March 6, 2012

Ron Weasley Birthday Quiz Answers

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Happy birthday, Ron Weasley! Happy birthday to you!

Sorry, I just finished singing my last birthday song to Ron, who celebrated his birthday on March 1. We gave Ron the best gift we could think of, his very own quiz! Now, it's time for the answers! Did you correctly identify all the Ron Weasley quotes? Check below to find out!

  1. "Because I want to fix that in my memory for ever. Draco Malfoy, the amazing bouncing ferret . . ."
    C) The Goblet of Fire
  2. "Accio Brain!"
    A) The Order of the Phoenix
  3. "Yeah, I've seen those things they think are gnomes, like fat little Santa Clauses with fishing rods . . ."
    B) The Chamber of Secrets
  4. "I can make that old bloke down there pick his nose again . . .and again . . . and again . . ."
    A) The Goblet of Fire
  5. "Sure, we'll call you if we ever need someone mental!"
    A) The Prisoner of Azkaban
  6. "I forgot we'll be hunting down Voldemort in a mobile library."
    B) The Deathly Hallows
  7. "From now on, I don't care if my tea leaves spell 'Die, Ron, Die,' I'm chucking them in the bin where they belong."
    C) The Order of the Phoenix

Bonus Question: J.K. Rowling said she created Ron's character during what part of her writing process
A) The very first day of writing

What did you do to celebrate Ron Weasley's birthday? Post your stories in the Comments below!

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  1. generalbookworm15


  2. catgymnastics173

    Happy birthday, Ron! I wish I could say this in person, it would be so special! If I could give you a gift, I would give you all the pranks from Hogsmeade. And, I’m almost at the finish of the third book. Happy birthday!

  3. galaxymighty7

    HarryPotter is like my boyfriend even though i am only on the 4th book the goblet of fire

  4. candyclaws32

    I <3 harry potter! Happy birthday Ronald!I’ve read the books 7 times each and every time I finished a book I watched the corresponding movie and I can read all 4097 pages in 60 days.

  5. greensoccer121

    I think people shouldn’t judge the book, or the movie. Most people that I know judge the book without reading any of it. They think either, it’s too big or its cover looks weird. Then they don’t like the movie because they don’t really get what is going on very well.

  6. rose

    I understand people disliking harry potter films.It may not be the best films out, but that I disagree that that makes them “the worst film ever” or “a waste of money for film”. Who else thinks so?(:

  7. Harry Potter :)

    I love Harry Potter. Happy Birthday Ron! Did you know there is actually a quidditch is now in the muggle world. I mean literally, there making games from J.K. Rowling’s famous wizard sport. Muggles sit on broomstick,(that don’t fly unfortuanently,0 and try to do the same as wizards do. Guess what! Our school at gym time got to play it. I was the seeker, and a good one at that too. (the other seeker wasn’t paying attention, and I was really fast so our team won a lot of points!) I loved those days!

  8. Alisshaa

    I <333333333333 Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. anubisathena18

    I had cake at school!!!!
    For Dr.Seuss but it totally counted for Ron.
    And I was so HAPPY

  10. GHRS_98

    To celebrate Ron’s birthday I had a soccer game! And won! It was the game that decided if we became the Zone champions for my school. It was great! Thanks to Ron’s luck! (Which is arguable…)

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