May 6, 2013

School Dress Code Writing Prompt

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Writing_prompt_bananaSchool Dress Code Writing Prompt

Just about every school has a dress code of some kind. Some schools have uniforms and are very strict about them. Some schools have uniforms, but there is room for some creative expression as long as you follow the rules. Some schools don’t allow tank tops or shorts. Some schools don’t allow hats.

Today’s Writing Prompt puts the school dress code question to you. How do you deal with your school’s dress code? Is it possible to follow the rules and still show your own unique style?

How do you dress for success at school? Leave your answers in the Comments!

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  1. Lynnae

    we have a school uniform:(
    one for summer/spring
    and one for/winter/autumn
    our school uniform is SO strict:(
    i hate it:(

  2. percy person

    no tank tops or spaghetti straps shorts and skirts have to be down to your knees and no leggings ):

  3. BTS/Anonymous

    No short skirts or spaghetti straps. Shorts have to be finger length. No low cut tops or short dresses.

  4. Claire

    My school’s dress code isn’t very strict. We have to always wear close toed shoes (so no flip-flops or sandals). If we wear tank tops the straps have to be two inches wide. If we wear shorts they have to be right above the kneecap or lower. We can’t wear hats during class, but we can wear them at lunch. It’s pretty easy to show my style without breaking the rules

  5. Flabaybay

    Were allowed to wear tank tops and shorts. but I barley wear them. the only time I wore a tank top IN SCHOOL was on easter, all the girls had to dress up like a bunny and the boys had to dress up like a bunny to. about almost all the girls wore a white tank top with white shorts, and a tail with easter headband.

  6. Anonymous

    i think the gress code is good in some ways because we have a limit. at my school we cant wear short shorts we cant wear tank tops of hats
    have a nice day

  7. AngelSong

    Worst Thing About my dress code…


    It’s so weird!

    We can only wear them during winter!

    No more showing off Giants pride with a panda hat!

    I don’t get it! :(

  8. Uniformed girls

    At all the schools of my country we must use uniforms EVERY day
    You guys are lucky you are allowed to use your own clothes even if you have a dress code it is easier to express your self without uniforms

  9. sabine

    I am lucky because at my school we can almost wear whatever we want but the school a few blocks away from mine they have to wear ther uniformes almost every day

  10. BudderBro360

    first of all fedoras are epic. second my school doesn’t have a dress code thank god, now that u bring it up i gotta say if it did i would be so annoyed if they didn’t allow hats.

  11. Mary

    I believe that you can still show your own unique style even if you are wearing a uniform. How? Maybe you can wear a few accessories that makes you look like the true you, but not too many. Then, you can dress your hair any style you like. Example is fishtail, french braid, ponytail, pigtail, etc. Lastly, show off your own personality to show the inner you. Do not change who you are just to fit in at school. There’s nothing more that’s you-er than you. And what I commented is truer than true! :)

  12. pinkpanther617

    At my school, we don’t have a dress code.we can’t wear hats, tank tops, or short shorts to school.We are only allowed to wear shorts that are down to our thy’s and longer.We don’t have to wear uniforms.It could be possible to follow the rules and still show your own unique style sometimes.For school, I usually wear shorts and a t-shirt unless it is picture day the, I have to dress up.

    -Pinkpanther617 (:

  13. Graci

    Also I think that uniforms are cumbersome because you have to wash them every night unless you get one for everyday of the school year (not likely). Also uniforms are not cool they don’t let you express who you are.

  14. Graci

    You should always follow the school rules on dress code. Schools usually let you wear whatever you want (other than schools with dress code), as long as it is the appropriate length, and not anything with inappropriate language, sigs, etc.

  15. pizzayellow33

    my school is all about love IT’S DUSCUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. melanie

    we can wear sandles but we have to bring shoes like running shoes for gym and wear them when were outside for reacese

  17. Anonymous

    i love scolastic news but sometimes we have hw on it or we have to read all of it mostly because we always get them late and we never get the ones we want to get

  18. sam

    my school has a strict uniform policy.
    I wear colorful headbands and my backpack is BRIGHT.
    And that’s how I express my love of color!

