October 2, 2013

Scare Scape

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Scare Scape by Sam Fisher

After Morton’s mother dies, his father decides to take a job as an astronomer and make a new start in a town called Dimvale. Morton is less than excited about the move, (which includes sixteen-year-old Melissa and thirteen-year-old James), but his mood quickly turns around once he sees their new home. To Melissa’s dismay, the house is “ghastly, creepy, and almost certainly haunted. In fact, it’s like something right out of that horrid comic you read all the time.” Little did she know how right she would be.scarescape

The mansion’s previous owner mysteriously disappeared and was presumed dead. The children don’t think much of it until weird things start happening. It begins with finding a statue of a gargoyle. Then Morton’s beloved toys based on his Scare Scape comics come to life. Melissa gets a bigger and infinitely deeper closet. James undergoes a strange transformation, and no one can figure out why all of this is happening! Lastly, they discover that the former owner of the house is Scare Scape illustrator John King. After a few days living in this house, the siblings believe that maybe he wasn’t so crazy after all . . .

If you want to see how Morton and his family and friends deal with this creepy infestation, read this book! This chilling and thrilling tale is a fun read for those who love comic books and adventure! Read a sample chapter!

—Elysse, STACKS Writer

  1. First Name Only or STACKS username

    Write your comment here…that scare scape was the mansion of the haunted house

  2. melancholyhermes15

    Wonderful, yes. Completely so. I’ve got to check this out now!
    I love the graphic already!

  3. kimberly

    I think this book was interesting and I want to read more of this book. What it seem interesting to me is that the owner of the house is “SCARE SCRAPE” and. I also like the cover how the kid and I think is James, that the big eye is behind him and he is just with a bat and also all the mess that he has on the closet. or whatever room is that.

  4. amberhamster35

    this book sounds scary. i don’t think my sister or i should read it. sorry too scary. you should write less scary books that we will read. :(

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