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  1. yellowbanana135

    everybody needs to help keep the environment clean. People need to stop littering. LOVE THE ONLY EARTH!!!!!!!!! : )

  2. ghostblue21

    It is important to help the Earth as mush as you can, so here are some ideas I’ve thought of:
    -If you have a bunch of old toys, books, etc., DO NOT just throw them away. Have a garage sale or give the items to a Goodwill.
    -Start a “save the planet” club.
    -If you see trash on the ground, pick it up and throw it away (or recycle if necessary) istead of just leaving it there.
    -Reuse water bottles when you can.
    -When you draw a picture, use both sides of the paper.
    -Don’t throw gum wrappers out the window when driving.
    Like the tips? :D

  3. werewolfcat5

    2.Don’t litter.
    3.Use less vehicles.For example,if your a block away from your school,you don’t have to use your car just to drive there.You can walk.
    4.When you’re not using the room,turn the lights and computer off.
    5.Don’t waste food,paper,electricity,etc.

  4. ned

    use cars less
    turn off the lights when no one is in the room
    you could actually do alot of things but these are te only ones that came to my mind