  19. adorablecat185

    My school doesn’t allow boots, sandles ,and things like that on gym day. I can still show my style by wearing shirts that say things like ” Happy To Be Me ” or ” Fabulous “. These shirts say that I like things like style, and people.

  20. Craig

    Kids have to wear dress code uniforms because some of them might mean something or someone is cursing.My school has a dress code they should keep it like that I like it that way

  21. LeighAnn

    My school is pretty accepting. But we have to wear a white top and blue bottoms. The bottoms have to go past our finger tips. Also we are not aloud to wear sleeveless!

  22. First Name Only or STACKS username

    i have one saying that no shorts 5 inches above your knee and no spagetti straps

  23. dancing dancing623

    my friend wears shorts every day she never gets in trouble but not to be a copy cat but i did it once and i got in trouble. my question to you is how would you handle that? also check me out on my profile and friend me

  24. kiwicupcake14

    I have the same code as you purplechihuahua exept the shorts have to end 3 fingers below your longest finger! Sooo unfair! Basically your shorts have to be at your knee!

  25. athenafearless58

    My school has a strict dress code, and as a future fashionista, I hate it! But I fix it by wearing cute shoes and bracelets, and having a stunning personality, because after all, your personality is your best accessory!

  26. brea

    at my school we have dress codes we can’t wear hats or tanks or shorts but the way i make my outfit awesome is i make it all crazy so i can be noticed by people and hopefully we can wear tanks shorts and hats!!

  27. tammy

    school is fun when you can dress up as anything ! in my school at the last Friday of the month I can do that ! totally awesome .

  28. jada 5

    what do you do when you are outside. who is the avatar next to yours with the purple hat on and tell her that jada does not know you at all so can you plesese tell her that she will know me the next time iadd a comment to you ok write back ifyou can ok bye.

  29. AnonymousJJ

    My school doesn’t have a dress code… I’M SOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!! :-) My sister can wear her Halloween costume to school yeah she’s lucky, I’M SOOOOOOOO GLAD I DON’T HAVE A DRESS CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Rodajha

    we do have a dress code at my school we have to wear uniform and if we do not follow it we get sernt home or i parent come with a change of clothes for us to wear

  31. Maddie B

    I have a dress code at my school:
    - No hats
    - No shirts that show out stomachs
    - If our shorts are shorter than where your fingertips meet your thighs when you put them staight down, they are too short
    - No shorts after October 25th
    - Tank tops have to be the width of three of you fingers or more
    -No leggings unless they are under a dress, skirt, of shirt that is long enough to cover your bottom
    - If we have holes in our jeans, you teacher will send you to the office, and the principal will duct tape them

    I always say: When in doubt, don’t wear it!!!
    :) Maddie B

  32. emma

    at my school there is no open toed shoes, no cut off shorts, no rips in shorts or jeans or shirts, no spaghetti straps, your shorts have to be 4 inches above the knee, your pants cant sag even if you cover it with your shirt, you cant see any of your under-garments, you cant see any of your stomach or back in your shirt, and the pictures on shirts have to be school appropriate which means no guns no bombs no profanity or any words that give the idea of profanity, or you have to change into your PE clothes

  33. john junior

    i dont think schools should even have uniforms like my i do not like it there have to wear navy blue and khaki pants every school day wierd . my old school had no uniform dress how u want but here in my state now not the case . kids should express thierself its not something the school should disobey we have the right.
    uniforms = not cool somebody do something about it i need a fashion police .even i dont make it work

  34. 323

    My school requires a uniform. (polo, kakis, dress shoes) However I really like it because I do think it enhances the academic experience.

