July 12, 2010

Scholastic Kids Press Corps Needs You!

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Kidspresscorp Here at Scholastic we have a Kids Press Corps — a group of student reporters from across the country who deliver the latest news stories to the rest of the kid nation (that means you!). It's news for kids, by kids!

The Kid Reporters cover stories such as: the earthquake in Haiti, President Barack Obama's plan to provide more jobs for millions of Americans, The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, and even the best summer reads. Cool, huh?

To make it even cooler, we would like to hear from you about what stories you would like to see at www.scholastic.com/Kidspress. What's going on that you think our Kid Reporters should cover? What kinds of things are happening in your community that you think everyone should know? Who are the newsmakers you want to know more about? We want YOU to tell us what's on your mind.

The comment box is open, and we're ready to hear what you have to say. Come on, come on!

— Jen N., STACKS Intern

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  1. Metztli?Moon Reader

    Could u plz tell me how u become part of the Scholastic Kids Press Corps? Because I would LOVE 2 b a reporter. I love writing and it seems like it would be a really fun expierience

  2. Kate

    hey at my school there was a parent who ran for 24 hours straight to raise money for my school so PE wasnt canceled. he ran over 125 miles without stopping! this happend sometime last year but if you want more information about it ill be happy to help:)

  3. Teresa

    Getting kids to experience nature will help them appreciate how important conservation is. List places to explore such as tide pools, bird watching and growing gardens can be fun and educational.

  4. percyj99

    I also think you should report on why the President is trying to ruin our country, and team up with Fox News and Glen Beck.

  5. percyj99

    I think you guys should have movie reviews, like on The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, or Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part1 (when it comes out, of course).

  6. 1performer

    Toy Story 3 was a great movie, especially in 3d. I think it would be a great summer movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. late night reader

    I would like the paper to be about deep issues like the economy. Therefore, we could debate about what is happening. In addition, I think the Uganda bombings should be addressed.

  8. Surfrockgirl

    Hi, I was going to join, but it’s too late. Maybe next year. Can You write about the sorcerer’s apprentice? I really want to know how it is.

  9. stuffedbear3

    hmmm… this is diffucluct what about this thing that happended yesterday there was a bomb in Uganda.

  10. fashread

    Hi, I’m Megan! I think this is so cool how you all are getting kids to know the news. Thanks for being my favorite news!

  11. 1performer

    A great summer reading would be Stolen Children by Peg Kehret
    Summary of the Story:
    Stolen Children is a novel on which a last minute baby sitter and 3 year old Kendra are kidnapped by 2 men that had a weapon. As the story progresses we find out that the usual baby-sitter (nanny) ends up being part of the plot of kidnapping Kendra.
    During the time of captivity Amy uses her “wits” and “intelligence” to give clues through a video camera toward the cops and her family, to escape the kidnappers. Amy ends up tricking the kidnappers, disposing of their weapons they had, returning home safely from being spotted by a helicopter, not being harmed in any way, with Kendra by her side all the way.
    Moral: Your luck gets you part of the way but your intelligence gets you farther
    *Amy was wise in her choices
    I thought this would be a good book to read over the summer and I know that lots of people will L-O-V-E it and read it more than once
    Thank you

  12. Californain Girl

    How do you become part of the Kid’s Press Corps?
    I’d like to do that.
    Anyway, maybe Paul the octopus would be a good idea.

  13. Amara

    I definitely agree with the above comment about the Gulf Coast spill, that would be great fro them to report on. Also, maybe a story about all the books getting made into movies? Just a thought.

  14. ICEDEMON96

    i think amazing animals should be reported. like animals that rescue people or when good people do great things for animals.oh and definitly the gulf spill.Oh and like about how in countries like japan how they hunt whales and dolphins because if know about it we can stop it once and for all. go PETA and the ASPCA!

  15. ladygurl123

    What about that huge Gulf Spill.All the marine life might get sick beacause of it and even die.You gotta help!