November 18, 2010


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PokemonGuardian_Signs This blog post is sponsored by Pokémon™ Ranger: Guardian Signs.

Your Official Tour of Pokémon™ Ranger: Guardian Signs

Get a feel for the region you’ll be protecting in Pokémon™ Ranger: Guardian Signs, the third installment of this distinctive and exciting action-adventure series that positions you in the center of the story. This time around, you’re always traveling in good company—Ukulele Pichu will pitch in with its electrifying “Pichu’s Assist,” and four players can now connect via Nintendo DS Local Wireless Connection to go on Wireless Multiplayer Missions. As a Pokémon™ Ranger, it’s up to you to work with Pokémon™ to stop the nefarious plans of the Pokémon™ Pinchers!

Have a look at these FIVE colorful screenshots from Pokémon™ Ranger: Guardian Signs for a head start on what you’re UP AGAINST.

PokemonRasa-E3_Screen_08    PokemonRasa-E3_Screen_09   PokemonRasa-E3_Screen_12

PokemonRasa-E3_Screen_17 PokemonRasa-E3_Screen_13


  1. landingunderground4

    i hate pokemon so much i wish the show and the games were never created because i think it is boring

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