  35. Anonymous

    I also can only wear school jackets or red, gray, black, or navy jackets to school with no logos (only school logos allowed).
    For free dress days we:
    have the same shoes and socks rule
    shirts can’t be tank tops
    no band tees other than christian ones
    no fringe or frayed jeans/cutoffs

  36. Anonymous

    The thing that stinks is that I have to wear uniforms, a plaid shirt and polo shirt everyday :(
    We also have a PE uniform.
    We can only wear black, white, or navy socks
    We cannot wear boots or sandals
    Our socks must show above our shoes
    Our shirts/shorts/skorts cant be shorter than 3 inches above knee
    :( ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  37. arabella

    homeschooled but I still dress up like I would if I were going to parents wont let me wear “distracting” clothing though.

  38. ...

    I have to wear a uniform. I hate it! I have to wear polo shirts and UGLY pants. It is so ugly what we have to wear! So my dress code is VERY strict. Like no vest or sweaters when you go outside when it is hot, but I think that is just showing your style! Well thanks for reading what I have to say!

  39. Atira

    Sport shorts, cowboy boots, anything sounds good to me. I know dress code, well I have always dressed appropriately because it’s my religion but I think the school made a good decision with dress code. As long as there are no uniforms involved. :)

  40. dasia

    we can wear anything we want except for things that display blood or violence and that is for Halloween too and we can’t wear flip flops

  41. purplechihuahua430

    my school also doesn’t allow belly shirts or the boyfriend/girlfriend thing not even hugging.

  42. purplechihuahua430

    my school has a horrible school dress code. your not allowed to wear spaghetti strapped tops or racer backs and the shorts have to be long enough so that when you put your arms to your side they are longer than your longest finger. i mean whatthe heck some people (like me!) have longer arms than other students do which makes it unfair.

  43. d

    yes it is possible to follow th dress code at school becuase the only thing we are not allowed to wear is tank tops ( BUT I STILL DO ), really short shorts agian ( WE STILL DO ) and i love my school dress code because you still look your best for school and dress your style. OHHH AND I REALLY HATE THE SHORT SHORTS ELLLKKK!!!!

  44. volleyball105

    we have to wear uniforms,but we can add jewelry, sweaters, jean jackets, and just accessorize our uniforms. if we don`t have any uniforms washed we can wear shirts in the colors of red, navy blue, and white. we can also wear school related shirts like after school activities shirts. we can wear any types of shoes. we also have dress down days every other friday

  45. elfheroine1

    Well, I used to go to a charter school and we could only wear uniforms, except on Friday you could pay a dollar and wear whatever you want.

    BUT! Now I’m home schooled, so I can wear whatever I want all day long! (even my PJ’S :D )

  46. Shannon

    I’m homeschooled so I don’t have a dress code, but my mom does tell me what I can and cant wear. So all I have is natural good parenting.

  47. darkdrama22

    my school liberty park is strict about swag and sometimes it can really get to some peoples heads

  48. dogcat4204

    I have a dress code at my school, and I like it. at my old school I got made fun because I wore simple things. With dress code I don’t have to worry because everybody the same thing.

  49. audrey

    at our school, we can not wear tank tops or hats, and our shorts have to be down to our knees. i am the kind of person who has my own unique style, and i like to show it off but the thing is… were not allowed to wear hats. i disagree with this rule, but i understand the others. my school thinks that wearing a hat would be a distraction. i dont understand how a hat of all things could be distracting!

  50. adorablebrowine

    my dress code is khacky pants and navy blue shirt and i <3<3<33<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 it………….

  51. poseidonaqua99

    I think this is a great idea for a report. My junuior high tends to have a LOT of scarves and dresses. I’m a very sporty person, so I won’t go for the dresses. I look really good in scarves and hats. I’m going to aim for the scarf fashion wave!

  52. Jaycie

    at my school we have uniforms, but I do my personalizing by accessorizing! From headbands to bracelets I show my own unique style through small things.

  53. adorabledog151

    We don’t have to wear uniforms at my school. I like that we don’t have to because then we would be wearing the same old uniform everyday and if the uniform doesn’t get washed then you probably wouldn’t have a uniform to wear to school. Unless you have two or three uniforms. I love wearing my own style to school.

