June 26, 2013

Romeo Blue Review

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romeoBlueRomeo Blue by Phoebe Stone

It has been a year since half-American/half-British Felicity Bathburn Budwig was dropped off in Bottlebay, Maine. A lot has happened in that one year.
Eccentric Felicity (dubbed “Flissy”) fits right in with her kooky Bathburn relatives in more ways than one. She’s dramatic like Aunt Miami, practical like The Gram, and loves books just as much as Uncle Gideon. Then there’s her secret crush, Derek, who has been unofficially adopted by the Bathburns.

The year is 1942, right smack in the middle of World War II, and she hasn’t heard from her parents in months. Flissy knows they are up to something dangerous overseas; why else would they leave her behind? Flissy has lots of questions about what her parents are really doing, but no one seems to want to answer them. To make matters worse, Derek seems to be slowly drifting away ever since his biological father got back in touch with him.RomeoAndJulietCode

This book is a good fit for many types of readers: those who love history, those who are fascinated by World War II, and thrill-seekers. Of course, if you loved Flissy and Derek’s adventures in The Romeo and Juliet Code, then Romeo Blue is a must-read.

What do you think of this book? Does it sound like the cat’s pajamas? Or a drag? Leave your thoughts in the Comments!

—Elysse, STACKS Writer

  1. Rodrigo

    Now I will show my bias. I think audiences for Shakespeare need imgoinatians to go with the language, emotionally. Essentially, they’re reacting to a kind of language that is not usually an emotional trigger for them. Some people complain a lot about how Shakespeare needs to be translated to be appreciated. I can’t understand why the beauty of the language doesn’t make the effort worth it to them. Perhaps it is a function of the imagination, rather than a faulty value system.

  2. Kiristana

    the text that tells about the book and the sounds really enteresting this book sounds like another version of Romeo and Jueliet it sounds like a good book because i like Romeo and Juliet movies and books their just so eneresting

  3. emeraldbulldog96

    Harry Potter is my favorite. It was horrible Bellatrix had to kill Sirious. Harry hadn’t even known him for very long.

  4. tealchicken29

    I am reading the Romeo and Juliet Code. It is very interesting and leaves me in a lot of suspense. I can’t wait to finish it and start this one!

  5. alyson

    This is the best book ever and it does so thank you for this book. I would like more books like this.

  6. officerhamster5

    I am on book three of the Chronicles Of Narnia. It is a really good series!!! :]

  7. sillyparakeet5

    Oh my gosh! There’s a sequel. I LOVED the Romeo and Juliet Code. I have to read it!

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