to death and rebirth.

Molly and her sister both want to return to their old house and live with their father. If their mother were still alive, they could return to being a part of a happy, normal family. Could this man bring her mother back to life?

— Jen, Scholastic Booktalker

  1. amethystcat55

    I will say it sounds nice.I feel bad for the girl because she had her mom die and her dad does not care much for her and she is hoping to have her life like the storys that she reads.

  2. Obi

    There is a face on the cover…it’s kind of freaking me out…. But other than that it sounds like a good book.

  3. owlgirl

    This book is kind of like the book “When You Reach Me.” It is a mixture of fantasy and realistic fiction,and it is pretty good.

  4. satsuki21

    OMG it sounds a lot like me. I really want to read this book. :) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. HermioneHJG

    Sounds cool, I wanna read it! And to Starrninjarawr, you’re right, there is a cover on the face. But you have to zoom in to see it. nice eye!

  6. nicole

    i like the sound of this book it sounds good ihink at our book fair next week i am goin to buy the book and read it i will tell u how good it really was when i finnsh it i bet it will be a good one

  7. caterpiller123

    Never heard of it. it sounds like a great book tough. i think i am going to go look for it at my public library!!

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