  54. bashfulelf9

    we have to wear uniforms but I also wear mustache accessories. but I glad we have free dress day ;]

  55. Nicole

    I hate my school dress code.We can’t wear our own jacket,Monday and Friday we have to wear my school uniform dress.We need to tie up our hair with blue rubberband and can’t wear colorful socks even black.Only white and black shoe,also on the other days we wear P.E. uniform.

  56. andrea

    sometimes they let us dress down but its for a reason like red ribbon week and we could only waer red shirts and jeans

  57. andrea

    its like you are all the same trust me being dirfferent is better than being the same be cuae we wear unifroms

  58. anubishouse34

    me too i have a dress code i just want to express my feelings and my mood in my clothes is it really that hard to do my school district uhh

  59. Kasey

    at my school we cant wear baseball caps, or shorts that go below our fingertips when our arms are at our sides. we also cant have weapons or foul language of any kind on our clothing

  60. First Name Only or STACKS username

    My school has uniforms, and we are not allowed to wear neon. We have to wear navy, white and black socks. the teachers CHECK! But I put on makeup in the morning.

  61. birddog368

    i wear all the new clothes and styles. i don’t like that we can’t wear spaghetti straps so i buy the thick strap kind. whoever wears uniforms i think its dumb u should have the freedom to pick what u wear. i think that some dress codes are alright but some i cant stand we should have the freedom to pick what we wear.

  62. birddog368

    i wear all the new styles and all the new clothes i have. i hate that u cant wear spaghetti straps so all of my tanks are the thick strap kind. im not a fan of belly shirts so thats ok

  63. AMBERCAT469

    I live in France and over there, we don’t have dress codes.
    What is it like to have one? How can you support it?

  64. jessiepooh

    i hate dress codes i think its not fair they say we have to were uniforms because of gang activities

  65. Sara

    it is rather strict in our school to wear uniform and we can only wear fancy dresses on parties or important events. i hate this rule darn it and for my school if they read it;
    we should be allowed to wear cute clothes. :-p

  66. Rebeccer

    OMG this happens all the time with my school uinform!! me and kids at my school try and costomize but the teacher tell us not to NOT FAIR they get to where oufit everyday!! Teachers should have uinfroms to!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  67. fangpink42

    hi i am fangpink42 and i think that every one is very good at reading and i hope every school does best at reading and every one is fun at reanding

  68. purplewizard50

    I have a uniform in my school. :( (. We,like, get in trouble if we even wear the wrong colored hair band or socks. They say that the other kids get jealous if you have a really nice hair band or something and they have a boring one. Fine, I get that. But who would be jealous of anyone’s socks???!!!!!!

  69. silly morgan

    My school has a no hat rule but that’s easy because to deal with because I can still express myself at school.

  70. venusmystery7

    okay my school has a horrible glum dress code but i find ways to make my outfits fashionable. We wear light blue school shirts ONLY!And navy blue pants, shorts,Capri.
    What i do is i put on earrings, bracelets,rings, and necklaces that match with my uniform. I wear this denim, or white , black or blue jacket each day. Nice shoes that match my jacket or jewelry each day;and wear nice different hair styles each day. That is how i maintain my fashion whats yours!

  71. 321

    Polo-color of your choice/Kaki PANTS/and Dress Shoes. You are allowed to wear cardigans and sweaters OVER THE POLO. I don’t mind the uniform much because I do BELIEVE that it enhances the academic experience.

  72. Carissa

    Our school doesn’t have uniforms, but there’s a dress code- everything from no short shorts or fishhooks. Luckily, I don’t really wear any of the stuff we aren’t allowed to wear, anyway, so I can just wear whatever I have in my closet.

  73. Maroon Fashion37

    My school has a uniforms but you can kinda like wear a bit of makeup and jewellery and stuff if u want to.

