October 17, 2013

School Council Elections

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electiondayElection Day . . . for Students!

With a new school year, comes a new student council. This extracurricular activity is a great way for you to play a more active role in your school community, and learn about leadership and government. As a student council member, you serve as a representative for your classmates and share their ideas and concerns with teachers and school administrators at weekly or monthly meetings. Positions may include a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and fundraising officer, either for each grade or for the whole school.  You usually have to write and present a speech to your class explaining why this position is right for you, and what you would do to help the school once elected.

Here are some tips for running in a school election:

  • Take out a pen and some paper and brainstorm ways to improve your school if you were to be elected as a student council leader. Would you consider planning fundraisers like car washes or bake sales? Do you want better soap in the bathrooms or cool Band-Aids in the nurse’s office? Should there be another vending machine in the cafeteria with healthier snack options?
  • Now begin to develop a campaign. How will other students know to vote for you and know where you stand on school issues? Ask your siblings or friends to help you design campaign posters. Put your name and picture and a catchy slogan or a few things that you will promise to do for your fellow classmates. Introduce yourself to new people in your school and tell them why you think they should vote for you in the election. Also ask what their personal ideas are. Together, you can make your school an even better place!

Why not take a stand? Why don’t YOU run for school office this year? You might be able to make your school a better place.

–Amanda, STACKS intern


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  2. BubblyBookworm

    We do student council in my school, but we do it a bit differently. One the day of the election in a certain class (this year my class was in Irish class) we’re asked to nominate girls and boys for representative.
    To be nominated, somebody is picked by one of the pupils. Then, other people 2nd and 3rd etc. the nominations. The nominee is written on the whiteboard. There can be as many or as little nominations as the class wants. The same happens for the boys.
    The class then votes out of the girls for one representative and the boys for another.
    Unfortunately, I was out sick on the day of the election. I wasn’t elected but I got loads of nominations from people who I didn’t think would nominate me! :D

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