September 1, 2014

School Supplies Writing Prompt

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Writing Prompt: Back-to-School Must-Haves!

It’s official. We are back to school, and in order to have a good year, a kid needs new stuff! You’ve probably made trips to the usual places for the usual supplies like pencils, notebooks, a backpack . . . maybe some fancy pens or book covers. Maybe you absolutely NEED a mirror inside your locker. (We get it. How can you focus on learning if you’re afraid your hair looks bad?) We want to know what school supplies are essential for you. So for today’s Writing Prompt, in the spirit of Back-to-School, we’re asking . . .

What school supplies can you not live without?

Whether it’s the usual or the unusual, leave your must-haves in the Comments below!

-Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. DrawingCyclone26

    I would not lie without…
    1. Pencils and Pens
    2. Notebooks
    3. And pretty much everything that envloves drawing.

    1. bethany

      i love school and the best thing about school is that i can get smart and chill with my friends & i cant wait to graduate high school b/c i going to become something of my self.

  2. k girl here!

    all these blogs are wonderful and thank u for putting them out. i’m going to trust u all to help me. thanks for all u did! ;D help me know how this works and i think we can all get along very good.

  3. artemischimaera111

    Colored pencils, regular pencils, gel pens, a brush, a hobo bag {instead of a backpack}, a folder, graph paper {for math], and notebook paper,

    1. athenagreen128

      I have never tried a hobo bag but want to… what grade are you in and does it hold everything?