  74. Chocolatemonkey61

    We have to war an annoying uniform . It’s so hot. Especially in Summer. We have these press studs so everyone rebels and leaves them open. It so much more comfortable but if you get caught your in trouble.

  75. bluepurple370

    You should always have your own style to show you are one of a kind but when you wear a unique style you show that you are unique.

  76. bluepurple370

    I deal with my school dress code by showing my unique style with a little thing I like to call fashion. I create my clothles online and then I go to the store where my clothles are designed anad ask for my clothes. And if they are ready which they usally are I take them home.

  77. bluebird5630

    At my school we have uniforms.They are not that cute.But it helps me in the morning because I do not have to pick a new outfit every day!!:)

  78. Lysandra

    If you still want to follow the dress code and wear your own style I would say um… I got it when you want to wear your long sleeves shirt put that one then.. put on your school shirt I tried that it was okay and stylish wear your jeans IF they are good,blue,not ripped, and smelling fresh. Wear any belt I’m sure that’s surely okay and if your wearing shoes.. shoes um that’s okay as long if your not doing socks and sandals or huge socks with high heel shoes.Any hats only wear them when your OUTSIDE on a hot day and you need shade jackets uh oh yeah those are totally okay and scarfs wear them on cold days if you need anything write back to me please

  79. silvertiger79

    In my school we can choose any clothes that we want. That means we don’t need to wear the clothes that the school gives us. Well, I am in elementary school, not middle school. I call myself lucky.

  80. danceblue256

    I show my style and follow the rules buy wearing a cute headband and some matching earrings. Some times I wear different earrings to show my crazy and wonderful self.

  81. blueangel

    I understand why we have to provent bullying but that wont do any thing all the schools really need to do is watch its simple so making a dress code wont do any thing

  82. s

    My school dress code I sooooooooooo strict we can’t were pants with scratchy because they think (it so distracting) & if we don’t we’re clothes by the dress code we have to we’re a ugly pair of sweet pants and t-shirt. I hate my school dress code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!p.s. we can’t color our hair.=(

  83. Sofie jk lol

    My school has a drees code and it is UGALY !!!!!!!! But I turn out nice if
    I fetch it up with stuff it is cool

  84. l

    we don’t have uniforms or a special dress code. so what i do is go for something different each day. like Monday my favirote outfit Tuesday my most comfy outfit and so on. I like having good style but still having fun with my clouthes

  85. downpourcrown13

    School is like every other place, kids should have a choice of what they wear so i love wearing different outfits that I matched.i think we should atlest kids should wear a uniform once a week.

  86. kittenblue334

    how do i dress for school ,its a short dress the color is navy blue and khakis and a navy blue sweater and if i follow the rules i can dress up in any kind of way!

  87. Nicolle

    I dress at school with long sleeves (no spaghetti straps), sneakers , no hats , appropiate shorts (not butty shorts).So thats how I use the dress code.


  88. Nicolle

    Dear aquayellow32, I don’t think it’s disgusting at all it’s just inaproppiate . but I hope everyone follows the dress code.


  89. Nicolle

    Thank you Sonya for sharing the school dress code with us. Now because of your help we know how to dress.

    your friend,

  90. aquayellow32

    We have a dress code @ our school but pretty much nobody follows it. We`re not allowed to wear tank tops but I`ve seen girls in second grade wearing spaghetti strap tanks. Can I be the first one to say eww.

  91. kristan

    My school says NO holes in jeans or else you’ll have to go home and change or tape them up and they say no spaghetti straps,or any shirt that is not at least two inches wide across the shoulder. We dont have to wear uniforms so I am grateful for that. For all the kids that wear uniforms, you can wear some bracelets,necklaces,or earrings. You can express yourself with your attitude,personality,and voice.

  92. Rebekah

    My school does have a dress code. Nobody really pays any attention to our school’s dress code. We can’t ware short shorts, tank tops with spaghetti straps, hats, sunglasses, shirt that have low hanging necks and more. In P.E. we must wear our P.E. uniforms or the Teacher will lower your grade. Teachers never enforce the dress code ,except in P.E., so it doesn’t really matter. Usually we follow the dress code without even thinking about it.

  93. mermaidhorse18

    at my school we dress down every friday but still have dress code i agree with allison uniforms hide our creativity im an origanal i dont want to look exactly like every body else im not saying anybody looks bad i just have my own style.

  94. happyrainbow20

    This is a very interesting topic. we saw this in a scholastic news once. I think dress codes should not exist mainly because that is the only way kids can say who they really are without being judged.I mean,sure, kids will still be made fun of but at least they still have some kind of form of freedom.

  95. joyfulbreeze26

    my old school had uniforms but now my new school doesn’t have any (yay!) but i still wish i was home schooled :( ttylxox by.

  96. joyfulbreeze26


  97. joyfulbreeze26

    i like to wear anything what i can’t stand is shoes! they make your feet hot and sweaty who agrees with me? comment anyway they are just G-R-O-S-S

  98. glamorousswimming5

    in my school we have to wear only the school colors. To show my creative i wear braclets all they can do is tell ypu to take it off right.

  99. bluedog3510

    If there was a “dress code” at my school, I wouldn’t want to follow them. Beacuse fashion expreses felling and the way you roll. I don’t like dress codes at all because other people don’t let you show and express feeling and te way you roll. Dress codes are something on never to do list.

  100. bandastronomy152

    I have a dress code at school. My school can not wear sunglasses or hats in school but if it is winter time we could wear hats. we can not dye our hair completly a diffrent color or we can’tput the top of the hoodie on our head. over the years I found out we can do thoese things at recess but our school dose not like when we wear flip flops. or paint our nails. A lot of people wear flip flops and paint there nails but they do not get in trouble they just do not like it. our dress code is not very strict i am happy.also we are not aloud to wear cut offs.

  101. PurpleArtemis25

    At my school,we have a uniform. It’s really strict- You can get a detention if you’re not wearing the right shoes!
    There really isn’t much freedom in accessories either. Any hair band,bracelet,earring or even SOCKS you wear has to be in the school colors.
    Hats aren’t allowed in the building,which I believe is a rule in many places.

  102. historytoes7

    I wish we could wear what ever we want to school it would be so awesome I can already imagine it in my head it being the best thing that the school ever made anyone else who agrees say I very loudly.

  103. brilliantboy10

    I don’t like uniforms and dress codes. My school has one. Everyone has his/her dressing sense.

  104. Shaundra

    My school dress code just got changed so that shorts only have to be as long as your thumb instead of your fingertips. This makes it easier for me to find shorts because I have longer arms. The whole reason that my dress code got changed is because somebody started a petition. I suggest that if you don’t agree with something, take action to change it instead of standing around doing nothing.

  105. Victoria

    My school doesn’t have many rules. The only rules are at least two fingered tank tops, no hats, and finger tip length shorts. Not that bad!

  106. lavendergymnastics33

    I have uniforms. What I really like is that they let the girls wear crazy tights. Like stripes,polka dots and flowers crazy tights. So I show my personality in school projects and in my tights.:)

  107. laptopfashionista10

    my school doesn’t let anybody wear shorts or skirts above the tips of your fingers if you put them down, spaghetti straps, open-toed shoes, and crop tops. the bad thing is that almost every teacher breaks the dress code, but when we break it we get sent home. ):

  108. sam

    I go to a school were we have!! to wear uniforms every!! day!!. I feel as though we have no room for our own creativity and style.

  109. ta1224

    In my school you cant wear really short shorts(has to be, when you put your hands down, past your fingertips) and spaghetti strapped tanktops.

  110. rascalsoccer seven

    i have a dress code and some people dont understand what to wear they dont think its seruios but it is

  111. Shaundra

    At my school, shorts must come to ur fingertips and tank tops must be at least 3 fingers. This makes it hard 4 people with long arms (like me) 2 find appropriate shorts, then u c people with shorts half ur length because their arms r super short and it’s annoying. We also have the rule about no mid-drifts or bra straps showing and no explicit messages. But the popular kids get away with breaking dress code, but if anybody else breaks it, they get told to go change. In grade 5 I switched schools and got told off for wearing a too-short skirt when I didn’t know about the rule. The same skirt was fine at my old school because they weren’t strict about dress code. The funny thing is that both schools had the same approved dress code, one school was just more strict about it. I think that if the district school board has a board-wide dress code than all the schools should show the same strictness towards it. Then it would make transitioning between schools easier. You wouldn’t have to worry about ur shorts being too short at a new school when they were fine at your old school.

  112. Aquaicecream15

    I don’t have dress code. But, we’re not allowed to wear spaghetti straps and we use the bend over rule for shorts

  113. Madison

    My school has a uniform :( . We have to wear dresses and polos under it. Our shoes are pretty ugly they are bucks…. I feel like i need more freedom of expression at my school though. The only way i can express myself at school is by the color shoestrings i have and i can chose from three colors of spandex to wear under my dress. It sorta stinks….

  114. turquoisecat99

    my school doesn’t allow tank tops with really thin straps or short shorts it also doesn’t allow things that show your belly
    I just make sure I only buy the trendy things that follow my dress code it is easy to do

  115. fashionfairy159

    i do not get it either. the girl is friends with every one but on her friend list i can’t find me or my school friends acounts.

  116. Makenna

    My school dress code is pretty relaxed -no tank tops, short shorts, hats, or sunglasses- so we can pretty much wear what we want.

  117. keaarah

    We have no uniforms at our school.We have a liberal dress code. We cant wear hoods or hats or t-shirts that advertise alcohol or tobacco.
    I love to wear stylish clothes. I’m really glad we don’t have to wear uniforms.

  118. Dakota

    i have a dress code where you wear uniforms but you get used to them. You can where a hat outside but not inside a classroom. Dress code is very easy to get used to.

  119. mermaidblue78

    i love this prompt but it should be if you had your own school how would you let your students dress

  120. justin


  121. Spring

    My school is just no spaghetti straps, anything that shows off your belly botton, and nothing covering your face. Sweet and simple.

  122. periwinkleauthor13

    I think schools have to show some restraint. If the girls at my school didn’t have dress codes, they would barely have anything on! But, at the same time, I feel like some schools have too strict of a dress code. I don’t understand why you can’t wear hats or have your jacket zipped up. If I’m cold, why can’t I try to keep myself warm? The only reason to wear a jacket is to zip it up so you don’t freeze in the colder classrooms!

  123. bearmelon6

    my school clothes is uniform but when its almost the end of school …WE WEAR PJ’S OR COWBOY CLOTHES DIFFRENT KINDS OF OUTFITS IT’S SO FUN
    P.S i do HATE dress codes to

  124. Maria

    My school is pretty strict about how long clothes are. Shorts have to be at least as long as your fingertips. And you can’t wear tank-tops that have skinny straps. Only thick tank-top straps. And also, you can’t wear shoes that don’t cover your feet to P.E. (Physical Education if your wondering), or high heel shoes.

  125. Won't tell you!

    My school does not allow hats but I don’t have any hats. It also does not allow skinny straps but I also don’t have that. It doesn’t allow flip flops but i don’t have that either.

  126. katelyn

    we have to wear colared shirts and I spice mine up by getting prettier ones, like ones with designs on them I also pick other matching things to go with it along with acessories

  127. Sarah Grace

    My school doesn’t have a very strict dress code:) We can’t wear long dresses. To tell the truth I don’t have any long dresses! I just hate,super dislike dress codes!!! Some people don’t follow that rule. I have that rule in my class.

  128. bearemerald42


  129. Topazapple13

    My school allows our own clothes. I love fashion. I wear my jeans or leggings. I don’t own any shorts. I wear t shirts and whatever sweaters i have.

  130. Geek.Chick

    my school is pretty lenient on clothes but we do have some rules that must be followed. My style is pretty relaxed, i like my jeans and tees and sometimes i like to be a bit more professional so i throw on a cardigan or something. I also am absolutely in love with my TOMS and hoodies, i wear them almost everyday!

  131. searchercloudburst8

    I love my dress code at school
    it is that you cant where tank tops and you cant where short shorts you can where shorts but just not short shorts. If u follow that you can be creative and show your style and have some fun!

  132. lauren

    My school make us wear black pants and white tops.I deal with my school’s dress code by putting a unique style in it by adding colors and being stylish.It is possible to follow rules and have your unique style because you can go shopping with your friend or someone and you can add swag to your school outfit and maybe some classy and pretty shoes.I feel that some schools use color code for safety so its important to wear uniform because :an example is if you were ditching school someone will spot you and tell your principal for your safety.I conclude that school should use uniform for the students safety and its important for students safety.

  133. easygoingfairy2

    i hate having a dress code e have it at school middle school here i come

  134. percyjacksonlover

    we have a loose dress code. no spagetti straps, see throughs or skinpy clothes

  135. Ari

    I think that one should express their feelings not by their looks and appearance but by their words and inner beauty. We can all be fashionable in the inside. When will people learn that it is in the inside where beauty counts!

  136. jumpingrobin5

    We have a dress code but its not very strict(: we cant wear clothes that show our stomachs or have bare backs. Those are easy to follow because i dont have too many shirts like that. we also cant wear short shorts but its easy to follow that rule and still show you style!

  137. aquacat586

    My school doesn’t allow hats. They also don’t allow clothes that are too short/revealing/tight. Or swear words or stuff with explicit messages. It’s fine with me, because all I ever wear is t-shirts and jeans.

  138. karolina

    hello my dress code is i have 2 wear a uniform and nothing else accept accesories

  139. W

    My school does not have a dress code, we have uniform. But the school I will go to has a dress code. You can’t wear things like short shorts, tank. tube or halter tops. Or a lot of jewelry, or hats and scarves and much more. Even though it is no uniform, it has a dress code. Even though, there is not much to wear, I can accessorize, add things to my clothes. The dress code is not against everything in my [almost only Forever 21] closet. I can still be stylish. The dress code is no problem, I have to follow it or I will get detention, so… Well, I can still be stylish so I don’t care.

  140. Isis

    Hello Princesstheena9, We are the same! HOMESCHOOLED AND AWESOME. PJ’S ARE MY DRESSCODE, WOOT WOOT

  141. Allison

    I really don’t get uniforms. They’re like a cage to our imagination. I mean wearing really revealing clothes and jewelry that clink together is distracting, but some kids just wear pants and a t-shirt. I wear clothes that fit my personality not someone else’s. I mean they tell us not to be the same like everyone else, but uniforms go directly against that!

  142. Horserider219

    Princssathena9 is lucky because she gets to wear pajamas to her school. Our school dose not get to wear pajamas to school a lot.

  143. dreamtimepink9

    FROM, dreamtimepink9

  144. IsisPegasus6

    Um…… idk go against my dress code but when I go to school, most of my wardrobe HAS to go because I can’t wear it. Humph!

  145. Caitlyn

    My school only has a few dress codes like no spegeti straps and just a few more, but at least we dont have to wear uniforms.;)

  146. Witchpixie2

    My school doesn’t have a dress code, so I guess this one doesn’t apply to me.

  147. pinkcash190

    how do i make friends on the stacks because I only have one friend and I have had a stacks account but I forgot my username and password so i made a new one and that girl automatically is your friend

  148. Adventurepegasus10

    how i dress for school is very simple-wear the school uniform and school pants
    it’s really not that bad
    i show myself using voice,writing and projects
    i don’t think you need fashion to show yourself
    and you could follow rules and show your unique style
    but this is just my opinion :)
    because i am not very interested in fashion

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